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Clare said she would be home that evening thinking Mac was going to ring for phone sex. Their liaison had started with emails and quickly progressed to texts building up to phone calls, teasing each other with sensual, erotic fantasy. This they had been doing for some weeks now and Clare found this very arousing.

Mac had sent a text that morning and Clare was looking forward to hearing him cum again which made her juices flow and her pussy ache. If she didn’t cum over the phone it usually took only a few seconds after they had hung up!

They had not intended meeting each other at first but their lust for each other had grown over the weeks. Mac later sent a text saying “I am in the car now and will be with you in under an hour, so get ready slut!” Wow, what excitement! They were going to meet!

Clare felt the familiar stirring and wetness in her pussy. She had not even seen his photo, but felt like she knew him so well from their phone conversations.

In no time at all she got another text saying “I am outside”, so when Mac knocked on the door Clare opened it and there he was. Looking much like he had described himself to her: shaven head, dark sexy eyes, a rugged build, wearing black Thai trousers and a loose shirt over a white fitted t-shirt. Very impressive! As Mac came in the door they kissed and shyly said hello.

It was very strange not having met him or even seen his photo before. Clare felt a little nervous, adding to the excitement, but they soon relaxed. Their first moves towards each other were tentative yet sensual. Words were not necessary, for it was as if this meeting were an extension of their phone calls and they knew just how to please each other.

Clare smiled as Mac slowly undid the lace on her black leather halter-top to expose her small, pert breasts. He bursa escort squeezed and kissed her erect nipples, his hands roaming over her waist and back. Then cupping her breasts, he sucked her nipples slowly, followed by hard nips. Ohhh! Ouch! Good, he had remembered that she liked that. Then soft kisses to take away the pain. Clare slipped out of her long slinky black skirt to reveal a blue lace thong. She turned around slowly allowing him to admire her body and fondle her butt cheeks. She slowly and seductively removed her thong.

Clare took Mac by the hand and led him to the bedroom where she reclined on the bed. She had placed a chair facing the bed for Mac to sit on. Claire knew this was one of his fantasies, to watch her tease herself while putting on a show for him. Mac sat on the chair and watched as Clare masturbated with her fingers, slowly teasing herself on her outer lips. She then seductively pushed one of her vibrators in her pussy, while watching Mac who was still fully clothed but clearly aroused as she could see from the bulge in his trousers. He could not resist coming over to taste her juices and looked up at her with a glint in his eyes. Her fingers massaged her clit while she moved the dildo slowly in and out of her pussy. Mac returned to the chair and slowly inserted his hand in his trousers and masturbated, without revealing his cock to her. Such a tease! Clare could feel her arousal increasing making her juices flow.

She needed to see Mac’s cock. He had described it to her so often. Seven inches and thick he had said, such that it would fill her pussy. Mac watched for some minutes before standing up to remove his shirt and trousers. Clare immediately moved off the bed to get her first close look at his cock and take it in her mouth. Mmmm! His shaved balls were bursa merkez escort so smooth and large. His cock awaited her touch. Her tongue explored with licks, long and slow. Her lips kissed and her mouth sucked. She teased him without mercy. Her tongue moving up and down his cock, stopping only to breath softly on the tip, gently kissing and a quick dart of her tongue before moving down and then back to the tip, twirling her tongue round and round, driving him wild. His arousal was evident, as she tasted his pre-cum and his cock hardened between her fingers.

Mac lifted Clare’s head and they slowly stood up, kissing as they made their way to the bed. Clare took off Mac’s t-shirt before kissing her way slowly up his body with her mouth. Following with her nipples and her pussy, so that he could feel her juices on his chest. She placed her soft, moist pussy over his mouth, grinding down. His tongue explored her lips, feeling the velvet texture, teasing her swollen clit as she had teased him. Mac held her legs so that she couldn’t escape. Oh, the ecstasy!

They altered position with the ease of old lovers, so that her pussy and arse were over his face while she rested her breasts on his body and Clare once again took his cock in her mouth. It was so very nice and sensual. She could rest her whole body on top of him, and achieve the additional sensation of feeling her nipples rub on his stomach. While her tongue and mouth devoured his penis, Mac explored her pussy and butt with his tongue and fingers. It felt wonderful and her head spun with the pleasure. The tension was mounting and her juices flowed freely. She was in heaven. Clare hungrily sucked on his shaft, getting so aroused that she was swallowing his hard cock deep inside her mouth.

When Mac began moaning bursa sınırsız escort and breathing deeply, Clare sensed he was about to cum, so she slowly took his penis in her hand, moving her fingers up and down, while her thumb pressed and twirled around the head. He groaned with pleasure and his cock spurt out cum all over his body. There was cum all over him and Clare rubbed her tits on his cock until he begged for mercy so she had to be content with licking his cum on his stomach for his shaft was throbbing from the intensity of his orgasm.

They lay on the bed chatting and gazing at each other until they knew there was more to come and his hands began roaming along her body, over her breasts, across her tight stomach. Then moving his mouth down slowly to her pussy, his tongue explored her clit and lips for a very long time. Mmmm! It felt like she was in paradise. His tongue darted in and out, resting on her clit just for a moment before taking her pussy lips in his and sucking. Then he was kissing the insides of her thighs with his mouth, using his tongue, tasting the fragrant perfume of her skin, it was so lovely. Mac then teased Clare with her vibrator, going fast and then slow, in and out of her pussy, on and off her clit, driving her mad with desire.

He looked up at her and his eyes were so mesmerising, very intense and wicked. It was so arousing. She could feel her juices flowing once more and she wanted him so much. Mac continued to tease knowing Clare wanted his cock in her pussy. She was moaning and gyrating her hips, lifting them up for more. Having brought her to the edge of climax, he got off the bed and stood over her while feverishly wanking. His cock was purple and enlarged. Clare rubbed her fingers on her moist pussy lips, inserting her fingers and teasing her clit. Mac came again over her breasts and stomach. It felt so good on her skin. Clare rubbed his cum into her body with her hands, slowly and sensually, her eyes filled with lust, imploring him for more.

Mac bent over and kissed her lips tenderly. “Next time slut” Mac said with a teasing smile”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32