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It was a rush, being invited to the IN party of the spring. Just days before her sophomore year in college was over, she was ready to let loose and celebrate. It was an even bigger rush to get to the party and find all these hot young guys who appreciated the efforts she made to dress in a sexy yellow sundress that showed off her sun-kissed skin. The party was being held at Roger’s parent’s house, just outside town. A sprawling mansion, he’d assured everyone his parents could care less about them and wouldn’t even hear them in the pool house. She’d gotten a ride to the party with one of the other girls, but planned to get a ride home with one of the studs.

The party had been going well. She found most of the women to be snide or unfriendly, but enjoyed talking with the men, flirting and teasing. One had even slipped an arm around her waist as they talked in a group, his hand sliding to rest lightly on her ass. When Roger suggested they take turns in the guest bedroom, she smiled at the roar of approval from the young men. She liked sex, especially with such handsome specimens. Several women shook their heads, but she was chosen first anyway. She preened a bit, loving the way the men looked at her. Roger prepped the room – closed the curtains, laid condoms on the nightstand, turned out the lights. He took her hand to lead her in, giving her a warm smile. A man would follow shortly, he’d said and she wondered if he’d be the one…


He slid a hand over her shoulder and under the thin strap of her dress and she purred, quivering with anticipation. She didn’t know which of the males at the party this was, but she didn’t care. Her body was hot and ready and all she wanted was hot and ready male. When he slid the straps down, brushing warm lips over her bare shoulders, she sighed. His fingertips skimmed up her arms and she felt the flutter in her belly. He slid the zipper down the back of her dress, making sure to draw his knuckle down her spine and she shuddered. He chuckled at her eager response.

“Ready?” he murmured in her ear as the dress fell to the floor. She didn’t recognize his voice, but it was husky and she could hear desire. She wore only panties beneath her dress, tiny lace panties that he couldn’t even see in the dark room, but they made her feel wanton. She smiled as his hands discovered her nakedness as he made a low sound.

“Ready for you,” she whispered, “Ready to feel your cock inside me.” She shivered in anticipation.

“Naughty girl,” he growled in her other ear as his hands cupped her bare breasts, “I love naughty girls.” She shivered again, feeling daring and excited in the darkness. Anything could happen in the darkness and she welcomed it. bursa escort His breath was warm on her skin as his thumbs brushed her nipples, teasing the hard little nubs until she moaned. His hands felt callused, in a way she’d never felt before, and they were so big they held her completely. Her head fell back to his shoulder as he stroked and squeezed her, his tongue hot and wet on her neck.

She could feel the heat of his body, the hard strength of him behind her. Whoever this was, he had to be an athlete. He wore something smooth against her skin and, as he shifted closer to her, she felt the bulge of his arousal, big and hot against her ass. She shivered again, thinking about getting him naked, thinking about what they were going to do, and gasped when he pinched her nipples.

“Hot little bitch, aren’t you,” he growled, pressing open wet kisses to her shoulders. She loved being called a bitch in a husky voice. It made her quiver inside. She had been unconsciously rubbing her ass back against his groin, making little whimpering sounds and he was hard to the point of pain. His hands slid lower, found her panties, and he chuckled again. With a quick twist and yank, he tore the thin lace and she gave a startled cry. She was completely naked now and the air conditioning was cold against her wet thighs as she rubbed her legs together.

“Let’s see if you’re ready for me.” His voice was low, rough, and his breath was warm on her neck. He slid his hand between her legs, finding her hot and moist. “Nice.” His fingers parted her swollen folds and stroked her slit. She whimpered, the sensations building inside her, and he pinched her nipple with his other hand, scraping his teeth lightly over the skin of her neck, her shoulder. She squirmed, panting a little, as he found her clit and began to rub. Relentless, his finger pressing, moving back and forth, he drove her from panting to sobbing as her body strained against his. She wanted more. She needed more. He smiled at the breathless animal sounds she made, at the way her naked body writhed against him. He fought the urge to shove her to her knees and savage her like prey.

“Please…” the word broke from her in desperate need. Her body ached for sex, her mind twirling with sensations. And he stopped. She gasped, moaned, turned towards him as he stepped back. How could he…she heard the rustle of clothing, the rasp of a zipper and realized what he was doing. He wasn’t stopping; he was undressing. Soon he would be as naked as she and she could feel his bare skin against her.

“Please…” The purr was back as she stepped forward, slid her hands over his – bare – chest. Big, hard, hot. She decided the rest of him would be as well. She smiled, sliding bursa merkez escort her hands lower, eager to find out, until he caught her wrists. Men always wanted to be touched. “Please…” She wheedled a bit, tugging her hands, wanting to feel him pulse against her palm.

