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This is a continuation of the Paradise Mom series. You will probably enjoy it most if you’ve read chapters one and two. (Also, I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received so far). I hope you enjoy Chapter 3.

It was late morning as we relaxed in bed after making love. Whereas the first time my son had fucked me I had been shocked and surprised, I was a very willing participant the second time we fucked. I had indeed enjoyed it very much and it made me realize how much I had missed out on by not having sex for 18 years!

We were exchanging little loving kisses when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it” William said as he hopped up from the bed. He took the call and then returned to the room telling me that our shipment from home had arrived and that the delivery service would be bringing it later today. Before we had left the states William had hired a service to pack up the things we would want in our paradise home and have them shipped to us. There really wouldn’t be that much as we had lived a very simple lifestyle before winning the lottery. Anyway, William told me that our things would be delivered this afternoon.

“Since we have some time, how would you like a picnic lunch down at the gazebo?” I suggested.

“Sure Mom, that sounds great.”

“Okay dear, I’ll fix us something and call you when it’s ready.”

I got up and went to the kitchen where I fixed us some sandwiches and put some beer in a cooler. I then headed back to the bedroom to pick out a bikini, and to tell William that everything was ready. I was still nude as I entered the room and I could feel William’s eyes roaming over my body.

“William, everything is ready. Are you about ready dear?”

“Mom, I think I’ll take a quick shower, then I’ll be right there.”

“Okay dear, I’ll be waiting in the living room.”

About ten minutes later William entered the living room where I was waiting. However he was a bit surprised to see me sitting there with only my bikini bottoms on. I stood up, walked to the table where I picked up the picnic basket and said, “Are you ready now honey?” Although I wasn’t looking at him I could almost feel his eyes watching my naked breasts swaying as I moved about.

“But Mom….you’re not going out like that are you?”

His concern over my nudity actually puzzled me for a moment as I responded, “Like what dear?”

“You know…..topless, Mom!”

“Well don’t you like my tits honey?” I replied, now fighting back the urge to giggle.

“Well yes Mom, but….”

“And you’ve seen them before haven’t you,” I asked with a wry smile.

“Well sure Mom, but…”

“And didn’t you say nudity was common on the island?”

“I did Mom, but….”

“But, but, but,” I laughed, “I guess you want to see my butt!”

In one swift motion I removed my bikini bottoms, turned around and wiggled my butt. “Is that better dear?”

“Oh my gosh Mom, you’re incredible!”

“Listen honey, I just want to make you happy. If you want me to be covered from head to toe I will be, but if you want to see me nude I don’t mind being that way for you either. So just let me know what you want dear.”

William’s eyes slowly drank in my body. I could tell from the reaction in his swimsuit that he was getting excited from what he saw.

Finally he said, “You look just fine Mom….just like that.”

“Are you sure dear?” I could see that his cock was hardening even more in his trunks.

“Oh yes Mom…I’m sure.”

“Good, then let’s have a picnic!”

I headed for the door. However before I went out I turned to William and in a more serious voice told him, “William, I think there is one thing we need to discuss. We have one little problem.”

I could tell by the look on his face that he was afraid of what might be coming. Perhaps he thought the last twenty four hours had been too good to be true. However his fears were alleviated when I walked up to him, nuzzled against him, and playfully said, “I don’t think you can call me Mom when we leave the house. For all that matters it might be best if you simply called me Cynthia from now on, no matter where we are.”

He looked at me and automatically replied, “Okay Mom.”

His response caused us both to break into laughter. As soon as the words had left his lips he knew he had already made his first slip. He thus cleared his throat, looked at me and distinctly said, “Cynthia, are you ready to have lunch?”

“Yes, William,” I smiled back. It was going to take some practice but I knew we could pull it off.

We headed out of the house and down the steps to the gazebo. As we walked I deliberately put a little extra spring into my step. This of course made my tits bounce up and down, and I knew William was watching. I simply smiled at him as we were both aware of what we were doing. I truly liked being admired by my son and found it exciting that he liked to watch my tits bounce.

When we got to the gazebo I set the picnic basket down and turned to face William. I looked down and smiled at him as I could see that the kartal escort tip of his cock was poking out above the waistband of his trunks.

