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I had always been curious about fake breasts ever since I’d heard of the existence of them from my cousin. Looking back now, its ridiculous that I had assumed they were cold, just because they were a foreign body implanted into a womans breast cavity, but that was what I had thought and what prompted my curiosity in the first place.

I cannot for the life of me remember how the conversation came up, but I remember being in my Mum’s cottage lounge, discussing the implant that she had received a number of months before. She had opted for in implant after a single mastectomy, effected as a precautionary measure due to having discovered a potentially cancerous lump during a mamogram.

I had asked her if it was uncomfortable having a cold lump of silicon in there. To my surprise, she not only told me that it wasn’t cold, as it got warmed to body temperature by being in there, but offered to let me feel it to demonstrate. Shocked at the offer, I immediately responded “No way, ugh, you’re my mum”, with a slightly repulsed expression, but internally, my cock tingled at the thought, and my curiosity desperately wanted to know what a fake boob felt like.

Mum simply laughed and emphasised that we were having a serious anatomical discussion, nothing sexual, and there was nothing to be ashamed of about feeling her breast to satisfy genuine curiosity. Half reluctantly, half excited but hiding it, I moved over to her and let her lead my hand to cup her left breast. It was more sexually exciting than I’d expected it would be, and not a thought about satisfying curiosity entered my head, it had become instantly sexual for me, but I had to hide it so I quickly redirected the conversation and said I couldnt tell through her bra, totally missing the hint I’d given if reading between the lines.

Again she surprised me by exclaiming that she should’ve realised that and, without letting go of my hand, pulled her blouse to the side, slipped her bra cup down, and put my hand back onto her breast. Her nipple immediately hardened, and so did my cock. I didn’t know where bodrum escort to look, I’d seen a quick glimpse of her tit as she pulled down her cup and placed my hand on it, and it looked gorgeous despite her age. More importantly, I was holding my mothers tit, with her permission, and standing to her side with an erection at her head height, fuck!

How did i get into this situation? I must have held her tit for a minute or so, just enjoying the sensation, so when she broke the silence with “Well?”, shit, i’d totally zoned out just enjoying the feel of her tit! I just blurted out in panic, “Feels good!”.

Suddenly realising what I’d just said, i stumbled over my words, trying to correct the meaning and failing miserably. She giggled slightly and then exclaimed, “Oh, sorry, silly me, you need a comparison”. Slipping the other side of her blouse off her shoulder and lowering her right cup, she reached to my left hand and pulled it to her right tit, fuck me, I was in heaven.

I don’t know whether because I was holding a real womans tits, or because of the taboo that it was my Mum’s, but i was more aroused than I ever had been. More than the first time with a girlfriend, more than when fucking my Sister, even more than on my one time being jerked off in my half sleep by Martin (another story). But what to do. I had a real womans tits in my hands and it felt great, but it was my Mum.

I snapped back into reality and remembered what I was supposed to be doing. I looked at my Mum and she had a slight knowing smile on her face. “Do they feel different?”, they did, not a lot, but yes. They were both hot, in more ways than one, but her fake was not cold like I had imagined. And her nipples were both now hard but I couldn’t tell if that was from nakedness or horniness, I presumed the former, cos, why would my Mum be turned on by my touch?

God my cock ached. I was trying to stand in a way that it wasnt tenting my jeans, but it ached so much. I wanted to go release him and relieve him immediately, but I also didn’t bodrum escort bayan want to let go of my Mum’s tits, they were gorgeous and felt fantastic. At last I said so, I told my Mum that her tits both felt fantastic and, although different in one way, in another way the same too. She simply nodded at my cock tent and said “I can tell!”.

She then surprised me again by slowly reaching out to my cock and gently, oh so gently, teasing the top few inches of my cock and tip with her finger nails through the material, it was electric. I stood there dumbstruck, my hands still cupping her tits, her nipples hard in my palms, whilst she stroked my cock through my jeans with her nails of one hand, and reached for my zip with her other.

I was frozen, she pulled at my zip and reached in, freeing my cock, which stood to attention and immediately released some pre-cum. I was that horny I was amazed that I didn’t cum on the spot. I ached with desire but was also filled with massively mixed emotions, this was my Mum, and this was happenening much different than with my sister. I wasn’t in control then, but here, I had the option to break off and run, apologise, or simply bring us back to reality, but I didnt want to. Or should I say, my cock didn’t want to, definitely my cock didn’t want to.

To make things worse, she leaned forward, clearly about to take my cock in her mouth, looked me in the eyes, paused, and said “You ok with this?”. Fuck, I nearly came right there. I couldn’t speak, I simply nodded. She closed the remaining gap between her lips and my cock and licked the drop of cum off my tip. My cock jerked and my balls tightened.

She then grabbed the length of my cock with her thumb at my balls and lifted to give her tongue access to my sac. No girl had ever paid attention to my balls the way my Mum did. She built up some spit on her tongue and reached as far under my balls as she could with it, then slowly, very slowly, licked every crease of my balls and then up the length of my shaft, as she gently escort bodrum rubbed my glans with the tips of her fingers. She then wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and bobbed forward, still licking my cock as she motioned back and forwards.

I was getting close to cumming very soon. The taboo, the full busom, the unexpected sex, had all aroused me too much. Her tits felt great but I was losing control, I let go of them and placed my hands behind her head, drawing her harder onto my cock. She recognised the imminence of orgasm and reached up and unbuckled my jeans, allowing them to fall to the floor. I could now feel her tits, and hard nipples, against the front of my legs, pressing her nipples into my thighs on the forward thrust, and swinging against them at the back of her stroke. God I love tits!

She reached around and put her hands inside my briefs, grabbing my cheeks and pulling my cock deep into her mouth. She had one final surprise for me, on the next thrust, as she widened her jaws to take me deeper, she pushed her middle finger into my ass and pressed it against my prostate. I exploded in her mouth, the intense pleasure of her finger at my asshole would have been more than enough, that she continued through to my prostate was too much.

I pulled on her head as hard as I could, I needed my cock deep in her throat. I held her there whilst my cock pulsated, unloading rope after rope of cum into her throat. God it felt incredible, I wasn’t a stranger to blow jobs, from girlfriends, and even from my sister, but this was on another level. I thought I’d never stop cumming, and she continued to lick the base of my shaft and suck the length whilst I did. Fuck she knew what she was doing and God was I envious of my step-dad.

Eventually, I stopped pulsing and reality started to return. My mother had just given me the best blow job of my life. She looked so hot, looking up at me, with those gorgeous eyes and those glorious orbs still on display. I reached down and took them in my hands again, she smiled at me and after a few seconds gently pulled my hands away and covered them with her bra.

As she pulled her top back into place, I put my cock away, pulled up my jeans, and fastened them. Once we were dressed she stood up, and face to face she cupped my cheeks in her hands, leaned forward and gently kissed me on the lips. “Our secret”, she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32