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It was a crazy kind of situation. Larry Abell was sent by his company for training to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is sort of crazy just to start. Major computer center and all. But there was some sort of convention in town that January, and the hotel he was taking the training at had overbooked, and when he got there his room was gone. So that hotel gave him a free room at another hotel… many miles away.

The second hotel was glad to see them. (The them being Larry and a woman who also got bumped out.) They served a ski-resort, and expected a big crowd in less than a week. This week, though, they were hurting for business, with a third of the rooms in their main building taken.

But the main building is not where they put the pair. The manager talked to them and said that if they would stay in the outlying building, they could get rooms with built-in jacuzzis and meals on the house. He said that the corridors around the swimming pool might be chilly the first night, but unless someone stayed in the building they would have to shut it down, and the meals came up to less than the cost of sealing the building and restarting the heat later.

Larry and the woman felt that this deal would be hard to beat. They introduced themselves, since they were going to be sharing a 50-room building. She was Janet Sharps, working for RK Electronics in Harrisburg, a kind of bony but interesting-looking woman standing about five foot eight and weighing maybe 140 pounds. They decided to share rides to the training, first in his car and then in hers. And to simplify things for the hotel, they would take their meals together. This was only logical anyway, since they were leaving and returning to the hotel together.

Their cars were parked close together, and Larry helped Janet with her luggage. It was kind of spooky walking into that two-story thing, built like a barn, and think that they might be the only ones in it until almost the time they left. (The crowd was expected on Friday, noon or later, and they were checking out Friday morning.)

The hotel said that they put two other people in rooms there later, but the two of them never saw anything of those people but a closing door.

The places right outside the rooms were carpeted, but the staircases and the tennis court and swimming pool, built in the center of the building, kadıköy escort gave off echoes when they stepped there that went through the whole building.

Once they had moved in, they walked back to the main building for a late dinner, then back to their rooms. Larry had just decided there was nothing on television he wanted to see and got out a book when a knock came on his door.

Janet had gotten a bit, well, lonely or something, sitting in her room and she didn’t want to bother the lobby clerks or drive somewhere, and was he still up?

So they sat and talked, shop-talk partly but also about themselves. Janet was about 22, like him, and she was unmarried. She said, though, that she once came very close. After a while she went back to her room for some wine, which they sipped.

Eventually she began dozing sitting up, and Larry decided they should call it a night. Janet smiled at him, agreed, and walked back down the hall. Her steps seemed a little unsteady, but whether from wine or sleepiness was a moot point. It was still chilly in the corridor.

He called Janet for breakfast Wednesday morning and she showed no signs of hangover, so maybe it wasn’t the wine. They went through the morning training session, ate lunch together at a diner near the hotel, then went back to their hotel after the afternoon session.

Janet and Larry ate dinner together and walked to their rooms. By now the building was nicely warm and they changed and dived into the swimming pool. They fell into a game of tag of sorts that got a little affectionate, and he could see that Janet was thinking about that, just as he was.

Wednesday night they sat and talked again, but this time in bathing suits and in the jacuzzi in her room. The warm jets of water put them both into a sensual mood, and Larry had to make an effort to look away from Janet’s body, especially her breasts and her bare midriff, as they sat there. He got an erection anyway, but he hoped that the water disguised it. Janet dozed off again, this time without any wine, or only the one glass at dinner.

Thursday morning they ate breakfast together again, then went to downtown Lancaster. Then they ate lunch together again. Perhaps because they were now in the home stretch for the training, üsküdar escort people who knew one or the other of them commented on their eating together. They mentioned that Janet and Larry had spent two nights in a hotel together, which is almost true, but not the way they meant it.

If there hadn’t been some psychological truth to the charge, the two would have found it easier to ignore.

That night, mentally tired, they ate dinner in their hotel for the last time. They discussed another jacuzzi session, this time in his room.

Larry left the door to his room slightly ajar for her. Either he was too slow changing or Janet was too fast, because she walked in while he was naked. He hurried to put his trunks on, but she was slow turning away.

They sat in the whirlpool, and after a while Janet asked if he would mind if she loosened her top to let the water flow under it. Larry replied that he did not mind if she felt she could trust him. Janet smiled and said that spending this much time half-dressed and alone with a man gave her a pretty good idea of what he was like.

She untied the string in back and the top sagged, but really did not reveal much more — much less than Janet had seen of him. They touched much more than in the jacuzzi last night, and soon… While the sensation of the hot water was exquisite, that of their hands on each other became better. They found themselves kissing and caressing, and then opening their mouths for more kissing.

His arm went around her back, then to her front. Janet’s nipples felt like little rocks through the cloth. Larry squeezed them with his fingertips, then with his lips after he took the top off and bent down over her breasts.

Soon he removed the bottom of her bathing suit and Janet knelt before him to remove his trunks while he stood. She knelt over a jet of water, which bubbled up inside of her, and she almost toppled from the sensation. She moved aside to avoid the distraction and when she had his shorts down and off Janet used her hands and her mouth on what was at the level of her mouth. Janet was very good at that.

Larry sat back down and carefully positioned himself so that a warm jet of water came up between his legs and warmed his testicles and the lower part of his shaft. He leaned back so that the head tuzla escort of his penis was barely sticking above the waves. She bent to kiss it again, and she laughed when the swirling water splashed her.

Larry pulled her onto his lap and she straddled him. He caressed her body again, making her tingle, holding her slightly above him as he did. The longer he did it, the farther the charge spread through her body until even her toes were alive with sensation. Janet reached down and found his penis, taking it in both her hands.

Larry lay back against the edge of the whirlpool, closing his eyes as she stroked him. He was long and hard and she wanted to put him inside her so they could float weightlessly, their bodies coupled.

“I thought you were shy,” he whispered.

Her reply was with her hands, not her voice. Slowly she floated over him now, parting her legs when she descended, and wrapping them around his waist.

When Janet lowered her body and sat on his erection, the water crept in behind the upper part of her body to shoot up inside her. He was still hard as steel but he slipped right into her. The sensation was unique. There was no weight, no pressure, only Larry’s considerable manhood filling her and slowly sliding far in.

She had hold of his shoulders and he had her hips, gyrating her against him. She could feel him in her, but all other contact was feathery light. Every nerve in their bodies was focused on the point of penetration. She purred and moaned and writhed, unable to get enough of him.

Janet got a continuous douche during sex, he was massaged by the warm flowing water while he moved inside her, and they both had a fast and intense climax. When Larry took a firm hold of her hips and arched, his final thrust nearly lifted her from the water. She felt the extra gush that was him and wave after wave rippled through her until she collapsed on him exhausted. The semen drifted out of them and settled on top of the water.

They kissed languorously.

Janet did not go back to her own room that night. The raisins they had for bodies tumbled into the same bed, and they woke together before dawn and found each other horny. Their bodies had more room to be flexible on soft sheets than in the water, and Larry found he liked it better the second time, behind her on his knees, lifting her buttocks while he drove himself into her body. The sensations were more ordinary, but they lasted longer. To him, there was nothing like taking a long slow stroke deep into a woman and hearing the gasp when you hit bottom.

They might have gotten together again after that trip, but they both found people closer to home to be with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32