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All characters are over the age of 18 and have fictional names. Any resemblance to a person, place, incident, planet, galaxy, or universe is entirely coincidental.


For a few months some years back I had encounters with two women while I was married. The marriage was on the rocks at the time and I craved some attention. Their names (changed) were Tamara and Cheryl and I met them on AOL back when it was popular. We talked in a room and “lofted” a lot, exchanging pictures and privately yacking for hours on end. I was pretty naive and sexually inexperienced (my wife was a no foreplay and missionary only type because that was her duty as a wife) and topics wandered but was usually focused on sex most of the time. They learned how inexperienced I was wanted because of that. At the time I didn’t realize it.

The first woman’s name was Tamara and it was an odd encounter. Tamara was about 5 ft 5 in, shoulder length curly brunette hair, mother of a little girl, nice trim figure, a pretty eyes, floppy breasts for her age but a firm ass.

I had to travel back east and we agreed to meet. We were both married, uncertain of our future with spouses, but agreed no intercourse when we met. I called the hotel and told them that a woman would arrive before me.

Sure enough she was already there when I arrived. We made our introductions and I started to change clothes after my trip. After changing into a pair of lounge pants we were making out on one of the two queen sized beds. Eventually she lost her top, she took my clothes off and I after admiring my “treasure trail” as she called it, received a nice blow job as she leaned over me at the edge of the bed, much to my delight, she swallowed.

The closest I got to her pussy was when we were making out and she was laying, topless, on me. I love to eat pussy and wanted to get to hers. I managed to get her pants unbuckled, unzipped, and down to her hips… got my hands over her ass and between her legs, one finger found hair and slid between her pussy lips. She was adamant her pants weren’t coming off. They never did even with us staying in the room together over night. In retrospect I should have asked her to masterbate for me. Should have thought of that…

A few months later I found myself having a full blown affair with a very nice woman who lived in Corpus Cristi, TX. Since she was and I assume still is a professional woman, I’ll call her “Cheryl”.

Cheryl and I had met back when AOL was so popular. We talked in a room and “lofted” a lot, exchanging pictures and privately yacking for hours. We rarely discussed anything sexual between us, just two people talking. After this trip I looked back on those conversations for clues to what was to happen. The only thing I could put görükle escort my finger on was when she sent her picture and commented that she wanted me to know “what she looked like before we met”. Loose as that is, it should have told me more.

Cheryl was recently divorced, had 2 teenaged boys, 34 years old, short at 5 ft 1 in, petite but with wide hips, a figure of around 32-28-36, and 115 lbs. She was one of those women with a fantastic little petite body but wide hips. Never could figure that out. Genetics, go figure…

Our first meeting wasn’t a planned sexual encounter but rather intended as two people who talk a lot to meet for supper. Work brought me to Austin for a couple weeks and she said she’d drive up from Corpus to meet me.

It was around 4 pm and I was in the hotel room when there was a knock on the door, I opened it and there was Cheryl. She was a little short thing (I’m 5 ft 11 in) with shoulder length curled blonde hair and was really cute dressed in a pair of stylish blue jeans, a white cotton blouse, a soft leather jacket, and open toed heels. Her personality was quite bubbly with a really sharp sense of humor. We sat in the room for a while talking to decide what to do. She decided I had to go see a couple sites in Austin.

I drove us to the places and they really were interesting, we spent several hours walking. Eventually it felt natural to hold her hand as we walked around and one thing led to another and I kissed her. She kissed me back. Not long after that she asked if I really wanted to keep site seeing or did I want to go back to the hotel room.

I smiled and said, “The room sounds nice”. It was odd how quiet we were driving back to the hotel but once the door closed behind me we were at each other.

As we kissed I walked her to the bed and we fell onto it. I took her blouse and bra off to reveal nice small Mom breasts. I kissed her nipples and they tasted wonderful, almost like there was a flavor on them of apricot. I asked and she said she didn’t put anything on them. As she lay back I sat up and removed her heels and kissed her toes, she had petite slender feet. I’m not a foot guy but they were nice.

Unbuckling her pants I slid them and her panties off in one motion. Cheryl was now naked on the bed while I was still fully clothed. She didn’t shave and had a full blonde bush. I prefer women with some hair so was pleased to see that.

Cheryl slid over and while sitting on the edge of the bed, and between kisses, she took off my clothes. When my pants came off she fondled my cock for a moment but I pushed her back onto the bed and stood up holding her ankles together. I kissed the inside of each ankle and started kissing my way down her legs, spreading them as I went.

