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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 78 – Post Christmas Fun

As soon as we finished lunch, I had Caleb put on the riding clothes I’d given him so I could take him out for his first lesson on how to drive one of the four-wheelers.  The other boys wanted to know if they should change too, so I told them I was only working with Caleb for now, but we’d all go out when I was done.  Since they knew I’d be taking them out for a ride as well, they all went upstairs to change while I went outside with Caleb. 

After he put on the protective gear, I explained how the four-wheeler worked and taught him how to start it.  I then rode behind him as I let him make a short practice run to the storage tank and back.  Unlike the other boys, Caleb had only ridden on one of these when we took his parents for a ride, so I rode with him in case he got into trouble.  I wanted to be close by so I’d be able jump in and take over if the situation started getting out of control. 

Once he made that short drive without any problems, I had him do it again.  Now that he had this down, I had him go down the driveway next, and since I was riding with him I didn’t make him stop and turn around halfway down.  Instead, I let him go all the way to the end of the driveway before turning around and returning to the garage.  I had him do this a second time as well, and then the third time I let him do it alone.  When he returned, I asked him to turn off the engine so we could talk. 

“Am I gonna be able to drive with the other boys now?” 

“Not yet.  I want you to ride with Jamie today and get a feel for how this works, because you haven’t actually seen any of the rough spots yet.”

“So there’s more to learn?”

“Yes, a lot more.  You were riding behind your dad the last time and I doubt you could see very much sitting behind his larger body, so this time you’ll be able to see what Jamie’s doing and what the area looks like.”

“So when will I be able to drive with the other boys?”

“Maybe you’ll be able to try doing some of it tomorrow, but we’ll need to practice some more before you can do it all.”  He looked and acted disappointed, but he accepted my decision without complaint. 

When the other boys came out, I had Caleb ride with Jamie, while Laine rode with Glen, and Reece teamed up with Dakota.  I also made a mental note that I was going to have to buy a couple more ATVs if we were going to go riding when Aaron and Brady were also with us.   We’d also need more room to store the growing number of vehicles, which means I’ll probably have to add another building for that purpose. 

Before we started out, I advised Caleb to observe what Jamie did when he crossed the stream and how everyone leaned uphill when we were riding across the slope.  He said he would, and then I got ready to lead them out on another ride. 

The other boys were standing around and waiting for me to finish with Caleb, and when I did they announced that they wanted to do something different this time.  I explained that I didn’t want to do this yet, because I wanted Caleb to get a feel for this first, before we changed things around.  They were disappointed, but understood, and then after we filled up the gas tanks they followed me out on another ride. 

Since Caleb and Jamie were about the same size, Caleb was able to peer over Jamie’s shoulder and around his side during the ride.  He hadn’t been able to do this when he rode behind his dad, since his father was so much larger, so he was learning a lot and enjoying this experience much more than the first time. 

When the ride ended, the boys hopped off the four-wheelers and began to undress, which caused Caleb to look at them strangely.  “What are you doin’?” he asked. 

“We always take off our clothes and shake them off before going inside, and then we drop them off in the laundry room,” Jamie explained.

“We didn’t do that the last time when we rode these.  We just brushed each other off.” 

“That’s because I was trying to keep this family friendly,” I interjected.  “Would you really have wanted to undress and shake your clothes off in front of your mother?”  

“Ummm, I guess not.”

“That’s why I suggested we just brush each other off instead.”

“Ok, I see now.”

Once we were all set, I led the boys inside so we could drop our clothes off in the laundry room, and once that had been taken care of we went upstairs to clean up and change. 

“Can me and Glen shower with you this time?” Laine asked before his brother had a chance. 

“Yes, I suppose that can be arranged,” I agreed. 

“Hey, me and Jamie was gonna ask if we could do that,” Caleb whined. 

“Sorry short stuff, but I beat you to it this time,” Laine replied. 

