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Author’s Note: It’s amazing how many people think Alice might be a closet dominatrix. I wonder how she’d feel about those remarks. Don’t make her cry or Josh will come knocking at your door with a two-by-four (rhyme!).

Oh, and please leave a comment. I read them all no matter how short or long or critical. They actually do encourage me to write more. Anyway…enjoy.


Chapter 15

Late on Wednesday morning, Josh found himself sitting on his bed, completely out of breath and looking up at Dawn. She was lying with her head propped up on his pillow, wearing nothing but a pair of pink panties. Her breasts stood up magnificently and her skin was gleaming like gold. A minute ago, Josh had been kneeling over her chest and thrusting his cock into her mouth, while Dawn simply looked up at him and allowed him to do as he pleased. She had asked him, though, not to cum in her mouth, so now she lay with Josh’s thick globs of cum all over her gorgeous face, grinning at him.

“Wow,” she said. “Quite a load.”

Josh was too tried to even smile back. He was completely floored by the sight of his sexy sister lying naked on his bed with her face covered in his semen. He could have cum again, if there was any left.

“Bet you don’t want to kiss me now,” said Dawn, dissolving into giggles.

Josh was finally able to smile. She was incredibly cute when she giggled, even if she had a massive load of her brother’s cum all over her face. But, no, he didn’t particular want to kiss her right now.

As usual, Dawn wasted no time in scooping Josh’s cum into her mouth. He watched attentively as she did it, enthralled by the sight.

“Are you sure Jacquie’s out all day?” Dawn asked, collecting a dollop of cum from her cheek with a finger.

“That’s what she said,” replied Josh.

Dawn sucked her finger clean. “Do you think you’ll be ready again soon?”

“I just came more than my own body weight,” said Josh. “What do you think?”

“I guess it’s my turn then,” Dawn replied.

Josh smiled wearily. He and Dawn, by a lucky coincidence, had the entire day to themselves. Jacquie had informed Josh in the morning that she was going to be out all day – shopping, visiting friends, shopping again – and Josh, having only two classes, had decided to forgo school for the day. Once Dawn had learnt of these facts, she’d insisted that she call in sick and spend the day with Josh.

“You can fuck me as long and hard as you want,” she had told him the second Jacquie had walked out the door, looping her arms around his neck. “You’re going to be dry by the time I’m finished with you, Joshy.”

So much for slowing down, Josh had thought to himself. Still, he wasn’t complaining.

It was a long, tiring day. There was cunnilingus in the bedroom, a blowjob in the shower, sex in the laundry, a scene involving chocolate sauce in the bathroom and lots and lots of making out on the couch. By the end, Josh was so tired that he literally collapsed on his bed and could do nothing against Dawn’s continually playful antics. She was kneeling on the bed beside him and lightly dancing her fingers across his chest.

“How ‘bout another blow job?” she suggested hopefully. “I bet you’re hard again.”

“Don’t you ever get tired?” Josh asked.

“Oh, come on,” said Dawn, “we haven’t done that much.”

“My pelvis is numb!” Josh exclaimed.

“Well, you’re not very durable are you?” she commented. “Lara and I once went for twenty-four hours straight. We spent all day and night in bed and…”

Twenty seconds later Josh’s cock was wedged firmly between Dawn’s eager lips. She peeled her top off quickly and rubbed her breasts against his legs as she sucked him. It took close to half an hour for Josh to cum, and though there wasn’t much of it when he did, his orgasm was a powerful one nonetheless.

Finally, at long last, Dawn seemed sated. She crawled up the bed and lay down beside him, still very topless. They both stared up at the ceiling, Dawn’s head resting lightly on Josh’s shoulder.

“So whatever happened with that Valerie chick?” Dawn asked curiously.

“We’re friends,” Josh replied succinctly.

“Bummer,” said Dawn.

“What do you mean ‘bummer’?” Josh demanded. “I happen to like being friends with her.”

“You do?”


“So, are you like…casual sex friends?”

“No! We haven’t had sex.”

“I thought you liked her?”

“I do.”

“But she won’t put out?”

“You’re impossible, Dawn, you know that.”

“Oh, right…you don’t care about the sex.”

“Not primarily, no.”

“Then I guess it’s a good thing I’m here to satisfy your urges, isn’t it?”

“I don’t have sex with you just to satisfy my urges, Dawn.”

“Of course you do. That’s why people have sex, Josh. You can attach a deeper meaning to it if you like, but in the end it all comes down to pure, human lust.”

“Are you trying to be profound?”

“I dunno. Am I being profound?”

