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Part 1

You arrive at my flat before me and prepare for my arrival. You have brought your sexiest outfit to wear and go straight to the bathroom to get ready. You strip off and shower making sure that every part of your body is clean, trimmed and ready for a damn good seeing too. You towel off after making sure your Brazilian is in tip top condition, your legs are shaven & smooth as, and all holes are ready to be used!

You slip on your sexiest bra and knickers, roll on your stockings and then attach them to your suspender belt. You slip into your tight fitting mini skirt that when standing just shows a glimpse of the tops of the stockings. Next is your white blouse that is tight and shows off your breasts as the buttons have only been done up to the bottom of your bra. Your hair is in 2 ponytails. You add your sexy reading glasses and to finish off the sexy secretary look you put subtle but sexy lipstick on carefully.

You are already getting juiced up just thinking about what you are about to do. You can feel your panties getting wet already, and you cant resist slipping a finger under your skirt, inside the crotch and slowly into your pussy, up to the 2nd knuckle. You pull it almost all the way out, then back in again. Your thumb rubs your clitoris and then you withdraw your hand and you can see your juices on your middle finger. You raise it to your mouth and suck it. It tastes so sexy. You are ready, but must put on your black heels to finish off the look.

At this stage you light a cigarette and wait for me to return. You text me & tell me to get myself home straight away as you have a surprise for me, and that it will be in my interest to do so immediately!

I rush home and on arrival you insist I jump straight into the shower and instruct me to clean every part of my body as you will be inspecting it afterwards. You tell me to shave my cock balls and arse clean. I strip and jump in & follow your instruction. I towel off and say I am ready.

You tell me to stay there and then pass me through your black knickers that you found under my bed and insist I put them, and only them on before coming out. I follow your instruction & walk out to see you sitting in low lights. You are sat on my bed with the duvet pulled back. I can see your stockings and then you open your legs wide and I get a quick view of your knickers.

You tell me to approach you and then you stop me just as I am in front of you. You tell me that you are feeling as horny as hell and that you need a good hard seeing to tonight, but that first you need to empty my cum out so i last longer and you can get your protein fix!

You tell me to kneel on the bed facing the wall. I do as told. You start to slowly rub & scratch your fingers and nails up the outside and inside of my legs getting close to my balls but never touching them. Then you gently pull your nails down my back and sides. You then tell me I have a very naughty boy not fucking you recently. You use your hand & spank me arse cheeks 5 times on each side, hard.

Then you slowly start to use your fingers on me again, and very very gently move them up and so gently rub the outside of my balls, then down the middle of them, then outside again, then centre again. You turn on your vibrator and very gently use just the tip of it to tickle my arsehole, my balls nd my cock, getting it rock hard. You can see my cock getting so hard inside your knickers.

You ask me if I want to cum and I say yes, so much. You say you will make me cum but first you need to inspect me to make sure I have shaved my cock balls and arse well enough.

You slowly pull the knickers down as I remain kneeling down and fully remove them. You pull my arse cheeks apart and slowly use the tip of the vibrator around my arsehole to turn me on crazily. I love it. You then turn it off after a little bit of play and use your tongue to rim my arsehole. You start off licking around it, then after a while you start to just use just the tip on my hole. Then you make sure my cheeks are apart and start to push your tongue into my arsehole. This is driving me wild and I ask you to touch my cock and wank me off.

You say no, you have more plans and to be quiet. You squirt some lube on your 1st finger and push it onto my arsehole, then very slowly push it in, millimeters at a time, then pull it out, then in further, then almost out, then further and almost out. You start to use the tip to try to find my prostate, about an inch in near my balls. When you find it I start to shudder!

You continue to rub and use your other hand to tease my balls, then you slowly use your fingers to rub up my cock to the tip. You can feel my precum and you very gently rub that over the head of my cock.. All the time you continue to finger my prostate. I say I wont last much longer so you slide between my leg, on your back, so your face is under my cock and balls.

You continue to rub my prostate, whilst licking my balls. You then take my cock bakırköy escort in your mouth and gently use your tongue just on the tip of my cock. You purse your lips around my helmet and slowly pull back my foreskin as you take more & more of my cock into your mouth, then pull back and release my cock from your mouth, then in again, then out. You use your other hand to slowly wank me into your mouth and your mouth is concentrating on the 1st inch of my cock.

