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CW: Incestuous Elements

The balls currently slapping against my ass produced the sperm some 20 years ago that created me. The shoulder supporting my legs used to carry me whenever I was tired up until 10 years ago. The tightened chest I caressed from time to time has been there for me to rest my head on forever. The eyes looking at me with lustful gaze were filled with tears for months when my mother passed away four years ago. The mouth sputtering out obscenities has showered me with kisses for my whole life. Those kisses turned from loving to adoring to lust filled.

At the moment, I was completely lost in ecstasy, revelling in the control the man above me had on me. I knew he was there to take care of my needs and no matter how rough he was willing to go with me, I could never say no to him. He is my daddy.

“Baby are you ready?” He asked, knowing what my answer would be.

“Yes daddy.” I manage to say despite being out of breath. “Breed my hole!”

Grunting in response, he let my left leg drop from his shoulder and grabbed my right one with both hands and started to go faster. I know this meant he was close. I wanted him to finish in my mouth as it was early in the morning and he would be off to work soon. But with the pace he was moving, one leg hanging out and the other in the air, I couldn’t manage to say the words out loud before he finished. Even my moans were incoherent as he grunted his way into climax. The pulsating tip of his cock deep inside me as he slowed the pace indicated he was finished for the time being.

He made me cum from my ass almost ten minutes before his own orgasm. After finishing inside me, he stayed like that for a minute until he went flaccid. While buried deep, he played with my half hard cock and kept complimenting my body.

“Ryan, baby you look so beautiful like that.” He said while caressing my dick. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No daddy.” I also wanted to get up and caress his beautiful torso, but with his dick still being buried in me and my own current weakened state prevented me from doing so. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby!” Seemingly understanding what I was thinking about, he pulled out of my ass and leaned forward for a kiss.

The bliss of having his large body completely on top of me was something I could never get enough of. As he was kissing me, his flaccid cock was rubbing against my now hardening one. My hard dick was slightly bigger than his flaccid one; with him being nearly eight inches long and me being a little more than five.

After kissing me for more than five minutes, he got up.

“Oh the power of youth!” He said as he looked at my boner.

Although I loved everything my daddy does to me, it does take him a little longer to get ready after one of his orgasms.

“I know there’s no way for me to tell if you masturbate while I’m gone.” He said while fondling the tip of my dick. “But if you don’t play with yourself throughout the day, I’ll give you a surprise when I’m back.”

He knew I was enthralled by him before even we became sexual partners. But he never took the role of a cruel dominant with me. Both of us knew where we stood, and all of his sweet talks and nice requests were followed like the law by me.

“Will you be a good boy for daddy?” He asked as his thumb neared my mouth.

“Yes daddy!” I started sucking on the thumb and could taste my own cum on it. He must have rubbed it off of my belly. “I’ll be your good little boy.”

“I hate to get away from you.” He said as he stood up. “Maybe I’ll start taking you to these calls with me someday. But with a boy like you; there will be people that would want what I have right now. And I’m still not sure about sharing you with others. I have to go now. You can sleep for a little longer, but don’t laze around all day okay honey?”

“Yes!” I moaned after hearing him address me like that. He called me honey! He used to call mother that. That meant he thought of me as a partner for life!

I didn’t move from that position for a long time. After daddy was gone for his shower, my upper body was on the bed and my legs hung outside with my feet resting on the floor. Wallowing in the afterglow, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what he might do to me after returning home. All he could do was just kiss me on the lips for an hour and I would be the happiest.

At that point something interrupted my train of thought. Something he had said a couple of minutes ago. He said he was not sure about sharing me with others. No, he said he was still not sure about sharing me with others. That means he had given this thought some time to simmer. With the proper opportunity, he would share me with others!

The thought of me not being enough for daddy tried to come to mind. But my hard dick pushed that thought away and having sex with more people excited me all the more! My dick was now pointing to the ceiling and I knew just some gentle caress on my nipple, and I would start leaking out precum right then and there.

