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Nikki hung up the phone with her boyfriend smiling and giggling. He was finally home from college, and although he had to work with his dad all day he was definitely coming to the party tonight. She called Lisa a few minutes later. Manicures and pedicures were definitely needed, and she wanted her best friend to talk to. Lisa didn’t answer so she sent texts too. Ever since she had met her new boyfriend, Eddie, she hadn’t been answering the phone as much.

They had sex a lot. Lisa said that he liked it two or three times a day. Ever since Joe had moved to Seattle to go to U.W. Nikki was lucky to get it once a month. He apologized a lot, and he was just so busy. Joe had school, and football, and study groups, and hardly any time for her or them. She had been filling the time with Lisa. Shopping, hanging out, and whatever. Still, since she’d met this guy Lisa was busy all the time too.

The new boyfriend was older than Lisa, and she said he was smart, funny, and a gentleman. She’d never been a sex fiend before. She had enjoyed sex, and told Nikki little details about it. This time she wasn’t saying as much except he was ‘endowed’ and they had sex all the time. Nikki picked up her keys and her purse and headed out to the mall. She wanted to get something sexy to wear for Joe, to remind him what he was missing.

It wasn’t as much fun alone, but it was fun. She found a black dress, cut low and short. It was stretchy and revealing without making her feel like a complete tramp. She felt a little naked in it though. She couldn’t wear a bra and her choice of panties was severely limited. She ended up buying the tiniest thong she had ever owned. It was like dental floss and gauze. Nikki’s mom called half her panties butt floss anyway. She hated wearing no panties under a dress, she felt too vulnerable. She was definitely going to need to wax, get her toes done, and her nails though. Maybe if she was perfect she could convince Joe to go to State and move closer to her.

Waxing was torture, but the pedicure and manicure made it a little better. She ended up reading Cosmopolitan, some ancient issue, while she soaked. Did women really think like that? Did they think that the sex was so good that they’d lose the ability to talk? Did they really do all those things? Nikki liked sex, and she thought that Joe was pretty good at it. She could cum with him in less than fifteen minutes. She even came more than once several times with him. She rushed home late, showered, and ran over to Lisa’s to help with the party.

Lisa greeted her with red­-rimmed eyes and upset. “I had a fight with him, and I don’t know if he’s coming back and Oh my god you look amazing!” She looked me up and down for a minute, and she felt like a pet in a shop window. “Joe’s in town too?”, was all she said. Nikki nodded and walked into the trashed apartment. They spent the afternoon in Lisa’s sweats cleaning and scrubbing. Sweats and Nikki’s new panties were a bad match. She felt naked, vulnerable, and uncomfortable most of the day. Finally at eight o’clock the apartment looked presentable and Lisa took another shower and put her dress back on.

Looking at herself in the mirror at Lisa’s was somehow different than looking at herself at home. She felt sexier, and definitely more vulnerable in a good way. She couldn’t decide if she liked it, and she knew that she’d definitely like it better if she could hold on to her boyfriend while she looked like this. She knew that other men would be looking at her too. She never minded that when she was with her man, but sometimes when she was alone she felt vaguely threatened by the whole idea of being on display like this. Being hunted, like prey.

She had some drinks with Lisa and kept checking her phone every five minutes wondering when Joe was going to show up. She was trying to be a good hostess. Lisa was taking a while to get ready and she wanted to be relieved of her hosting duties so she could enjoy her time with her boyfriend. She’d taken extra care of the spare bedroom. with any luck she’d be using it soon. She couldn’t wait to see him.

The party was getting busy and she caught a guy looking at her. He was definitely cute, short hair, a little scruffy on his face and dressed well. She liked men who dressed up a little bit. He was wearing a pair of slacks and a collared shirt. He wasn’t skinny and she had caught him staring at her cleavage when she had leaned over to get something out of the cabinet in the kitchen. The dress definitely had the desired effect, and he wasn’t creepy about it. He smiled a little üsküdar escort sheepishly when they had made eye contact. He knew he was caught and he sort of tipped his glass her way and nodded. Most guys just stood around with their mouths open. Sometimes real jerks made some obscene gestures. This guy was cooler than that.

Lisa was drinking pretty hard. It was obvious that she was upset, and if this had happened yesterday she probably would have cancelled the party. As it was she had an apartment full of people and was trying her best to just soldier on. Her liquid courage was going to get the best of her and Nikki tried to calm her down, but she wasn’t having any of it. Lisa switched to shots and Nikki switched to plan B. She tried to delay and divert each new drink that Lisa wanted. It was always a losing battle, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

She was going down the hall to the bathroom and she felt someone looking she turned around to see who it was and the cute guy was just standing there admiring her ass. She almost reached down to pull her skirt down, but Joe was late and she was a little drunk so she put one foot in front of the other and rolled her ass at him. At least someone was appreciating all of the work that she had done today, and she thought she should give him a little something to think about. She didn’t quite wink at him when she closed the door to the bathroom, but she caught his eye again.

