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The last thought I have before I nod off is that I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have just made love with the woman of my dreams, the most beautiful woman in the world!

I tell you I love you as we both close our eyes and drift off. I know that no dream I could ever have would ever surpass what just happened. The last thing I feel before I fall asleep is your warm breath on my chest where your head lays.

We doze fitfully for a few hours, safe in each other’s embrace. I awake to feel you hand caressing my chest, rubbing gently and playfully on my nipples. You turn your head up to look at me with a sly smile on your face. I tell you again that I love you and I lower my face to yours, our lips locking in a soul searching kiss. As we kiss, you hand leaves my chest and travels down my stomach till you reach my crotch. I feel your gentle, warm hand wrap itself around my soft cock and start to slowly stroke it. I feel myself gradually start to harden in your loving embrace. I reach down and take your hand in mine, slowly removing it from my cock. You break our kiss and look at me puzzled. I tell you not to worry and to not forget what you were doing and that I’ll be right back.

I get up from the bed and head to the bathroom. I get a warm, wet washcloth and a soft towel and return to the bed. I almost drop what I’m carrying when I see the vision of loveliness waiting for me on the bed. You are laying on your side facing me supporting yourself on one elbow while the other arm rests gently on the curve of your hip. Your legs are bent slightly behind you. I gaze upon your face, a stray lock of hair hanging over your eyes. I lower my eyes to your breasts, softly swaying with still hard nipples. My eyes travel lower to the junction of your thighs and to the light covering of hair that leads to your sex. Damn! I AM the luckiest guy on the earth, I say to myself for not the first time tonight.

I sit on the bed and tell you to lay back and spread your legs. I tell you that although we could both probably use a shower, I don’t want to wait any longer than I must to make love to you again. I gently clean our combined juices from your thighs and from the outer lips of your pussy. I do the same to myself and then dry us both off.

I lay back on the bed by your side. Our lips join in a kiss as our hands explore each other’s body. My hands cup and caress your tits as your hand slowly and gently strokes my cock back to hardness. You smile at me and tell me it appears that I’m ready to go again. I agree and ask you how you would bakırköy escort like to continue. You grin and shyly ask if we could try a little 69. I smile and assure you we can do ANYTHING you want to do; nothing is off limits if you want it.

I eagerly lay down on the bed on my back. You straddle my body so your knees are beside my head. I feel your soft hair on my stomach as you kiss your way down my body towards my waiting, rock hard cock. I can feel your breath on cock as it lies flat on my stomach. Your tongue slowly flutters down the shaft, your lips leaving butterfly kisses all the way down. When you reach my balls, you lightly lick each one as your hand wraps around my shaft, slowly stroking. You point my cock straight up so you lips can work the swollen, pulsing head. You take the head into your mouth; I can feel your tongue lash the sensitive underside of the head, making me moan out loud. I’m enjoying your blowjob so much; I almost forget that I’m supposed to be doing some licking of my own! I place a pillow under my head to give me a better angle to your pussy. I grab your hips and lower your beautiful ass down until your pussy is right over my waiting mouth.

I reach up and spread your ass cheeks wide, giving me complete access to your dripping pussy and the smaller, tight hole above it. I stick my tongue out and slowly lick you from your clit to your tight, puckered asshole. You moan in pleasure as my tongue circles your ass. I put slight pressure on your tight hole, but not enough to penetrate it. I lick slowly back down to your pussy, sucking at the outer lips. I spread your cunt wide open and stick my tongue inside you as far as I can, tasting the cum I left inside you a few hours before. I tongue fuck you for a few minutes while my thumb finds and rubs your clit. I pull my tongue out of your cunt and I lock my lips around your clit; sucking it as if it were a piece of sweet candy.

You still have your lips wrapped around my cock as you moan in pleasure. I can tell you are getting close to cumming by the way your hips start to move back and forth, rubbing your pussy all over my face. I release my lip-lock on your clit so I can swipe my tongue one last time from your clit to your ass and back down again. I lean back just a bit and insert one finger inside your pussy, searching for your g-spot. I find it quickly and start rubbing it. You moan around my cock as you move your hips more erratically. I slip another finger inside you and begin an alternating motion; first one beşiktaş escort finger, then the other rubs over your g-spot. You are about to come, I can tell. So I lean forward and take your clit between my lips once again. That’s what finally sets you over the edge as you release my cock from your mouth and all but scream my name as you cum harder than you ever have in your life. Your pussy squeezes my fingers and my face is coated with the wetness that comes from your climax. I keep licking your pussy until you slowly pull away, telling me you are too sensitive for me to continue.

