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Welcome readers. This is a true account. I hope you enjoy the story.


Travis had worked at the hardware store for 10 years. Five of those years were spent in close contact with Olivia, the store manager. She had long, beautiful black hair. Sexy brown eyes made even more alluring with the dark eye shadow she always wore. She was a natural beauty.

Travis had been attracted to her for a long time, but she was his boss. Somehow that just increased his attraction. Not only was she beautiful, she was very intelligent and very good at her job.

He had recently been widowed and his confidence level was pretty nonexistent. 42 years old, he stood almost 6″ tall. A year previously, he had tipped the scales at 275lbs. After being sober for 9 months he’d dropped 50lbs.

A few days before Halloween, Travis got up the nerve to ask Olivia out. To his complete surprise, she said yes.(You can find out about their first date in Olivia &Travis: The Beginning)

Things between Olivia and Travis had been heating up. They both knew they had to be careful, but they couldn’t resist. It started with hurried kisses where nobody could see.

One day she called Travis to her office to discuss a reset. Or so he thought. As he entered Olivia’s office she told him to turn off the lights and lock the door. Travis began to kiss her passionately, one hand on her sexy ass, the other holding the back of her neck. He wants to take his time and savor this naughty, exciting moment, but he knows they must be quick.

Olivia reaches down between their entwined bodies to stroke Travis’s hard shaft through his pants. As his hand finds its way to the crotch of her pants he can feel the heat of her pussy. Her hips grind into his hand.

No words are spoken. None are needed. Both know what they want. His tongue in her pussy right now.

Olivia quickly pulls her pants down to her ankles and spreads her knees, her shaved cunt already wet. Travis gets on his knees and wastes no time in stabbing his tongue inside her dripping opening. He sucks her clit hard trying to make her cum. He wants to taste her on his lips all day. Murphy’s law, a call interrupts the midday pussy pleasing. Disappointed that he had to remove his mouth from her pussy, Travis went to stand.

“I’m your boss and you have to do what I say, so pull that hard cock out right now!” Olivia orders.

The idea of her being in control was a major turn on for Travis. Who was he to argue with the boss. He quickly pulls his swollen, throbbing cock out and Olivia wastes no time sliding her hot wet lips up and down his shaft. Her tongue swirls around the crown of his purple cockhead.

As she starts to suck him faster. Travis holds her head still and thrusts in and out of her mouth. Sensing he’s close bahis siteleri to cumming, Olivia stands and leans her hands on the desk with her delectable ass and shaved slit pointed right at him.

With a smoldering look in her eyes and her voice heavy with lust, Olivia looks over her shoulder and says to Travis, “That hard cock belongs to me. Now bury it deep in my pussy and fuck me hard and fast. At work, I’m in control so fuck me now!”

Her pants were still down around her ankles keeping her thighs together as her back arched and her ass pushed out. Travis teases her clit, slapping it with his steel rod, causing her to jump a little each time. Unable to wait any longer, Travis watches as his rigid member slowly pushes into Olivia’s tight cameltoe. Thrusting as hard and as fast as he can without making any noise, her cunt juices coating his shaft making a wet squelching sound on every stroke. He can feel the silky grip of her pussy walls stroking him.

“I’m so close baby, stick your finger in my ass and pull my hair! Shoot that hot load deep in my pussy!”

Coating his finger with the copious juice dripping from Olivia’s filled pussy, he slowly pushes his finger in her tight pink rosebud. He can feel his thrusting manhood with his finger through the thin wall separating her two filled holes. With Olivia urging him to cum, he pulls hard on her hair and slams in as deep as he can, unloading a massive load of scalding hot cum deep in her convulsing cunt.

Travis pulls out and Olivia quickly spins and drops to her knees as she engulfs his still spasming cock, cleaning their combined juices before tucking him back in his pants. She pulls her panties up as she looks him in the eyes and says “I want to feel your cum soaking my panties for the rest of the day. Now get back to work.”

“Yes mistress!” After a quick kiss Travis returns to the sales floor wondering if anyone heard them. He didn’t really care if they did.

The next opportunity they had time out of their work and personal schedules to be together was several weeks later. Both were hungry to kiss, caress, feel the other.

This was Travis’s first holiday season being alone since his wife had passed away from kidney failure. Although he’d been with Olivia for 2 months, he knew her family came first and foremost, so didn’t expect to be spending Christmas with her. Unfortunately part of her tribe came down with a winter cold.

Olivia and Travis decide to have Christmas eve dinner together and wake up in each other’s arms on Christmas morning. What happened that night was nothing short of magical.

Having worked a short day at the hardware store, they were both very excited about the upcoming evening. Initially the plan was to go out for sushi with her mom, but she wasn’t feeling well. Plan B was extra spicy butter chicken from canlı bahis siteleri their favorite local Indian restaurant.

