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It started off to be a fine day. The sun was shining, the trade winds were blowing and I was on my way to surprise Jon with a homemade lunch. I smiled at the guard, signed in and waited at the elevator. Seconds later I enter the elevator and a male joins me. He’s dressed like your typical business man with a dress shirt and slacks, shoes and a tie, but his hair was not short or groomed. He had wavy, black shoulder length hair, parted in the middle that accentuated his strong, handsome features and high cheek bones. His dark, almost black piercing eyes bore into your very soul.

He nodded, acknowledging me then pressed the 8th floor button. I had already pressed the 9th floor button. The elevator doors closed and we began our slow ascent. He glanced over to me as if he was trying to figure out why I was going to the 9th floor. Then he spoke.

“I don’t remember seeing you before,” huskily he remarked.

“Well, I don’t come around too much; I’m just dropping off lunch,” I replied.

“Mmm, whatever it is it sure smells good. Your husband is really lucky.”

“He’s not my husband, just my boyfriend.”

The dark haired stranger nodded, smiled then turned back to face the front after eyeing me from head to toe as I stood across from him dressed in a white tank top, denim shorts and sandals. I focused me attention back to the circled numbers on the panel. We rode the remainder of the way in silence. Finally the elevator stopped and the door opened on the 8th floor. He smiled before exiting then the doors closed.

The elevator traveled up to the next floor then stopped. I exited and noticed something rather unusual; the front door was wide open. I took a few steps forward. There was no one in the outer office. This was very out of the ordinary. Just as I was about to call out to announce myself I heard voices, muffled and somewhat strange. I continue quietly towards the back where my boyfriend’s office is. The voices and muffled sounds grew louder. My heart begins to pick up a bit. Deep down inside my worst fear surfaces and takes over. Slowly I hear a female’s voice anadolu yakası escort mumbling and moaning.

I now stand at the corner of his office and the door is wide open. Something inside of me tells me not to speak so I hold my tongue and poke my head around the corner to peek inside of the opened door. My heart stops, my world comes crashing down right before my eyes. There on his desk lays his secretary, Anita, on her back. No papers, no trays, nothing; just the young Filipina lying on her back on his desk naked.

There before my eyes my boyfriend of three years has his hands upon her tits as she arches her back. She has her hands between her legs holding his head in place and her legs on top of his shoulders. His face is buried between her legs, pressed against her pussy and she is caught up in the frenzy of his tongue. Jon really knows how to please a woman, to eat her, fuck her with his tongue and to make a woman cum on his face.

I should say something but I can’t; I won’t. Instead I wait and step back so they won’t see me. I knew they wouldn’t notice me, judging by the way the two of them were going at it. I place the lunch basket down on the chair next to the wall where I stand and watch as she explodes in a screaming orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, yes! Fuck! Eat me; eat my cunt!” the busty, petite Filipina screams. “Oh! argh! I’m cumming!!!!!”

Her body shakes, she presses her hands heavily against his head as she cums. He remains there, lapping, drinking up her juices until she calms to a stop. A bit of cum formed a puddle upon the desk.

“Mmm, baby, that was so fucking good,” Jon says as he looks up at his young secretary.

She giggles and tells her boss, “Come here and let me clean you up. You’re a mess. Didn’t your mommy teach you how to eat?”

Jon stands, pushing his leather executive chair back and leans over. His face hovers over hers and she takes hold of his face, cupping it. She pulls him down and kisses him, tasting her own cum on his tongue and lips. She moans then breaks off the kiss ataşehir escort so she could lick off the traces of cum from his chin.

“Fuck me,” his secretary says with a thick accent. “I’ve been waiting all weekend for your cock to fuck me.”

Jon pulls her down towards the edge of the desk, far enough so her ass is partially off. He drapes her knees over his forearms then grasps his hands upon her hips. His eyes lock upon hers; he rocks his hips back then plunges deeply in one thrust, filling her to the hilt with his thick seven inch rock hard cock. She cries out in pain and pleasure the second she feels him pressing as far as he could inside of her.

“Yes, oh fuck! Yes!!!” she screams.

Her fingers wrap around his powerful arms, fingernails digging into his skin. Jon pushes deeply then pulls back, far enough to leave part of the tip inside of her. He waits a second or two then plunges once again. Over and over he pounds into her cunt. She cries out for more.

“Harder! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck me!”

The musky scent of sex permeates the air conditioned office, the sounds of their sweaty bodies slapping together mixes loudly with her cries of passion. You can see the sweat dripping down his forehead and hear him grunting as he uses all of his strength to slam his cock into his young, sexy secretary continuously.

After a few minutes Jon pulls his cock out and sits down on his chair, pulling her with him. She straddles him easily telling me she has done this before; probably since the day she began working for him three months ago.

“Nita,” Jon growls. “Ride my cock. Ride my dick. Come on baby, fuck it!”

Up and down she bounces. Her short hair bounces as well as her ample tits as she rode Jon’s cock. She cups her tits in the palms of her hands and offers him to suck on them. Jon happily obliges and tries his best to keep her nipple in between his lips. His hands cup her ass, lightly assisting his busty secretary up and down his hard cock. This continues on until his hands and arms grow tired.

He pulls out of ümraniye escort her and she stands to turn and bend over his desk. I step back, not wanting to be seen, and watch as he pummels his cock mercilessly into her, jolting her hard against the desk. I know he won’t last very long as he continues pounding into her. She buries her head downward, facing the desk and screams louder.

“Fuck!!! Yes!!! Harder, oh fuck….” she screams, “I’m cumming!”

Her body tenses as her orgasm rushes though her body. Her nails rack on top of the desk as waves and waves of lust surge. When she slows down, Jon grabs her roughly by her hips and turns her over, lifting her legs, pressing them to the sides of her head. With one strong push he plows his cock deep in her drenched, cum dripping pussy. She yelps at his forcefulness but urges him on. She grabs hold of her legs so he can concentrate on pounding his cock into her.

Beads of perspiration now turn to a constant drip from his body and face onto her body below him. He grunts louder and more often. Jon is getting ready to unload his cum inside of his Filipina secretary.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Come on, I know you can do it!” she commands her boss. “I want to feel your hot cum fill my cunt!”

Her words worked; within seconds Jon loudly cums.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh, shit!” he growls. “I’m fucking cumming!!!”

She joins in with her own orgasm seconds later and they both cry out as they cum. He empties his balls into her soaked pussy; mixing his cum with hers. When they finally stop he leans forward and rests his upper body upon hers, trying to regain his composure and breath. I step forward into the doorway.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jon sees a movement and looks up. He sees me and his eyes widen.

“Oh fuck!” was all I heard as he scrambles free from the confines of his secretary’s pussy.

She turns to see who startled him and her dark brown, almost black colored, eyes widen. Quickly she moves off of the desk and tries to cover herself. It was too late. I had seen all I needed to and stared coldly at the two as they scrambled looking for their clothing. I wait a minute then turn and make my way out of the office towards the elevator, shutting the door behind me. In the background I hear Jon calling out to me but I keep on walking and press the button to shut the elevator door and take the longest ride down to the lobby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32