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Big Tits

I drove back into our property and parked the car in a shallow alcove to the side. I’d be going back into town to collect the kids from the cinema in a few hours, so there was no use putting it in the garage. I walked into the house and called out, but there was no response. I stopped off in the bedroom briefly to disrobe and place my clothes on the bed. I thought that the others were probably out by the pool and as I poked my head out of the back door, I found myself to be correct.

As I walked down the path towards the pool I could see the two women on one of the pool chairs, but Richard was nowhere in sight. As I got closer and past the shrub that had been obscuring my view, I found that Audrey was actually sitting on Richards face and that Wendy was gently massaging her husband’s penis.

Audrey noticed my approach and smiled. She pointed down at Richard and gave me an enthusiastic double thumbs up with a huge grin on her face. As I opened the gate and entered the pool area, I got a better view of the action. Audrey was grinding her lady parts back and forth against Richard’s face. For his part, Richard had this tongue extended making sure to service Audrey’s clit and labia with each pass, also teasing the entrance to her love tunnel when she paused for a little special attention in that area.

“So, you’ve started without me,” I said with mock indignation, hands on hips.

Wendy looked up from her work on her husband’s penis and simply said, “Yep,” and then started sucking his glans again. I could hardly believe my eyes when his manhood started to get even bigger.

“OK, Audrey,” Wendy said, “he’s all good to go down here for you when you’re ready.”

Without a word, Audrey started to wriggle her way backwards on her knees somewhat uncomfortably. She got part way along and decided to get up into a squatting position and finished off the remaining distance in very little time.

Wendy was holding Richard’s penis aloft awaiting Audrey’s arrival. As Audrey got closer, Wendy started to hum a fairly off key rendition of ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’, “Dar, dar, dar. DUM DUM. Boom boom boom boom boom boom!” she said dramatically.

By this time, Audrey was in almost position and begun to lower herself towards her date with destiny.

She looked over to me and said, “Wish me luck!”

“Good luck,” I said in return.

Wendy started up with ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’ again. During the ‘Dar, dar, dar’, she had spread Audrey’s labia with one hand and guided Richard’s penis into place with the other. As she said the ‘DUM DUM’, Audrey plunged herself downwards and achieved docking.

Audrey let out a half groan half grunt sound as Richard entered her. She eased herself up slightly, wiggling her hips to readjust her position slightly before sliding down again. I watched as my wife straddled our brother-in-law gradually working him in deeper and deeper.

When she thought her usefulness had expired, Wendy stood up and walked over to me alluringly. Her breasts swinging from side to side slightly behind the rhythm of her swaying hips. She took a seat next to me and gently put her hand on my thigh.

We sat in silence and watched Audrey go to town on Richard. She was bouncing fairly vigorously and her tits were slapping up and down in time with her vertical gyrations. In spite of all this, we could still see daylight between them.

Audrey stopped for a moment and made a concerted effort to fit Richard in deeper. She wiggled her hips from side to side, front to back and in a sort-of combination rotary motion. All to no avail, she just could not take the entire length of his manhood. Not seeming the least bit disheartened, she resumed her enthusiastic humping and grunting.

“It took me years of trying before I could get him all the way in.” Wendy said to me absently.

Wendy and I continued to watch in silence as Audrey got off Richard watching that huge dick of his flop onto his abdomen as it left the restraint of Audrey’s lady parts. Richard stood up and Audrey went down on all fours on the pool lounge. Richard straddled the lounge behind her and aimed his torpedo directly at her moist slit. With one smooth motion, he was about three quarters of the way in and he started gently thrusting.

“So,” Wendy said, “Have you decided if you’re going to take me up on my little offer?”

“Why should those two have all the fun?” I responded.

“Really?” Wendy asked clapping her hands in glee, “Where would you like to start?”

I laid back on the pool lounge, spread my legs and put my feet on the ground either side of the lounge. Even though I had not responded verbally to her last question, the sight of my manly package on full display was enough of an answer for her to take the hint.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, Fuck!, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” yelled Audrey.

