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The rumor had gotten around that I was about to select people for a plush assignment at work.

Being Assistant Manager in charge of the project, which meant unlimited overtime, I was getting smiles and hellos from staff who normally wouldn’t give me the time of day.

The staff was predominantly female, about 75%, and I had often fantasized that women would make advances toward me for favors, but it never happened.

Married, 48 years old, and average good-looks, occasionally a few women would idly flirt with me, but nothing overt.

On this day, I sat at my desk, 6 foot, 180 lb, white guy, vested suit, enjoying my sudden popularity. Women stopped by my office to say hi, and wish me a nice day, smiling sweetly.

At break time, Brenda showed up at my door. “Hi, busy?”

Brenda is black. Dark, rich, smooth, even black skin. Always dressed brightly, make-up just so. I knew her to be 42 from her records, but she told everyone she was 32 and everyone believed her because she looked so good. She’s a full-figured woman. That is to say, about 5’7, 175 lb, nice round tits and ass, and she has a sexy way about her.

“No, come on in,” I replied. Brenda liked to flirt with me, but I tried to not get involved only because I thought she may be serious. In front of others, she called me Mr. Orwell, but in private she called me Harry.

“I brought you a little something,” she said, smiling, her teeth so white against her dark skin and deep red lipgloss. From behind her back, she pulled a white bag and placed it on my desk.

I opened it and there was a glazed donut and cup of coffee. “Oh, Brenda, I can’t take that. Thanks, but I have to pay you for it.” I didn’t accept gifts. It could lead to accusations of favoritism.

“Oh, pleassssse! Harry, you never let me do anything for you!” She put on her little girl pout, which I found arousing, but I explained about my rule. “Well, I won’t tell anybody, that’s why I made sure no one saw me!”

I really wanted the coffee, and finally agreed, “…but just this once, okay?”

Brenda was all smiles again. “I hope you like black….the coffee, I mean! Giggle!” She covered her mouth in feigned embarassment, but her eye winked at me.

I shouldn’t have, but for some reason, I said, “I happen to be in the mood for black today!”

“Oh, Harry! You’re so bad! Heeheehee! I made it sweet, too, so you’ll think of me, get it? Black and sweet!”

“I’m sure it’ll taste just right, Brenda, thanks.”

She halkalı escort waved, and said, “See you later, Baby! Have a good day!” and she was gone, leaving me with half an erection and a cup that would send a diabetic into a coma.

At the end of the day, the parade stopped by on their way home, making sure to wish me a good night, except Brenda. I went to work now that it was quiet and I was alone. This was when I got things done.

The janitors emptied the waste, and moved on. It was 2 hours after work when I heard the elevator bong and the clop of heels down the hall. “Oh! Harry! You’re still here!”

I looked up to see Brenda’s smiling face. Her speech was slurred slightly and her eyes were glazed. “Yes, trying to catch up on work. What brings you back at this hour?”

She stepped into my office, a little wobbly. “I was down the street at Happy Hour when I remembered I left something in my desk. I hope you don’t mind…”

“No, not at all. By the way, that coffee really hit the spot, thanks.” I had my jacket off and tie undone, making myself comfy.

“Oh, sure, Baby! I’m glad you liked it. I like doing things for you, Harry! Shhhh! Don’t tell anybody!” She winked again. “I can’t say that with people around, big ears and nosey bodies!”

I nodded in agreement, again looking her over, wondering what she’d be like in the sack.

“Do you like me, too?” she said, giving me that little girl look again.

“Of course I do, Brenda, but like you said, I have to be careful around here. We don’t want any wagging tongues.”

“You mean like this?” She slowly stuck out her long pink tongue and wagged it back and forth through those pure white teeth, giggling.

“Yeah, I smiled. “Like that.”

She turned, looked outside my office. No one was around. She slowly closed my door, putting one finger over her lips. “Shhhhh!”

“Brenda, people might think…”

“Nobody’s here, Baby! It’s just us, two people talking, right?” She moved slowly to the side of my desk. “Don’t you think I’m pretty, Harry? I seen you lookin’ at me. I know you like when I say hi. I seen you, Baby, when I show some boobies, you make sure to pass my desk a couple times, don’t you?”

“Brenda, listen…”

She pushed my chair away from the desk. “You wanna see me, Baby? You can see anythin’ you want!” With that she began unbuttoning her red satin blouse, and I was mesmerized. She nişantaşı escort smiled and cooed, saying everything and nothing. The blouse was open and the red half-bra barely contained her creamy brown tits. She bent at the waist and began unbuttoning my shirt. “You like what you see, Baby? Go ahead, touch, I won’t bite.”