“Kind of.”

“Then, yes.”

They fell into a comfortable silence, staring up the ceiling, the weight of kartal escort Dawn’s head on Josh’s shoulder filling him with a pleasant serenity.

“So, is she cute?” Dawn asked at length.

“Who?” Josh replied.


“Oh. Yeah.”

“Well, what does she look like?”

“Well…she has light brown hair which she usually wears in a ponytail; she’s got incredible skin; her teeth are perfectly straight and perfectly white. Her eyes are brown and she’s got a great body, although I never really look at that much. And her voice is like music and when she smiles at you it’s like nothing in the world could possibly upset you.”

“Sounds like you really love this girl.”

“Love? I don’t know. I never really thought about it.”

“Well, it’s obviously more than a crush. I never paid any attention to the teeth of the boys I had a crush on.”

“You had crushes?”

“Of course I did! What, you think I went around blowing every guy I liked?”

“Didn’t you?”

“Not all of them.”

“I guess I just don’t see you as the type to have a crush. I figured you’d tell the people you liked how you felt about them.”

“Telling’s hard. Showing’s easier.”

“So how do you show someone that you care about them?”

“Well, you can let them cum on your face.”

“And supposing you’re not into that kind of thing?”

“Well, then I guess you have to go with the telling. Just suck it up and do it. Like me.”

“I’m supposed to take that literally aren’t I?”

“If you like.”


“So, she’s got a nice body, huh? What size are her tits?”

“I told you, I don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff very much.”


“I said ‘not very much’.”

“But they’re nice, aren’t they?”

“Well… Wait – why are you so curious about all this?”

“No reason. She just sounds hot.”

“You’re not thinking about her are you?”

“Would that be a problem?”



“I’ve had a crush on this girl for years, not to mention she’s now one of my closest friends, and you’re mentally undressing her!?”

“Jeez. Any other guy, Josh…”

“I can’t believe you.”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t want to spend a day with both of us?”

“Not everyone is as open-minded about incest as we are, you know.”

“Yeah, but she’d get used to it. I gotta say, I’m curious to see her now. Can I drive you to school tomorrow? You can point her out to me.”


“Oh, come on. I can pretend to be your new girlfriend; I bet that’d make her jealous enough to ask you out again.”

“I don’t want her to ask me out out of jealousy. And how long do you think it would be before she figured out you’re my sister?”

“Well, then she’d know and we could all have fun together.”

“You’re sick, Dawn.”

“Hey, let’s not forget who’s swallowing your loads for you, mister.”

“You’re lying half-naked beside me, Dawn – I’m not going to forget any time soon.”

“I could be lying fully-naked beside you if you want.”

“Maybe later.”

Again, a casual silence ensued, the ceiling the focus of attention. Josh was having a hard time comprehending the fact that he was speaking so openly with his once bitter enemy, who, even if she didn’t seem to understand some of his views on life, still listened thoughtfully enough. The silence drew on and Josh felt entirely at ease, until Dawn broke it.

“Can I blow you again?”


“Fiiine,” she sighed and sat up. She pulled her top on and left the room

Slut, Josh thought with a smile.


“So what’s wrong with you?” Jacquie asked Dawn in the kitchen.

“Oh, I was coming down with a cold I think. But it’s gone now.”

Jacquie nodded as she packed the groceries away in the cupboards, Josh helping her. “So what did the two of you get up to?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing much,” Dawn replied with a conspiratorial grin at Josh, who glared warningly at her. “We had a nice, long talk.”

“Oh?” Jacquie said inquisitively. “About what?”

“Driving,” Dawn supplied. “Josh is going to let me teach him.”

“You are?” Jacquie asked with surprise, turning to Josh.

“Er…yeah,” Josh replied, making a mental note to: Kill Dawn.

“So, the friendship thing is still working then?” Jacquie inquired.

“Oh, yeah,” Dawn replied. “We’re best buddies.” She laughed silently at the look on Josh’s face. Josh simply amended his mental note to: Kill Dawn slowly.

By the time they’d finished packing away all of the shopping (with no help from Dawn – she was content to watch) Alice arrived home, flushed and exhausted. “Hey,” she said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Howdy,” said Dawn, looking up. “Hot outside?”

“Very,” Alice replied, going straight for a glass of water. “Weren’t you working today?” she asked Dawn as she ran the taps.

“No – I didn’t feel up to it.”

