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Emily sat on the bar stool. Her iphone buzzed next to her JD and Coke on the bar.

“Sorry babe, I have to stay at work now, Jenna wants me to go through tomorrow’s pitch.”

Of course she did, thought Emily. She probably wants you to fuck her too.

Emily downed her drink and ordered three shots of Tequila. All for herself. She knocked them back and ordered three more.

Fucking dickhead dumping me for the office slut. Well if he wants slut, I’ll give him slut!

Emily paid the bill and made her way out of the bar and into the cold where she hailed a cab.

Twenty minutes later she arrived at Kellam Advertising and found herself knocking on the office door that belonged to her boyfriend Paul. A man answered. His tie was loose, his shirt untucked. Behind him a smartly dressed brunette sat at a large table, papers and folders in front of her. Her nemesis – Paul’s department head, Jenna.

“Can I see you in the hallway for a sec, please?” He sighed and obliged, closing the door behind him.

Emily grabbed Paul by his tie and dragged him into the cleaning closet next to his office.

“What are you doing? My boss is waiting for me right next door.”

She stopped his excuses with a kiss, the kind you give bakırköy escort when you’ve not had sex for weeks. Emily pushed him back towards the wall. He gave in to her assault. She wrestled with his belt and yanked at his zipper.

Emily placed her hand inside Paul’s pants and pulled out his cock. She pumped up and down on it, her tongue continuing to invade his mouth. Paul moaned, his dick hardening.

Suddenly, his hands sprung to life, finding their way to Emily’s breasts and squeezing at them.

“Oh babe,” he muttered. “Slow down, I’m gonna cum.”

Emily took her hand off his dick. She grabbed his and moved it up underneath her skirt and into the crotch of her panties.

“You’re so wet.” Paul slipped a finger into her dripping pussy and wiggled it about. “Lie down, I wanna eat that pussy of yours.”

Emily did as she was told and lay flat on the cool linoleum. Paul kneeled between her parted knees and tore her lace panties off in one swift motion.

“No need for those.” He lifted her skirt slightly and slowly lowered his head as if he was going on an adventure.

Paul’s mouth found Emily’s pussy lips. He licked and sucked at them, sending more blood rushing to her cunt. She beşiktaş escort moaned as his tongue discovered her swollen clit.

Then he really went to work, lapping at her juices, using different pressures and different parts of his tongue. First the tip then the flat top as Emily squirmed and bucked against Paul’s face.

She felt the tension building and silently prayed for him to keep going. The orgasm rushed over her like a wave.

“Em, did you just squirt?!” Emily lay there staring at the ceiling. She began to sit up.”Don’t you fucking move. It’s my turn.”

Paul crawled upwards so he was on top of her, his body between her legs. He positioned his dick at the entrance of Emily’s pussy and in just one move, he was balls deep. Emily yelped in surprise at the sudden jolt.

With one hand he ripped open Emily’s blouse to reveal the bra that matched the now-torn panties. Paul pulled the cups up freeing her breasts from their black lacy prison.

“I’ve missed these,” he said before biting at a nipple as he thrust all the way in, and then all the way out of Emily’s tight little pussy. Paul liked the way her tits bounced on each thrust.

He grabbed her hands and pinned them to the floor beylikdüzü escort above her head with one of his own. They both moaned, trapped separately in their own universes of pleasure, as Paul rhythmically thrusted in and out of Emily.

“Can I go for your ass?” It had been a while since they’d done anal. Emily hadn’t really been a huge fan of it and to tell the truth it kind of hurt a little, but tonight she was his slut and if he didn’t get it from her, he would probably get it from Jenna.

She rolled over onto her stomach and raised her pale ass in the air. Paul’s dick was still slick with pussy juice so it slid in quite easily. He started slow in case it hurt her, then picked up the pace, his balls smacking against Emily’s cheeks.

She winced, more out of shame than pain. She was letting her boyfriend Paul fuck her in the ass on a dirty floor in the storage closet next to his office, with his boss waiting next door.

“Oh my god, I’m so close. I think I’m gonna cuuuummmm.” Emily felt Paul’s dick twitch inside her asshole as he held firm, shooting his load.

He collapsed on top of Emily, her asshole still full of gradually softening dick mixed with warm white semen.

“Thanks Em, this was just what I needed.” Paul climbed off Emily and handed her the torn remnants of her panties. “I’m sorry but I have to go back to work now. I have an important pitch in the morning. Don’t wait up.”

So Emily left, while Paul had to explain the various stains on his shirt, to his rather unimpressed boss Jenna.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32