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Nelson Swain’s wife Rosalynn was and is a major league hottie. He has to pinch himself to believe he got her, altho he realizes his sizeable family fortune may well have played a role. He married her when they got out of college and moved to his job in Austin. Their love life was pretty good at first. But, like most newly-weds, after the first couple of years they slowed to a more casual once or twice a week pace, just getting him off. With some little luck she might also cum.

They didn’t have any babies. One of the few major decisions they made that both were equally on board with was that they didn’t want to have any kids, not for the time being anyway.

Nelson was not terribly thoughtful of Ros in their daily communications; it sometimes seemed like he didn’t really care about her, or anyone else other than himself. Spoiled rich-man syndrome? She had more than once silently scolded herself for having said yes to the first multi-millionaire who proposed to her. She wanted out, she occasionally thought. She did not know it, but he had entertained very similar thoughts about her. They didn’t have much to offer each other in life, and she had even taken, most secretly, to thinking of him as her ‘Half-Nelson’.

But, on the other hand, it was the polish on his image to claim such a beauty as his. For her, well the money certainly made life a lot easier.


Ros starts a new job at a large insurance company as a pool secretary/typist in Human Resources. Well, they call them Personal Assistants now days. But her husband understood her duties to be largely secretarial.

Only two months after she started the new job, she told Nelson about the new, youngish gent that just came on board from a larger competitor. He came in as Executive Vice President on the top floor. She learned all this when the tall, very handsome new man was escorted around to meet all the home office staff. He had seemed very attentive and all happy-faced to her when she was introduced to him, and she immediately thought that she hoped she get to know him a bit better.

However prophetic that would prove to be, she wasn’t going to tell her husband about that perception. He probably wouldn’t have been paying attention anyway.

The new guy, Derrick Manson, a late 30’s, divorced man would be in charge of Corporate Annuities, whatever that meant, which was a new position for the company.

On his first day on the job, Manson had gone to lunch with the CEO. He lunched with two other EVP’s on his 2nd day, and the SVP in charge of Legal on the third. Thursday morning, Manson called Ros’ boss and asked if he could take his PA out to lunch.

Her boss immediately understood what this must mean. Manson was building a new staff from the ground up and probably had an eye on the prettiest gal in the head office to be his new PA. Ros’ boss knew he would be outranked if Manson decided to steal Rosalynn away. He himself had a major boner on for Rosalynn which he had never yet had an opportunity to show to her.

The two went to lunch. He treated her like a first date, not just another PA, and charmed her with some rather personal chit chat. She understood he was recruiting, and she very much wanted the obvious promotion, so she turned on the charm and was ‘accidentally’ touching hands with him when their lunch moved into the second hour.

He asked her to continue their chat over lunch the next day as well, “Two days in a row, sir? OMG won’t people be talking?”

“Let’s give them something to talk about.” As he put an arm around her waist and pulled her close as he walked her to the door.” He drove them to a more exclusive place across town.

He was flirty and talked smoothly. Manson made it clear, if she hadn’t caught on already, that he was interested to see if there was a fit for his Exec PA job. He asked her several questions about her husband Nelson, and she could see he was paying close attention. She was candid with her Luke-warm thoughts on her marriage. She briefly felt like he was boring into her a bit too much on this highly personal topic, but she really, really wanted to work for this hunk so she thought it might be beneficial is she planted some seeds of marital discontentment.

He put his hands on hers and gently described the job as working closely with him personally which would require some overtime after closing hours and the occasional business trip with him. She kept her hand in his and started gently scratching her fingernail on his palm.

She remember that was a suggestive gesture from her teen-age years, but she realized she couldn’t even recall the exact message it was sending. Was it something like ‘I want you to put this hand on my pussy.’? Oh well.

Manson said the company would pay for her to get a passport and she would qualify for the company’s free Personal Care. She nodded her head to all of that, not caring a whit about the details of ‘Personal Care’. He lifted her hand to his lips and gently kissed it in beylikdüzü escort what he hoped was both gentlemanly and sexually suggestive. He softly stated that he wanted her to be his new PA. She knew that would pay a good $10k a year more than the entry level job she had recently moved into.