“And you’ve showered with me multiple times before, so I’ll let Laine do it this time,” I concurred. 

“Then we wanna shower with you before we go to bed,” Caleb stated. 

“We won’t need to shower again,” Jamie told him.  “We’re doin’ it now so we won’t have to do it later.”

“Dang, that sucks.  Then can we sleep with you?” Caleb continued. 

“I suppose that can be arranged as well,” I confirmed. 

“But I want to sleep with you too,” Laine complained. 

“Ha!  This time I beat YOU,” Caleb stated as he made a face and stuck out his tongue.

“Then I want to shower and sleep with you tomorrow night,” Laine continued.

“I don’t usually like to commit myself so far in advance, but ok.  I guess I can do it this once.”

Now that both brothers were at least partially satisfied, lara kendi evi olan escort we let the others use my shower first, before we went in.  As I was washing Glen, Laine asked a question.  

“Will you do the same thing with us that I did with Glen and Kota last night?”

“You mean you want me to fuck you while you fuck Glen?”

“Yeah, will you do that?”

“The problem is that I take longer to get off than you boys.”

“Yeah, I know, but you told my mom that you never run out of hot water, so can we?”

“Glen, is that what you want to do as well?”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“But we don’t have any lube in here and I doubt Laine will be able to handle me like this.” 

“We can use the conditioner as lube.  That’s what we did last night.”

“Ok, if you think you can handle it.” 

“I can,” Laine confirmed. 

After I finished washing both of them, they washed me, and then I used the conditioner to lube Laine and myself up, and Laine did the same with Glen and himself.  Once we were all in position, Laine entered Glen first, and then I entered him.  Laine controlled the action, since he was in the middle, and he set quite a hectic pace.  It worked out a lot better than I expected, though, and when he dumped his load into Glen, his rectal muscles squeezed and milked my penis so I came quicker than normal as well.  After I filled him with my seed, Laine and I both pulled out, and then the three of us rinsed off, dried off, and got dressed. 

“Man, what took you guys so long?” Caleb asked when we joined them downstairs. 

“They was prob’ly fuckin’,” Jamie answered before I could. 

“Is that what you was doin’?” Caleb asked as he looked at me and then his brother. 

“Yes, I like it when Eric does that to me,” Laine responded. 

“Oh, ok.  I was just wonderin’ what took you so long.”

I was surprised that Caleb brushed this off so quickly, but he was apparently ready to move on.  “Can we play a game now?”

“Not if you want to eat, because it’s time for me to start working on dinner.”

“Can we do it after we eat then?”

“Sure, if that’s what all of you want to do.”

Now that this had been settled, I went out to the kitchen to decide what I was going to prepare for tonight.  Dakota came out to help me, and since he wanted to give me a hand it narrowed my choices.  I had to pick something he knew how to fix, and once I’d settled on something, Dakota and I got to work. 

“So Laine had you fuck him now, since Caleb is gonna be sleepin’ with you later?” he asked nonchalantly. 

“Yes, and I hope that doesn’t upset you.” 

“Nah, cuz we did the same thing last night.”

“And he’ll probably want to do that with me again tomorrow night when he sleeps with me.” 

“Yeah, I know.”

“I’m surprised you’re handling this so well.” 

“He’s only gonna be here for a week, and then I get to do those things with you again.  Me and Glen have been talkin’ and we’re gonna switch off with Brady, Laine, and Reece while they’re here.  Is that ok with you?”

“Sure, if it’s ok with them, but it looks like someone is going to get left out.”

“Nah, I’ll bet that person is gonna want to be with you.” 

“Are you sure, because Jamie’s going to have the same problem?  He’ll have both Aaron and Caleb, so maybe the odd man out in each group will want to get together.”

“I doubt it, cuz they won’t wanna do the same things.  I’ll bet Jamie, Caleb, and Aaron will just take turns doin’ whatever they do with each other.”

