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Office Workload

Chapter 9


Characters introduced in this chapter:

The Author(me): A 27 year old single male who just got a new job after few months finding for one

Mrs Madison: She is the registered nurse working on the nurse bay in the office

Mysterious Person: Unknown

Setting for the current chapter:

Authors home: A 3 bedroom apartment where the author lives alone

Subway Station:Station which connects from Authors home to multitude of places

City Centre: The heart of the city, where places like supermarket, floral park can be visited


I woke up way later than the usual alarm time. It’s Sunday, so I was not really worried or had anything in mind. I scratched my head and went to do my usual morning chores. I took a bath and made myself a quick breakfast consisting of peanut butter sandwiches and made a list of household items that I needed to buy to last for the month.

With the list on my hand, and money in my pockets. I set myself to venture out to the supermarket. According to the GPS, I would need to take a subway to the city centre and the supermarket was around 5 minutes of walk from the city centre subway station.

The weather was beautiful as I walked by rows of houses and towards the subway station. Birds were chirping and people were passing by with smiles on their faces probably basking in the sunlight. The trees were dancing with the rhythm of the wind. Leaves gently fell on the street just to be swept away by the breeze passing by. The day felt so relaxing and calm.

Within minutes, I had reached the subway station. It’s a fairly small station and quite clean, with a few vending machines placed in the corridors of the area. I checked out the vending machines on the items which were sold. As usual, food and drinks were sold in them but one of them was selling condoms and “sexual enhancers”. I was a little awed as back in my hometown these items were sold in secret and not as public as this.

I proceeded to get myself a subway ticket as a long haired lady approached and bought something from the vending machine that was selling condoms.

“Must be her day today,” I thought to myself as I waited for the subway train to arrive. There were a few people waiting for the same train as I did. Seems like even though its a Sunday but not many people were going to the city centre. The train finally arrived, and I managed to pick a comfortable seat in the train and sat down and began to check on my phone.

I saw Mrs Patel bahis şirketleri sent me a few videos, and as I was downloading them down, the lady who was previously buying condoms in the station came and sat in front of me. I felt a little weird as the whole train was full of empty seats but she chose to sit right in front of me. I stole some look at her. She is a tall slender lady, with long hair exceeding her shoulders. She was wearing a white T-shirt and short yoga pants. Her skin was yellowish white and she had a pair of unique green eyes. Our eyes met in an instant as I was checking her out and we both looked at different ways. I guess she was checking me out as well.

My destination finally arrived and I stepped out of the train and made my way towards the supermarket. The whole city centre was crowded by a lot of people minding their own business. All through the hustle and bustle, I managed to find the supermarket and proceeded to get the items I listed earlier. The whole supermarket was a huge maze and I took my time on actually exploring the supermarket rather than buying the stuff I needed.

At the checkout counter, I felt something weird and from the corner of my eyes, I saw the lady again. She was paying something on the next counter. In my head, I was in suspicion if she had been stalking or tracking me. Or it could just be a big coincidence. I shrugged off the thought of the lady and paid for my items. Besides, I never knew anything about her.

I felt hungry after my shopping spree earlier, thus I made my way to the food court nearby. As I was thinking on what to buy for my lunch, a cheerful voice greeted me from behind.

“Heyya! You are the new guy, right? The one with hand issues,” Mrs Madison greeted, looking at my hand for any injury indication.

“H..Hi! Yeah! That’s me, it had gotten better though, thanks to your medication,” I said, while looking at my hand. I had actually forgotten the injury on my hand for quite some time and this was the first time after a while I myself was checking it.

“Well, about that.. Get your food first and meet me at that table, I got something to tell,” She said as she left me pondering on what she was talking about. I chose mac and cheese as my lunch and quickly hurried to the table she sat.

“Ok, now, don’t be shocked but I gave the wrong medication to you,” She said calmly.

“What do you mean?” I answered, nearly half shouting, trying to control my emotions.

“Well, I accidentally gave you an enhanced sildenafil by mistake,” She said, scratching her head, trying to give bahis firmaları off an innocent vibe.

“What is sildenafil? What does it do now? Am i gonna be ok?” I shot a flurry of questions at her.