She softly stroked the back of his hand in return, looking deeply into his steel blue eyes. Her heart flipped a beat thinking of travelling to exotic places with this Adonis; she thought about telling him she wanted the job even without the raise. Of course, she did no such thing.

She agreed with the more demanding hours and to her travelling occasionally, all the while retaining the hand-to-hand contact he had initiated. She assured him that would be no problem though she silently thought the travel might cause an argument or two back home. But she knew how to deal with that. She held out her hand to shake his, which lasted a few seconds longer than it really needed to.

When Ros got home, she excitedly told Nelson about her quick move up the ladder and her big pay raise. He must have majored in balloon-busting as he waived it off, saying something about how she didn’t need to work for a living anyway and how the new boss probably hired her to get in her pretty panties; that he himself had paid for.

She wanted to slug him, but she silently had to agree he surely had both parts right. She rather slyly snuck in the info about travelling and working overtime.


Ros was an immediate hit on the top floor with her natural effervescence, her red hair and Wonder Woman body, usually in a brightly colored print dress and high heels. She and her new boss settle into a close working relationship with lunches together at least once a week and long meetings in his office with the door closed.

Nothing scandalous was happening behind those doors, but he looked longingly at her as he dictated instructions; sometimes he would just pause his dictating and look intently at her face. She knew with certainty that he wanted her. She silently humored herself that he wanted her for ‘dick taking’.

The boss took her with him to a number of civic meetings around town, for the professed purpose of her taking notes of the talks and the unstated purpose of simply being around her. He made no secret of the fact that she belonged to him in a very personal, Personal Assistant sort of way. Some modest terms of endearment included.

Ros quickly understood that EVP Manson got an ego boost out of letting the world know, or at least strongly suspect, that he owned his Personal Assistant, body and soul. She thought he was right about that, so she didn’t try to obscure the fact. Indeed, she helped fuel the fires with the way she touched him back and made suggestive comments to him. She only hoped word of their intimacies didn’t get back to her husband.

The old man, Chairman of the Board Neil Whitcomb, took Derreck to lunch on his one month anniversary with Whitcomb Insurance. He is a jolly, unconventional personality with little to do in the actual management of the company anymore. They don’t talk much insurance kind of talk, but the old man congratulates him on getting his feet on the ground so quickly and for hiring the best looking PA he has ever laid eyes on. Derrick didn’t bother to tell him that some other manager had hired her and he had only poached the treasure.

“So, tell me true, Derreck, are you fucking her yet?”

Derreck blushes noticably and says “She has only been under me for 4 weeks boss. I admit, the thought occurred to me from day one to get her under me in a more physical way. But it’s anyone’s guess how she would react to that, and I don’t even know the corporate culture concerning that sort of thing yet. Are you implying that it would be permissible if she was of a mind to do something like that?

Whitcomb smiled evilly and replied with a wink, “Derreck, it would be more than permissible, it is almost an expectation that with a PA who looks like that, we would consider it your corporate duty to break her in asap. So that we lesser men might have some hope. I don’t know that anyone has clearly outlined to you the prevailing corporate lifestyle, but personnel told me that they thought you, as a divorcee with no one living with you, would surely fit right in.

“The company only has 4 rules about fraternization. One, never fraternize during company hours, on company premises. Two, never force yourself on a reluctant employee and get us sued. Three, never get your own wife in a twist and cause a scene, but I understand that does not pertain to you, Mr. Batcheler. Four, make sure she understands the need to share the bootie with the Chairman, once in a while.

“Truthfully”, he grinned and confessed “I just made the 4th one up. There are quite a few cooperative women in this company, and I would have a heart attack in the first week if they all played with the old man.

