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When I was 18 I thought I was pretty experienced with guys, but everything changed in one evening. Sure I’d gotten laid before in the middle of the woods a few months earlier. Though it hurt at first, he made me come; that’s what I told him, at least, and there was a second guy who really turned me on, or so I thought. And others. So, I often had a lot of attitude—that’s what people said. They didn’t realize how uncomfortable and shy I still was with any guy I didn’t know well. Of course I believed I knew a hell of a lot about sex, but actually I didn’t know about real passion. Passion that blasts the mind and shakes the body and makes you yearns in every bone. Passion that I would not have believed I would ever feel in this body of mine.

The special day — or, I should say ‘night’ — began like this. Friday was party night, and I was determine to get laid, so I dressed in a fashion that was sure to get the men’s attention. I wore my shortest mini skirt that showed off my tanned thighs and a low-cut shirt that exposed a little of my breasts. I was supposed to meet my sister at a friend’s house, to wait for two men who were going to drive us out to the party. Once at the house, I began getting impatient and a little nervous because I didn’t know whom these men were. Then the doorbell rang and we all said, “Finally we can get going now.” When my friend opened her door, I heard a voice that sounded so familiar to me. I went over and there he was, a friend that I thought I would never see again, Bobby, the drummer from my band! Five of us had set up a rock band about a year ago. Besides myself singing, my best friend Trisha was on keyboard. Kristina played bass guitar, and finally we found Bobby to be our drummer. He was not bad looking, I thought, and I loved his Jokes. I began to hang around him, and quickly things had gone off track. He had an interest in lots of women, and he finally told he was just there to play music, not to get involved. I’d felt badly. Then he began spending time with another band, and we replaced him.

Now, seeing him again, I was so happy that I pushed my sister and my friend away, ran up to him and hugged him. OK, maybe not just happy, but hopeful. Bobby said, “Oh my god, let me breathe, please.” I said “No way, bud haven’t seen you in so long.” Everyone started laughing at us as I continued to hug him.

He gave me a kiss, and told me it was great to see me again. As he came more into the house, he said, “Leann, I have someone for you to meet that you will like.”

“Oh yeah, is he single?”

Bobby laughed, and said that I had to ask him.

“Yeah right, you know me, Bobby. I am shy as hell.” I could admit that to Bobby and in front of my friends.

He told me that I had to stop being such a shy pup. When his friend came thru the door, my mouth dropped open. He was so gorgeous, and, oh my God, my type. “Stop drooling and close your mouth,” said my sister, and I laughed as Bobby introduced us. “Hello,” I said in a sweet, low voice and put güvenilir bahis my head down.

“Nice to meet you Leann,” he said, and laughed. “Please call me “Lee”. I like that better.” He looked at me and smiled and said, “OK, then Jenny it is.” I smiled and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you also, Reno.” I’d heard Bobby call him that.

But I was feeling uncertain about myself. I walked away, wanting to calm down. Everyone there looked at me, and my friend said, “Lee, stop being shy he won’t bite you. Anyway we all started gathering around ’cause my sister’s friend was telling jokes, and I was saying, “Oh come on. I want to go party.” My sis looked at me and told me to shut it. When we talked that way, we weren’t mad at each other, but I was still impatient to leave.

Reno came up to me and asked if I would like a drink. “Sure.” He gave me something blue, and I had no idea what it was, but it tasted great. My friends were saying, “Oh Reno, do we sense something here?” and I looked at them real innocent and laughed.” Lee did you bring your knee pads?”

I said, “What? I don’t understand,” as they all started laughing. I really didn’t know those words, and I was wondering, “What did I miss here?” Reno came closer to me and whispered in my ear that they meant pads so that I wouldn’t hurt my knees when I blow him.

My face became beet red. All I could say was, Oh my God.” My friends weren’t really trying to be mean, so they left me alone for a while. Later, we decided to drive to another party. Reno stayed close to me all night. He was easy to talk to, and I found we had some things in common. We both were single and been through hard relationships. I didn’t know men could get hurt easy, like us woman. His girlfriend cheated on him many times, and me I had guys that used to lay me and say, “Hey can we just be friends,” but always in the end they came knocking on my door for more sex. As the night was getting to morning, he took me upstairs into a dark hallway and started to kiss me. I kissed him back so hard, Hungry for him. It had been a few months since a guy kissed me. Reno’s body pressed against my breast as he pulled me close; he kept whispering nice things, how he liked my body and how soft my breasts were. He put his hands on my bottom and drew me so close I could feel his cock pressing against me. “He is so hard already,” I thought, “All I did was kiss him,” and I felt how my sex appeal must be affecting him. He ran his hands up my back, and I felt my bra getting unhooked. I looked at him; with my eyes, I was saying,” Go ahead.” Moving his hands to the front of me, he started to caress my breasts. I felt so weak at the pleasure. He started thrusting his tongue deeply into my mouth. “Mmm.” This felt so good as I leaned my head back just a little as he kissed my neck. He was so good at pleasing a lady at first contact.

I heard my sis call, “Lee, you OK up there?” and I gasped and said, “Yes, I am fine, we are just talking.”

“Sure you are,” I heard my friends güvenilir bahis siteleri saying. As I laughed, I moved my hands down and grabbed Reno’s cock, rubbing it up and down thru his jeans. He felt so big and hard. He lifted up my shirt, and I said, “What if someone comes up?”

“Don’t worry they won’t.”