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

A short time later we sat down to eat, and as soon as we finished Caleb asked a question.  “Can we play UNO Dare! now?”

“Yeah, let’s do that,” Laine and Reece chimed in. 

My three wanted to do it as well, so we took off our clothes and sat around the table.  We played using the second set of House Rules this time so Laine and Caleb would also get used to them, and those two and Reece pulled me into many of their dares. 

We ended up playing twice, and when the second game ended we went upstairs to go to sleep, although I knew no one would be doing that just yet.  I was certain they all had their own plans, because I was sure that Jamie and Caleb had plans for me. 

“We want you to do the same things to us that you did the last time,” Caleb announced. 

“So you want me to rim you and then suck you off?”

“Yep, and you can do Jamie first this time.”

“Really?  That’s a surprise.”

“Yeah, I wanna watch while you do it to him, cuz I missed seein’ a lot of it the last time.  You made me feel so good that I was kinda outta it for a while.”

“I guess I can understand that.” 

I started out rimming Jamie first and I nearly smacked Caleb in the nose with my elbow, because he was getting so close to the action. 

“I just wanna see what you’re doing and how Jamie is reactin’ to it.”

“If you get any closer you’ll be part of the action.” 

He giggled, but it was true.  He did the same thing as I was sucking Jamie’s penis and my head nearly bumped into his a couple of times, because he kept trying to get closer.  Once Jamie ejaculated into my mouth, I let him enjoy the sensations while I began working on his partner.  I was just about finished rimming Caleb when Jamie finally came down from his orgasmic high. 

After I was done working on Caleb’s butt, I flipped him over and went to work on his groin.  I played with his scrotum and testicles briefly before I began sucking him off, and I continued doing that until Caleb ejaculated in my mouth.  Once he had a chance to enjoy his orgasmic high, both boys cuddled against me and we fell asleep.  The sound of their breathing made it appear as if they were purring as they lay with their heads on my chest, and that lulled me to sleep as well. 

When we woke up on Thursday morning, it meant we had another day together before lara otele gelen escort we picked up Brady and Aaron.  As we were eating breakfast, the boys wanted to know what we were going to do today. 

“You’re on your own for the rest of the morning, but I thought we could go out on the four-wheelers again after lunch.  I’m going to let Caleb do some of the driving this time, but it will be limited.  I’ll only let him drive on the trails, but he’s not ready to cross the stream yet.”

“That’s ok, cuz I’m just happy you’re going to let me drive at all,” Caleb chirped in response. 

“Yes, I think you’re ready for a limited run, so I’m glad you’re satisfied with doing that much.” 

“I am.”

While the boys were doing their thing, I made a couple of phone calls.  The first was to Brad Simmons so I could order a couple more ATVs and the appropriate safety equipment from him, and the next call was to the guy who’d built my house.  I asked him if he could build another two car garage over by the storage tank and make it appear the same as the house and other garage, because I wanted it to blend in.  They both agreed they could do what I wanted, but it wouldn’t be until after the first of the year before the ATVs would be delivered or the crew could get started on the new garage.  I told them that would be fine and there was no big hurry. 

Taking care of those issues had taken up a great deal of the morning, so I took a breather until it was time to prepare lunch.  I decided not to tell the boys about either of these things, because I knew they’d get overly excited.  I’d wait until the ATVs were delivered and the crew began work on the garage before I explained what was going on. 

After I fed the troops, we all changed so we could go out for another ride.  I was glad that I’d bought each of the boys two sets of riding clothes, because I hadn’t taken the time to wash the clothes we wore yesterday.  As soon as everyone was ready, we took off on another spin on the four-wheelers. 

I let Caleb start off driving, but I had Jamie take over when we crossed the stream, and then they switched back until we got to the point where the trail reached the end of my property.  At that point, each of the pairs switched places and then we continued our journey until we returned to the house.  Caleb didn’t hesitate this time and quickly began to undress with the others, and then we took our clothes to the laundry room before heading upstairs to shower and change. 