You then tell me to slowly fuck your mouth but tell me I am not to cum there. You tell me to fuck you until i am going to cum, whilst one hand fingers my arse, the other holds the base of my cock, and your mouth does its magic on my helmet. I tell you I am about to cum and you stop, move yourself further up between me and place your face right in front of my cock, craning your neck up so u can make sure that i will spurt just where you want it. You reinsert your finger onto my prostate, and tell me to wank off over your face.

You tell me you want my cum on your face, nose, eyes, forehead and mouth. I explode all over you and you you can feel my arse tensing up as I cum. The spunk drips down your face, into your mouth, drips down your chin and neck. You use your fingers to scoop it up and then you rub it into your face, cheeks and the rest over your breasts.

You tell me that I have no time to recover. You lick my cock clean…

Part 2

You then tell me that as you have been so good to me and made me cum so hard that it is only fair I do the same for you. You tell me that I can do whatever I like to you but that at this stage I can’t fuck you. I agree to that as I already have ideas of what i want to do and try on you and I want to show you how much I love you. I sit you up and tie a scarf around your head, covering your eyes completely.

I stand you up and kneel before you, lifting your skirt and pulling your skimpy knickers down and remove them completely. I have a quick smell of then and they have been soaked with your juices. They are wet through. They smell strongly of your pussy. I place them over your nose and tuck them in under the scarf. All you can smell is your pussy juice as you stand there, feeling exposed and excited.

I move you into the middle of the room. I start to undo your white blouse and slip it off of your shoulders, then off your arms. You look so sexy standing there in your sexy black bra, suspender belt and stockings, and your heels that you managed to keep on whilst making me cum earlier. I tell you you look fantastic & beautiful.

You say “thank you, please make me cum. I am gagging for it!”

I turn you around and pull your arms down so that they are just behind your back. I tie them together with rope, forcing your shoulders back, and your breasts out. Your hands can pull the rope tight but only as far as being beside you, no more. Your breathing is getting heavier and your mouth is slightly open, your tongue tip licking your top lip. You then hear movement away from you. I am clearing the coffee table of its contents.

I grab you by the shoulders and slowly push you backwards towards the table. You feel the edge on your calves. I help you to sit down on the table. The cold on your bottom makes you take a deep gasp of air in. I then lay you back on the table and your back feels the cold slowly climbing up as you lay further back. You then feel your head hit the cushion and you relax lying completely down.

I take hold of one of your ankles and raise it up, your knee is bent. I tie a rope around your ankle and tie it around the leg of the table near your head. I do the same to the other leg. You are now lying on my table, legs spread wide and high up. Your arms are beside you and you cant move them any further. You can still move yourself a bit but I stop that by tying the rope around your neck and attaching it to the table too, not too tight, but enough to make you feel that moving could cause you real breathing problems.

I kneel between your legs and look at your exposed pussy. I can see juices already beginning to run down from your pussy and over your tight little arsehole. I tell you to use your hands and to pull your bottom cheeks apart so that I can see your arsehole fully exposed. You do so, and wait for my next command. Nothing happens. Everything has gone quiet. Then you hear a lighter and me inhale my cigarette.

You feel my exhale blown a your pussy. It makes you quiver, and your pussy lips to open a little. I do it again. Then you feel the butt of the cigarette partially enter your pussy, about a centimetre. I pull it out and your juices form a sticky string until it is pulled too far and snaps. I move the cigarette to your mouth and you inhale as you taste your juices on the butt.

I finish off the remainder of the cigarette and you hear me extinguish it in the ashtray. All goes quiet again. You hear footsteps and then nothing for a minute, then footsteps again. The beşiktaş escort next thing you feel is freezing water dripping onto your stomach, into your belly button, then over your breasts, neck and mouth. Then I place the remaining ice cube on the top of your brazilian and rub it down over your clit, over your pussy lips, and you tense as I do so. I then force the very last piece into your arse and finger it right past your sphincter and into your bum.