“Ok.” He told me to sit on the floor, right there is the hallway, and I sat down. He came down, sat next to me and started to kiss me more. And as I teased him with my tongue, he got more excited. I licked his neck down and then slowly going back up.

“Oh Lee, that feels great…keep going.” I did it again. He said, “Go down more,” and I did, tracing his nipples with my tongue.” Suck them.” I did. I could feel my pussy getting wet as I pleased him. His hands were rubbing on my legs; those hands were moving up and down, caressing me so nice as I continued to suck his nipples. “Lie down,” he whispered, and I didn’t hesitate. He started to pull down my stockings. After he took them off, he began slowly to remove my wet panties. “Do you want me to eat you?”

“Yes,” I managed to say. I was so shy. I could feel his hand tracing my pussy.

“Mmm Lee, you feel so good, and you look tasty.” I felt warm and giggled as he rubbed my pussy. I could feel my clit getting erect; I was starting to tingle.

“Oh God, just start licking me.” He was exploring me with his hands. “Lick me,” I kept saying for he made me wait. He rubbed two fingers between the lips of my pussy. I said, “More, do it more.” My clit was starting to ache as he played with it. I moaned, loud.

“Shh, not too loud!” That is one thing I hated, holding in my enjoyment. But I said softly, ” OK.” He spread my legs wider, leaned down, and ran his tongue down my soaked pussy. Then he pushed a finger into me. He took it out and sucked it, looking at me. I got so hot seeing him enjoy my taste. That was new to me. He probed me again and went back to licking all around my clit, taking me into his mouth, roughly.

I moaned a little for it hurt. “Please be gentle with my clit I’m kind of sensitive down there.” Things became blurred, and I was just losing it. I moaned again I couldn’t help it; I remember yelling out his name, and all of a sudden I saw Bobby in the hallway. He smiled at us and said, “Oops thought something was wrong with Lee, I heard her downstairs”. I hid my face. Reno managed to get his face out of my pussy and say, “No, we are okay.” All I kept thinking over and over was “Oh My God, he saw Reno eating me out.” I was also embarrassed for Bobby whom I had known for a long time.

Bobby, quite a gentleman, left quickly and Reno said, “Lee you need to be more quiet,” “Sorry.” My juices were running down my pussy. I heard him unzip his pants. I was amazed at the size of his cock; it was huge, and I lay there wondering if I could fit such an enormous cock in my tight hole.

“Get on your knees please, Lee.” As I did, he rubbed my pussy, getting me even wetter and ready for iddaa siteleri his cock. As he entered me, I could feel my pussy beginning to cream. I let out a moan as my body quivered. He started to fuck me nice and slow, going deeper into me. He let his cock stay there without moving, for a minute. I could feel my pussy pumping like a pulse. It so needed him. I really wanted him to ram into me with that huge prick. He then started again moving his cock in my tunnel. I was dripping wet. He would fuck me harder and faster, then stop, and then he would go nice and slow, over and over.

He pulled out of me. “Lee I want to fuck you in your other hole.” I was a little nervous ’cause he was so big, and I knew it was going to hurt. My ass had never had a cock in there before, yet I was ready to go. He started stroking my pussy with his hand, and moved it up to my ass, coating that hole with my juice. He began to slide his prick into me slowly, and I let out a hurting moan. And he said, “Lee, you OK?”

“Yes, keep going.” He pushed his cock deeper into me. I would move my ass away and then bring it back to help him in. Finally he was in there; he didn’t start to do me yet, he just let it stay there to let me adjust to his size. After a few minutes, he started to fuck me there. I moaned loud, “Oh yes, yes, Reno. …Feels so good. Pump my ass.”

I couldn’t believe I said those things. I never talked like that to someone I just met, but I was so hot; I craved a good fuck; I didn’t care. He told me to take my hand and rub my pussy. I creamed more and my ass got juicier. He moved his prick faster in me and then harder. He pushed; I felt his balls hit my ass. I moaned louder, and then I heard my sis call, “Lee, we are leaving.”

“Ok,” I said in a weak voice, “give me a minute.” I wanted my pussy to be fucked hard with that huge tool of his before I had to go. He must have felt the same way. ‘At that moment, he pulled out of my ass. “OK, let me fuck your pussy real fast before they come up.”

He started to fuck me; he was going so fast and hard, I had nothing to grab. He was banging me so good that I had to bring my upper body down to the floor but my ass stayed up, cramming him inside me. Harder he pounded as I moaned, “Oh yes, Reno, yes!” My body was shuddering and thrashing as I came. The jolt in every bone was so new. I hadn’t known it was there for eighteen years. It shocked me. Thoughts were flashing by, oh my god his cock is so huge. So good ripping my tight pussy as he thrust into me. “Keep going, come for me,” I screamed. My wet pussy was clenched on his prick, and it felt so good to be jammed by this enormous cock. He squeezed my ass. “Oh I am going to cum,”

“Oh yes, shoot your cream, deep!” As he pounded me, I could feel his cock throb and twitch inside. He seemed to climax forever; Hot cum filled me. . I felt it running out of me and down my legs as he pulled out. I quickly cleaned up as my sister called again for me. I put my skirt on and stuck my stockings under my shirt. “Thank you!” I smiled.

“I want to see you again.” I gave him my number. Yes, there is more. Maybe I’ll tell you later.

Special note to my editor abashed-dreamer; for helping me get my story sounding wonderful, thank you!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32