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Double Penetration

It felt like the world was watching me. I had never done something like this. Never walked outside in nothing but a coat and black fishnets that wrapped themselves up my legs and provided little protection against the winter air.

And I never would have done something like this if it wasn’t for the alcohol buzzing in my head and the peer pressure at the bridal shower. The bride, for god’s sake, was the one to dare me. I couldn’t turn her down. Ten minutes of strolling around the neighborhood. That was all.

Of course, no one was around. The only thing watching me was probably a stray cat hiding in the darkness, but it felt like I was being watched. Perhaps someone looking out their window or a person sitting hidden in a parked car—eyes piercing through the thick wool of my coat to see…well…

I paused, questioning my decision. This was all so new and exciting and I couldn’t help but being paranoid. What if I got caught? What if someone, somehow, knew I had no panties on? After all, the coat let the wind in. Who said it was enough to keep gazes off of me—or even hands off of me?

But I continued on my walk. The black heels I wore clicking against the sidewalk, echoing in the cold. With every step, the air seemed to grow colder. My nipples—bare and uncovered—stiffened and grew even more sensitive as they rubbed against the silk lining my coat.

Wetness gathered between my legs.

I picked up the pace. Partly because I was worried I would run into someone who would somehow notice how aroused I was and partly because… well, it was cold.

Suddenly my spine stiffened. A car door slammed and then footsteps. Directly in front of me. A tall figure emerged from around the building I was passing. There was nowhere nearby to hide so I continued on my way. Maybe if I acted confident enough, whoever it was (and I assumed it was a man because of his build) wouldn’t notice anything amiss. istanbul escort Wouldn’t notice that I was prancing around like a slut with nothing but a coat to hide my naked body.

Closer. He was getting closer. I averted my eyes. Stared straight ahead. “Please ignore me,” I thought in my head. But, and I am now grateful, the man, or rather you, didn’t ignore me.

“Miss?” you asked. I raised my eyes to your face. Felt your eyes take me in. Saw how yours arms and shoulders filled out your shirt. Saw how you wanted me.

No, wait. I was the one who wanted you. I’m sure you suspected something. After all, what was a young woman doing out in the middle of the night alone and with fishnets peaking out from beneath her coat? But you couldn’t have known how turned on I was walking down the sidewalk like I was. Naked.

“Miss, you dropped something.” You pointed to the sidewalk behind me. A lone glove lay on the ground. Probably left by some kid earlier in the day. It sure as hell wasn’t mine.

“Oh, that’s not…” I paused. Your eyes drew me in. Your body drew me in. I wanted you. “Thank you.”

I turned around and bent forward just so the bottom of my coat road up to expose the top of my smooth thigh. I could feel you getting closer. Staring. Wanting.

I picked up the glove and put it in my pocket. Tucked my hair behind my ears and smiled. “Thank you.”

“You look awfully cold with your legs all bare like that,” you commented.

I laughed, “It’s a bit chilly. Too bad I have quite a ways to walk.” In truth, I only had another couple of minutes, but I wanted you so badly. My nipples erect under my boat and my pussy getting wetter by the second.

“You wanna take a minute to warm up in my car? I was just leaving a party and could drive you home.” Your delivery was smooth, but I could see in your eyes that you avcılar escort wanted the same thing as me.

“Of course.”

We walked toward your car and I drifted closer to you. Your hand brushed my back and then my ass. Shivers snaked up my body.

“Well, this is it…” You stood in front of the car door about to the passenger’s side, but I quickly pulled the handle for the back and bent over to throw my purse in. When I turned around you were right there. I could feel your warm breath on my check as you bent in closer, ready to kiss me.

Our lips touched first and then our bodies met. My hands twined through your soft brown hair and your hands wrapped around my waist and slid to grab my ass. I could feel my pussy tingle and my clit throb. My tits begged to be touched. I took your hand and pulled you into the backseat of the car until you were on top of me.

My coat rode up past my thigh and exposed my pussy. Wetness dripped down my leg as you trailed kisses down my neck, to my collarbone. You unbuttoned my coat one button at a time, softly kissing where it had been. My skin was on fire everywhere it met your lips. I thought I was turned on before, but now… Damn. I wanted, no needed you between my legs.

Now it was your turn to lose your clothes. Your skin pressed hot against mine and you grasped my breasts in your hands and pressed your mouth against me. I gasped softly when I felt your fingers pinch and roll my hard nipples.

All I wanted was you inside of me, and I could feel you wanted the same. Between your legs I felt the smooth length of your cock. Long and hard with desire. I took it in my hands and pressed my mouth to its head, caressing your shaft with my hands. My tongue made swirls on the tip of your cock as I tasted your saltiness before sliding you into my mouth as deep as you could go. You tasted so salty and warm and I couldn’t şirinevler escort help but imagine what you would feel like in my pussy.

“What kind of girl walks around in public with nothing but a coat,” you whispered as I sucked on your cock.

“A slut,” I state matter-of-factly. And it was true. I was a slut, and I loved it.

You pushed me onto my back and rubbed your hard cock up against my wet pussy while you sucked on my nipples. A moan escaped my mouth. “Please. I need you inside of me,” I whispered longingly.

“You really are a slut, aren’t you?” You growled softly. “You know what Daddy does with impatient sluts? He disciplines them.”

Suddenly I was on my knees with my ass in the air and my face pressed into the car seat. Your hand rubbed the soft skin of my bottom. “You want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please.”

Your hand came down in a loud smack and I could feel my ass sting with the force of it. “Can you be a patient little slut?”

“Yes. Please, I’ll do whatever you want if you give me your cock,” I begged.

Without warning, your cock thrust into me. You were so big, but my wet pussy easily took you in. Again and again you thrust into me as my ass shook in the air and your hands grabbed my hair. “This will teach you to be a good little slut.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I moaned. Your cock felt so good inside of me. My pussy tingled and grew warmer with every thrust and my clit throbbed. I wanted you inside of me forever. Your cock pressing into my pussy again and again until I could barely stand it. Your body heavy against mine. My ass thrust into the air and my body shaking from pleasure.

“Now you’re my little slut and only mine,” I felt your hot cum all over my back. Warm and salty as it covered my ass.

“Yes, Daddy.” I turned my head to see your cock in my face.

“Clean Daddy up, slut.”

Once again, I took your cock in my mouth, still hard and covered in cum. When I was done sucking you clean, you began putting your pants back on and I reached for my coat but you stopped me.

“No. I want you naked. I’m taking you home.”

I lay down in the back seat of your car. Pussy still throbbing, nipples still stiff, and covered in cum as you pulled away from the curb and drove away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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