Your breathing is fast and short. You ask me to fuck you, bit I refuse, saying you haven’t cum yet and I can’t fuck you until you have received your reward for making me cum so hard. Then silence resumes. Minute follows minute. Nothing. No noise, nothing. Your pussy is throbbing, it’s wet, you want something to happen. You can’t reach it with your tied arms. Your legs are tied high. The rope around your neck prevents you from moving. You are helpless.

You then here a beep on my phone. A text message. Then you here me unlock the front door and walk out. 2 minutes later I return. You here me get undressed. Then you hear footsteps moving past you on the table and then above your head. Then you hear my voice. But it’s at the other end of the table. I am kneeling between your legs. You say “what the hell, what’s going on?.”

I whisper, “this is your treat, enjoy it, make the most of it. I am recording this for you on your phone for you!”

Then you begin to smell what you believe to be another woman. You can hear the rubbing of a wet pussy, you can smell another woman’s pussy. But you can’t see it, or feel it. And then it happens. I tell you to stick your tongue out. You do as told. And then at last, you fell your tongue touch something very wet. You move your tongue up and down and you then realise, you are licking another woman’s pussy.

The other woman sits further down onto your mouth. You are completely covered by her pussy. You can only just breathe! And then you hear her for the first time. A voice you do not know. She says

“Lynsey, you deserve a present for making your boyfriends fantasy come true, and I am that present, now be a good girl and like my cunt. I want you to lick me out you dirty whore.”

You do as told and start to lick her clit and pussy.

“that’s a good girl Lyns, I love that. You must have done this before.”

You stop licking and say “I have. I love pussy. You taste so good.”

She replies “I know you have, you did it to me years ago. Don’t you remember my smell? Now make me cum before I make you cum with my toys.”

Jamie, are you recording this? Can you see my bum? Look, I have a finger rubbing my butthole. Should I put in in for you?”

I tell her to. I tell her I want to see her cum on your face, I want her to squirt her juices over your face and into your mouth. She starts to rub her pussy up and down your face. She moves up and makes your nose rub against her lips. She pulls her lips apart with the spare hand and makes your nose enter her vagina as far as it can. You gasp for air. She starts to moan as you go back to licking her clitoris and then her pussy. She rubs her clit and tells you she is getting close. All this time your pussy is just exposed and you wish I would do something.

“Jamie, please fuck me. I need to feel your cock in my cunt.”

I say “No! Not yet.”

And then she screams “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum Lyns. Lick me harder. That’s it, good girl.” You move your tongue as quick as you can.

“Here I come Lyns, Jamie make sure you record this, move up here and get this!” I do. I move around and watch and record as she squirts her cum into your mouth.

“Oh baby, i’m cumming! I’m cumming in your mouth. That’s it, keep on licking. Drink my juices! That’s it, swallow.”

You do as told. And then she moves off your mouth and thanks you for making her cum so hard. You lay there, licking your lips and say “Jamie, thank you, I loved it.”

I say “Lynsey, you are only halfway though your reward. Are you ready for the 2nd half?”

You say you are…

Part 2.5

So, there you are, tied to my coffee table, covered in another woman’s cum and pussy juices. Your mouth is open, breathing deeply, your chest raising and lowering, your breasts fighting to stay in the bra cups. Your hands tied, your legs tied, your pussy and bum are exposed to both of us. Your pussy is throbbing with excitement.

Your juices have made a clear trail from your cunt to your bum hole and further down your crack, and a small pool of juices can be seen on the table. You can’t see who it was that you just licked out. You are struggling to remember which of the 2 girls you have had lesbian experiences years ago it was.

The scarf still blindfolds you. Your knickers remain tucked in but have lost the smell of your pussy from 30 minutes ago. They are removed and replaced by her knickers after she rubs them over her cunt and inserts them up a bit so they get covered in beylikdüzü escort all of her juices. As a kinky touch she gets the crotch and inserts a finger into it and pushes it into her bum. They are carefully placed over your face so that your nose can smell all of her parts.

You gasp in and can be heard to breathe in deeply then just go”mmmmmmm!”

You ask me “what is next?”

I say nothing but she says “what would you like Lynsey? What would you like next? Would you like some cock?”

