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This is a sequel to “Home By Eight” authored by Lothario the Great it is with his permission that I submit the third and final part of that story. Any readers unfamiliar with the original work should read that first before reading the second or third parts. The second and third parts of this story are rooted in a real situation that took place in the early 1970’s slight modification for adaptation to the original storyline were of course necessary.

Of Reunions and Life Part 2: Sequel to “Home by Eight”

Martin woke up at 7:00 the next morning just a bit bewildered; Cindy was lying on his chest straddling his lap, a blanket over both of them. The events of last night came flooding back and he smiled, gently he stroked Cindy’s hair and face. He had slept in spurts throughout the night, whereas once Cindy had manipulated herself into her current position she slept like a log.

Daddy, he swelled with pride, he was a Daddy, there were many issues that needed talked through and dealt with, not the least of which was what is Cindy really like, and what relationship between the two of them would be. Martin smiled, if she was truthfully, like what he had experienced over the last 12 or so hours, then Seth would be getting a full time married Daddy and some brothers and or sisters in the not too distant future. For now, he just let the excitement of the fact; he had a son, with the prettiest girl in his high school class, settle in his mind. ‘Kiss my Ass, Doug,’ flashed through his head, as his ego began to awaken.

He heard a small sound next to the chair; he turned his head and looked into a pair of bright blue eyes, they sparkled with inquisitiveness and understanding.

The child stood about three foot tall, his mop of dishwater blonde hair cut in what appeared to be a shag haircut. Seth looked over the arm of the chair and then at Martin.


“Hello.” Martin replied.

“I’m Seth, What’s your name.”

“My name is Martin, I’m glad to meet you Seth.”

The child took on a serious look, “Is Mommy okay?”

“Yes, let me bring you up here so you can see.” Martin extended one arm and pulled the child up on the arm of the chair keeping his hand behind him to keep him safe. Martin felt a chill of delight as he took his son, his first-born into his arm for the first time, a shiver of excitement running down his body.

Seth reached over and touched his mother’s face, then satisfied she was just sleeping, he looked up at the man put his stubby little finger to his mouth and said, ”Shhh, Mommy’sseeping and she getsgumpy all day when she wakes up too soon.”

“We better let her sleep then,” Martin whispered, the child’s mannerisms and mispronunciations were cute to him.

A soft gentle voice interjected, “Could the two of you chatter and move around some more so I can get back to sleep, all this quiet woke me up.”

Cindy who was still laying on Martin’s chest, cocked her head up to look at him, she watched the wetness forming in his eyes, he said, “He’s perfect, in my whole life, I’ve never been a part of anything so wonderful-so amazing.”

“I know exactly how you feel, I think he’s perfect also. Sorry about falling asleep on you like this.” Her cheeks grew red as a deep blush engulfed her face.

Martin smiled, “No, I was fine, and I actually very much enjoyed being with you all night. I’ve always liked the way you’ve smelled.”

“Oh, really,” Cindy slid her head back further; a slow look of insinuation in her eyes and smiled. “To tell you the truth,” she continued, “I slept better last night than I have for a long, long time, thank you.”

She thought back to that night so long ago, it seemed like another lifetime, whether Martin knew it or not; she had connected with him that night, she still didn’t understand why. He sparked a desire that touched her, his very presence had satisfied her deep within her soul, even if they never touched each other again, she had never been so complete. What haunted her the most was her own willingness to shuck him off afterwards to preserve her own selfish image. She did need to thank Doug for one thing, his heartless response to the baby’s birth allowed her to understand what a special person the man in whose arms she had slept in and still held her really was. She shivered a tiny bit, waking up in his arms; his scent in her nostrils awakened that comfort and sense of belonging she had felt that April evening, so long ago.

“Hey, Space Ghost, Earth to Cindy,” Martin’s voice snapped Cindy out of her daydream.

“Yes, I’m sorry, what is that you need?” She blurted out.

This time Martin had the insinuating grin, as he hugged Cindy tighter.

“Please don’t do that unless you mean it.”

Martin nodded his head, “I need to get up and pee.”

“Ok, but can I help?” Moving gently, she got up off him and out of the chair.

