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Disclaimer: This story is totally fictional and is for entertainment purposes only. All characters in this story are consenting adults over the age of 18.

After Mom, Dad, Britt, and I got a bit of strength back, we decided to take a group shower. Another perk of the big house we lived in was the massive shower in my parents’ bathroom. It could probably handle 8 people pretty easily, and it had two shower heads.

Anyway, we all made our way up the stairs quietly, so as not to wake Brad, Brynn, and Bree.

I couldn’t help drooling over Mom’s and Britt’s butts as we climbed the stairs.

Mom kept her ass in good shape by engaging wall-sits, where she gets into a sitting position, her back up against a wall, and nothing underneath her. Not only does this keep her glutes nicely toned, it also keeps her legs strong, which comes in really handy during when experimenting with various sex positions.

Britt had a smaller ass, but it was a super cute bubble-butt that she kept in shape by frequenting the gym and performing squats. In fact, she was a walking miracle, in that sakarya escort she kept up at the gym to maintain her athletic body-type, but her boobs didn’t suffer any as a result.

As I stared at their wonderful asses while climbing the stairs, I was able to catch brief glances of their amazing pussies. Britt’s pussy didn’t show any of her labia, while Mom’s pussy had just enough labia showing to make her a sexy milf. I wanted to jack off right there, but I forced myself to hold off.

Once we got to my parents’ room, Dad turned the shower on so the water could get warm. Mom and Britt were hugging their boobs, trying to stay warm. I jokingly said, “Why don’t you two just hug each other. Maybe that would keep you warm.”

To my surprise, they quickly decided to do just that. I watched their hard tits touch and their boobs smush together as they wrapped each other in a bear hug. Before I could blink, I saw their lips touch in a shy kiss. Then I saw Mom’s tongue enter Britt’s mouth. The next thing I knew, they were passionately making out, escort sakarya and my cock was suddenly standing at attention. Mom was groping Britt’s ass while Britt groped Mom’s ass. They pulled each other’s pussies to their own and ground them together.

I peeled my eyes off the erotic scene and glanced over at Dad. Not only was his dick hard as a rock, he was masturbating to the arousing sight. I started stroking my cock, and we both moved closer to Mom and Britt. Dad stood on one side of them, and I stood on the other side. We jacked off, pointing our dicks at their sides as we did so. Neither of us could hold back for long, and we simultaneously shot our loads of cum all over their sides.

Mom and Britt finished their passionate kiss, and Britt ran her fingers along Mom’s side, scooping up my cum. Then she provocatively pushed her fingers into her mouth and wiggled them around as she sucked off my cum. She performed the same act for Dad, swallowing his cum the same way.

By now, the water was steamy, so we all jumped in the shower. Dad sakarya escort bayan and Britt took one shower head, and Mom and I took the other.

I held Mom in an embrace, pulling her tightly to me as the warm water ran over us both. Her nips poked into me, and I could feel my dick begin to harden again as it squished against her pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be in this taboo but sexy position. We kissed deeply, tonguing each other for all it was worth.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dad and Britt watching us. Britt had her back to Dad. He had his left arm around her boobs, massaging her right boob with his left hand. His right hand was rubbing her cunt while she ground his cock between her ass cheeks.

Mom and I released our embrace, and I began working her clit and pussy with my fingers. Before long, Mom and Britt had simultaneous orgasms, shuddering as they climaxed.

Mom and I proceeded to wash each other’s bodies, while Dad and Britt did the same. And, although both Dad’s cock and my member stuck straight out with excitement, we forced ourselves to keep from cumming again. We needed to save something to squirt later on in the day. Although we felt sexually insatiable, we are still human, and we can’t cum continuously all day long.

That shower was a wonderfully glorious experience, and, I hoped, only the first of many!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32