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It’s been well over a year since I first described Two Titless Fuckers in Chapter 8 of my story with Pamela. A lot has happened for everyone, of course, but as erotica is intended to offer a world of the imagination, enough about other things.

Here is Chapter 9 — I do hope those determined readers who like a ‘long read’ will find it of interest and arousal.

As ever, thank you in advance for your votes and comments. Enjoy, as I move on to Chapter 10 with a sense of trepidation as the darkness starts to gather …


One of the benefits of an early night, especially in the summer months, is being awakened by the sound of birds in full song. It was six o’clock on Friday morning. I lay on my back with my eyes closed and my arms crossed on top of the duvet and considered what the day had to offer. It was just a week since Pamela had revealed her hidden passion for the pleasures of other women, a revelation that had changed our relationship forever, and for the better. Reflecting back, it had been quite a week.

On the Saturday we had shared Gemma Woodbourne and two days later I had filmed Pamela acting the naughty schoolgirl while she was being disciplined by Jeanette Bell, her ‘headmistress’. Tuesday had ended with the drop-dead sexy auburn-haired, big-titted student Lilac Hunt being spanked and slapped to orgasm by Pamela in the Playroom while I watched, cock in hand, from our newly constructed voyeur’s lair.

Then, on the Wednesday evening, Yuma and Maya, the two identical Asian twin sisters who we had first met as serving staff at Gemma’s hotel over dinner and breakfast the following morning, came for interview and were engaged to be Pamela’s submissive playmaids before we used our tongues to good effect with the two girls lying side by side on their backs on the dining room table. That brought us to Thursday when I took the lovely slim blonde thirty-something Charlotte Ellis from behind as she licked Pamela to a crashing orgasm in her bedroom.

I smiled to myself as it wasn’t as if I was missing out on ‘getting my oats’ from Pamela either. We were as crazy for each other as we had been when we first met. But despite all this activity, I was feeling refreshed and ready for anything but whether or not my cock was as enthusiastic remained to be seen!

I could hear Pamela breathing quietly as she slept on so I considered the day ahead. Based at the grass tennis court we have at our home, Harlot Hall, it was to be ‘Tennis Day’, or more accurately ‘Tennis Evening’ as both of us had to work during the day. Just the word itself was enough to partially rouse my hard-worked cock from its slumbers. I slid a hand down to see how it was feeling. It was a simple equation: tennis plus Eugenie Bouchard equals hard-on. I thought about the fantasy of Eugenie, the devastatingly sexy tall blonde Canadian player, attending our event that evening. I shuddered. If only!

What I did know was that we had Gemma attending along with her new lover, Hayley Francis, which was something of a complication as she was also my new office recruit, due to start on the following Monday. In addition, Pamela’s Asian playmaids, Yuma and Maya would also be present doing whatever Pamela told them to do, including acting as ball-girls, preferably to my taste without panties.

To be honest, Pamela and I hadn’t really discussed the evening but I knew that we were to pick up Gemma from the Grand Hotel in town around four that afternoon whilst Yuma and Maya, who lived in our village, would make their own way to our place for five. I hadn’t thought about what Hayley would do but I assumed, as I always did, that Pamela would have it covered somehow.

My thoughts then returned to Charlotte Ellis from the previous evening. It had been surreal. I mean, how many guys get to fuck a girl without ever speaking to her? I shuddered again. But Charlotte had been something else. Resting a hand on my cock, I pictured the scene when I had been behind her, holding onto her slim hips as I thrust into her. I knew Pamela was slim but Charlotte was even slimmer. They were about the same age too, perhaps mid to late thirties, blonde, even if Pamela was naturally platinum, and both with tiny tits but large nipples. They could have been sisters, a thought that kept on recurring whenever I thought of Charlotte. Just then, Pamela moved, rolling over onto her back and opened her lovely eyes.

“Morning, baby,” I greeted, instantly releasing my cock. “Sleep well?”

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, rolling again onto her side facing me. “You?”

“There’s nothing beats an early night,” I volunteered, before recalling that wasn’t quite accurate as I had had incredible fun with Pamela’s arsehole once we got into bed. “I mean an early sleep-time.”

Pamela laughed.

“Yeah, I’m still a bit sore,” she advised. “I think you’ll have to lay off my arse for a while and think of England or something.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” I mused with a smile. “OK, what’s the plan for today? Have we got one?”

“Of course,” replied Pamela, predictably. “When I went back to Gemma erotik film izle last night confirming she could bring Hayley along, I suggested we would pick both of them up from town in your car if it was convenient. I think we can safely assume that’s going to be the case.”