Mind still hazy, I decide to get up and take a cold shower to calm myself. I’d kaçak iddaa already heard daddy getting out of the shower and getting ready to go out for the day. Even under the running water, it took me a while to calm my nerves. After getting out, I dressed up in a light blue tank top and beige shorts.

When I got downstairs, I saw daddy fully ready to go out for the day. He was wearing his navy blue suit over a cream coloured shirt and a tie.

“Oh there you are.” He greeted me and took a couple of steps towards me. “You look so great! Be a good boy and get the groceries today okay?”

“Uh huh!” I said, only thinking about getting my hands underneath those well fitted formal clothing.

He kissed my forehead as a response and went away for the day.

I didn’t need to look down for the confirmation, but my shorts were now sporting a sizable tent. Taking another shower to calm my dick seemed unreasonable, so I decided to start doing chores all around the house. There wasn’t too much to do with only two people living under the same roof, so I was done fairly quickly.

I had to keep myself distracted throughout the day, so I decided to go out and hang around the malls and get the grocery shopping done later.

I wore the tightest jockstrap to hide any unwanted boner in public and sweatpants over it. With a casual shirt on top, I got ready to go out for the day. But as I was getting ready for the garage, the brightness outside got me to think otherwise. I walked out the back of the house to see the situation and heat in a single minute felt like it would glue the jockstraps to my skin.

So I just took off my clothes as soon as I got inside. With only wearing my jockstraps, I started playing online games. From time to time, I told who knows how many people that I had some form of sexual relations with their mother. Here I was, waiting to be fucked by my own father, telling others how I fucked their mother!

The day went by and I was glued to the screen.

Six months earlier:

I’ll be twenty in a couple of months and still a virgin! Not that there hasn’t been any opportunity to lose my virginity. The problem was that I wanted my first time to be special. And the special person would be my daddy.

I knew I was not straight ever since I was a kid. My mother probably also knew about it, but it didn’t seem to bother her at all. I was scared about what my father would think if he knew I wanted to be with men, so I kept everything bottled up.

At that stage in life, I was thinking about moving out as soon as I was eighteen and live freely. But my mother started to get sick when I was sixteen and it kept getting worse by the day.

Being an independent contractor, my father was able to leave all work to be with mother for her last days on earth. I was the one taking care of everything around the house from cooking, cleaning and other household chores.

In her last days, my mother told me to look after the house and take care of father for her. The tears were non-stop in those days. We tried to make the whole situation as light on her as possible; but she was suffering both physically and emotionally. I told her that I would do everything I can to keep my daddy and myself happy. I’d promised who knows what I would do to honour her. But what she said would stay with me forever.

“All I want for you is that you are happy.” She said as she was lying down caressing my face and hair. “There is nothing that could bring me more joy than seeing my son happy. You can be what you want to be, as long as it makes you happy.” She smiled as she added. “And try to make sure your poor father doesn’t drink himself to death.”

I felt like I couldn’t bawl my eyes out in front of her as it might hurt her more.

“It’s okay sweetie.” She didn’t need to be told about what I was feeling and I hated it. “It’ll be alright.”

She suffered for six long months. If you had to say something positive about the whole thing, you could say that she didn’t suffer more than that.

But our lives and all our future plans were completely changed. I didn’t even think about moving away from home. Graduating high-school, I didn’t apply to any colleges. When asked about it, I told my dad that I would take online classes for coding and become an independent worker just like him.

But there was something different after I turned eighteen. I knew I liked boys my age and men much older than me, but I never felt like acting out on my desires before. After turning eighteen, I was at a constantly aroused state.

My father on the other hand, didn’t go out on a single date after mother passed away. He was at home drinking for the entire month after her passing. But with my mother’s instruction, I had a tough conversation with my dad about it. We knew that we only had each other and we had to take care of the other.

He started working not soon after that, and I started taking care of the house and took on the homely duties.

When I was an eighteen-year-old raging hormone machine, the man closest to me had my undivided attention. Sure there were people from school kaçak bahis and even some creeps outside that wanted to be with me, but my eyes were only for the man that had taken care of me my whole life. In my mind, I knew he had the same desires that any other man would have. And after the passing of his loving wife, he didn’t seem to go to any other places that I know of to get those desires fulfilled.