Olivia had to close the store before heading home to “get ready”. She matter-of-factly told Travis she had to “shave”. He knew exactly what that meant. Later that evening he would be exploring her hairless puffy pussy lips. Tracing his tongue along her outer labia before sucking them between his lips. He was painfully erect as he walked the half mile home, his cock pulsing with anticipation.

Getting in the shower, thinking about Olivia had him throbbing, which was perfect as he wanted to do a little shaving of his own to look sexy for her. It’s a lot easier to get a clean shave when your shaft is erect. The image of his shaved cock, coated with coconut oil disappearing in between Olivia’s slippery, swollen pink lips, had Travis quickly stroking his turgid staff. He was getting close to cumming so he stopped. He had been saving it for Olivia.

Once they’d picked up the take out and arrived at her house, the food got forgotten while they both gave attention to her cat Johnny Cash. He was all black to match Olivia’s style. She had a fondness for crows too. Once Johnny had been fed, they both decided to “change into something more comfortable”.

Travis had just pulled his sweats on as Olivia passed by in a pair of sexy grey yoga pants that totally accentuated her perfect ass. She was just about to pull her shirt on over her braless perky breasts. Everytime he saw those perfect martini glass sized tits, capped with eraser sized hard pink nipples, his water watered.

Reaching out, he drew her into an embrace with her back to him. Her sexy ass quickly starting to move seductively against his already swollen member. He slowly trailed his hand up over her flat abdomen to cup one of her pert breasts, rolling the erect nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This caused Olivia to moan out in pleasure as she pushed harder against Travis’s throbbing erection.

Dinner was quickly forgotten as Olivia said to her cat Johnny Cash, who had been wanting to come in the room…”Sorry Bunny but this bitch is about to get naked!” She softly closed the door and was naked in a flash. Travis couldn’t get his pants off fast enough.

Seeking out the source of her delicious nectar, Travis began kissing his way up her thigh. Placing a gentle kiss on the hood of her clit, he then proceeded to spear his tongue deep inside her hot, pink folds. Olivia’s hips started to lift as she pushed her hungry, wet pussy harder against Travis’s mouth. Normally, Olivia would love to be licked and sucked and fingered to her first orgasm but the need to feel Travis fill her cunt with his throbbing cock was too great.

“I need your hard cock in me now! Fuck me baby!” She said. With her arms hooked behind her canlı bahis knees, she pulled them to her chest. This presented Travis with one of the sexiest sights he’d ever seen. Her cameltoe was coated with coconut oil as Travis slowly dragged the head of his cock up between her slippery lips, teasing her clit. Looking her in the eyes, he said with passion and excitement…”I’ve missed you so much baby!” Slowly pushing past her sexy, shaven labia, his hard shaft feels the hot, silky grip of her cunt muscles milking him. He penetrates inch by inch until she feels his pubic bone grind against her clit, sending shockwaves through all her nerve endings.

“Fuck me nice and slow babe. Oh that looks so hot plunging in and out.” Olivia said breathlessly. With long, slow strokes, pulling out until the head of his cock was just inside before sliding back in to the hilt, he marveled at the exquisite feeling created by Olivia’s silken sheath.

Olivia then rolled onto her side, raising her top leg, exposing her aroused sex in a highly erotic pose for Travis’s feasting eyes. He wasted no time in dragging his tongue down the crease of her perfect ass, tickling her pink rosebud with the tip of his tongue before reaching the dripping nectar coating her swollen lips. He continued to lap up the evidence of her passion until he heard Olivia say in a voice husky with lust and excitement…”Put your cock back in me.” This happened to be one of Travis’s favorite positions. He loved the different angle and apparently so did Olivia. As his steel hard cock slid back home, he heard Olivia gasp out. “Fuck yes! I love the way that feels. Pound me baby!” He proceeded to piston his manhood in and out of her tight, shaved pussy as fast and as hard as he could.

Travis was close to having a mindblowing orgasm when they shifted to him being on top from behind. She had her knees together and her back was arched, delectable ass in perfect view as he continued to plunge into Olivia, causing her to put her hand against the wall so her head didn’t hit it. Travis gathered up her hair in one hand and gripped her hip with the other as his pace went into overdrive. Olivia’s cries were timed with every thrust. “Take me! Take me baby! Yes!”

Knowing that having her hair pulled sent her to a new level of pleasure, Travis tugged hard as he continued to pound her pussy, their bodies making a wet slapping sound.

“Yes baby yes! Fuck me. Cum all over my ass!” Olivia nearly screamed.

Just as he was about to climax, Travis pulled his cock out of her JBF(just been fucked) pussy and fired a long stream of cum up her back, almost reaching her shoulders. As he pulled back his last few salvos coated her pink rosebud as it pulsed in time with her spasming vagina.

They both collapse to the bed, completely spent and gasping for breath. Relaxing for a bit, still basking in the euphoric sensations of their volcanic orgasms. The silence was broken by the growling of someone’s stomach.

“That was an amazing appetizer baby, should we go eat dinner now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32