As Cindy moved, Martin realized in the position she had been in, she must have felt his morning wood pressing into her. After he anadolu yakası escort stood, he took Cindy by the shoulders and said, “Cindy, I really meant it,” reaching down, he kissed her and said, “If you want to, you can help,” and kissed her again. Turning he walked down the hallway to find a bathroom, leaving Cindy slacked jawed and starry eyed standing in the middle of the room staring at him.

He heard Seth say, “Mommy, I like him, he’s funny.”

As Martin opened the bathroom door after relieving himself, he came face to face with Cindy. She caught him off guard as she stood there; arms gently across her upper abdomen just underneath her breasts making them look perky.

“I thought you were going to let me help?” she gave a little smirk with her question.

“I’m sorry but the flood cometh and I couldn’t wait.” Martin smiled back as he started to walk towards her.

“I need to go back to my room and get showered, change clothes and brush my teeth, not necessarily in that order, but done just the same. I should only be gone about an hour.” Martin was standing in front of her now, taking her hands away from her chest he slid his around her waist, he looked down at her and cocked his head to one side. “Is that ok with you?”

“More or less. Don’t move. I will be right back.”

Therefore, having received his orders, Martin stood where she left him, in the middle of the hall next to the bathroom.

Cindy’s father came out of the master bedroom and noticed Martin in the middle of the hallway, just standing there.

“Uh, you ok, Martin?”

“Yes sir, I’m guarding the bathroom door against all enemies foreign and domestic. Why?”

“Why are you standing there?” Seth Sr. asked.

“Because Cindy said so. Actually she said don’t move, so I’m not.”

“And you do everything my daughter tells you to?”

“Yep, pretty much so.” What he didn’t say was she started ordering him around after she accepted his invitation to senior the prom and hasn’t seemed to stop. He didn’t mind though, some of those orders were, well…satisfying; he turned his head and looked at his son who was bouncing down the hallway towards the two men. The satisfaction continued to follow him even after she dropped him off at home that night, and seeing the results of that night made it even sweeter to him.

Seth Sr. saluted smartly at Martin and said “Carry on soldier, took me twenty plus years to learn that lesson.” He continued up the hallway, past the sentry and towards the kitchen for coffee. Passing his grandson, they gave a high five and continued on their ways. Martin watched his son come up next to him, the precocious four year old mimicked his grandfather and saluted Martin.

Seth reached up both of his arms in a gesture wanting to be picked up and asked, “Please.” Martin bent down and scooped the youngster up giving him a bear hug in the process. Seth giggled and squirmed as he threw his arms around Martin’s neck and hugged him back. Martin caught off guard as the wash of emotions now clearly visible in his eyes as he became tearful. Cindy was behind them watching the whole interaction.

“This is a first.” Cindy commented. “Seth has never gone to anyone he didn’t already know and openly want to be held, let alone hugged or hug back.” Seth had his arms around Martin’s neck with his head resting against Martin’s shoulder, looking at his mother in a very contented manner.

Martin tried to speak, but was having problems getting the words past his lips, so he just smiled and let the tears flow.

Cindy put a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash into Martin’s pant pocket. She simply said, “When you get around to it…you can borrow this.”

“Thanks.” He was finally able to get at least one word out.

Cindy headed towards the kitchen, looking over her shoulder called back to the boys, “I’m going to make breakfast…I know baby…bacon and eggs.”

“Yippee, bakee-eggy,” Seth squirmed to get down and Martin reluctantly released him to let him follow his mother.

Martin re-gathered himself went back into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and gargled, he looked at the shower and walked out front, Cindy’s Mom was coming down the hallway, “Ma’am,” he looked her.

“Martin, I’m sorry, my name is Katherine, but please call me Katie. It does appear we will be seeing quite a bit of each other.”

Martin nodded, “Do you mind if I take a quick shower, I feel a bit ripe.”

“Oh my yes, here let me show you,” Katie showed him where everything was located and Martin jumped in the shower.

Katie came out to the kitchen a few moments later, “Honey, Martin is in the shower, he will be right out.”

Cindy replied, “Ok Mom,” understanding setting in, a slow grin spread across her face as she looked at the kitchen faucet.

Katie responded,” you wouldn’t.”

“Why mother, every other member of the family on both sides has been subject to the phantom hot water fiend, ataşehir escort and whether we get together or not, Martin is family now.”