Internet porn was there for my temporary satisfaction, but I had to have my dad with me and make our lives complete. I already took care of everything in the house, there was only one thing I needed to add to take on all of the wifely duties of the household.

At the time, my dad was 42 and I was 18. The only physical activity he partook in was occasionally riding the bicycle around the bike path. That happened only two or three times a week. His height is six feet two inches and he has a bulky build. Starting to show greying hair at the time, he decided to dye it black to hide the signs of aging. Moderate amount of hair below the neck.

Me on the other hand, tall at six feet; but always too skinny. I had been picked on for my whole school life for what I used to think was because I was just too skinny. I had my mother’s blond hair but my father’s brown eyes. I was never the one to exercise to keep myself fit before I turned eighteen.

After eighteen, I realized that exercise could make my body desirable to many. And certain exercises could accentuate parts of my body that would be beneficial for attracting certain people in my life.

But nothing seemed to be working the way I wanted to. I had been wearing skimpier clothes; trying to make my butt bigger; doing yoga to make myself as flexible as possible; but to my father, I was still a little boy, not a person of sexual interest.

Online forums were completely useless. There were bunch of horned up teenagers like me with no proper idea on what to do, trolls telling you to pee on him to show dominance, creeps that just wanted to score, and there were other more advanced creeps that were always trying to find your address. It was a good thing I was able to hide myself as well as I could.

I started calling him daddy and only exclusively wore shorts all around the house as nothing seemed to work on him. I was having my yoga sessions in the living room in his full view.

I did catch him sneaking a few glances at me, but he always complimented me on my form and such. I asked him to join in on my sessions, telling him that it would do him good and he would feel much better afterwards. He opted out telling me that his bones would crumble away if he even attempted what I was doing with my body.

I was nineteen and nowhere close to having his dick near my ass. He did notice my body from time to time and I tried to make sensual contact as much as possible; but it was too much for me to take.

So I did what seemed like the last resort at the point and ordered three dildoes of different shapes and sizes.

I started with the four-inch-long one and after the first session, ordered high quality lube online. During my second anal training session, I had my first anal orgasm. I had played around with my prostrate before, but this was the first time I ejaculated with my prostrate being stimulated.

I slowly worked up the courage to insert the six-inch dildo in my ass. From it not being my first experience, I thoroughly enjoyed and imagined my daddy being the one ramming it in.

I had an eight-inch-long dildo as well. But I never put it up my ass with the fear of tearing something apart. But that didn’t stop me from trying to deep throat the whole thing. I knew how important a blowjob can be, and kept practicing on all three of the plastic dicks all the while imagining my daddy in front of me.

My sexual escapades kept getting more and more daring as the days went on. Nowadays, I never lock my door while playing with myself. I keep it slightly ajar for daddy to have a good view of what his innocent little boy was doing to himself. I wanted him to see what he was missing. All he had to do was ask. Actually, he didn’t even have to ask me anything, he could just be standing on the doorway naked and I would do all the work from then on.

On one of these sessions, I thought I heard some noise near the door. It was dark in the hallway, so I couldn’t see if daddy was there watching me. So I decided to start saying how I wanted it from my daddy. How I wanted my daddy to stroke his cock with my ass and give me a deep anal scratching.

Judging by his reaction the next morning, I suspected I was right about the viewer on my door the last night. He was being awkward all morning and I acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Still calling him daddy and touching any part of his body at any chance I could get.

Then I got bolder. I knew internet porn was free and it could douse the fire on his loin easily. And I wanted him pent up enough to put his dick inside me. I had never seen his erect cock in its full glory. I know, I was nineteen and a half, lusting after a man so close to me and all the illegal bahis times I had seen his dick were in the showers or while I ‘accidentally’ walked in on him peeing.

I could easily ‘accidentally’ just walk in on him while he was jerking off. But the problem was that he always locked the bedroom during his stroke sessions. It was pretty obvious what he was doing behind closed doors as he never locks the door otherwise.

