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I see her here every Sunday, sitting down wearing her tight jeans, her form fitting blouse cut just below the neck showing her perfect 19 year old body, her eyes never leaving the preacher. I know I shouldn’t have these thoughts during the sermon, but the way her full lips press together and her chest heaves with every breath makes it hard to focus on what’s going on behind the pulpit. It’s everything an 18 year old boy could dream of.

Her name is Kate. Not a very seductive name I know, but it’s the only name on my mind between 10 and 12 am every Sunday. I’ve never been the best Christian, but when I’m here I do my best. It’s just when she twirls her fingers through her long brown hair I can’t help but go crazy. I’ve thought about making my move, letting her know how I feel, I just know I’m not her type. I mean, how often do you see the good little church girl walking around with an average Joe like me? I’m tall, fit, have great teeth, but other than that I’m nothing special.

I’ve been staring at her for months now, dreaming about her when I got home. I’ve been using thoughts of her snapping that gum with her hair done up as my private fantasy. Thinking about her snapping her lips around my cock has gotten me through many lonely nights. One of these days I should thank her for all she’s unwittingly done for me just by sitting there the way she does, but not for a while.

I’ve done so well at sneaking my peeks at her while she was unaware, until today. As the preacher droned on I found myself starring at her perfect chest. My eyes moving in sync as her breasts lifted and fell with every breath. All of a sudden they stopped moving, my eyes lifting to meet hers. I must have looked like a total fool, staring at her like a deer in the headlights, my jaw must have been hanging inches from the floor.

I expected a disgusted look, some form of anger, any reaction other than the one she gave me. She just smiled and continued twirling her hair in her finger, a small smile on her face as she turned back to the preacher. I felt my breath leave my chest for what seemed like the first time in years. I’ve been with women before, why does she have this effect on me? Did she see what I was looking at? Is she laughing because she caught me… or… could she have liked it? A multitude of questions running through my mind, but one thing was for sure, I wasn’t taking my eyes off the preacher until he was done. No way I was getting caught like that twice.

After the sermon I must have been going 50 miles an hour to my car trying to get away and avoid any possible encounter with her. Somehow when I got out of the building she was standing right by my little Chevy Nova waiting for me. As I neared she had that same smile on her face as before.

“So Johnny, what did you think of the sermon?” she asked me, “You were listening weren’t you? Or were you preoccupied?” Her smile was taunting me.

“I uh… it was good,” I pendik escort say not sure what she’s trying to get out of me.

“How did I look?” her hands moving to her breasts, pushing them up a little, “don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy it.”

At this point I have no idea how to respond. This perfect little church girl has just taken my world and turned it on it’s head. “They uh… you look amazing.” My eyes unconsciously move to her chest as she presses them together in front of me.

“I’ve seen you looking at me, you kind of make it obvious. Next time you should try to limit yourself to a few seconds. When you stare for minutes on end even the preacher notices.”

Her smile isn’t malicious, it’s almost charming, I think to myself. I smile back, a little more confident as I see her leaning on the side of my car. “What if I was staring, you definitely have more to look at than the preacher.”

“I’d hope so, he’s close to 60. So, are you a hands on kind of guy? Or eyes only?”

I’ve never seen an angel look so devilish as I did at that moment. I knew at that moment my private fantasies had just gotten many times hotter. “I’m pretty good with my hands,” taking a step closer, “did you have something in mind?”

Snapping her gum, Kate walks over placing her hand between my legs as she smiles up into my eyes, “I think we should head back inside, there’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” I hadn’t realized I was hard until I was in her hand, the way her eyes lit up betrayed her pleasure when she found me excited.

The look in her eyes tells me she’s up to no good, but I follow her anyways. Her perfect ass swaying back and forth in those tight jeans as we head back into the sanctuary. I look around as I see a few stragglers talking and enjoying their time after the service is over. Kate leads me to the back row, sitting me down right in the middle of the pew. Looking at her I move to ask her what’s going on when she places a hand on my finger and gives me that devilish smile.

Slowly she sinks to her knees, below eye level to anyone in front of us. Her hands expertly undoing my zipper as I feel her swiftly pull my pants down to my ankles. My breathing quickens as I find myself looking over at the people still walking around, then back down to her. Her hands massaging my cock through my boxers as she looks up at me. Her blue eyes shining as she works her hands up and down my length.

“I was hoping you were big,” Kate states simply, dragging her fingers down my 8″ of length, “I’m glad you didn’t let me down.”

“I aim to please,” the last word barely escaping my lips before she pulls my length out of my boxers and wraps her hand around me at the base.

Her hand slowly moves up and down my length, her fingers wrapping around the head, then working their way back down to the base. “You like it when your dirty little church girl strokes your cock?”

I only nod as kağıthane escort I try to choke down moans, my eyes quickly scanning an ever emptying sanctuary as the girl of my dreams works my cock.