“Don’t forget that me and Jamie are showering with you today,” Caleb said when we got to the second floor. 

“Yes, I remember.”

After the other pairs used my shower, we went in last.  As I was washing those two, Caleb asked a question.  “Will you suck our cocks now, since Laine is gonna sleep with you tonight?”

“Yes, I suppose I can do that as well.” 

I took care of both of them, and after they’d both recuperated, we got out, dried off, and got dressed. 

“Thank you for doin’ that for us,” Caleb said as we were leaving my bedroom. 

“You’re welcome, and I hope that holds you over for a while.”

Before I even thought about fixing dinner, I went to the laundry room and started washing the clothes that we’d worn while riding the past two days.  I knew I had to do this now, since the boys would want to go riding again tomorrow and over the weekend, so there was no time to waste.  Once I had the first load going, I went out to think about what we were going to have for dinner. 

I settled on a simple fare tonight and we merely had hamburgers, French fries, and a salad, and after we’d eaten the boys wanted to play UNO Dare! again, so I agreed that would be fine.  I also knew they would want to play more than one game, and that would be fine too, because it would take up the rest of the night until bedtime. 

We played one game using each set of house rules, and Laine, Caleb, and Reece saw to it that I performed many of the dares with them.  I did some with the other boys as well, but not nearly as many, and when the second game ended we went upstairs to go to bed.  I didn’t say sleep, because I doubted any of us would be doing that right way, seeing I knew Laine also had plans for me. 

When we got to my bedroom, Laine made his intentions perfectly clear.  “Can I fuck you first, and then you can fuck me?”

“Yes, we’ve done that before and I’m ok with it.”

We spent a little over an hour carrying out his plan, and then he cuddled with me as we prepared to fall asleep, but he spoke again before that happened.  “Thanks, Eric.  I really enjoy doin’ this with you.”

“I enjoyed it as well, but I’m still amazed that you wanted to do this with me when I’m sure Glen, Dakota, and Reece would have been willing to do it with you instead.”

“I know, and I do it with them sometimes too, but I like it better when I do it with you.  You do extra stuff that I really enjoy, and you last longer and that makes it better too.” 

“I’m glad you approve, and I enjoy doing it with you as well.”

When we woke up the next morning, I fixed the boys breakfast and told them they were on their own until lunchtime.  I said we could take a quick spin on the four-wheelers after we ate, but we’d have to clean up quickly when we got back because I’d have to go pick up Brady and Aaron.  They were fine with that, so I hoped it worked out as I expected. 

Before we ate lunch, I pulled Laine aside to go over something with him.  “I want you to ride with Caleb this time, because I’m going to let him try crossing the stream.  You’re tall enough to see over him, so you’ll be able to tell if he’s doing ok, and if not you’ve had experience keeping Jamie from crashing, so I hope you’ll be able to do that for your brother as well.” 

“Ok, I’ll do my best to keep that from happening.” 

I then pulled Jamie and Glen aside to let them know what I was doing and told them they’d be riding together.  They didn’t have a problem with this, so as soon as we finished lara rus escort our lunch, we changed quickly and went out to get on the ATVs. 

I told Caleb to drive first, and I also let him know that I was going to allow him to cross the stream today.  I went over the same warnings that I’d given the other boys when they did this for the first time, and then I took them all over to fill up the four-wheelers with gas before we took off. 

Things were going well and Caleb was doing fine.  After I’d crossed the stream, I turned back to see how Caleb was handling it.  For some reason he began slowing down when he got to the middle of the stream, and that’s when I saw Laine place his hand over the hand that Caleb had on the accelerator and squeeze it.  That gave the vehicle enough gas to make it out the other side, and when they came to a stop, I went back to speak with them. 

“What happened?”

“I remembered that you told me not to give it too much gas, but I guess I didn’t give it any gas at all.” 