“I beylikdüzü escort bayan encourage staff to be openly enamored of each other when outsiders are not in the building. And that goes both ways. I love to see a male officer show deep feelings for his female underling, and for them to frequently use terms of endearment with each other. I take personal pride in having created what I think can be shown to be, by far, the most loving work environment in the country. I am sure you have witnessed some inordinately sensuous contact and language between the PA’s and their Execs.

“But I do NOT encourage the ladies or the men to play the office field, however. It should be clarified that not all execs are male. I refer to them in the masculine sense just for convenience, but we do have one SVP that is female, Sharon Hegg, in Purchasing. But her PA is a female. I’m not even certain they are lovers; they seem very close to each other, but I really don’t know that they have a sexual relationship.

“It is kind of an unwritten understanding that PA’s who openly love their boss will do well around here. But they should be as faithful to their boss at work as the married ones are to their spouse at home. Not fucking the field. The Chairman remains the exception, of course.” Wink.


Whitcomb takes a long breath and continues his prideful soliloquy, “An exec can share his PA with our financial backers, or other outsiders he wants to have her fuck, assuming she fully agrees. Some domineering bosses are adamant about having total ownership of their PA like that and will take a pass on a potential PA that demurs. Most are willing to give his chosen PA a say in selective cases and allow her to beg off on an outsider that is too unappealing to her.

“We do have a couple of PAs who feel very monogamous about their boss. They will do their lover/boss any way, any time, but refuse to touch any other man. That even includes one of them who is married! Do you get my meaning?” Grin.

Derrick was curious, “You’re saying that her HUSBAND doesn’t even get laid?”

“Depends on how you look at the term ‘Husband’, son. Right after she first allowed her boss to have her, she went home and told her hubby that she religiously believed in the sanctity of monogamy in marriage and that from that day on her ‘office husband’ would be the only man who has sex with her. That is how she herself told it to me.

“So, she refuses to entertain other clients or co-workers, but her exec says she couldn’t possibly be more eager in her private time with him. He respects her for that and treats her like he loves the ground she lies on. There’s a few other PAs around here he can call on to volunteer whenever he sees the need for a loaner pussy for an important client.”

He shows his ‘dirty old man’ grin, “You know the majority of the ladies who work here seem to have fallen in love with the frequent sex lifestyle, and they don’t shy away from a chance for some extra cock.”

“That woman’s exec himself told me that his PA’s husband used to quiz her for details about what exactly she was doing with him at work, and eventually she snapped at her husband and said, ‘You are a pervert! What a married women does privately with her husband is not fodder for gossip. And I have told you, my boss is my husband for all sexual purposes. So, I am not talking about anything he and I say or do with our clothes off. It is no one else’s business.’ I’m led to believe the hubby is going along with it so far. That’s his choice.”


Derrick ventured, “I did see Eric’s gal working the bulge in his trousers during a meeting yesterday and they both were smiling. Is that the kind of thing you were talking about, boss?”

Derreck thought she probably had gotten her SVP off, just based on their facial expressions, but he had not been sure about corporate rules regarding such things, so he had kept quiet. Now he understood the rules; that if the boss had actually shot his load in the office, they would have wanted to disguise that fact…Rule


“But I am going to tell you right now, I will risk a heart attack to spend one hour in your woman’s bed. I am deadly serious about that Derreck. If I only have one orgasm left it my rickety old body, I insist that it be in your…what’s her name?

“Rosalynn Swain, sir.”

“Rosalynn. Oh My God, I am going to whack off saying that name when I get to bed tonight. ‘Rosalynn, my dear, suck me off just one more time, please’.”

“You’re giving me a boner boss.”

“One last thing,” Whitcomb added. “Since I do not permit sexual liaisons at work, many of the officers have created an informal group that leases a condo that is within walking distance nearby; 4 bedrooms each with two double beds, a family room and a living room which each have a couple of couches in them, and a finished basement with, I understand, several beds escort beylikdüzü in it. See Will Riley in Facilities to join up. He takes care of cleaning and utilities and the rent. I think it costs $400 or maybe it’s closer to $500 a month now to get a key. Cash only, I think.”