Wendy and I both turned our heads to look. Richard would thrust, Audrey would be propelled forward and rock back as her tits slapped back and forth. Thrust, rock, slap, thrust, rock, slap. It was bostancı escort bayan a steady rhythm interspersed with Richard’s grunts and Audrey’s exclamations. Definitely an equal and opposite reaction resulting from an action.

Without me noticing, Wendy had turned her attention back to my manhood. She gently cupped my scrotum in one hand. That got my attention! I looked back to see her examining the area more closely. She was squeezing my balls very gently with one hand and lightly playing with my still flaccid dick with her other hand.

This went on for several minutes without too much success before she moved on to ‘plan B’. She released my scrotum and started to gently pull at my pubic hairs, playfully not painfully, and gently blow up and down the length of my penis.

“That did the trick!”, she said as my erection started to form.

She stopped blowing and started to gently suck on my glans. She took me slightly deeper and ran her tongue around the top. It was magical. Next, she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the top of my scrotum and pulled it away from my body whilst simultaneously taking my shaft all the way to the back of her throat. She pulled back away from my body and she slowly released my shaft. She let out a little giggle as my manhood slapped back against my body and bounced a few time.

“My turn,” she said making her way towards my head.

She stood directly above my face with her legs either side of the pool lounge. She bent her knees slightly as she positioned her lady parts where I could get a better view. Her outer lips had parted slightly, but she reached down and spread them further so that I could get a good look inside and I liked what I saw.

Her outer lips had a rose tinge and were slightly swollen. Her clitoris was slightly engorged and looked to be a fair size already, I know that she’d enjoy it when I played with that. What stuck out the most, if you’ll parson the pun, were her labia. They were on the larger side than average and were fairly prominent. I could see how wet she was because long droplets of her juices where dangling enticingly.

She lowered herself just close enough for my tongue to be able to tease her labia. I flicked them back and forth with the tip of my tongue and got a taste for her juices. Most ladies that I had encountered were a little musty and sometime a little salty, but Wendy’s was sweet. Not sickly sweet, but not unpleasantly sweet. She lowered herself some more and I tongue-fucked her vagina for a while as she moaned with delight.

She lowered herself even further and repositioned slightly so that her clitoris was now directly overhead. I started by teasing it gently before taking it into my mouth for a bit of gentle sucking. Whilst that was under way, I brought one hand up and rested it on one of Wendy’s hips and I brought the other one up to her lady parts. After feeling the steady flow of juices that she was now producing, I inserted my index finger into her vagina.

I felt around inside for her g-spot for a while and had no luck. I was not quite all of the way in so I decided to explore a bit deeper. Ah, found it! Her spongy g-spot what just a little deeper than Audrey’s. Wendy’s felt a bit smaller that Audrey’s but I knew when I hit the spot because Wendy moaned and ground herself against my face in tight little circles.

I decided to try a second finger and I started to finger-fuck my sister with my index and middle fingers as deep as I could go. She lifted off my face slightly and started to rock back and forth to the rhythm of my fingers. I felt her vagina clench down on my fingers and she groaned and made a few quick sharp forward thrusts and sharp inhalations before her whole body trembled in front of me.

She stood there on top of me, body trembling for what seemed like minutes. Eventually, her breathing returned to normal and she shuffled back along the pool lounge before giving me a gentle kiss on the lips and resting her head on my chest. I think that it’s probably safe to claim that I had just given my sister her first sibling orgasm, and she LIKED it.

“Ride me you filthy bitch!” I heard Richard exclaim as I turned to see Audrey on top of him doing reverse cowgirl. He slapped one of her arse cheeks for good measure.

“Yeee, haaa!” she responded.

Wendy chucked slightly and casually asked, “Are you ready for round two?”

“Giddy up!” I said bringing my legs up onto the lounge.

With that, she sat up and wiggled back so that our hips were aligned. A quick check of my dick showed her that it was still hard as a rock and ready for duty. I held the base of my penis so that it pointed up towards her. She lowered herself until she made contact and then wiggled a little bit to get me in the right location. As I let go with my hands, she lowered herself smoothly and deliberately as I watch my penis disappear into her body.