Alice leant against the counter and brought the glass to her lips, sipping it elegantly. She must be completely parched, Josh mused, and yet she still retains maltepe escort bayan all her grace. If it had been him he would have upended the glass over his head and hoped that most of it hit his mouth. She did look hot though (with respect to temperature, Josh reminded himself firmly). The bright red spots on her cheeks and the sheen of sweat on her collarbones did make her look particularly adorable though. Josh wanted to find a palm tree branch and wave it up and down in front of her to cool her down, or maybe spray her with the hose, though he wasn’t sure whose benefit that was for.

He realised he was staring and quickly averted his eyes. Luckily, Alice hadn’t seemed to notice, nor had Jacquie, though Dawn was looking at him with a knowing grin, her chin resting on her palm. He stared back defiantly, but as she showed no sign of looking away anytime soon, and as it might raise questions if he was found to be engaged in a staring competition with her, Josh looked away. He suspected that only concreted Dawn’s suspicions though.

Finally, Dawn seemed to tire of sitting and doing nothing. She announced boisterously that, “I have a phone call to make”, and then jumped up and walked into the study, closing the door behind her. The only thing Josh could think about were the words ‘phone’, ‘sex’ and ‘Lara’. He quivered with the thought.

Beside him, Jacquie was rolling her neck from side to side. “I think I’ll take a bath,” she said and then disappeared upstairs. Josh realised a second too late who this left him with and felt his stomach plummet into his feet. He turned around to do something in the fridge or the cupboard and found Alice looking at him.

“Are you okay, Josh?” she asked.

“Fine,” Josh replied distractedly.

“You’re not still upset about what we talked about are you?”

Suddenly, all of the heat in Alice’s body had rushed itself into Josh’s; he felt his cheeks burning and his palms beginning to sweat. “I…uh…”

“Josh,” said Alice, coming closer, which to Josh spelled the end of the world, “I told you I wasn’t angry. You do believe me, don’t you?”

Josh nodded.

“I don’t want you to be ashamed or embarrassed or anything like that,” Alice told him. “And I don’t want things to be awkward between us.”

Josh almost laughed aloud. Which Josh was she talking about?

Alice was smiling at him and standing disconcertingly close too. “Is that why Dawn stayed home all day?”

Bloody hell, she’s smart, Josh thought. You couldn’t trick or deceive Alice – not that you would ever want to. How could you lie to someone so sweet and adorable and not feel like a monster? Luckily, Josh’s silence was enough to answer her question, though he doubted how accurate her mental picture would be, lacking a cum-faced Dawn as it undoubtedly would be.

“You’re still worried,” Alice said with some disappointment. She took Josh’s hand. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No, it’s not you,” Josh assured her. “I’m not worried, I’m just…it’s weird, talking about it.”

“I suppose it is,” Alice replied. “But you don’t have to talk to me about it. Just don’t stop talking to me completely, okay?”

“Okay,” said Josh. Alice smiled warmly at him and turned around. “Al,” he said, calling her back.


“Thanks,” said Josh. “For being so understanding.”

She smiled again and put a hand on his arm. “You can talk to me about anything, Josh. I hope you know that. Whenever you need to, I’m here for you.”

Josh nodded with a smile. “I know.”

And then Alice did something completely unexpected; something that made Josh redefine the colour red: she stood on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. A great warmth radiated out from the place her lips had touched and filled Josh’s entire body. He was left staring over her shoulder at one of the kitchen windows, breathing in heavy, ragged gasps, until Alice moved back and he forced his breathing back to normal. She was smiling at him and running her hand up and down his arm in a soothing manner. If she was wondering why Josh’s face resembled a large tomato, she didn’t show it. She took her hand away and smiled at him again before leaving the room. Josh felt as though someone had poured warm honey inside his chest. He stood absolutely still, fearing that if he moved he’d fall over.

Several minutes passed before he regained control of his body, and when he did, he found Dawn walking towards him with a grin. “Someone’s in love with Aaaalice!” she chorused.

Josh blushed hotly and hissed, “Shut up!” He glanced nervously at the stairs.

Dawn ran a hand over his cheek. “Aw, look…he’s all red.”

Josh swatted her hand away. “Will you stop that!”

She giggled and walked to the fridge. “What was she kissing you for anyway?”

“Uh…” Josh hesitated. He was relieved that Dawn hadn’t heard the beginning of their conversation, but what could he say to justify the end of it? “She was just saying that I looked tired and she thought something was on my mind,” he settled for. It was true that Alice had spoken to escort pendik him about that, even if it had been several days ago.

“And did you tell her why you were so tired?” Dawn asked, her head buried in the fridge and her ass staring at Josh. She straightened up and shut the door, clutching a tub of yoghurt in her hand. “Did you tell her that I made you cum eleven times?” she said, standing close to Josh.