Nikki got the text when she was in the bathroom. Joe was with his dad, drunk, at Hooters, and he wasn’t going to make it to the party. She got emotional, then stopped herself. It wasn’t like he was out with his friends exactly and I’m sure his father missed him just as much as she did. It just frustrated her and made her mad. She couldn’t even run to get him, she was too drunk herself. She thought that maybe he wasn’t being truthful with her, but she didn’t have any way to prove that either. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling exactly except neglected. Especially when Joe had been so funny the last few months at school. She put herself back together

in the bathroom and found herself thinking about the guy she’d caught staring at her. It wasn’t like it was rude. A rude boy would make her feel like he was imagining her naked. This definitely felt different. It almost felt like he was kissing her with his eyes, and she admitted ot herself that she liked it.

She opened the door and walked down the hall and into the cute guy. She’d been distracted thinking about him honestly, and when she ran into him she was surprised and a little embarrassed. He was smiling, and before she knew it Nikki was smiling back at him. The smiling became an awkward silence in her head, but her mouth wouldn’t work. She heard him shift his weight as he leaned toward her and she cocked her head as he whispered in her ear.

“You took so long in there that I thought you might have crawled out the window just to avoid me.” Their eyes met and he smiled and she giggled. Wow, where did that come from she never giggled like that.

“No, I was just thinking and…” Nikki trailed off and looked into his warm brown eyes. She almost felt her knees go as she looked into his eyes, and he steadied her on her hip with his right hand. Now they were both smiling and giggling a little bit.

“You were thinking of avoiding me, or thinking of crawling out the window?” He kept the eye contact, and not aggressively. It was just obvious that he wanted to see her, and he wanted her to see him. He was completely open to her, and she found it disarming and sexy as hell.

“I was wondering why I got all dressed up tonight. I spent all afternoon cleaning Lisa’s apartment, and I am probably going to spend all night holding Lisa’s hair while she throws up if she keeps drinking like this…” She just trailed off, sort of ran out of steam as she fell back into his eyes.

“That’s easy”, he remarked. “You obviously got all dressed up for me.” Nikki blushed beet red. She even felt her nipples harden just a millimeter or two. She was completely into this guy and she didn’t even know his name. Plus it appeared he was psychic.

“My name is Eddie, and I’m pleased to meet you”, the last part was almost a whisper as he kissed her quickly on the cheek. Nikki was sure that her knees were going to buckle then and he pulled her tighter into him and she kissed him back before she even realized she was doing it.

The kiss was epic. She kissed him on the mouth and though his lips were slightly parted tuzla escort he simply waited for her to make up her own mind. A more crass man would have gone in tongues blazing, and Joe had done that the first time he had kissed her. He’d apologized later and they’d both been drinking, plus she’d had such a crush on him that she forgave him. This guy Eddie waited for it. He waited with his warm, soft lips parted for her to decide. She relaxed into his arm and kissed him. Once she was sure she slipped her tongue against his lip and she shivered as he caressed it with his own. It seemed like they kissed for a long time, but it was probably only a few seconds. She giggled again, “I’m Nikki, and it’s nice to meet you too.”

Just right then she heard Lisa yelling “woo-hoooo” and she politely excused herself and ran to see what all the commotion was about. Lisa was trashed and she was dancing with one of her ex-­boyfriends. This wasn’t going to end well. Nikki wasn’t expecting her shirt to be on much longer. She was barefoot and drunk, and Nikki didn’t know if she could be much help. Her mysterious suitor had either disappeared or gone to the bathroom himself.

The next hour was a whirlwind of activity. The party was definitely winding down and Lisa was so completely trashed that she ended up making a complete ass of herself. When she threw up into the trash can the guests started leaving pretty quickly. Their friend Megan helped Nikki drag Lisa into the bedroom, but she wanted to sleep in the spare room. She was sobbing something about not sleeping there without him, or something. Nikki couldn’t really understand anything that Lisa was saying. She put Megan to sleep next to Lisa and she figured she could just sleep in Lisa’s bed by herself. She walked into the living room to see if anyone else was left. The stereo was off and her ears were ringing. Even so she jumped half out of her skin when she saw him with a half ­full garbage bag in his hands picking up trash and beer bottles off the floor. She smiled at him, and he simply shrugged and kept going. Nikki found a drunk guy in the corner, and Eddie put him in a cab. Nikki and Eddie carried a few bags to the garbage chute, and when they were done he collapsed on the couch and Nikki brought him a beer.

They sat together quietly in Lisa’s living room drinking their beers and trying not to wake up the drunk girls. Eddie set his beer down and leaned in for another kiss. Nikki kissed him fully and completely. When his hand stroked her leg she let him. She rubbed her fingertips across his scruff while they kissed and she liked it. She found herself straddling him to kiss him more and the size of his erection was pretty epic. It scared the shit out of her to be honest, and Nikki disengaged as quickly as she could.

“This is all we can do” she said. “I have a boyfriend and I probably shouldn’t even be doing this but I was mad at him for leaving me alone tonight and it’s not your fault and I’m sorry.” He shifted underneath her and his cock in his slacks rubbed across her vulva covered in tiny panties and she shuddered. They both shuddered. It was nine kinds of wrong but neither Nikki or he seemed too much in a hurry to stop.

