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Hello Lee Wolf here… So this is my first ever submission here… It’s just a really short piece I wrote one time. I hope you like it. Feel free to give me feedback. I’ll need it.

Thank you…


I kissed her and made my way down her neck and to her chest. I cupped her breasts and fondled her stiff nipples while running my tongue all over her breasts. She started to moan. I loved hearing her moan. I sucked her nipple and ran my hands all over her. She moaned louder. I moved my tongue down to licked every inch of her skin. She spread her hands and grasped the sheet tight. I ran my tongue around her pelvis. She was trembling.

I slid my hands under the rim of her panties and slowly pushed them down her hip. She raised them. I pushed them further down her legs. When her panties were below her knees she wiggled her legs and kicked them off.

I enjoyed the view below while bringing back a hand to her breast and put the other hand on her bushes and caressed. I moved my hands further down. She spread her legs. I moved my hand over her lips and felt the stream flooding. She moaned loudly.

I moved my head between her thighs and kissed her on her lips. She arched her back and raised her knees. “Ah-o-ah!” She moaned. Her aroma was very strong. It filled up my nostril completely. Her lips were swollen and her juice was oozing out. I stuck my tongue inside her.

“Ohhhhhh!” She cried out loud. She pulled my head tighter against her body. I stuck my tongue all the way into her lips. I felt her hands gasping my hair, pulling and pushing. I withdrew my tongue and lapped around her lips. I moved up through her coarse hair and found her clit, swollen and rigid. I ran my tongue around it. I felt her pelvis shaking. I enclosed her clit with my lips and push a finger into her slit. She reacted by grasping my finger with her inner muscles. I thrust my finger in and out of her tunnel. She shoved her hips up and down meeting my thrusts. I kept on enjoying her sweetness while her motions became more vigorous. I added a touch to her clit with my tongue while sucking it. She was trembling all over. I felt waves after waves of contractions engulfing my finger inside her when she arched her hip high into my face. She was silent. I stopped my movements and waited for her. After a while she lowered her hip to the bed, gave out a long sigh. I slowly ran my finger in circular motions inside her and lick around her clit softly for a few moments before moving up to her face.

“Now I’m sleepy again.” I said. Tonte just shook her head.

“Oh no you don’t. You woke me up, now you’re going to have to wear me back out again.” She said with a little wiggle of her hips. My dick which hadn’t softened much was twitching back into action. She ground herself against me and let out a soft moan. “That’s what I like, a guy who can rise to the occasion.” My hands roamed over her hips which were flexing gently, massaging me ever so gently into fierce hardness again. I slowly slid anadolu yakası escort my hands up her waist slipping them around to stroke her breasts. She pushed forward pressing me into her hands as I thumbed the nipples gently at first before turning them between my fingers. Her crotch ground down on me as her jaw dropped and a deep moan escaped. She clenched down on my now rigid cock and began rocking her hips back and forth slowly. I joined in, rocking in counterpoint and it felt like I was trying to keep my balance in a windswept boat, moving with the motion of the water. She smothered my gasp with her mouth. “Don’t move.” She whispered as she rose and turned to face away from me, took my dick in hand and slid back down on it. “Damn that feels good.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” I said, rather short of breath. I could feel her fingers moving swiftly over her clit as she began to rise and fall, her hips making an undulating motion as if she were riding a horse. My hands grasped her ass massaging deep into the hot flesh. Soon the slow pace became too much and I began meeting her with a firm thrust with each down stroke. I wasn’t getting the leverage I wanted, so I reached up and grasped her chest and hauled her backwards down to my chest before rolling her over onto her knees. She dropped her head to the sheets and tilted her hips up at me. Her light skin had a thin sheen of perspiration which reminded me of her impromptu request for help with the lotion the other day. My mind went blank, a haze of red lust washed over me as I leaned down and kissed her, taking the delicate skin of her shoulder between my teeth as I began driving her hips forward in uncontrolled lust.

“Yesss!” She hissed as grasped handfuls of the sheet trying to hold on to something solid. “Harder!” She groaned as I proceeded to comply with her demand. I felt her fingers beneath us working her clit digging in with tight circles as she began to shudder. I didn’t stop, her orgasm ripped through her as I kept stroking into her as hard as I could. The sound of flesh hitting flesh pushing me over the top as I drove her hips forward as my own orgasm hit. Her fingers slid back and massaged my balls as they gave everything they had to her. I felt my entire body begin to relax and caught myself before I collapsed on top of her. I pulled back, my dick slipped free from her. She dipped her fingers stroking them slowly in and out, then put them to her lips and sucked them clean. “Mmm.”