“Keep your voice down!” Josh hissed.

“It’s still all over me,” Dawn informed him seductively. “It’s on my skin and around my nipples. I can still taste it on my lips.” She licked them for emphasis.

“What the hell are you trying to pull?” Josh demanded.

“Nothing,” Dawn replied innocently. “I just enjoy watching you squirm.”

“I would have thought you’d seen enough of that this afternoon.”

Dawn grinned. “See – you like talking about it, too.”

“Not with the others in the house,” Josh whispered crossly and pushed Dawn along. Though he still had trouble coming to terms with the things he and Dawn did behind closed (and not so closed) doors, it was even more bizarre to touch her normally like this, even if it was on her back with her clothes on.

“Okay, okay,” Dawn said as Josh ushered her out of the kitchen. She had her tub of yoghurt open by the time he nudged her into the living room; she scooped a spoonful up and made a suggestive display of licking it clean, which told Josh that it wasn’t yoghurt she was thinking of. She grinned at his dark look and continued to laugh as Josh turned his back on her and walked away.


The following day, a Thursday, was far more normal for Josh. He arrived home after school to find Jacquie on the floor in the living room, surrounded by a mass of boxes.

“What are you doing?” Josh asked curiously after dumping his bag.

“Going through all this stuff that was in the spare room,” Jacquie replied, wiping the back of her arm over her forehead. “We haven’t cleaned it out in years.”

“So let’s wait a few more,” Josh suggested, taking a seat on the couch. He picked up an old racing car that he remembered from his childhood. “You’re not going to get rid of this stuff are you?”

“They’re toys, Josh! You haven’t used them since you were five.”

“That doesn’t mean that I won’t one day rekindle my love of matchbox cars.”

“Well, let me know when you do, so I can move out.”

Josh smiled and put the car down, picking up a box of photographs instead. “What are these?”

“Photos,” Jacquie replied. “From everywhere and anywhere.”

Josh pulled a handful out of the box to look at them. He saw himself as a child, sitting in front of a birthday cake with his sisters, all much younger, standing around him. He saw himself at fifteen in Fiji, standing in front of a swimming pool with Dawn giving him bunny ears. She was wearing an orange bikini and looked incredible. There was one of him and Jacquie covered in chocolate mousse and a picture of Alice looking up from the couch and smiling at the camera. Josh smiled back at her.

“Anything good?” Jacquie inquired.

“Yeah,” said Josh. “I don’t remember some of these.”

Josh quickly flipped back to the one of him and Jacquie post-food-fight as she came to kneel beside him. She laughed when she saw the photo. “I remember that. You threw mousse all over me and then I tipped my whole bowl on your head.”

Josh smiled. “Good times.”

“I guess we were a lot more innocent back then, huh?”

“Being innocent isn’t all it’s cut out to be,” Josh replied. Jacquie smiled at him and leaned up to kiss him. Josh wrapped his arms around her and fell back on the couch with Jacquie on top of him, kissing her slowly and passionately.

“I was…supposed to…pack this stuff up,” Jacquie said between kisses, dropping a dirty rag on the floor and putting her other hand around Josh’s neck.

“You can do that later,” Josh said. “I still owe you a favour, remember?”

“I remember,” Jacquie said with a grin. “And I’m not going to forget either. But Alice and Dawn will be home soon.”

Josh felt a twinge of guilt as soon as the other girls were mentioned. He usually tried to banish all thoughts of Dawn when he was with Jacquie and vice versa. But he was playing a dangerous game now and he knew it. Alice knew about Jacquie and Dawn, and Dawn knew about Jacquie but Jacquie knew nothing. He felt like he was betraying her confidence; like he didn’t deserve to be doing what he did with her. It felt good though, so maybe he’d worry about it later.

Jacquie put her hands on his chest and pushed him gently away. “Come on, we’d better stop.”

“Do we have to?” Josh asked like a stubborn kid.

“Next time,” said Jacquie, kissing him on the cheek. “I promise.” She stood up and collected her rag again. “Can you give me a hand taking these boxes back?”

“Sure,” said Josh. They spent the next ten minutes transferring the boxes from the living room to the spare room and stacking them as best they could. When they’d finished, Jacquie exhaled an exhausted breath and dusted her hands off. “That should do us for a few more years, I suppose. Come on.” She hooked her arm around Josh’s and led him back to the kitchen. “What do you want for dinner tonight?” she asked. Once Josh had opened his mouth, she added, “And don’t say pussy.” Josh shut his mouth again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32