“Its actually like Viagra but this medication is better. It basically enhances your libido and increases your pheromone levels to attract opposite sex. Basically you’ll be irresistible and beast for sex. Side effects are unknown for now. Maybe death by Snu-Snu,” She explained and giggled at her own joke. My jaw dropped listening to her explanation.

“Dont worry dear. What’s wrong with having a strong dick? You might be popular with the ladies if you know how to use it right,” she continued further. I sat in disbelief at what I heard. There was a short silence and in that moment, I had accepted that whatever the side effects could be, I could use the advantages the medicine gave me at the moment.

“Y..yeah, i’ll call you if there is any side effects,” I told her in a low, unsure voice

“Dont worry, you be fine. I bet you had gone for a few rounds without even realising about the meds,” she giggled as she was packing her stuff up.

“I’ll be on my way then. Oh my you are irresistible already,” she laughed and gave me a peck on my cheeks. She bid me farewell and went along her way. I continued to eat the mac and cheese and wondered if everything was going to be alright. Come to think of it, the med could be the reason my body felt a little heaty. I quickly jot down the symptom in my phone for future reference.

After lunch, I took a stroll around the city centre, and tried to clear my mind from the earlier news. People were walking to and fro, paying less attention to their surroundings. Some had a full length stride, some were walking slowly, some were hurrying while the others were just moping around.

The skyline was decorated by the cityscape, huge looms of shadow covered the city grounds. The mirrors reflected the sunlight and brought up the heat from the already hot sunny day. I walked by rows and rows of shops and came to a stop when I saw an adult shop.

I was thinking that if the meds improved my sexual strength and desires, I would need some sexual toys to help me out during desperate moments. I nervously entered the store, being mindful of my surroundings so that I would not bump into someone I knew.

The store has a dull atmosphere, dark pinkish light shone from the ceiling, illuminating the store with a drowsy, calm mood. The store was divided into a few sections, appropriately named based on what the customers were kaçak bahis siteleri looking for.

I went directly into the fleshlight section and was amazed by the amount of fleshlights presented in the aisle. There are quite a number of varieties of fleshlights and some that I had never heard of in my entire life. I looked back as I felt someone was following me and luckily no one did. I comfortably browsed through the section and found a perfect fleshlight for me. It was an automated 5 speed fleshlight with my favourite pornstar molding.

I quickly hurried to the counter with my bounty and checked out the item. The counter lady seemed to be uninterested with whatever I bought and quickly got the transaction done. The item was bagged and I was out of the store in no time.

Well, with the fleshlight on my hand, I hurried on my way back to the subway station. Along my way, I crashed onto someone, causing my fleshlight to fall in the open. Panicked and embarrassed, I quickly grabbed the light and kept it in one of my grocery bags. I turned around to search who crashed on me but no one was to be seen amongst the crowd. Seemed like the person could be unaware and just walked into the crowd.

Finally, I reached the subway station and purchased a ticket back. Quite less people were there in the subway station if compared to the city streets. Although the subway train was near empty, I felt as if I was being followed by someone. My guts made me feel that someone was watching my moves and it made me uneasy. I checked my surroundings but found no one suspicious. I continued on being vigilant on the train, my ears and eyes were in full hunting mode, tracking down any suspicious activities or people.

As the subway train reached my destination, my nerves calmed down by itself and I continued my steps back home. The sky was clearer here compared to the city. The air was calm and less people roamed the streets. As night began to greet itself, it took a few minutes to admire the twinkle and sparkles of the stars far above. I felt so calm looking at the sky while the breeze caressed my cheeks in a romantic way.

I unlocked the door to my apartment, and in a sudden I heard footsteps rushed towards me. Shocked, I turned to face the direction of the footstep and I saw a smaller figure dashed towards me. With no time to offense, I shielded myself with my arms and lowered my head into my arms, emulating a boxer or a muay thai shield. The figure crashed into me and we both fell into my house.

My vision went dizzy for a moment and as I began to make sense of what had happened, the figure stood and locked the door. Within seconds, I regained my balance and I threw a punch directly to the figure, hoping to knock the person out quickly before anything dangerous happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32