“Let it be a surprise, baby girl,” he murmured, using his grip to guide her back until her knees hit the bed. He scooped her up and in, his mouth swallowing her gasp of surprise as his body covered hers, his hands pinning hers to the bed, his knees between her thighs. She arched against him as he tore his mouth from hers and covered her breast, sucking greedily.

“Please…” she gasped as his knees parted and spread her thighs, as she felt his head nudge against her, then settle at her opening. God, he was big. She whimpered for more. Her body was wet with need, hot with desire, and she couldn’t stay still she wanted him so much. His hands held her squirming hips firmly, his cock rubbing her so close to where she wanted him. “More…” She was begging now.

“Tell me you’re a virgin,” he growled, his tongue circling the nipple of her other breast, “Tell me that and I’ll be gentle, otherwise…” He gave a quick nip and she moaned. “I have a need for you, baby, a hard and powerful need.” It was all he could do not to devour her.

“Please…” she moaned, rocking her hips to urge him inside. He clenched his jaw, fighting the primal urge to plunder. If he took like he wanted…no, she was too naive for that.

“Yes, baby, okay,” he answered, pressing her hands into the mattress as he shifted, spreading her legs wide with his knees, as he thrust, forcing his thick length into her soft body. He groaned with the intense pleasure of her tight embrace as he buried himself deep with a single stroke.

He was huge, and hard, and so hot. She barely bit back a scream as he penetrated her, stretched her, overwhelmed her. He pulled back and thrust again and her body arched to meet him. Unable to stop herself, she sobbed out the sensations – pain, shock, heat, and finally pleasure. It all became pleasure as he moved inside her, creating a pulsing rhythm, urging her to move with him. They fucked eagerly, panting and grunting like animals, naked bodies slick and heated, the bed beneath them creaking with each hard thrust.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and opened for him, lifting her hips to meet his cock. She’d never had it so good, never for so long. In the past, sex had been quick and she’d barely had time to enjoy the friction, the invasion. It was so erotic, the feel of a man throbbing inside you, caressing you so intimately. Now, the friction was building to a screaming pressure, the invasion of his bursa sınırsız escort cock was a pounding beat, again and again and again. Breathless, she writhed, moaned, panted, and begged for more. He was panting as well, hot breaths on her face as he watched her twist and strain under him.

Naked, raw, primal, he fucked her. His bare cock throbbed and pulsed with lust as he shoved it into her tight hole. Buried in her soft wet body, he could forget the real world and just enjoy. He could feel her juices cling to his flesh, feel her inner muscles quiver around him, hear her desperate breaths as he gave her the animal sex they both craved. She was naive, an slut who would wait in a dark room for some man – not a boyfriend, not a lover, but any man and eagerly open herself to him. She didn’t know who he was, didn’t know this was so wrong, didn’t know what he wanted. She didn’t know and he didn’t care. Luckily for her, sex this hot would be enough. He increased his tempo, feeling his balls tighten even as his cock swelled.

She was close. She’d never felt like this before, all tense, all tingling. She panted, strained, bucked under him as he kept thrusting, kept fucking. He was so hard, so relentless. The friction inside her sent waves of pleasure rolling through her and her body tightened and twisted. “Please…” The breathless cry preceded the gasp as heat exploded inside her.

Her body clenched, fisting around his cock, and he groaned in pleasure. Tighter, tighter, and he dropped his head to her breasts, clenching his jaw to hold himself. Then she gasped as she came, gushing. He felt the warm wetness envelope him as he arched, pressed, swelled, erupted. He groaned again, low and deep as his semen rushed, his cock pulsing as he ejaculated into her again and again.

She felt the rush, the heat, as he came. She never thought of what the sensations meant, she just rubbed her naked body against his, moaning her pleasure. The pulsing heat filled her and felt so good. His hips jerked against hers as he groaned a third time and collapsed, emptying himself inside her.

After a moment, he pulled away. He got up and dressed in the darkness, then stepped out into the hallway, leaving her naked and spent in the guest bedroom. He poked his head into the gathering room as he passed. “Make sure you clean up after the party, Roger,” he called to his son before ducking out of the pool house. He strolled in the kitchen door, then climbed the back stairs to get ready for bed.

“Are they making a mess?” his wife murmured sleepily as he slipped into bed a few minutes later. She’d told him several times that college parties left behind tons of empty beer bottles and pizza boxes. He’d insisted Roger was responsible enough to have his friends over.

“Go back to sleep, baby. I told him to clean it up,” he answered, softly nuzzling her neck as he settled in, spooned against her, one arm draped over her hip. She patted his arm and slipped back into sleep. He closed his eyes and drifted off, sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32