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We met earlier today at the supermarket. Some say it’s a great pick up location, but I had never given it any thought before today. When you came over to me, I felt like such an idiot because I could barely speak. It was clear that you were undressing me with your eyes, seducing me at that very moment, tasting me with your mouth, even though you weren’t within three feet of me. I couldn’t take my eyes from your mouth as you slowly slid your tongue across your lips. When you leaned in closer to me to ask me out, my knees buckled and you had to grab my arm to stop me from falling. The smell of you filled my senses, the desire so intoxicating my belly twisted and ached and my body surrendered to you without you needing to ask. I couldn’t have said no to you even if I had wanted to.

After a very nice dinner, we ended up here at this nightclub. Our conversation never faltered throughout the evening, until the subject of sex came up. I was desperately wishing it wouldn’t, as I was not prepared to deal with it yet. It’s true that I wanted to give my body to you from the moment I saw you, but I try to stay away from one night stands. Throughout the whole evening, parts of our bodies have touched casually keeping a small flame lit within me. You begin to tell me about your fantasies and how silly you think some of them are. I begin to relax, for it seems we are both unsurprised that we share so many of the same desires. Our connection from the first moment has been unbelievable, almost beyond the bounds of imagination. You take my hand in yours, lick my finger tips, never taking your eyes from mine, and vowing to make all of my sexual fantasies come true. My body shudders at the mere thought that it could happen.

We’ve had a few drinks by now and I’m starting to feel a little frisky. I know you sense this and it is why you have asked for a private room. You spend a little time chatting with the owner, and give him some money. I know I’m now in over my head, but I want, no, I need to taste just a little of you.

The room is surprisingly large, with mirrors on all the walls, as well as the ceiling, so wherever I look I can see our reflection. In the middle of the floor are some very comfortable looking chairs, a sofa and some tables. The waitress brings in more drinks and leaves them on the table, and we choose to sit on the sofa for now.

After a couple of sips and some small talk to ease the sexual tension between us, you lean forward and cover my mouth with yours. You nibble on my lips, taste, suck and devour me, and a moan escapes your throat as you take the kiss deeper yet. I know we’ve passed the point of no return when you bursa escort unbutton my dress and let it fall from my shoulders. You flick open the clasp of my bra and let it fall away, then reach down and cup each breast in your hands, rubbing my taut nipples with your thumbs. I push forward, wanting you to take more, and then I slide my hands up your thighs. I unbutton your pants, and then unzip them so I can reach inside and pull out your hard throbbing cock.

Feeling my hand caressing your hardness, you break off the kiss and stand up to let your pants drop to the floor. You slip off your shirt and pull me to my feet, then guide me over by one of the chairs. You sit down and then very slowly pull down my white lace panties. I can feel your breath on every inch of my body as you ease my panties all the way down to the floor. My body involuntarily shudders with excitement, as you smile at me, the look of victory in your eyes, and then let me step out of the lacy fabric. You decide to leave my heels on, as they make my legs look so sexy.

You pull me backwards onto your lap, your prick poised between my legs. I feel its hardness slide up the outside of my pussy, which is already very wet. You pull me against your chest and kiss the back of my neck, nibbling lightly. I can feel the warmth of your hands on my breasts, and I breathe, “Oh yes!” into your chest. Your hips slowly move to rub your cock up and down my pussy lips, and my juices start to overflow from the sensation, my hips slowly moving in time with yours.

You reach under my ass to lift me up and then you slowly bring me down on to your stiff cock. My legs are on the outside of yours, spread wide, leaving me exposed, until you are finally deep inside me, filling me with your warmth. You pull me back to your chest again and start to slowly fuck me. Your hands are kneading my breasts, rolling my nipples between your fingers and I arch to your touch. My nipples are so hard they tumble easily between your fingers.

Then you reach down and begin circling my clit with your fingers. The sensations are so wonderful, I reach my hands back to caress the back of your head, exposing all of my body to your touch.

Suddenly the door opens and a woman walks in, causing me to stop and stiffen a bit at the intrusion. You begin to circle my clit faster to let me know not to stop, and you continue to slowly fuck me, spreading my legs wider with yours as she slowly strips and then approaches us. I’m not sure what is going on, and I’m embarrassed to be so exposed. She leans down in front of me, smiling as she reaches up to place her finger over yours on my clit. Not wanting escort bursa this intrusion on our fucking, I start to close my legs, but you reach down and hold my legs open wider than before. You kiss my neck, biting softly, and whispering, “It’s OK, baby, just let it happen. You know you want this!”