My head was spinning as my heart stopped trying to beat it’s way out of my chest. I pulled her legs together and rolled her onto her back. She was as limp as a rag doll as I spread her thighs apart again. “Please.” she said, her voice pleading. I wasn’t sure if she wanted more, or wanted a break. I ran the palms of my hands down her soft thighs. Pushing them wider as I got closer to her dripping lips. She glowed like an ember in a bonfire, her skin shone with sweat as I leaned forward and gave ataşehir escort her the proper attention she deserved. She leaned her head back and gave out a sharp cry as her fingers twined themselves in my hair, their actions torn between pushing me away, and pulling me down harder. I licked my way down her lips tracing them firmly with the tip before making my way back to her clit and gave it a nudge before swirling my tongue around it. Her hips came off the bed, her hands grasping the back of my head as she cried out again. “Fuck yes!” She shook violently, the spasms eventually subsiding as she collapsed onto the bed panting like she’d just run a marathon. I cleaned up the mess from my handiwork before she pushed me firmly away. “No more.” She said gasping. I gave her one last long lick and lifted my head with a grin. Her hair was a complete mess, her face bright red, the flush lent more to the glow. She started laughing as she let herself relax, her head hit the mattress like a dropped cannon ball. “Tell me again,” she gasped, “about how old you are.” I slid up along side her as she gently closed her legs and looked over at me.

“Well I am older than you, but I’m not quite dead yet.” I said with a smile.

“No, but I am.” She laughed.

“You’ll bounce back fast enough. If you get some rest.”

“That’s what I was trying to do!” She rolled up onto her side and looked at me. “You are a surprise. You are the first guy who has ever… done that to me.” She added with a little hesitation.

“I had to wipe that smirk off your face. I didn’t want you to think I was easy.”

“Easy? I’ve been walking around bare ass for three days and other than the occasional boner I thought you weren’t interested.”

“I’ve been interested since I saw you get out of the car in those yoga pants. What kind of gentleman would I be if I were to try and take advantage of a lady under his care?”

Her grin spread into a full blown smile. “Yes, what kind? A handsome gentleman who, I didn’t realize until now, is amazing in the sack.”

“Do you always walk around naked in strangers’ homes?” I thought to ask.

“No!” She seemed shocked. “It’s just that Josh said you were a really nice guy. He also said you were shy, quiet, and smart. I don’t think he’s seen you in a long time. He never mentioned you were sexy.”

I laughed at that. She looked over my shoulder at the clock and said she’d be right back. I took a moment to clean up and relieve another tension. I walked back into the bedroom, Tonte was standing at the end of the bed with a grin on her face and a glass of water in her hand.

“We made a nice little mess.” She remarked. The sheet and blanket were thrown on the floor, clothes took. I took a moment to note a few good sized wet spots on the bed.

“Looks like I’m going to need to change the sheets anyway.” I said chuckling.

“So soon?” She said, her voice husky. She walked toward the bed and lay down on her side and beckoned me ümraniye escort to join her.

“I think you have a high opinion of my capabilities.”

“Oh really?” She said looking down. I followed her gaze and realized I was nearly fully erect again. I rolled my eyes.

“You have no conscience do you?” I said looking down. I slid into bed with a wide gap of space between us. Tonte looked at me and smiled.

“Testing your willpower?” She asked as I looked her up and down, drinking in the beauty of her body.

“No.” I leaned forward and kissed her. “Think about what you want for lunch, because I plan on taking my time.” I pushed her back slightly and she rolled onto her back laying herself out like a grand buffet and my senses gorged themselves on her.

I felt another tickling sensation, this one on my chest, floating near enough to consciousness I simply leaned down slightly and kissed the top of her head and the tickle subsided as she leaned up and her warm lips met mine.

“Thank you.” She whispered.


“For showing me the difference between having sex and making love.”

I felt a low rumble of laughter percolate up. I got a poke in the ribs. “Ow!”

“No seriously. I’ve always thought that sex is about taking, or giving so you can get what you want. I’ll lick yours if you lick mine.” She chuckled. “Love is giving without any expectations, and if you’re doing it with right person it comes back to you.” She sighed. “If you’re doing it the very right person, you get more than you can give, prompting you to give more.”

“Sex only needs a body, love requires a heart.” I said softly. She tilted her head back slightly and I dove into those lips again. We’d skipped breakfast entirely, and a sharp growl from my stomach reminded me of that. We both laughed. “I guess I’d better get to work on fixing that before you’re too weak to continue.”

“Continue?” She said sitting up. I laughed when I turned to look at her. She looked like Medusa, her hair wild and standing out. I took blame for that since I’d ravaged them for the last few hours. Her breasts were flushed. I guess I should take the responsibility for that too. She was a mess, and looked absolutely incredible all at the same time.

“Alright, I’ll give you a break.” I said snickering. “Girls these days, no staying power.” I turned just in time to catch the pillow aimed at my head.

“Hey sleepy, are you coming to eat?” I turned and Tonte was leaning against the door jamb. She had brushed her hair into order, the only thing she wore was a smile. The sun limned her body giving her an angelic look. Her arms were crossed beneath her breasts cradling them as if in an offering. Her hips tilted just so. I stood there staring for a moment at just how achingly beautiful she was.

“I don’t want mine burnt.” She said, the smile spread quickly across her face. I came to my senses and yanked the pan off the heat before sliding the singed toast onto a plate. She padded to the fridge and tugged it open, her nipples hardened in the blast of cold air. She pulled took out the milk for her coffee and looked at me the smile still there. “You know what I like?” She said softly. “I like that even though you just had your way with me, you still look at me like that.” She tilted up onto her toes and gave me a quick peck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32