You say “I want some rock hard cock right now, and I want it in my tight pussy, please?” immediately, without thinking.

We both say “we will see, we are both enjoying this. let’s see what happens” then she says “Jamie, you have a big bulge in your trousers. Why don’t you free your cock so I can see what Lyns is lucky enough to lick, suck & fuck.”

I don’t ask you for permission, I just take my trousers off straight away, followed by my boxers.

She says “bloody hell Jamie, your cock is so wet, there’s a wet patch on your boxers. That’s a good size cock, not too big, not too small. No wonder Lynsey loves it” I’d love a bit of that as well, if that’s ok by you?”

I say “that would be down to Lyns, but if she agreed then I am more than happy to let you use my cock any way you want, and I mean, any way!”

She asks you if that would be ok and you say “yeah, of course as long as I am involved and can see and join in of course, but please, I need some pussy action. I am gagging for it!”

At this point you hear some movement and then you hear me, “Oh, oh, fucking hell, that’s good, ah ah ah, oh God, all the way down” as you hear slurping and then gagging. My God you think, she’s blowing my fella!

“Oi, I said only if I can see” and so she stops.

She says “Jamie, your cock tastes lovely. Lynsey, can I have some of that later on please? I could lick & suck that all night long” you reply.

“Let’s see, maybe.”

You hear movement and then you feel a tongue tip very gently lick your clitoris, and at the same time, another tongue tip licking your bum hole. This makes you tense up up. Your bum hole contracts, your pussy lips flex then close, releasing more pussy juice. Then we stop.

Then you feel a spiked wheel roll across your stomach. Its sharp but not painful. You can feel it running up over your bra and across your chest, then down your left side and up the outside of your stocking covered thigh and leg then down the inside, further, further down until it runs so close to your clit and pussy. then it is rolled slowly across your arse and up the outside of your right thigh, then leg, then down the inside. Down, slowly, further, until it reaches your clit.

“Oh God, I love it, you say, what is it?”

“Your surprise i respond, and there are more to come…”

You still haven’t cum and are getting slightly frustrated. “Please, you two, make me cum. I need to cum, I am so wet, I want your cock Jamie. Come on, fuck me hard, wherever you want, just fuck me.”

We untie your legs from the table, remove your shoes. Yes, they were still on! We untie the necktie from the table, sit you up, then stand you. We turn you to face the table. She removes your bra clasp and pulls your bra down, exposing your nipples. She attaches nipple clamps from her bag to each rock hard nipple.

You squeal “ouch, that hurts, but, oh, actually, oh, ow, ow, ah, I love it.”

You can feel a chain drag between your nipples. They are attached. And then you feel something being attached to the chain.

“Ouch, fuck, ohhhhhh, ow” as the small wight is gently released and rests against your stomach.

She says “I hear you like a bit of pain, well here we go.”

“Now Jamie, stop stroking your cock, fuck me, you have big balls and your helmet is purple, you’ll be next, but first, let’s treat Lynsey, she has been waiting.”

“Now tie her legs to the table legs, but make sure her legs are on the outside of the table, so her cunt and arse are easily accessible.”

I do as told. She unties your arms from being tied behind you. She then bends you at the waist. This makes the weight drop and swing and pull your nipples back & forth. It hurts but you love it. She then ties each hand rope to the table, but so you can rest your hands in a comfortable position. A little noise and rummaging and then you hear me whispering something to her.

“She likes that?” you just hear her say back.

“Yes, and hard!” I say.

“OK, do it Jamie.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Three strikes of my belt very hard across your bottom cheeks.

“Ouch, Ouch Ouch” you respond.

And then you feel two tongues licking your cheeks. Kissing you softly. rubbing your cheeks. Your cheeks are pulled apart and you feel a tongue begin to make circles around your bum hole, round and round, gently. Then to your hole.

Two hands pull your cheeks further apart and the tongue tip pushes in, a little further, then out and licks your hole. Then they, whoever it is, spits onto it and inserts a finger into your arse. Then out, and in, out, and in again. A tongue licks your clit at the same time. My God, i have two people licking me at the same time. Its fantastic, you think to yourself.

“Is she ready?” you hear her say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32