The woman bends down and takes my clit into her mouth, causing me to moan with sheer ecstasy. My body relaxes with just that one touch, and my excitement is fueling yours. Your cock goes in and out of me a little quicker, your hands still holding my legs wide. She gently massages my clit with her mouth, and then she licks my entire pussy, then moving down on to your balls. I can feel you tense at the added pleasure, squeezing my legs. I watch her attentively, and I’m excited by the sight. I start to move my hips again to you and to her. She takes my clit in her mouth again and sucks gently. I close my eyes, and moan, “Oh, yesss!”

I hear the door open again, and open my eyes to see a man walk in. She continues to lick and suck me as you pick up the pace, but I’m excited to see why the man is here.

He slowly undresses, making sure I’m watching him, while you squeeze my nipples and kiss my neck, moaning softly in my ear. The multiple sensations are driving me mad with lust and when the man is finally naked I see that his body looks delicious as well. He begins to slowly stroke himself and it doesn’t take long for him to become rock hard. He moves behind the woman who is pleasuring me, kneels down and starts to rub her pussy with one hand while he cups her breast in the other. I can see him pulling at her nipple, and the pressure of her mouth increases on my clit as her excitement grows, fuelling a chain reaction. My hips circle faster encouraging you to fuck me harder and you oblige.

I can see the man start to finger her wet hole, and she licks and sucks me faster yet. My moans grow louder and my hands come up to help you service my nipples. You begin to fuck me faster as the man slowly enters the woman. I can see it all in the mirrors, and I gasp at the sight. “Oh, yes! Fuck her!” I command, throatily. He does just that, grabbing her hips and slamming into her again and again. She begins to moan on my clit and sucks even harder. The vibration from her moans and the sight of this man fucking her sends me over the edge, and you can feel my body lose control. You reach down to hold my legs again, fucking me as hard as you can. My hands clamp onto yours as the orgasm rocks through my body. “Oh God, baby, fuck me! Suck me, please!” I moan loudly to you and to her. My juices flow onto this woman’s face and she laps escort bursa them up greedily as she gets fucked.

You take my neck in your mouth as I feel you cum deep inside me, pushing yourself as deep as you can get. The warmth is amazing and my body continues to convulse in pleasure as I continue to watch the other couple fucking. She never takes her mouth from my pussy as she cums. I can see when he shoots his load into her, pulling her hard onto his cock. My orgasm continues or multiplies, I don’t know which. My pussy is constantly squeezing your cock inside me, still soaking the woman’s face. My moans have become screams as you continue to hold me open for her assault. She looks up at me and smiles with my clit in her mouth, finally releasing it. My body is able to come down a little, and your arms wrap around me.

The man pulls himself out of her and she turns around to takes him into her mouth. I sit there exhausted as she licks him clean, and easily brings him to another orgasm. I can’t tear my eyes away from them.

“Oh baby, we’re going to be so good together. Are you ready for more?” you whisper in my ear, kissing it gently.

“Mmmmmm,” is the only reply I can muster as so many thoughts are running through my mind. I can feel you start to harden inside me, as the couple sense it’s time for them to leave, as we are focused on one another. Although not fully hard yet, you enter me again and slowly fuck me until you bring yourself to complete hardness. You pick me up and carry me back to the couch. You push me over the arm of the couch and take your position behind me. I feel your cock just outside my dripping pussy, and then in one sudden stroke you are deep inside me again.

“Oh yes, darling!” you whisper to me. You lean over me and slowly move in and out of me as my hips move in unison with yours. As you fill me time and time again, my orgasm rises fast. The closeness we share, the connection we have, is out of this world. Feeling you so deep inside me, my pussy pulsing around you, I reach under and rub my clit as your pace quickens. Your hands are on my breasts again, pulling at my nipples. You fuck me harder, grabbing onto my hair and pulling me back, riding me like a wild stallion.

“Oh baby, yes, yes, harder!” I plead as I rub my clit faster. My orgasm explodes and I thrust my hips back at you, bringing you in deeper yet. “Oh, my god!” I exclaim.

Your body stiffens, you thrust hard and shoot your load deep into my wanting pussy. I pulse around you squeezing so tight, and you thrust again and again shooting more cum into me. It is such a warm, wonderful feeling! We both come down from our intense orgasms and lay in a crumbled heap there on the couch.

Recovering at last, we slowly dress and you take me home. A wonderful night’s sleep awaits me, I’m sure. We part our ways reluctantly, with only the promise of tomorrow to keep us content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32