On my knees and with bursa görükle escort a leg over each shoulder I looked at her beautiful pussy. She was completely unshaved but her bush wasn’t really thick. Teasing her I kissed each thigh and then over and under her pussy, never touching her clit or lips for awhile. She reached down and put her hands on the insides of her thighs to spread her lips to me.

I started below her pussy and traced my tongue up her over her lips but ignored her clit for the time being. I paused to look at her pussy and saw a drop of fluid coming out. Licking that up I thrust my tongue into her and licked around. Her hands went to the back of my head and I moved onto her clit. Holding it between my teeth I began to lash it with my tongue. Cheryl gasped and pulled my head to her as she lifted her hips. My hands were on her ass cheeks.

When she came she was quiet and other than her pussy and thighs twitching there was no sign or noise. She tried to move away from me but I kept my mouth clamped to her pussy and kept at her clit. She tried to keep moving away from me using her hands and feet but I followed her, never breaking contact with her clit. She was finally sitting up against the head board with me between her legs and could go no further.

I looked up at her here as I slipped my right index finger into her pussy , my left hand under her ass, and thrashed her clit with my tongue. Her chin was bent down to her chest, eyes tightly shut, nipples were full and erect, breathing in jerky breaths. I began to wiggle my finger around her G-spot and her hands went quickly to my shoulders and she pushed to get me off her clit. I ignored this and she began to quiver, her hands started moving about like they were frantically feeling for something to grasp onto. Cheryl put her hands onto the back of my head and bent further over me, hunched over me for a few moments and then let out a, “gah, OMG OMG OMG”, slammed her back against the head board and pumped her pussy against my face.

My tongue moved to her vagina and I pushed it as far in as it would go. My face was slick with her juices. I felt her hands on my shoulders again as she gasped out, “stop! stop! stop! stop! I’m too sensitive right now”.

I took my finger out of her and released her clit. She was panting as she stroked my head, “my God, you chased me across the bed!”

“Well I was enjoying myself, weren’t you?” I replied.

Cheryl smiled as she panted, “God yes, but I get so sensitive it’s almost painful. What ever you did there at the end… I’ve never cum so hard before”.

It took a few minutes for her to recover but when she did she stood and leaned over me from the side of the bed and started the second blow job of my life. We had chatted and she knew bursa eskort I hadn’t had a blow job before, I didn’t tell her about Tamara.

She licked and sucked my shaft and balls and pretty soon I was getting ready to cum. She swallowed most of it but then crawled on top of me and kissed me long and passionately. After words she asked if I liked the taste of my own cum and I said I really hadn’t noticed, which I didn’t.

Cheryl tried her best to get me to fuck her that weekend, I didn’t want to because, again… I was uncertain where my marriage was going. She sat on my cock and tried to get it inside. She was too small my cock wouldn’t fit unless I actively helped her, which I didn’t. We spent two weekends together engaging in hours of oral sex.

She especially liked to lay back to me, spread her legs with her left leg over my right leg, and I’d put my right hand between her legs, insert my index finger, and wiggle my finger up and down. She loved it and would cum pretty fast and really hard.

Several weeks later she traveled to where I worked away from home and we finally fucked. After eating her out for a while we decided to fuck. She was on her hands and elbows next to the bed, her pussy splayed wide open. Her lips were so swollen that it took quite awhile to get inside her and oh fuck was she tight. I finally slipped inside and on my first deep thrust she orgasmed hard. Cheryl was a most sexual arousing woman and almost insatiable. One long evening we were going at it for 9 hours. Either licking, sucking, stroking, playing or fucking… the entire time. It was broken up by a brief shower where she sucked me off and showered her face and tits with my cum. She loved giving me blow jobs in the car while driving along the freeway, then she’d remove her shorts and panties as I fingered to orgasm as we drove. She liked to wear day dresses with no panties and flash me or allow me to finger her as we sat in public.

She had the tightest pussy I’ve ever had. It was a job getting my cock into her even using Astroglide and I wound up cuming pretty quickly just from all the friction of entry.

This lasted for about 2 months before my wife discovered it due to my own stupidity. Surprisingly, this didn’t end our marriage but reinvigorated it. My wife expanded our sex life to include other sexual positions and included oral sex for a while. This amounted to no blow jobs to orgasm and, only when I insisted, oral sex on her. But it’s now back to no oral but at least we have sex pretty often for people of our ages (late 50’s). We’re still married after all these years trials and tribulations.

I never saw Tamara or Cheryl in real life again. Much to my surprise a few months ago I found Cheryl on Facebook. She remains just as pretty and has aged very well. Looking at that pretty face brought back a vivid memory of her on her knees in the shower and sucking me until finally having me come on her face and tits. She was a damned hot little thing and I miss her.

If things had been even a tiny bit different, I would have married her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32