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She came over for dinner.

“You ready yet?” she said as she walked into the house.

“Yeah yeah… I’m getting there. Keep your pants on. For now anyway.” he said with a grin. “so what are you hungry for anyway?”

“I don’t know. Surprise me.”

“Hey there is this little noodle place just down the road. Wanna try it?”

“OK sounds good.”

They head off to the noodle place. They both order spicy Thai noodles. She gets a beer. They sit down and start some small talk. Movies, music, the idiots they work with. She gets a second beer. An hour passes by before they know it.

“OK I have a crazy idea and want to tell me what you think.” he said with a mischievous look.

“Alright. What is on your mind?”

“Well… the Lamplighter is just down the street and tonight is amateur night.”

“What is the Lamplighter? And what do you mean by ‘amateur night’?” raising one of her eyebrows.

“It’s a strip club. And, well, amateur night is just what is sounds like. The winner gets $500.”

“Oh hell yeah. I’d do that! Let’s go!”

They leave the restaurant, jump in his car and drive the block. They walk in and see lots of guys and about 20 women. Asian, white, black, big, small, all kinds. She walks over and gets signed up. She grabs a drink and sits down.

“Alright. I’m


They sit and watch. Some had no sense of rhythm but had rocking bodies. Others virtually had sex on stage. Still others really should have kept their clothes on. She polished off a few more drinks and was feeling no pain. She was cheering on all of the other women. Soon it was her turn. She was getting really turned on by this time.

“Ooo time to go.” She goes and talks with the DJ. He nods. She walks to the side of the stage. The DJ starts playing Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC. She takes the stage and everyone cheers. She pulls her blouse from her jeans and unbuttons all but the one button between her breasts. Then she unbutton her jeans, pulls down the zipper and opens them up. The crowd bahis siteleri gets a glimpse of sheer black panties. She rubs the inside of her thighs while thrusting her hips out at the audience. She is eating up the attention and getting hotter by the minute. Her nipples are threatening to tear her blouse if they don’t get released soon. She turns her back to the audience and pushes her pants down, wiggling her great ass as they go to the floor. Her ass is exposed, showing the thong going down her crack. The sheer material not hiding much. She works her pants and shoes off, stands up, turns around and runs her hands through her hair. Her hips gyrating to the music. Finally she unbuttons the last button and pulls off the blouse and casts it aside. Her lacy little nothing of a bra barely stands a chance as she moves faster and faster. She reaches behind and unhooks the bra, flinging it to the audience. Her boobs jiggle and bounce, almost smiling at their release from confinement. She grabs them and starts feeling herself up. Grabbing the hard nipples and pulling. Her panties and now visibly soaked. She shoves one hand down into her crotch and starts masturbating. She walks over to the pole, wraps one leg around it and uses it as a giant dildo. She stops long enough to rip her panties off throwing those to the audience too. She goes back to the pole and has sex with it. As the song gets to the end her pace quickens, the people are going nuts, and finally she screams. She cums hard. It runs down her legs and is smears the pole. She falls to the floor and continues humping the pole. She moans again and finally collapses as the last chord plays. She lays there for awhile panting. She then gets up, grabs her jeans, blouse, and shoes and heads back to the table, walking through the people naked.

“Oh my god! That was great!” she pants as she puts her clothes back on. She only buttons the middle 3 buttons on her blouse, and slips her jeans back on. She bends down to put her shoes on. Everyone gets another eyeful as she canlı bahis siteleri leans over. “I hope whoever get my underwear likes them. Don’t expect I will get them back.”

They sit through the last 5 dancers. None where as good, or as hot as she was. They then announced the top 3 winners. When they read off her name as number 1, she couldn’t believe it. She bounces back on stage her tits jiggling all over. The DJ handed her $500 in cash.

They leave the bar and head for his car. Although it was 1 AM it was still balmy.

“Let’s put the top down and go for a ride.”

“Yeah, sounds like fun. Did you enjoy yourself up there? Looks like it.”

“Oh yeah, I mean I did cum all over that pole and in front of all those people! What a turn on!”

“Well lay back and enjoy the ride.” The top was just finishing getting down. She laid the seat down and stretched her arms over her head.

“What a wonderful night.” she purred.

He looked down at her. Her nipples still rock hard. The blouse straining to keep everything contained. He wanted to tell her that he almost jizzed in his pants watching her on stage. He headed for the highway.

After they had been cruising down the highway for 30 minutes he noticed her hand starting to caress her breasts. She unbuttoned the 3 buttons again and exposed her great tits to the night sky. The rhythm of the road was making her horny as hell. She was massaging them, pulling at the erect nipples. She slides her hands down and removed her jeans. She moves her hands up her thighs. One stays at her bald pussy, they other continues back up to her tits. The one in her crouch finds her love button as she spreads her legs as wide as she can. By now he is having a tough time keeping an eye on the road. She works a finger tip into her waiting pussy. She moans. She pushes the finger deeper. It’s soon buried deep in her waiting and wanting love canal. She is working like crazy. A second finger joins the first. “Oh god, faster!” she pants.

He presses the accelerator. canlı bahis She moans. He is soon going 100 MPH and she tries to match his speed. “yes Yes YES” her fingers piston in her drenched crouch. She is bucking her hips against her own hand. Finally she cums again her whole body twitching.

“That was great but I think you should slow down a bit.” she said with a smile.

She reaches over and feels his rock hard prick through his jeans.

“Hmmmm… seems like someone has a problem here. I think I can help.” With that she unbuckles the seatbelt and undoes his jeans. His throbbing member sticks out the top of his boxers. She pushes those down, totally exposing him. “Mmmm… desert!” She leans over and sucks his whole cock into her mouth. He almost looses it right there.

“I gotta stop if you keep doing that. I can’t drive while you suck me off.” She doesn’t stop. She is tasting his precum already. Finally he sees what he is looking for. A turn off into a rarely used rest stop. He pulls in, parks, lays his seat back and groans. “Oh god yes. You are a great cock sucker!”

She pulls off his cock long enough to say “Fuck me!”

“As you wish!” he says with the devilish smile of his.

She sits up and he slides over to the passenger seat. She wiggles back to being on top of him, face to face. She reaches behind grabs his cock and rubs it on her waiting pussy. Then she impales herself. She starts riding and soon he is meeting her down thrusts with up thrusts of his own. He reaches behind and slides his hand down her ass. Finally his finger tip finds her butt hole. He wiggles a fingertip in and she moans again. They keep at it, going faster and faster. He can feel her pussy juice running down is cock and balls and on to the car seats.

“I’m gonna cum!” he growls. “Yes” she growls back. He blows his load deep into her waiting pussy as she clamps down on his cock. They collapse, both spent. After a bit she slide over to his side. They are laying there arm in arm looking up at the stars.

“Suppose we should get back to the house.”


They get their clothes back on and head for his house. Once there they just crawl into bed and fall asleep.

It had been a good night for both of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32