“My my, what do we have here?” I giggled.

“Well jeez, Mom….” He tried to catch himself but couldn’t.

I looked at him sternly, before smiling.

“Well jeez, Cynthia…it’s just that you’re so hot to look at!”

“Hmmm…I guess we’ll have to do something to help you then won’t we?”

I stepped toward William who was sitting on the edge of the chaise. Dropping to my knees I leaned forward and pulled his trunks down. His hard cock sprang out and smacked against my tits.

“It seems like this fella knows where it wants to go” I giggled.

I leaned forward and let William’s cock nestle between my tits. Then I held my tits together as they smothered his cock.

“Would you like to fuck my tits honey?”

“Oh god yes, Cynthia.”

We both smiled that he had gotten it right that time!

He started working his cock up and down between my tits. His cock head slipped through my cleavage and I bent my head down and licked the tip.

“That’s it baby…fuck Mommy’s tits.” I taunted him by using “mommy” to excite and encourage him, as if he needed more encouragement!

He groaned, “That’s no fair…Mom…uh, Cynthia.”

He started to piston his cock faster between my tits. I loved the feel of his hard cock engulfed in my soft warm tits. My tits jiggled a little from his thrusting and I could tell that he loved watching. There was no doubt that my son was definitely a tit man.

As his cock slid between my tits I continued to tease it with my tongue. I would flick my tongue over his cockhead and slit each time it reappeared. He started thrusting faster and faster, his cock gliding smoothly between my large tits. I pressed my tits firmer around his cock and felt his body start to jerk.

“Oh fuck…Mo…Cynthia….I’m going to cum.”

“Yes honey, cum for me”

I held my tits together as he pumped faster and faster. I looked up and our eyes met–the eyes of two lovers, mother and son, who only hours ago had committed to live as husband and wife. Without warning his cock burst forth with a powerful blast of cum, which hit under my chin and dribbled onto my neck and tits. I tilted my head so that I was looking right at his cock when another shot of cum hit right above my nose. I smiled as his cum splattered against my face and opened my mouth, ready to catch any more spurts. Sure enough William shot another spurt of cum that landed right in my mouth. As I closed my lips to savor and swallow it he hit me with even another spurt, this time right on my closed lips. I quickly opened my mouth and snaked my tongue out to accept this delicious glob of cum. Finally, I think we both thought his cumming was finished, as I let go of my grip on my tits. Panting we separated slightly from each other. William’s still rigid cock was gently waving.

“Oh my gosh William, you covered me,” I exclaimed.

But William wasn’t through! As he backed away his cock spurted two more shots of cum onto my tits. We both started laughing at the cum shower he had given me.

I moved to sit in the chaise beside William and started to rake the lingering cum off my face with my fingers and then lick them clean. Looking at the cum covering my tits I started massaging it in, as I looked over at William who was still watching my every move.

“Do you think this stuff is as good as suntan lotion?” I teased as I continued to massage his cum into my tits, neck and even my cheeks.

“Oh I’m sure it is” he laughed.

“Well at least I know where I can get a good supply of it!” I responded.

Realizing our little escapade was over I moved away from William and started to unpack our lunch, placing it on a nearby table. We sat there without a care in the world and enjoyed a nice meal together. A warm gentle breeze was blowing and the waves were washing calmly onto the beach.

After our meal we both reclined in the large lounge chaises in the gazebo. I started reading a novel while William put on headphones and listened to music. We were both enjoying the afternoon when I heard the delivery truck pulling up at our house. Reaching over I tapped William on the shoulder and told him, “Honey, the shipment is here.”

“I’ll take care of it Cynthia.” He beamed as he was proud that he had remembered not to call me Mom.

“Do you want any help honey?”

“Nah, I can handle it. And besides, I doubt the workers could get much done with you around.” As he spoke his eyes slowly drifted up and down over my body, letting me know the intent of his comment.

“You’re terrible” I replied in mock scorn, “but I’ll stay here while you take care of it.”

I continued reading my novel while William went to accept our delivery. It was now mid-afternoon and the full sun was taking its toll. Even in the covered gazebo it was getting warm. I decided that a quick dip in the ocean might be refreshing, plus it would help to clean off the residue of sticky maltepe escort bayan cum from my face, neck, tits and even my pussy.

