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I had an erotic dream last night, much like other nights over the past two and a half years since we started working together. In the past month our flirting and teasing had escalated.

After waking from my dream I decided to write you an email to send you the next day. I wrote several naughty things I wanted to do to you and with you in great detail. When I got to work I was still hot and bothered from the dream I’d had. I decided it was time to live out at least one of my fantasies so I hit ‘SEND’ on the email id written. Then I walked upstairs to your cubicle. Luckily for me no one was in your area, including you. In accordance with one of the many things I’d written I took the opportunity to lower your chair a bit and then hide under your desk. Moments later you returned to your desk. You sat down into your lowered chair and chuckled, knowing it was me that messed with your chair but you didn’t fix the position, much to my pleasure.

You moved the mouse to wake up your computer. Right away you noticed a new message waiting for you. Not surprised it was from me, you began reading, however the content was a surprise. I’d teased you before but you’d never read anything like what I’d written in that email. Your eyes were glued to the computer screen. Knowing where in the email I’d placed the fantasy I was prepared to fulfill, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got to have my fun.

As you read your hand went to your crotch and you began slowly rubbing yourself. Just as I’d hoped, I started to see an ever increasing bulge form in your pants from my position halkalı escort under your desk. The sight made me tingle with anticipation and made my pussy increasingly wet. I waited another couple of minutes before I was ready to fulfill my fantasy.

You read, “Many of my fantasies of you have been here at work. Allow me to tell you a few. One is of me hiding under your desk while you are away. When you get back, you sit down and slide your legs under your desk. You begin to work on your computer as I work up the courage to begin my seduction. I slide hands up your legs. At first you are startled and try to jerk away but I hold your legs firmly so you can’t move. Then I ‘shhh’ you so you don’t draw attention to yourself. I continue to slide my hands up your legs, onto your thighs. As my hands move a bulge begins to form in your pants which only eggs me on to continue upward. I finally reach my goal and began rubbing the bulge in your pants amazed as it continues to grow. I undo your belt and button, then work your zipper down. Your bulge is straining to be freed from your boxers. I reach into your boxers…”

Just as you’re reading those words you feel hands start to slide up your legs.

You freeze.

My hands continue up your legs, onto your thighs. I move your hand from your crotch and watch as your bulge grows which only eggs me on. I begin to rub you through your jeans, feeling the heat through the fabric. I work your belt open, undo your button and slide the zipper down. I rub you taksim escort through your boxers, feeling your bulge straining to be released. I work my hands into your boxers finally taking hold of your searing hot cock. Finally freeing it from its confined state.

You are doing all you can to not draw attention to yourself and pretend you’re working.

I continue to stroke you while feeling my pussy juices start leaking out. Due to lowering your chair earlier I’m able to get onto my knees and bring my head up so that you can feel my warm breath on your shaft to which you shiver with anticipation. I slide my tongue out of my mouth and timidly touch the bottom of your shaft and slide it all the way up. When I reach the tip I taste the little bead of precum that had formed. Again you shiver this time with excitement. ‘Mmmm’ you taste so good. I can’t help myself, with both hands on your thighs, I take all of your into my mouth and start sucking on you. Trying to control myself I bring you back out of my mouth. I use one hand to steady myself by gripping your thigh and the other hand I place gently on your sac and begin massaging your balls while at the same time licking your shaft from bottom to top, over and over, placing tiny kisses upon the tip each time I reach it.

Your breathing becomes shallow and erratic, though you try to keep your outward appearance calm so no one around you suspects anything, while inside you are going crazy. You can’t believe this is actually happening. Part of you thinks you should put a stop to it but the şişli escort majority is enjoying it too much to care about anything except the pleasure I’m giving you.

I continue my onslaught on your amazing cock. Softly stroking your sac with my hand and now taking your shaft into my mouth. I slowly take you in further and further until you hit the back of my throat, making me gag slightly. I take you back out and take all of you into me again, this time quicker. In and out quicker and quicker. Alternating between sucking softly and harder then softly again. I pull my hand from your sac when I feel it tightening, knowing the pressure is building. I place my hand at the base of your shaft. Stroking your shaft with my hand while sucking and licking it with my mouth and tongue.

Your legs start to shake and your hands grip the desk as your orgasm builds. You buck your hips up as my mouth comes down, fucking my face. We both keep going, trying not to make too much noise but not really caring either.

With one last thrust of you hips, you grit your teeth and hold your breath as you fill my mouth with your delicious cum. I hold you steady by your thighs, keeping you secure in my mouth as I swallow and continue to suck you dry as each pulse of your cock squirts stream after stream of cum. I finally finish swallowing every last drop of sweet cum you give me, making sure not to waste even the tiniest bit. I keep you in my mouth until you soften, then slowly withdrawal.

You breathing starts to go back to normal as I put your soft cock back into your boxers and refasten your pants and belt. I wait for you to signal my the all clear and come out from under your desk. I stand up, wipe my mouth, lean down to kiss you on the cheek and turn to leave. Just as I’m about to walk out the door I turn around, flash you a huge smile and say, “Thanks!”, then disappear, leaving you speechless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32