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College Sluts

This is a true story that recently happened.

To Catherine, Tom, Lisa and Tony. Thank you for a wonderful experience and I look forward to many more.

This is a three part story. Hope you enjoy it.


I went to the nudist resort here in Florida a couple of days ago for a few hours. I went over to a very private spot at the resort that had a bench. The place was empty, so I started to read one of my erotic e-novels and listened to some music while stroking my cock as nobody was around.

Then, all of a sudden I heard a noise and saw a woman standing naked, watching me. I apologized to her but she just smiled and said that it was ok. She asked if she could join me on the bench and I told her she could and I moved over. I apologized again, but she said it would be our secret and smiled.

We talked for awhile. I told her my name was John. She introduced herself as Catherine.

She was in her mid 60’s with a nice shape. She also had a nice smooth, inviting pussy. She was recently widowed and owned a large trailer home at the resort. She was from Michigan and was here a year when her husband died. She had no family, so she decided to stay here to see how things went.

I told her that I had a female friend that I got together with once in awhile and that we stayed at the resort where we had as much sex as possible.

Catherine asked how I got into nudity and I told her I love anadolu yakası escort being nude and enjoyed its freedom. She asked about my sex life and I told her what I have done and that I got my female friend to do her first threesome.

She said she admired me and my female friend for being so sexually open and that her husband would never do anything like that. She said she always wanted to try new things but that she did not have the right person to encourage her to try. She asked me if I would help her. I told her that I would do whatever I could to expand her sexuality, if that is what she wanted.

As we talked, I could feel my cock getting hard and I saw that Catherine noticed.

We laughed and she reached over and took my cock in her hand. Then she asked if it was ok and I said yes. As my cock grew in her hand, she started jerking me off. She smiled and then started to suck my cock. After a few minutes I exploded and my cum shot out into her mouth.

Afterwards, she asked me some more personal, sexual questions. As we talked, I asked her if I could touch her. She just smiled. I faced her and played with her tits. I sucked her nipples and moved my hand to her slit. Catherine spread her legs and I slipped my fingers into her wet cunt. She leaned back and started to push down on my fingers and started rocking up and down. She then asked if I ataşehir escort would fuck her. I asked her if she was sure. She said yes and she laid down on my big towel. I got down and fucked her furiously until I came.

After we composed ourselves, she invited me to stay at her place any time I wanted. I reminded her that I was moving to the east coast but that it would be possible for me to visit her. Smiling, she said that she is always naked in her house and it would be fine with her.

I asked her what would she like to try and she said she wanted to try a threesome with another guy. She said that she always fantasized about having two men playing with her.

I thought about it for a second and told her that I knew a young man that might do it for us.

Catherine smiled and said she would love that and like a kid, kept asking me when.

I told Catherine I had to make a call and to give me a minute.

I went outside and called my young friend Tom who I met here awhile back and shared sex with.

I called Tom and told him, I him to do me a favor and to meet me in front of 69 Wisteria Lane and hurry.

In five minutes Tom arrived. He was nude and his big cock was swaying as he approached.

I told him that my friend inside wants to have her first threesome and I thought of him.

He said he would be interested.

I told him it was Catherine, ümraniye escort and she was inside waiting.

I knocked on the door and Catherine opened it to let us in.

He approached her and they hugged.

Catherine looked at me and said she knew his parents here at the resort.

We all laughed and then sat down.

I asked Catherine if she ok with Tom being part of your first threesome.

She looked up and said that she was glad that it was Tom. She said she always liked looking at his cock.

I got up and told Catherine to take us to the bedroom.

She got on tbe bed and Tom and I got on each side of her. We started to feel her up, kissing her and sucking on her erect nipples.

Tom’s fingers found her slit and inserted a couple of fingers, then started to finger fuck her.

I was tongue kissing Catherine, then moved my cock to her mouth.

As she started to suck my cock, Tom spread her legs and mounted her.

Catherine told Tom to fuck her and to let her feel his big cock inside of her cunt.

Tom started pumping his hard cock into her cunt as she continued sucking me.

It wasn’t long before Tom, and I told her we were going to cum.

She sucked my cock harder and took the entire 7 inches into her mouth. No sooner than she did that, I came in huge spurts. She tried swallowing it all but she couldn’t as my cum spilled from her mouth.

Tom kept ramming his cock into her cunt and he came, filling her cunt completely.

We all fell aside in exhaustion.

Eventually, we cleaned up and Tom headed out.

I told Catherine that I would be back in a couple of weeks and that I will continue working with her to expand her sexuality.

Not The End…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32