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It’s been a month since I’ve seen you and I have to stop myself from sprinting up the stairs to get to you.

The room’s on the third floor and I take the stairs not wanting to spend time waiting for the lift.

I turn right and within a few steps the door is front of me. I pause and then knock. There’s a short delay and then there you are, standing in front of me.

We smile at each other and then I take your face in my hands and kiss you.

Firstly slowly and then more passionately as we move further into the room kicking the door closed behind us.

I kiss your neck and run my hands from your waist up to our breasts taking your dress with you. Now you are in front of me wearing your favourite pink french knickers and a pair of heels.

I stop and smile, taking in the sight of your beautiful tanned body and then as I catch that look in your eye I push you to bed blinded by lust.

I want to touch and taste you all at once. I just need to make the most of all the things that i have been missing since you have been gone.

My heart pounding I move next to you on the bed and again our lips meet while my left hand moves down to your bursa escort waist.

I begin to stroke the inside of your thigh and you moan in anticipation. My fingers feel the heat from your pussy and when my hand eases into your knickers they are wet to the touch.

My fingers move downwards pausing to gently rub and squeeze your clit as I do.

Your moans get louder and when my fingers finally enter you, you sigh with relief.

After so long I am again back inside you and you move your body to respond.

My fingers begin to move and dance inside you while the palm of my hand rubs firmly against your clit. You’re so wet its amazing and when I look at your face your eyes are closed and your mouth slightly open in ecstasy.

I move my lips down from your neck to your breasts while my fingers still move inside you. I lick and bite your nipples and then begin to trail my tongue down to your pussy.

Your breath is heavy as you anticipate where my tongue will go next.

I lower your knickers and slide them down your legs before licking my way back up your inner thigh.

My tongue darts back and forth across your pussy causing bursa merkez escort your whole body to flinch.

I want to tease you more and more but I am just too intoxicated by the sight and smell of you.

I exhale heavily, my warm breath preparing you for my mouth and then begin to lick you just like I know you like it.

I keep two fingers inside you as i my tongue dances over your pussy.

Your legs are now wrapped around my neck and your hands move through my long hair as your breathing and moans continue, your getting louder and louder as my tongue works faster and faster and I can feel your orgasm approaching.

I wait and then as I sense that you are on the verge I slip a finger in your other other and move it towards the fingers deep inside you.

The surprises causes you to scream out as you suddenly cum coating my tongue.

Your body tenses, your legs tightening around me and your toes point to the ceiling as the pleasure exploded through you.

Your body collapses back onto the bed your breasts heaving as you try to control your breath.

But I carry on, knowing how sensitive you after bursa sınırsız escort you have cum, wanting to give you more.

But soon you stop me. You have other ideas.

You bring me towards you and kiss me, tasting yourself on my tongue and then whisper that its my turn.

We stand up and you push my t-shirt over my head and then begin to kiss your way down my tanned torso.

Now you are kneeling naked in front of me and you begin to slowly undo, first my belt and then my jeans. My cock is straining to get out and as you lower my clothes it springs out.

Your eyes have not left mine and you kiss down to my balls before licking up to my head.

You kiss it again and then without warning you engulf me. Your mouth slides back and forth over my cock, your eyes still remaining firmly on mine.

I grab hold of your hair and slowly fuck your mouth. Your left hand begins to play with my balls while your right pumps my cock deep into your mouth.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels. My whole body is tense with the pleasure.

Weeks of pent up sexual frustrations boils over and I can hold it no longer and cum deep into your mouth.

Now it is my turn to moan as my orgasm explodes through my body.

I move back to the bed momentarily exhausted by my release. You come and cuddle up next to me wrapping your legs over mine.

We kiss gently and I whisper, “I’ve missed you baby.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32