The very next day Derrick brought Ros into his office and closed the door. He grinned meaningfully at her as he gestured for her to sit. “I had lunch with old Whitcomb yesterday and he gave me a long lecture on some very interesting things that I did not know about our new company. I want to share them with you, but only with an absolute promise of closed lips, you understand?”

Ros air-crossed her heart with her right hand. And smiled at her boss. “I swear.”

“Apparently, PA’s in this company are expected, well at least encouraged, to hold an exceptional degree of, shall we call it ‘loyalty’, to their boss. Do you know what I mean my dear?”

She wanted to handle this bombshell just right. “I haven’t been instructed to do anything other than be a good PA for you sir, but I will say I have gotten a pretty good idea that more than the usual share of senior officers were taking liberties with their staff. There certainly seems to be an unusual state of loyalty with some of the ladies to their boss.”

“Holy Cow, Ros, I have seen and heard some unbelievable things about some of the people right on this floor. My first Saturday morning here I noticed some odd things. I caught glimpses of several PA’s, but they weren’t at their desks the next time I looked. In one lady’s case, I saw that her blouse was fully unbuttoned and even a dolt like me could figure out what that implied.”

“I have a pretty good idea of what is going on, sir. It’s one reason I was so anxious to get this job under you and get out from under my previous boss.” She knew THAT was provocative.

“I might take that as meaning you would be happy to show some serious loyalty to me.” He said with a twinkle.

“Better you than any other exec I can think of. Just call me predisposed to Corporate Annuities loyalty.” She retorted, before twirling the tip of her tongue around her lips.

“Am I allowed to grab you and French kiss you right now Rosalynn?” Big smile.

“I just wet my lips for you, and I think it would be considered disloyal of me to say no to that.”

He responded, “Well we aren’t going to do one damn thing improper just because some other employees choose to do it.”

“Right as rain, love. Nothing improper at all.” She blows him a kiss. She definitely has mixed feelings about this conversation. She likes that her boss isn’t going to insist on something just because the corporate culture around here was fucked up. BUT from what she has seen of Mr. Manson… Derrick…she would be the biggest winner in the building if she was forced to get sexual with him. And she tingled a little over his notion about the French kiss.

“Mrs. Swain,” he affected a serious tone, “In this department we do not air-blow kisses with the boss. Kisses are a perfectly fit and proper way to show affection between employees, but they WILL be delivered physically, with a generous dollop of tongue.”


Ros swore to herself that she was going to pay very close attention to how other PA’s address their bosses and behave around them. She continued treating her boss with the promptest of responses on everything and the best attention she could muster so as not to let him down in any way. Every time she interacted with him, she fantasized as to how it would be if and when he did get more personal. She knew she would say yes to anything he suggested, and she admitted to herself that she was actually looking forward to getting to know him very much more personally.

She had chatted cautiously with a good number of the other PA’s and confirmed that the vast majority of them were sexually intimate with their boss. Some of the girls didn’t hide anything, taking the apparent attitude that her body was completely and rightfully the property of her boss, after work hours. They seemed to be delighted with the arrangement and talked in boastful terms about the strength of their relationship with their lover/boss.

A few did seem somewhat less than enthralled with their particular boss but spoke of them as just a necessary part of their wonderful job that they willingly endured. One lady, in particular, described in very casual terms how her boss had handled her. “Of course, he fucks me at least once after lunch…blah, blah. It’s not my favorite way to spend half an hour; I wish like hell I was reporting to your man Manson!”

In truth, the word ‘fuck’ was used relatively infrequently…it didn’t sound all that proper around a headquarters office. It was far more likely the conversation would include euphemisms like, “he gave me a go” or “we did it twice” or “we got it on”. It was rare that anyone would say anything specific like “we screwed bareback on his desk” or “he had me go 69 with the other lawyers on the case”.

Derrick alluded to some of these stories in chats with Rosalynn which managed to get her worked up and it started to bother her. ‘Why wasn’t Derrick trying to bang the shit out of her? What was wrong…was he gay, or was she just unattractive to him?’ She had to sort that out.

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