I hoped that William wouldn’t mind if I went into the water nude. I doubted that would bother him, but there was always the chance the delivery crew might see me and I wasn’t sure what he’d think about that. I figured that if I got to the ocean quickly that they wouldn’t know which direction I came from and thus would have no idea that I was with William. I glanced up at the house and seeing no one I made a mad dash to the ocean, running right into the water.

The water was quite refreshing as it flowed over my body. I dipped down and submersed my head in the water. Running my fingers through my hair I loosened a tangle. “Oops, a spurt must have hit there and I didn’t even realize it!” I thought to myself, realizing that the tangle was undoubtedly caused by William’s cum.

I stood shoulder deep in the water running my hands over my body, almost as if I were taking a shower. As I softly rubbed my tits I thought about how good William made them feel when he sucked on them. Basking in the sun and water I reflected on all the good feelings my son had given me. My son, my husband…a smile came to my lips as I thought of how nice it was to have a husband. It had been difficult raising William as a single mom and I truly felt blessed to have a man who wanted me as his wife.

As these thoughts crossed my mind my hand brushed across my belly. One thought I had been suppressing re-entered my mind. As my hand slowly rubbed my stomach I thought, “What if I get pregnant. I don’t even know if William wants children or has even thought about it.”

I shuttered in the water, thinking about the possibility of getting pregnant from my son. The shutter was not from fear, but from want and excitement. As a young girl I had always fantasized about having the perfect family: mother, father and children. My young teen-age pregnancy had smashed those dreams. But now as I stood here, massaging my tummy, I thought to myself whether that dream might now be possible. The problem was is that I didn’t know how to approach William on the subject. I couldn’t decide whether to bring it up or wait to see if he mentioned it first. Surely he had at least given it some thought. After all, he had already fucked me twice, filling my pussy with his cum both times. However, I remembered that he had asked me each time if he should pull out or was it okay to cum inside me. Was that his way of asking? Perhaps he thought I was on the pill. But wouldn’t he realize that that would make no sense considering I hadn’t dated a man in 18 years?

Almost mesmerized I continued to softly stroke my tummy. I began to recall the way my tummy had swelled with William over eighteen years ago. Could that possibly happen again? I pictured William as a baby, nursing at my breasts, and felt a tingling at the possibility of once again nursing a baby. I surprised myself by giggling as I thought that if I did nurse a new baby that undoubtedly William would want to nurse on my swollen tits too. Thank goodness for having large tits I thought to myself, there’d be enough to go around! My nipples began to stiffen and ache as I considered the possibility of nursing both of my “babies.”

Another thought entered my mind and my eyes flashed open. I looked up at the house to see if I could see William. It was like a revelation, but it really shouldn’t have been. The thought was so obvious that the only oddity about it was that it had taken me so long to confront it.

“What if I’m already pregnant with William’s baby?” I thought, “It may already be too late to ask him what he feels about having a family.”

Even in the water I could feel my cunt getting wet and warm as I recalled how far William’s cock had pushed up into me. I mean he had cum right into my womb! And if he shot as much cum into my womb as he did onto my body today it was only a matter of timing!

My knees weakened as I considered the possibility of already being pregnant, possibly carrying my son’s child. Yes, we were going to live as husband and wife, but in reality he still was my son. A little brother or sister, or oh my gosh, a son or daughter, of William’s could actually already be at the earliest stages of conception within me. After all, it apparently was pretty easy to get me pregnant. I had gotten pregnant the first time I had fucked; William was living proof of that! So considering that William had fucked me twice already without any protection perhaps I was already pregnant!

I was still wrapped up in my thoughts when I heard the delivery truck leaving. The thoughts I had been pondering were replaced by the present moment. I looked up and saw William walking back down the hill to the gazebo. He saw me out in the water and waved. I waved back and began to walk back out of the water onto the beach. I walked up the hill and met him at the gazebo.

“Did everything arrive all right?

“Yes, there were more boxes than I thought there escort pendik would be but we just stacked them in the spare bedroom.”

“Well we can go through them later.”

“There’s no rush Cynthia,” his eyes flashing mischievously, “we can go through them whenever we want.”