“Yes,” I replied. “Hayley would probably feel a bit strange making her way here alone.”

“Quite,” agreed Pamela, “however having Hayley along has messed up the numbers as my original idea was that I played Gemma and you would be umpire. On the assumption that your proposal from last night of having Eugenie Bouchard umpire in her white tennis skirt with her tits out hasn’t materialised, I’ve had another thought.”

The mere thought of Eugenie sitting on the umpire’s chair with her fabulous tits on show flooded my mind’s eye and didn’t seem to want to fade. I tried to pull myself together.

“OK, what’s your idea?” I urged. “I thought you said last night that I would make up the numbers and we would do without an umpire.”

“I did, but that means we will probably miss out on some of the fun,” she replied. “I’m sure having you as umpire will keep things entertaining as you will be able to penalise players for breaching the rules and so on.”

“I see what you mean,” I mused with a smile at the possibilities. “So who is to be my replacement?”

“Charlotte, of course,” she replied. “Didn’t you see a kit bag with a racquet sticking out of it in her bathroom last night when you were showering?”

“No, but I’ll take your word for it,” I said, an image of the slim blonde in tennis whites taking over from one of Eugenie, “but how do we know that she’s free this evening and even wants to play? I mean, it’s pretty short notice.”

“It’s a damn sight more notice than we gave her last night when we told her we were going to take her upstairs to her bedroom and have sex with her,” she retorted, reaching for her iPhone and sitting up against the pillows. “I’m her mistress, remember. I’ll just tell her.”

“How do you know her number?” I asked, reasonably.

“Her cafe has a website,” she replied. “Here it is. Hold on.”

She lifted the phone to her ear and we both waited for the call to be answered.

“Miss Ellis?” greeted Pamela in her best firm mistress’s voice. “Yes, good morning, it’s Pamela Hatch, your mistress … Yes, I’m sorry it’s rather early but I have something I want you to do … That’s good, now, listen very carefully. You are to make arrangements to be picked up outside your cafe this afternoon at four thirty, dressed as you were when we first met last evening … Miss Ellis, disobedience will not be tolerated. Do you understand? … You will bring along an overnight bag and your tennis equipment and dress which will be all white … Miss Ellis, I will not say it again … That’s better … You will be returned to your cafe by nine the following morning and nothing that occurs while you are away will have actually happened. Is that clear? … I know that I explained that you are always to refer to me as your mistress and Mr McMahon as your master but, for this assignment, you will be known as Charlotte, not Miss Ellis … Now, have you any questions? … What will happen to you? Why, Charlotte, it’s quite simple, you will be playing tennis and doing exactly what you are told … Until four thirty, Charlotte. Goodbye.”

With no further words, Pamela closed the call and replaced the phone on her bedside table before snuggling down under the duvet once more.

“Sorted,” she breathed, sounding quite stimulated by her dominance. “Now, earlier in the week I asked ‘Slapper’ Butt, the lady from the bakers, to knock together a cold buffet for tonight which she will deliver just after five o’clock and Yuma and Maya will set it up in the large dining room as soon as it arrives before they change to be ball-girls. You need to make sure we’ve enough champagne and Chablis cooling in the fridge as well as some soft drinks.”

“Already sorted in both The Pub fridge and also the one in the Pavilion for the tennis,” I confirmed, having stocked up the bar next to the large drawing room in the house and also in the club house situated between the tennis court and the bowling green after returning from seeing Gemma. “Ice and everything else.”

“Good,” said Pamela. “Now, my thinking is that we use the four bedrooms on the second floor with Gemma and Hayley in the middle two with Maya and Yuma at either end, offering a maid’s service.”

I grinned at the thought.

“But won’t Gemma and Hayley want to share?” I asked. “They’re supposed to be an item.”

“We shouldn’t be too presumptuous,” advised Pamela. “All the rooms have super king size beds so, if they want to share, they can. It’s up to them.”

“Involving Yuma and Maya too, perhaps,” I added. “Who knows?”

“Quite,” agreed Pamela with a twinkle in her eye.

“What about Charlotte?” I asked. “The guest suite or the Playroom?”

“Neither,” replied Pamela instantly. “She will be in our bed. I’d like another dose of her tongue and maybe her tight little arse will film izle be enough to keep you entertained.”

“Oh yes,” I replied, picturing Charlotte’s perfect sphincter from the previous evening as I looked down at it with my hands on her hips as I thrusted into her cunt. “I’m sure I can find something to do with it.”