“Mmm good, I’d hate to disappoint,” with that her hand moves from the head of my cock to the base, her lips following directly behind. The way her lips quickly take my length are almost too much as I feel my cock swelling between her lips.

My hands instinctively move to the back of her head as she works up and down my shaft. Pulling her mouth up for a second, wrapping her tongue around the head of my shaft as she looks up at me with a smile. When her eyes lock on mine with my cock in her mouth I feel myself let out a low moan, quickly looking up to be sure no one heard.

“Quiet up there,” she whispers, “I’d hate to not have a chance to finish you.” As she lets out a low giggle she takes my entire length in her mouth again. Her off hand slowly moves between my legs, grabbing my balls. Her other hand working up and down my shaft, faster as she twists her wrist up and down my shaft. I can hear her moaning as she gets into it, my cock throbbing with every twist of her wrist. I feel my orgasm building as I lean back closing my eyes. Just as I get ready to let go I feel her hand grip me around the base, stopping me in my tracks.

“Not yet, you cum when I say you cum,” I hold back my protest as I watch the last of the patrons walk out the front door, “It’s my turn.”

Knowingly I move down as she sits on the edge of the pew, unzipping as she slowly works those tight jeans down her legs. The black g-string holding tightly to her hips as she smiles down at me. Understanding completely I lean forward kissing her stomach. My lips trailing down between her legs, my hands grabbing her inner thighs, working up inch by inch to the sides of her clit.

“Oh God,” she moans.

“I guess if He’s gonna hear you, this is the place,” I say pulling her panties down over her thighs. I immediately kiss the front of her clit, my fingers rubbing small circles up her thighs. My mouth working against her clit, flicking my tongue side to side as she grinds against my mouth. I let one hand move to her ass pulling her against my face, my other hand moving between her legs, slowly pushing a finger inside of her tight pussy.

As I work her I feel two hands grab the back of my head, pulling me against her. Her breathing starts getting faster as her hips work up and down against my mouth. Fingerfucking her as I relentlessly work her clit, her moans only driving me harder. Pushing a 2nd finger inside of her as I work her clit I feel her hold her breath, shuddering against my mouth. Letting out a silent scream as she straightens and comes to rest in front of me. My finger still working in and out of her slowly, looking up at her with my own sly smile.

“That was incredible,” maltepe escort she says wide eyed, her chest heaving as she tries to regain her composure. “It’s time to make you cum,” she leans down pulling my face up as she kisses me deeply. Looking around we see that for the moment the room is empty. Slowly moving to her knees she turns around putting her hands on the back of the pew, “fuck me.”

Before those words I had a million questions, what if someone walks in? what if someone hears? What would your parents think? As the words “fuck me” came out of her sexy little mouth I found myself already standing behind her pressing the head of my cock against her tight wet pussy.

Running the head of my cock up and down behind her, getting wet, her hips grinding back against me as my hands grab her hips. Her perfect ass moving up and down as I feel the head of my cock slide inside of her.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” I moan.

“Shut up and take it,” she order turning back towards me, grabbing my shirt and pulling me forward, my cock in its entirety sliding inside of her.

My hips immediately start working into her, pulling back, then slowly driving in. My tempo picking up as I let my hips drive into her, working deeper with every thrust. I pull her back into me with every thrust, watching her ass meet my hips as I drive into her.

“That’s it baby,” she moans breathlessly, “fuck me.”

Those words again. I grab her hips and begin driving hard inside of her. Her knuckles turning white as she grabs the back of the pew. Her hips coming back to meet me with every thrust. Her moaning starts getting louder, unable to help myself I let my hand slide around her hips and move over her clit. My fingers moving over her as I fuck her, her hips still driving back into me.

“Ooooooh shit!” She shrieks as she tightens around my cock. The realization that she came around my cock sends me over the edge. Grabbing her hair as I pull her back into me, my hips slapping against her, no longer caring if anyone hears.

“Kate, I’m going to cum!” I call out, her moans tell me she doesn’t care where we are anymore either.

She looks back at me pulling her hips off of me as she gets down on her knees underneath me. Opening her mouth as she grabs my shaft, sucking me into her throat in one swift motion. Pulling her mouth back she uses both hands to stroke my shaft over her open mouth. Her tongue out as she works me hard from base to head. I lean back staring down at her sexy face as I feel my cock throb one final time before thick ropes of cum jet out into her mouth. The 2nd shot firing over her cheek. Then, without missing a step, she takes my cock into her mouth as I unleash the rest of my load straight into her throat. My hands holding her head there as I finish.

Pulling her lips off she smiles up at me as she drags her finger across her cheek gathering the loose strand of cum. Licking her finger clean as her eyes lock onto mine.

All of a sudden my fantasy comes to a screeching halt as we hear one of the deacons come out from a back room.

“What the Hell are you kids doing?!”

Pulling up our pants as we race out the front door. It was a dream come true, hopefully Kate isn’t done with me yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32