Katherine Le Smythe looked at her daughter, “Your right dear!”

Cindy, reached for the handle, her mother smacked her hand.

“Not you dear, let his son, it will be a bonding thing.”

Both women smiled, “Seth honey, come to Grandma,” the young child happily scampered over to her. Picking him up she asked, “Will you help your Grandma?” Seth nodded, “Good, will you please pull that handle towards you and turn on the water on for me?” The child gleefully grabbed the handle and yanked it.

Martin was finished washing his hair and rinsing his body off, as he was standing under the hot water allowing the wonderful hot water run over his neck and back, a sudden change in his comfort zone happened without warning. One moment he was in a tropical paradise standing under a beautiful waterfall, and the next submerged into the middle of the artic ocean, the scream was out of his mouth before his mind fully registered the situation, as he moved towards the showerhead and pushed the water stream away from him.

Seth was still pulling the handle when he heard the scream, his head shot up, eyes got wide, and he pushed the handle back to turn off the water. His Grandma and his Mommy were laughing as they put him down on the floor he waited as his Mommy yelled, “Sorry Martin.” The women both doubled over in laughter as they slowly controlled themselves, Mother and Daughter fell into each other’s arms crying, the emotional tidal wave of the last five years, exploded over both of them.

Katie held her baby to her, “I’m so happy for all three of you, honey.” All Cindy could do is nod and hold on to her mother, as her body shook with sobs.

When Martin came out, he saw Katie holding Cindy who was crying pretty hard. Seth ran over to him when the lad saw him come out front wanting picked up by Martin, leaning down he hoisted his son onto his shoulders and walked over to the girls.

“Is everything okay?” He asked.

Cindy pulled away from her mother, “Yes, things are fine Martin, nothing’s wrong,” she caught her breath as she got herself under control. “I have been worried about your reaction to this whole thing for many years, I had prepared myself for a total outright rejection, of both of us. You just responded so much better than I ever expected, I’m just very happy.”

Martin walked over and pulled Cindy to him, with one arm, “No more than you have been to me Cindy, I really like this person I’ve found. As for snicklefritz here,” Martin squeezed Seth’s thighs, which were hanging around Daddy’s neck, sending the young lad into a giggling laughing fit. “Well, I am both shocked and utterly delighted at that revelation,” Cindy just hugged Martin and smiled.

Katie came over and took Seth from Martin; “Since you have eaten its time for a bath, me lad,” Katie turned to face Martin, “Grandpa and I have our time with your son today Martin, and we are very protective about our time with him. We are going to Chucky-Cheese with Seth and three or four of his little friends, then to a movie. You and Cindy need some time alone to get to know each other and talk over child rearing and things like that, we’ll see you kids later tonight or tomorrow.” Without another word, she whirled and took Seth for his bath, leaving both his parents just staring.

A little while later, Seth hugged and kissed his Mommy and Martin good-bye, as he gleefully anticipated his day with his Grandparents.

Martin looked at Cindy after the car carrying the three amigos disappeared around the corner, “I’m going to go to the Reunion picnic, want to go as my date.”

“Are you asking?”

“Yes, Cindy I told you earlier I’m not kidding, I like the new you, a lot.”

“You sir, have my attention as a woman as well as a Mommy, I like the new you also.”

“I have to get to the Hotel to change, when do you want me to pick you up.”

“Give me ten minutes and I’ll go with you. Hey, do they have a pool?”

“Yes, indoor and heated and a hot tub too.”

“Can we?”

“To be honest with you Cindy Le Smythe, I’d sit in a pile of horse shit all day if it meant I could be with you.” Cindy snickered.

“No girl I have been out with or involved with has ever measured up to you, being back with you on any level is like a dream come true.”

Cindy moved with sensual grace he remembered from that day so long ago. She slipped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his, slowly teasing at first almost as if tasting him taking in his scent, and then as if she had received the okay. She pressed her lips to his in a slow, deep, wet, sensuous kiss. Lips moving and passion building they both partook and enjoyed the sweetness they tasted as they reacquainted themselves with each other.