“Yes, that’s how it appeared and I’m glad Laine was paying attention so you didn’t get stuck out there.” 

“Yeah, I’m glad he helped me too, and I promise I’ll do better the next time.”

“We all make mistakes, so just learn from it and don’t make the same mistake again.” 

“K, I won’t.”

Caleb then continued driving until we reached the top of the last field, and then each pair changed drivers. When we got back to the house, we stripped down quickly, shook the debris off our clothes, and headed indoors.  After dropping everything off in the laundry room, we headed upstairs to shower and change, and during that time I asked each boy if he wanted to go with me when I picked up Aaron and Brady.  In the end, only Glen, Jamie, and Caleb decided to ride with me to pick the other two up, so I told Dakota, Reece, and Laine they were on their own until we got back, but to stay out of trouble.  They agreed they would, but it didn’t mean they might not have sex in the interim. 

I made a couple of quick calls before we left the house, and then we hopped in the SUV.  We picked up Aaron first and Jamie quickly introduced him to Caleb and explained that they’d all be spending time together.  I also heard him whisper to Aaron that he didn’t have to worry, because Caleb liked to do the same things they did together whenever Aaron stayed over.  That brought a huge smile to Aaron’s face. 

When we picked up Brady, Glen introduced him to Caleb as well, and then he told both Brady and Aaron about Laine and that they’d meet him when we got back to the house.  I made a couple of quick stops before going home, so I could pick up the vegetable tray first and then the pizzas I’d ordered, because that was what we were having for dinner.   I’d also make a salad for anyone who wanted one. 

I set the pizzas in the front passenger seat and placed the vegetable tray on top of them, seeing the boys were all sitting in the back.  The aroma of the pizzas made us all very hungry and I’m fairly certain that my stomach wasn’t the only one growling.  When we eventually got to the house, Glen carried the vegetable tray and I carried the pizzas as we went inside, and I immediately called the others to the table to eat. 

We quickly introduced Laine to Brady and Aaron first, and vice versa, and then we took what we wanted and began to chow down.  I made a salad for anyone who wanted one, but I did it as I was munching on my pizza, and then I joined the boys at the table. 

“What are we gonna do after we are done eating?” Brady asked. 

“We’re gonna play UNO Dare!” Glen responded.  “The rest of us agreed on it earlier.” 

“So Laine and Caleb know what it’s like?” 

“Yeah, we’ve played it with them a couple of times already.” 

“So they’re cool with it?”

“Yeah, and they’re looking forward to playing it with you guys too.”

Once we finished eating and had cleaned up afterward, I went to get the UNO Dare! deck while the boys were undressing.  I couldn’t help but notice them all checking each other out, and no one seemed disappointed.  In fact, Caleb appeared really excited about seeing Aaron naked, and Brady was eyeing Laine and almost drooling.  I would venture to guess they would likely hook up sometime while he was here. 

We played two games, and I think Laine and Caleb got more action than I did this time.  Brady chose Laine whenever he could, and Aaron picked Caleb whenever it was possible, so I knew these boys were going to get along very well. 

When the second game ended, we decided to call it a night and headed upstairs.  Since Aaron and Brady hadn’t showered earlier with the rest of us, we let them shower together, and then Aaron joined Jamie and Caleb as they went to Jamie’s room.  I noticed that Laine and Brady both joined Glen in his room, and then Dakota and Reece asked if they could sleep with me. 

“You mean just to sleep?” I asked, although I already knew the answer. 

“Ummm, we wouldn’t mind if you wanted to do some other stuff with us first,” Reece stammered, and then he flashed me a suggestive grin. 

“Ok, I can do that if you want,” I replied, and then they hopped on my bed.

Although they wanted to do more, they settled for me rimming and sucking them off, and they also took turns doing the same things to me.  Once we were all satisfied and sated, they cuddled with me and we fell asleep.



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