Then I got the idea to interrupt him during his jerking sessions. I learned how to jam the Wi-Fi signal for a temporary amount of time. I could just mess around with the router, but that would make it too obvious and he could just move the router to his own room. So I learned how to jam up the connection for 5-10 minutes. And I had to use it wisely. Whenever I realized his doors were locked, I waited for a little while before jamming the signals.

The internet service providers were called in after a couple of weeks of distractions but I didn’t stop what I was doing. I knew he could easily just jerk off using his imagination. And that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted him to think about me while jerking off. I was giving him enough visuals to think about while his dick was in his hands. I wanted him to know that I think about him while I jerk off. I wanted him to know that I was just around the corridor if he just decided to dip his cock in a couple of warm holes.

My ploy seemed to have worked as I noticed him getting more and more jittery around me.

On the fateful day, I was preparing breakfast as he got downstairs to eat. It was a Saturday morning and he had nowhere to go for the day. Both of us woke up late.

The night before, I caught him jerking off on my doorway. I had ordered butt plugs and lately I had them inside me all throughout the day. But the act of putting the plug slowly inside and taking it out was extremely arousing to me. And the night before, I kept doing it over and over whispering sweet nothings to my audience of one, without acknowledging him. Just saying daddy over and over again and the bulbous head of the plug kept going in and out sent me over the edge knowing who was at the door. As I came on my own hand, I looked in the mirror and started licking it off. I made eye contact with daddy as I licked my lips clean. Judging from the look on his face, he was probably on the verge of orgasming and I might have ruined it by making eye contact.

All the better! Now I was his visual for stroking, and he didn’t even get to cum from it. He would be more pent up around the house the next day.

And pent up he was! He had breakfast in complete silence, taking slight glances of my body from time to time. I, on the other hand dropped the act of innocence. Every single movement of my body, I tried to show him what he could be doing to me right now. Every single word out of my mouth had double meanings.

He just finished his breakfast as I walked up to his seat. I noticed a small tent in his pants as I leaned in.

“You seem to have something stuck over here daddy!” I lied as I rubbed my thumb over his lips. “Here, let me take these for you.” I took his plates and walked away. Standing in front of the dishwasher, I made sure he could see me licking my thumb clean.

He decided to watch the game on TV after breakfast. I picked out the tightest pair of shorts to practice yoga in front of him. As I kept doing all the poses exposing how flexible I had gotten, I noticed daddy getting rigid on his seat. He didn’t move away though. I hiked up my already tight shorts so that most of my skin was showing. The shorts were barely covering my now wanton asshole.

I noticed daddy stealing glances as I held the downward dog position. Imagining him behind me as I held the position gave me a raging boner in the middle of the session. I tried to calm down as I switched into runner’s lunge position.

After more than thirty minutes of stretching my body to its limits, I dried myself with a towel and sat next to daddy. I feared going to take a shower would give him the opportunity to relieve himself. And I wanted him on edge for the entire day. Frustrating him for the entire day, I would be his ultimate relief at night!

But I had to play the cards right.

At that point, I was leaning on his shoulder feigning tiredness. After a while I let my hand fall on his lap and he didn’t say anything. Soon enough, in my lethargic ruse, I rested my head on his right lap, pretending to fall asleep. Right then my heart was beating faster than ever. I couldn’t look back at the moment, but I imagined daddy to be aroused as well. Then in my feigned sleep, I started rubbing against his thigh, trying to find the life giving dick.

I was thoroughly disappointed and had to stop rubbing the leg. The dick was probably on the other side! I pretended to hold a pillow tightly, but had my hand really close to daddy’s crotch. He must have had the hardened dick on the other leg. My disappointment was short lived as I felt a hand running through my hair. The hair I had been growing for three years had come down to my shoulders. I tried my best to breathe slowly to give off the impression of a sleeping person. But my heart rate was running through the roof. Then he ran the back of his palm over my face as it felt like my entire body was on fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32