“Okay honey,” I replied smiling back at him, quietly acknowledging his correctly calling me Cynthia.

“The water is wonderful. You should try it,” I told him.

“Well I did work up a bit of a sweat moving those boxes, so maybe I will,” he replied.

I settled back into my lounge chair and picked up my novel to escape to the world of fiction. I glanced at William and saw him enter the water, and then he began diving into the waves. I enjoyed seeing him relaxing and enjoying himself. I wasn’t ready to address the thoughts that were lurking in my mind. I knew that someday I was going to have to bring up the subject of our possible having a baby together but I was just not ready to discuss it with William. I told myself that perhaps it would be easier to discuss after we’d been living as “husband and wife” for a bit longer.

I finished a chapter in my book and set it aside. Scooting my lounge chair to the rail at the edge of the gazebo I positioned myself on my knees with my arms resting on the railing. I nestled my chin into my hands as I looked out over the rail at the beautiful sight before me. William had started back up to the beach and I raised up and waved to him. He waved back and I couldn’t help but wonder if his eyes were looking at my tits that were swaying back and forth as I waved.

When he finally reached the gazebo William went past me and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. I returned to looking out at the ocean. The water was crystal clear, letting all the magnificent colors of the ocean shine through. The air was deep blue and the sandy beach was glistening white. Overhead beautiful birds sailed effortlessly. There was even a pair of dolphins frolicking in the water.

“William, come here, this is such a beautiful sight,” I said as I invited him to join me.

“It sure is,” was his response.

Puzzled, I looked back and discovered that he was looking at my naked ass.

“You’re incorrigible,” I laughed, wiggling my butt at him.

I turned and looked back out at the ocean but as I did so I felt William move onto my chair behind me. He moved up against me and I could feel his skin against mine. As I turned to look back at him I felt him place his hands on my hips and his hard cock brushed against my leg.

“Again! You’re going to wear that thing out!” I teased him. Nonetheless I again wiggled my butt at him. The truth be known, I would never get tired of him fucking me.

I spread my legs a bit further apart and braced myself, holding onto the railing. William recognized my invitation and started to press his cock against my now wet pussy lips. I moaned softly as once again I felt the head of his cock ease into me, spreading my pussy lips apart.

“Oh god, that feels good,” I moaned as I felt him pushing deeper into me. My wet cunt was accepting his cock, holding it tight.

“Oh fuck yes, it does” he murmured.

I tilted my head down and raised my ass higher, letting his cock plunge even further into my excited cunt. His cock went in deep, hitting my cervix. I briefly thought about what had been on my mind earlier and thought perhaps now would be the time to say something. But as William worked his cock in and out of my pussy I was overcome with the feeling of being fucked. Perhaps selfishly I decided that it would be better to discuss the possibility of pregnancy another time.

William started thrusting his cock harder into my cunt. I wondered if he appreciated the tightness of my cunt. Even though I was 33 years old this was only the fourth time in my life I had been fucked. I was sure that my cunt was as tight as any eighteen year old’s.

My thoughts were soon addressed as William moaned, “Oh god, your cunt’s so tight.”

I could feel his massive cock stretching my hugging cunt and knew that we were both the recipients of exquisite pleasure.

William reached under and cupped my swinging tits. I moaned as he began to pinch my nipples. His hands moved all over my full tits that were hanging down for him. He squeezed them, rubbed them and pressed them together. It felt wonderful. All the while he continued to pump his cock into my snug pussy.

I groaned as I pushed back onto his cock. Being fucked from behind was of course a new experience for me…one I wanted to experience over and over!

William raised back up and held my waist as he continued to plunge his cock fast and deep into me. It was as if he was determined to drive it in as deep as possible.

“Oh my gosh, honey….oh fuck that feels sooo good.” I could feel my cunt squeezing his cock, not wanting to let it go.

That thought stayed in my mind: “Not wanting to let it go.” It was as if my cunt couldn’t survive without his cock deep inside me.

But then another thought flashed into my head: “This could be the fuck that gets me pregnant!” I let out a little whimper and moan. Sure I might already be pregnant from William fucking me, but if I wasn’t it meant that the possibility of getting pregnant existed each time he fucked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32