“It figures, if there is a beautiful woman that I completely connect with she always has a boyfriend.” He sighed and continued. “Now I am painfully excited, too drunk to drive, and feel like a complete creep.”

Nikki put her finger across his lips and he stopped talking. She hugged him. His face between her breasts and she knew it was a bad idea. He started to kiss her breasts and she started to lose her train of thought. They were just talking and what she said was. His chin pulled her top down and a nipple slipped in between his lips.

She could feel her eyes roll back in her head and it felt so good. She was grinding on his dick, just a little, and it felt incredible through her tiny panties against her freshly waxed sex. The silky material of the panties protected her against the roughness of his slacks. He sucked and teased her nipples and she felt so sexy. She barely realized that her dress had rolled up around her waist and he naked ass was completely exposed for the whole world to see. If his face wasn’t buried in her tits he would have been able to see everything in the mirror on the living room wall.

It was like she was in High School Neither one of them was naked, but her tits were out and she was close to cumming. He was seemingly just as excited as she was and then he really surprised her. pendik escort He picked her up in his arms and lowered her to the floor slowly. As he slid forward onto his knees he was between her legs and kissing her mouth again. After a few minutes he kissed down between her breasts again but he kept going. He kissed down her belly and between her legs and Nikki was too worked up to stop him. He ran his lips and teeth against her panties and she was sure she gushed.

“Wait, I have a boy…” As he pulled her panties aside and licked her she went over the edge. She didn’t usually cum so fast but as his tongue slipped across her pussy she just grabbed the back of his head and came hard. He ripped the panties off her and his hands were on the cheeks of her ass as he explored every part of her sex. She kept trying to ask for him to stop, that it was too sensitive, but every time she tried to talk his tongue did something that robbed her of the ability to speak. She was just making noises at that point and when he finally took a breath she was so blissfully unaware that she’d forgotten about sometime boyfriend again.

He looked collapsed next to her and she kissed him again. She could taste herself on his lips and she liked it. He looked in her eyes and he had her complete attention. “You make me so hard it hurts.” She looked down and it was indeed very hard and the front of his pants looked painful. “Can you please help me?” The question sounded innocent enough.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his slacks and she was a little bit in awe. It was easily the biggest cock she’d ever seen. It wasn’t incredibly thick, it was just long and hard. She felt it with her hand, wrapping the base in her fingers and stroking it up and down. She understood that they came in all shapes and sizes, but she’d never seen one and she wanted to see this one. The one right in front of her. She stroked it and stared. She could hear Eddie making noises too. He whispered in her ear, “faster, slower, squeeze the tip” and she kept doing what he told her. She loved the heat and the hardness of it in her hand, Joe usually lasted about five minutes but after five he asked her to “make it wet”.

She didn’t know what he meant, and she asked him. He answered, “put it in your mouth a little and make it wet”. Nikki leaned over and slipped the head in between her lips and stroked him into her mouth. He held her head so gently she was surprised. He kept whispering, “deeper” or “more” or “oh god” or “yes”. She could only get about half of it in her mouth before it was too much for her. She could tell he wanted more, she could feel him pressing lightly on the back of her head. She could feel him shaking and straining not to press harder. She wanted to please him so she kept trying to take more and more of him in her mouth. Eventually she couldn’t really breathe and she had to stop.

Laying on the floor, her chest heaving she felt him get between her legs again start to kiss her again. She felt so sexy and she felt him stroking her labia as he kissed her deep and full. She didn’t think she wanted to cum any more until he started. It felt too good she spread her legs a little bit and that was when she realized his elbows were on either side of her face. That definitely wasn’t his hand between the folds of her labia. Which means it must be his…

Eddie slipped into her and her eyes shot open and she yelled into his mouth. He teased her with the tip of his cock. The head slipping into her and out of her again and again. She wasn’t expecting it, and she was enjoying it. He saw her eyes staring into his and he watched her look at him as he teased it deeper and deeper into her pussy. She kept saying stop, but she kept squeezing him with the muscles inside herself. He knew she wanted more and so did she.

“It’s okay baby, I have a girlfriend, it can be a secret I won’t tell.” He strokes in her deeper and she finally gives in. Her legs wrap around him as she takes it deeper and starts to clench harder around him. He keeps holding her down and she keeps taking it deeper and deeper. Nikki can’t figure out why it feels so good.

“Oh fuck, you don’t have a condom on. Wait. You have to pull out”, but he slides all the way in and she feels her eyes roll in the back of her head as she starts to cum. “Not inside me, not inside me, oh fuck.” Nikki is cumming so hard that nothing makes sense. She’s being held down, and she likes it. He’s inside her all the way, and she’s taking it. He’s looking into her eyes, and she’s screaming his name. “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie…” As he shoots inside her, she feels him cumming and she cums even harder. Nikki’s never done anything like this before. She doesn’t even know why she did it. He’s laying on top of her and still inside her. He kisses her and they are both gasping.

“Just don’t tell Lisa, and I won’t tell your boyfriend…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32