Suddenly, Pamela rolled onto her side facing me and edged closer, her head on my pillow and her right hand on my semi-hard cock, taking it into her fist.

“Oh baby, that’s good!” I gasped as she started to full-fist the shaft. She giggled.

“Come on, then,” she purred, her mouth close to my ear. “Is Charlotte your favourite so far?”

“I think so, she’s so sexy,” I replied, now rock-hard. “That’s for sure.”

“Why does she turn you on?” she asked. “Is it because she’s so submissive?”

“No, not that,” I replied instantly. “It’s because she reminds me of you. Last night was like having you and your sister in the same bed. It was incredible.”

“Interesting,” she mused, massaging my shaft a little slower. “Think about it, so far this week we’ve been with Gemma, Jeanette, Lilac, Maya, Yuma and Charlotte. That’s six women. I’ve had sex with all of them except Yuma while you’ve had sex with Gemma and Charlotte, sucked off Yuma and watched me play with Jeanette, Lilac and Maya.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, blowing out my cheeks, before laughing slightly at the extent of it all. “It’s been quite a week!”

“Yes it has,” she agreed. “Are you still alright with everything? Remember we said it had to be both of us or it ends there and then.”

“I know,” I replied, “and I’m fine, in fact, as you can feel, my best friend is fine too so that proves it.”

“Come on then,” she urged, massaging my shaft gently, “of the ones you haven’t had yet, who would you most like to fuck?”

“Yuma, I think,” I replied after split second’s reflection. “Then Maya. It’s odd that I have a preference given they’re identical, at least physically. It must be their differing personalities as Yuma is certainly subservient to her sister.”

“Maybe you won’t have to wait long until you get to experience the feel of an Asian pussy wrapped around your cock,” she mused. “I enjoyed the taste of Maya. It was such a turn on.”

“Is she your favourite so far?” I asked, noting a slight strengthening of her grip on my shaft.

“Possibly,” she replied, “though it was Jeanette who turned me on the most.”

“That’s because you were subservient to her,” I retorted. “You’ve been dominant with everyone else, especially Charlotte. I’ve no idea whether she is or isn’t dominant but I kind of hope Gail Lawrence turns out to be.”

“You mean dominant over both of us?” she asked, pumping my cock a little faster. “Yes, I think I’d like that. Tell me about Hayley. What am I to expect?”

“Well, she’s undoubtedly beautiful with a perfect classical figure,” I replied, picturing her in my mind’s eye. “She’s a natural blonde, or at least her eyebrows are blonde, and she has incredible blue eyes.”

“Tell me about her lips,” asked Pamela. “Do you think she’ll be a good kisser?”

“I don’t know, obviously,” I retorted, “but I’m sure you’ll find out tonight.”

“I hope so too,” she breathed into my ear. “Do you want me to make you cum now?”

I hesitated.

“I’d like you to but I think I had better save it, as it were,” I replied, with regret. “It’s going to be a busy day!”

She laughed, releasing my cock and rolling over onto her back.

“You’re probably right,” she mused. “I’d better go and shower or you’ll be complaining we’re late for work.”

With that she slipped out of bed and headed for her bathroom. I stayed where I was for a moment, my right hand returning to caress my still hard cock. Both of us had enjoyed Asian pussy. Yuma and Maya. Then an idea hit me, almost pushing my cock over the edge. Would I get the chance to take their virginity? I shuddered, throwing off the duvet and forcing myself out of bed.

Fifteen minutes later, showered, suited and booted, I was munching toast and sipping hot tea in the kitchen when Pamela arrived, looking a million dollars, as usual, wearing a tight, dark blue dress with matching stockings and heels. I was stunned.

“You look … fabulous,” I greeted, shaking my head as she did a twirl to show off her tight arse.

“I know,” she teased, climbing up onto one of the breakfast bar stools opposite. “I need to step up my game if I’m going to keep ahead of the other pussy.”

“You’ve nothing to worry about,” I replied, smiling. “You’ll always be my number one!”

“Not Yuma?” she retorted before holding up a hand to stop me railing. “OK, OK, I’m only joking!”

“Alright,” I acknowledged, changing the subject, “let’s talk more about tonight. The tennis will start around six o’clock, I assume?”

“Yes,” she confirmed, taking a slice of toast and crunching it between her teeth. “Now we’ve enlisted Charlotte …”

“Enlisted!” I cried incredulously. “She didn’t stand a chance!”