She glided herself up and down a few times until she was happy that we had achieved a comfortable position and ümraniye escort then she stopped in the fully impaled position. She bent down towards me and we kissed for a while, no grinding or another motion, just kissing. She pulled herself up slightly so that I could get a good look at her tits, they were wonderful. I reached up and gently toyed with her areolae as her nipples were already at full extension.

What happened next was extraordinary. My sister closed her eyes and furrowed her brow as if in intense concentration, and then I felt it. She started to rhythmically contract her vagina up and down the length of my penis. We still weren’t moving, she was doing all of this internally, it was bliss.

“You like?” she asked.

I just grinned and moaned. “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’,” she said.

She continued doing, whatever it was that she was doing, for a few more minutes before saying, “That’s tiring, let’s swap to missionary for a while.”

As she lifted herself up with both grace and purposeful attention, I could see my glistening penis slowly being exposed from within her body. As I watched her prominent labia and a few of her stray pubic hairs stick to my shaft, it occurred to me that the glistening fluids that I could see catching the light as they seeped down my manhood were in fact the vaginal secretions of my very own sister. I never thought that I would ever type such a sentence, but the secretions from my sister’s vagina were actually covering my erect penis in its entirety! Dude, how weird is that?

She waited for me to stand up and then she laid down on the lounge with legs up in the air holding open her pussy lips. I knelt down in position and then thrust myself into her. She took in a sharp breath of air as I entered and moaned faintly as I started to gently retreat and advance. After a few thrusts, she moved her hands down to the side of the lounge to give herself a better grip and then started raising her hips up to meet me.

She gradually increased both the pace and the height of her hips. Her juices were flowing and dripping from her body as we progressed. We had reached a frantic pace and the she stopped dead, hips raised high and let out a primal groan, then another and yet another. I stayed where I was and she started to gently grind against me as the groaning subsided.

“Thanks,” she said, “I have not come that hard for a while.” she continued.

“How are you going?” she asked me lowering her hips to the level of the lounge.

“I’m just enjoying myself,” I responded resuming some slow thrusting again giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Yes, me too. Audrey’s a lucky woman to have you as a partner.” complimented Wendy.

“After that large orgasm, you are nice and wet and I am enjoying the warm sensation of being inside you. However taboo others may consider such an experience, I’m genuinely enjoying our connection.” I told her honestly.

“I’m enjoying this too.” she said as I continued to thrust slowly.

She went on, “If you had asked me five or six years ago if I would enjoy having a penis other than Richard’s inside of me, I probably would have snorted in disgust and stormed away. However, here I am with not only another man’s penis inside me, but my brother’s penis no less. I love Richard dearly but I now realise that a variety of sexual experiences has actually brought Richard and I closer together as a couple. I never, in a million years, would have thought that having my brother’s penis inside my vagina would feel so natural, but I’m really enjoying getting to know this side of you.” she said.

I continued smoothly sliding my penis in and out of my sister’s thoroughly lubricated vagina for several more minutes, gradually picking up speed. From time to time, she would squeeze her muscles tighter as I pulled back and relaxed as I pushed in. I felt that I was getting close to orgasm so I stopped thrusting and just laid motionless inside her for a while.

“Are you getting ready to come?” Wendy asked.

“I’m actually pretty close,” I said.

“Are you OK if I keep going?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said adjusting her position slightly, “have at me!”

I started thrusting again. I was really getting into it and savouring the experience. I could feel my climax getting closer and closer by the thrust and I was speeding up slightly. With one final thrust I pushed all of the way in and held myself in that position.

“I felt that!” Wendy exclaimed, “You’re coming in me, aren’t you?”

I was too busy to answer rocking back and forth as orgasmic waves filled my body.”

“Yes,” I finally managed to grunt, “all done.”

I’ve got to admit that by this time I had lost track of what Audrey and Richard were up to. Still inside my sister, penis still pulsating slightly, I looked over to see that they had finished and were sitting on the edge of their lounge watching Wendy and I.

Wendy followed my gaze and saw them too.

“Guess what?”, she started, “My perverted brother here kartal escort just shot his entire load into my pussy,” she finished.

“Appalling,” Audrey responded shaking her head in mock disbelief.

“Wanna see?” Wendy asked.

“Oh, yes please!” said Audrey as she sprang to her feet and bound over towards us.