Martin made the first move as he opened his mouth and gently slid his tongue to her lips gently ümraniye escort teasing her, she eagerly responded and greedily pulled him into her mouth. He was lost in her embrace as their tongues intertwined and danced with each other building the heat and raw unfettered lust for each other from deep within themselves, neither of them wanted the kiss to end. However, as if on cue both opened their eyes and stared into the other’s faces for what seemed an eternity. Both of them saw it at the same time ‘that look’ the same one they both had the night of the Prom, as if each of them had given more to the other that night, in that moment than ever before or since. Unspoken, the bond between them reasserted itself then bound both of them completely to each other, as emotions long dormant were freed to ignite passions and feelings both of them desperately wanted to explore. Both of them were giddy and satiated for the moment, as they just held each other and rejoiced in their newfound relationship.

Cindy stepped back,” Are you sure about this Martin? I don’t want to deal with any more pain, that I caused or that I have to live through.”

Martin saw truth in her eyes pleading, ‘please don’t hurt me, but I want something to live for again,’ his heart went out to her.

“Cindy, I can’t and won’t even try to promise you perfection, but I do want to try to build something special with you and with our son. To start with, I’ll only promise I’ll walk with you as your friend and father of our child, let’s see where that leads.”

“I’m afraid.”

“So am I.”

“Am I still pleasing to you?” her voice shaking reveled far more of her inner conflict than she realized.

“Oh Girl, you are still, as you always have been, the standard by which I judge all other women, and to this point every one has fallen short. Yes, you still please me very much. I‘ve ended relationships because they didn’t match up to you.”

“I saw it in your eyes that night, you wanted me. Yes, you wanted the sex, but you wanted me, the person.” She opened herself up.

“Yes, I saw brief glimpses of you, the person I’ve seen for the past two days. Although I also wanted you to want me, for me, I didn’t believe I would ever have a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. But that was then, this is now. You don’t have any idea how overjoyed I was to find you in my arms this morning.”

“Why? The only thing that girl you woke up with this morning is, is a scared single mother who has tried for 5 years to do the right thing, find the father of her child, and get things straightened out. Your parents returned dozens of letters over the last few years that I have written to try to find you. I really thought you were dissing me. I didn’t even want to go to the dance last night, but it was a last chance to find you.”

“Well I’m here and either as your friend or as something more, I’m going to be in your life for a long time to come, at least until our baby is on his own. So Ms scared single mother, let this terrified single father help you with our son, and be a father and friend to him, until we see where we are going.”

Cindy bowed her head, nodded then pulled him in for some more, ‘beating lips into submission practice.’

It took about 20 minutes, but Cindy eventually made it to her room to get what she needed to leave with him. On the way to the hotel, they grabbed a bite to eat and Martin listened to “Cindy’s lessons on child rearing, learning by mistakes method.” He asked for clarification on points and started to try to put into words his very abstract ideas on the subject.

Cindy, who was taken back a bit when they arrived at the hotel and she saw his room asked, “ This is all yours?” she gasped at the size of the suite.

“They tell me downstairs it’s what I’m paying for,” He shrugged.

“Can we go for a swim?”

“Get changed,” He gave a little snort and shook his head, pointing for her to use the bedroom.

She picked up her backpack and did as he requested, reappearing a few minutes later wrapped in a hotel bathrobe, a white towel over her shoulder.

Martin gasped, “My lord, girl you look good enough to eat,” as he gave a low whistle.

Cindy’s smile at his comment lit up the room, she jerked a thumb over her shoulder pointing to the bedroom, “Later, right now please get your suit on.”

As he put his tuxedo away he noticed the powder blue baby doll pajamas laid out on the bed, it suddenly hit him what the ‘later,’ meant, he finished changing put on his robe and grabbed his towel.

When he came out, Cindy moved to the center of the room and opened her robe, revealing a red and white striped thong bikini that hid nothing, “Will this be okay to be seen with you in?” Her head was down and her eyes averted to the side.

Martin managed to stammer out,” Anywhere, Anytime.”

She closed the robe and looked at him, an obvious blush spreading across her face, “Thank you.”

Their swim was relaxing and fun, but throughout Cindy was a tease. From the way she dropped her robe and moved towards the pool with a slow deliberate almost hypnotic sway of her hips; to the way, she seemed to be constantly in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, and her tongue searching out his, as they both devoured the sweetness the other had to offer.

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