I stood, trying to regain control. But she came closer, smiling, still undoing my shirt, peeling it open. “Hmmmm, I knew you had a hairy chest, Baby. You like my brown sugar?”

I stammered, feeling my little brain awaken and start filling with blood, hardening. Brenda must have sensed my arousal because she seemed more aroused herself. “Hmmmm, yes Baby, c’mon, take a little taste, Baby.” Her left tit was out now, and her nipple was huge and protruding. My mind said stop but my hand went to it and felt her hardness as she moaned.

“Yes, Baby, right there, let me show you some real black magic!” Her hand had found my cock in my pants and she squeezed as it reached full size. “Yeah, baby, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Our lips met and her tongue invaded me with no resistance. We moaned together as my other hand took her right tit out and pinched it. “Ow!” she shrieked, playfully and bit at my tongue as her hands worked my belt.

I reached under her skirt. She only wore panties, no hose, and she was wet before I got there, but I slipped a finger in and she spread for me as she worked my pants down, grabbing my exposed six inches.

Brenda bent at the waist, taking my cock into that hot mouth, those thick, soft lips encircling my throbbing meat. As she sucked, she reached under and tugged down her panties, groaning as she worked herself into a frenzy.

Then she backed off, and without a word, sat on my desk and spread, pulling me to her. I slid easily into her well-lubed hole and we kissed, with her sitting, me standing.

“Work me, Baby, I been wantin’ this a long time!” She began pulling and pushing at my hips, and I glided in and out, looking down at my pink cock disappearing into that black bush, back and forth, back and forth.

Now, she leaned back, letting me do the work, smiling, moaning. “Yeah, Baby, fuck me, fuck me good! Your fat cock feels so good, Baby, FUCK ME!!!”

I lifted her legs as I slapped into her and she began teasing herself and my cock as I thrust, slipping an extra finger into her hole.

She finally grabbed around my neck şişli escort and tried to squelch her scream. “I’m coming!”

I pulled out just as I shot, my cream spraying her black patch, and her belly. “Oh!” she gasped, and slid around to milk me dry with her lips.

When she sat up, my cum dripped from her lip and I wiped it clean and tasted it. We kissed long and hard.

“I know you wanted that, right, Baby? I wanted it, too. You like when I suck your white cock, don’t you, Harry, I know you do! Hmmm, feels like you want some more, too! That’s cause I been a bad girl and you gots to punish me, right?” She was teasing my cock, and biting at my nipples as she talked, arousing me again. I played with her clit as I stood there, nodding as she went on.

“Mr. Orwell, I promise, I’ll be good! I’ll do whatever you want! You’re the big bossman and I gots to be good to you!” She was using that little girl voice, smiling as I got harder, taking her lubrication and working it onto my cock.

“Yes, Sir! You want that, you can go ahead. I deserve it! Don’t you worry about hurtin’ me.”

She turned, still holding my shaft, and bent over the desk, and slid my head up to her butt hole, sliding it up and down.

“Oooooh, so big and hard! You want that, don’t you? Well, you just take it, just take it!”

If that’s what she wanted, who was I to deny her? And she liked this little game? That’s fine, too.

I leaned over her, whispering in her ear. “It’s what you get for being a bad girl. It’s what you get!” I held my shaft and went low, slipping into her still-puckered pussy, and she gasped, not expecting that. Now totally greased, I withdrew and pressed against the bung hole, pushing forward, feeling her give way.

“Oooh! Oooh! Oh My God, yeah! Oh, Harry! Oh, Fuck! You’re gonna split me in half!”

She was on her feet with those fuck-me heels and I inched further, leaning over her, grabbing those pendulous tits as they swayed, and she pressed back into me as I thrust and withdrew, harder, faster.

I held her hips as she prattled on about nonsense, but coming from her, it seemed sexy. She was fingering herself as I slammed away, and this time, I announced, “Gonna come!”

“Yeah, baby, come for Mama, give me that cum!”

I grunted and felt myself release, this time, staying inside, spurting again and again.

We both stayed there, panting, and I started getting the regrets. What if she tells others?

As we dressed, Brenda said, “I hope this doesn’t influence your choice in any way, Harry.”

I looked at her sternly and said, “This was our secret, right?”

“Oh, sure, Baby….but I could use the overtime.”

I smiled. “Consider it done.” I didn’t bother to tell her I was gonna use her before our encounter. I may want some more Brown Sugar!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32