“She knows what’s good for her,” she retorted, good-humouredly. “Now, seks filmi izle as I was saying, my revised plan is for the four girls to play with the other three in turn at doubles with each match being just one set. You will umpire and Maya and Yuma will be the ball-girls, completely under your command!”

“What a lovely thought,” I mused, taking a second slice. “But how do we decide who wins?”

“What I thought would work is for both partners in a team to score points for how their team does,” she began. “For winning a set, they would both score at least two points.”

“At least?” I challenged before thinking about it. “Oh, you mean if a team wins a set six games to three rather than six games to four or seven games to five, they would score three points rather than two. Winning six games to two, would earn four points, six games to one, five points and six games to love, six points.”

“You’ve got it,” she replied, nodding “and it will be a tie-break if the set gets to six games all with the winning team taking two points.”

“Seems simple enough,” I observed. “What’s the prize for the overall winner?”

“Ah, now that’s a secret,” she retorted provocatively. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Just then, Pamela’s iPhone beeped signifying an email had arrived. Easing the last of her toast into her mouth, she picked took her phone up from the stool next to her and checked it as she chewed. I watched her as I drank my tea. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she used both hands with her phone. Then she laughed.

“What was it that you said when I invited the four applicants to be my lady’s maid to attend our house party next weekend and I asked them to confirm their attendance and send a photograph of them playing with themselves?” she mused, her voice ridden with sarcasm. “As I recall, you said there was no way they would do that. Remember?”

“Alright, smart-arse,” I retorted, admitting defeat, “what have you got?”

“Well, Mr Sceptic,” she replied in triumph, “let me read out what Jessica Redmond has to say. ‘Dear Miss Hatch, thank you so much for the invitation to attend your house party next weekend, an opportunity I am delighted to accept. I shall arrive into Little Pissington station at 4.15pm on Friday next. Compliant with your request for a contemporary video of me pleasuring myself, I trust the attached will be acceptable. …”

“A video,” I cried in some surprise. “Oh my … well that’s better than just a photograph. Let’s watch it.”

“Now?” she retorted, her face full of merriment. “I thought you wanted to get to work on time. Maybe we should leave it until after everyone has left us in the morning? Then …”

“Fuck tomorrow morning,” I interjected with spirit. “Come on, let’s put it on the big screen in the Playroom, it won’t take very long, surely. How big is the file?”

Pamela studied the attachment and whistled, one of her unusual habits.

“It’s a pretty big MP4 file that lasts getting on for half an hour,” she replied, looking up at me in some surprise. “She must have filmed herself having a full wank from start to finish. We haven’t got time to watch it now as if it’s any good, we’ll end up in the Playroom all morning. Come on, we’ll have to leave it for now.”

I exhaled in frustration but reluctantly agreed so we quickly cleared up and in less than five minutes we were in my car, rolling over the gravel towards the main road to town where we turned right for town, both of us in something of a state of excitement.

“Listen,” I began after we had travelled less than a mile. “Now that Boz has left the office and Hayley doesn’t start until Monday, I’ll be on my own in the office all day. Why don’t you come round at lunch time and we can watch Jessica’s video on my screen? I can lock the outside doors as if I was out so no-one will disturb us. What do you say?”

Pamela said nothing at first.

“What about the guy on reception?” she asked at last. “He won’t let me in unless you are in the office.”

“Yes, but as he knows you, he’ll let you come up in the lift,” I rebutted. “I’ll meet you at the front door and lock it once you’re inside. Come on, it’ll be fine and a hell of a turn-on!”

She laughed.

“OK, I’ll be at your office at one o’clock,” she said. “That way I should be able to be back at my office by two.”

“Brilliant!” I cried, speeding up. “What a hoot!”

We drove on until we slowed upon entering Fucton where Charlotte Ellis had her café, ‘Crumpets’. As we passed all seemed quiet and I recalled a few days earlier when Pamela told me that she had taken on Charlotte’s business partner as her temporary personal assistant.

“By the way,” I said, “how are you getting on with Samantha Dreem? Or has she left you by now?”

“She’s staying for a month,” she replied, “unless I end up taking her on in a permanent capacity which could happen as we’re expanding quite quickly and will need more management support staff and, above all, I like her personally. She’s very good and very popular, particularly with all the guys who take every excuse to come around to where she sits outside my office just to drool at her cleavage above the low-cut tops that she likes to wear. By the way, you remember that episode at the White Shield Club where Boz didn’t settle the bill?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32