You turn and lay back on top of me. We kiss as you taste yourself on my lips and face. My still rock hard cock pulses with need against your stomach. You smile at me and tell me that you want me, no, NEED me inside of you again. I agree, of course, and ask you how you want it. You just smile and get off of me and onto your hands and knees, your gorgeous ass high in the air. I have been waiting for this moment for months! You have the most beautiful ass that I have ever seen and I have been dreaming of the day that I get to fuck you doggy style!

I get on my knees behind you and marvel at the sight. I can’t wait to be inside you, but I can’t resist what’s before my eyes. I grasp each cheek in my hands, and spreading you wide, I lick you one last time from clit to ass. I can’t wait anymore. I move until my cock is nestled between your lips. I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy as I slowly, ever so slowly enter your body. I slide in until my entire length is inside you. I lean forward, pulling your hair to one side as I nip at your neck. I tell you I love you as your warm, wet pussy envelops my cock.

I straighten back up as I grab your hips and slowly pull out of you until only the head of my cock is inside you. I pull back on your hips as I simultaneously thrust forward, burying myself deep within you. We soon fall into a steady rhythm. We are no longer capable of speech, just our moans and the slapping sounds of our bodies becoming one, filling the room.

As I continue pumping myself into your body, I look down and, removing my hands from your hips, I grasp your ass in both hands and spread your cheeks wide. I can see my cock, covered with your juices, sliding back and forth, first entering you and then pulling out before thrusting back inside. I can see your asshole winking at me with each thrust. I wet my thumb with your juices and gently rub your puckered hole; never penetrating but just putting beylikdüzü escort enough pressure to make you moan. At the same time, I reach my other hand beneath you and grasp a breast, caressing it and playfully squeezing your nipple. I move my hand from your breast and reach further down your body, over your stomach until I reach your clit. You are dripping wet, so I gather some of you juices and rub your clit while at the same time I can feel my cock as it enters your body.

After about 5 minutes, I pull out of you. I am close to cumming, but I want to look into your eyes as I make love to you. I lie on my back and motion you to straddle my body. You do so, your knees on either side of my stomach and you hands resting besides my head. You lean down and we kiss, your hair falling about my face. You break the kiss and reach down between our bodies, grabbing my cock in your little hand and guide it to the entrance of your pussy. Once you feel the head at your nestled between your lips, you drop your hips down in a fluid motion, burying me deep inside of you, our bodies and souls becoming one, once again.

You start a gentle rocking of your hips as I lean forward and grab you swaying tits in my hands. My mouth latches onto a breast and I roll my tongue around your hard nipple. I release it and immediately do the same to the other nipple.

I lean back on the pillow beneath my head and look deep into your eyes. The feeling of your wet, warm pussy on my cock is almost more than I can stand and I grab your hips, thrusting more erratically into you. You see the need in my eyes and ask me if I’m about to cum. I answer back that I can’t hold back much longer. You smile and tell me not to hold it if I can’t. You tell me to fuck you harder, that you want to feel me cum inside of you.

That’s all I need to hear and I thrust inside of you as hard as I can before I grab your hips and pull you down onto me, my cock deep inside of you. My balls tighten and I feel the cum traveling from them, up the shaft and spurting from the head.

I put my hands behind your head and pull you down, burying my face in your neck as I cum. I feel like I’m unleashing my soul inside of you.

You look at me as my spurts finally stop. You lean down and kiss me passionately.

When our lips part, you slowly raise your hips up and my cock unwillingly leaves your body. You lay down beside me, both of us on our sides with me behind you, spooning. I bury my face in your hair, lost in your scent. We could both use that shower now, but neither one of us has the energy to get out of bed. I reach over your body and grasp you hand in mine. I kiss your neck and tell you once again: I love you.

You smile and close your eyes as you drift off to sleep.

I close my eyes, but before I nod off, I pray. Please God, don’t let this be a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32