“Don’t pull out yet, don’t pull out!” she yelled at me as she ran closer.

Audrey reached my side and said, “OK, now.”

As I was softening already, my penis just sort of slipped out of my sister’s vagina without any effort.

“Let me see,” Audrey commanded, pushing me out of the way.

Audrey knelt in front of Wendy looking keenly, “Good job honey!” she said to me admiring my handiwork.

Wendy started to squeeze her internal muscles and my seminal fluid began to leak from her pussy.

“Let me taste!” Audrey said, “I like the taste of his come.” she continued as she got closer.

Audrey got herself face-to-face with my sister’s genitalia and rubbed her hands together with glee. With her tongue extended to its furthest reach, she started to lap up the semen that was in the opening of Wendy’s vagina and also had oozed down over her perineum.

“Mmmm, sweet,” commended Audrey.

“OK, get ready,” Wendy said, “I’m going to try pushing it out”.

Audrey placed her tongue just below Wendy’s still gaping vaginal opening and said “Ready.”

Wendy took in a breath and I could see her abdominal muscles flex and then suddenly it was like a male cum shot, but from a pussy. Wendy squirted my cum from her vagina directly into my wife’s mouth.

“Well done,” said Richard who had ambled over to watch the frivolity.

He put one hand on my shoulder and asked, “Did my wife do that kegel thing when you were inside her?”

“The what what?” I asked.

“Kegel,” Richard said, “that thing she does with her pussy muscles. She learned those exercises after our eldest popped out of her love tunnel down there. Drives me crazy every time she does it. Wait until you try spooning her.” he finished.

I looked back down at our wives and I saw Audrey cleaning up the last of the mess that I, in no small part, had helped create. She looked up at me with a beaming smile before planting a big wet sloppy kiss on Wendy’s lips before standing up again.

“Help me up,” said Wendy extending her arms.

Audrey grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other and soon Wendy was back on her feet.

“You out did yourself brother,” said Wendy giving me a quick hug and a kiss.

Turning to Richard she said, “If I had know sex with my brother would have been that hot, I would have suggested that we got into this incest thing years ago.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” I said with a smirk on my face.

“OK, what next?” Richard asked.

“Well, I’ve got to have a shower and get into town to pick up the kids. You guys can do as you please, just make sure that you’re descent by the time I get back with the rest of the tribe in tow.”

As I started walking back to the house, I heard the patter of feet following behind me. “Mind if I join you?” asked Wendy.

“Sure,” I responded.

Wendy and I had what I would describe as a sensuous shower. Nothing sexual, we just soaped each other up and rubbed our bodies together a bit, it was nice and relaxing with the warm water streaming down on us. After we had rinsed off all of the soap, we exited the shower together and started to dry off. She dried off my manhood and associated areas with vigour and I returned the favour by ensuring that her breasts had every last droplet of water removed.

She followed me into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and handed me my clothing piece by piece.

“Thanks for fucking me, I had a great time. I think that Audrey enjoyed herself with Richard too,” she said.

“Yes”, I agreed,”a good time was certainly had by all.”

“It wasn’t too weird for you was it?” Wendy inquired sincerely.

“What, fucking my sister?” I responded.

“Yes, fucking your sister. Was it weird?” she asked again.

“A little at first, certainly.” I responded pausing to gather more thoughts.

“But I realised that we are consenting adults and decided to embrace the experience.” I concluded.

“I don’t want to sound like a nympho or anything, but do you think that you and Audrey would like to try for round two before we leave?” Wendy asked.

“I won’t presume to speak for my wife, but if she’s up for another pounding at the mercy of your husband’s monster cock, then I’m sure that you and I could come to some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement.” I responded.

I left the room with Wendy sitting on the edge of the bed no doubt hatching a devious plan. I picked up my car keys from the kitchen and then headed out the front door and turned in the direction of the car.


All of these accounts happened many years ago. We hope that you enjoyed reading about them.

Hannah graduated from university with honours and worked in a private practice with a great mentor until she felt ready to start her own practice. She is currently nine months pregnant and is actually 3 days overdue as I type this. Damien is a nervous and excited first time father, but we are sure that he will do well.

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