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I feel your breath on my skin, but I turn away. Your nearness disturbs me. I seem to feel the heat of you even though I know I can’t possibly. Until we touch you’re perfect…I’m perfect. No scars, no disappointments. Perfection.

I see you again…you try to catch my eye, as if you want to say something. But I turn away, pretending not to see. I want you, and for now the wanting is enough. It shortens my breath and pulls at things deep inside of me.

We meet in doorways and hallways for weeks. Each time I see you I feel a shock to my heart and my breath stutters. I can barely speak to you, but it doesn’t seem to matter. You talk to me anyway. We laugh and talk and part. Each meeting winds the tension in my chest tighter and tighter. I feel as if one more chance meeting, one more innocent comment will make me fly apart into a million pieces. And then for the first time we touch…accidentally. Electric shock causes us to jerk back, and we laugh. A spark you say, and I agree. Then I agree to meet you for a drink. You smile on parting, and I forget to breath…I want you. Do you want me?

Getting ready is almost impossible. I know what I want to happen, but don’t truly expect it to happen. And despite my desire I’m uncertain as to how the night will unfold. Taking a deep breath I choose my clothes for comfort and confidence. Tight, but comfortable jeans and a green silk shirt that caresses my body with each move I make. Underneath it all simple black cotton panties and bra. At least they match.

The bar is close and loud, and I don’t see you. I’m suddenly terrified. I almost turn to leave but suddenly you are in front of me reaching down to take my hands. And just as suddenly I feel a flash of heat burn away my fear and find the courage to look up at you. All the air rushes out of my chest and I feel as if the people around us are impinging. I want you all to myself.

We find a dark corner and relax into it. Despite the newness and nearness, you seem to have no need to fill the silence with emptiness. A barmaid takes our drink order and returns almost unnoticed by me. All I can really see is you. The weeks of seeing each other has worn the edges of acquaintance off almost into friendship. It’s enough to sit here quietly, side by side, almost touching. Almost.

You turn to me and smile. I meet your eyes, but can’t smile back. I can’t move. You’re too close.

You frown uncertainly. I’m not giving you the responses you expect. You cock you head to the side and ask me if everything is ok. Trembling, I barely manage to nod my head yes. But everything isn’t ok. It’s too much. I want you too much. But I’m too afraid to make a move.

You stare at me for a moment, and then I can see you come to a decision. Suddenly you lean into me, and match your lips to mine. Surprised I still expect you to rush in and capture my mouth. Instead you stop, your mouth a breath away from mine. Staring into your eyes I drown in your pupils, seeing nothing but my own eyes reflected there. As light as a leaf settling onto the surface of a still pool you touch you lips to mine. I can scarcely feel your touch, and yet it is the only thing I can feel at all. I close my eyes and lean into you ever so slightly. You meld your mouth more closely to mine. I can feel a heart racing, and we’re so close that I can’t tell whether it is your heart or mine. It doesn’t matter.

Slowly you sweep your tongue across my lips, teasing along the edges but not yet seeking entrance. Your hands slide into my hair. Its almost as if I can feel your caress along each separate strand of hair. I slide my hands from your chest up to your jaw, despite the cool scent of your after shave, I can feel the slight rasp of stubble along your chin. I move my hands to the back of your neck and press closer, finally opening up to you. Again expecting you to take more control, you seduce instead of plunder. Your tongue slips in and you begin to caress each of my teeth separately.

Every slide, every caress makes my heart beat faster. As we press closer together you edge us deeper into the shadows of our booth. The noise of the crowded bar around us has faded into the background and no longer truly registers with me. Everything is focused on now, your heat and your touch, and the response I don’t even want to hide. You slide your hands from my jaw and down my neck and to my shoulders. Your touch is so light it should seem tentative, but it doesn’t. Everywhere your fingers trail over the silk of my blouse, my skin burns. I feel like I should be glowing incandescently in bursa escort the shadows. My hands slide from your neck to your back, tracing the length of your spine I feel you shiver and tense.

Almost beyond my awareness, the throbbing music of the club takes up a deeper tempo. Responding to it, you deepen the kiss even more. Then suddenly you pull back. Before I can react you grasp my hand and pull me out of the safe, dark booth and onto the dance floor. I freeze, I don’t know what to do. Then your arms are around me and our bodies are swaying to the music. I can feel the bass line working its way into my heartbeat. Your heartbeat is taking on the same rhythm. I look up into your eyes. In the dimness of the club I can’s see their color, only the gleam of your pupils. You pull me closer and start us moving more deliberately. Instead of merely swaying to the music we are propelled by it. Each movement builds the friction between us higher and higher.

Suddenly the music stops and I freeze. Without it’s impetus I can’t seem to make myself move. You look down at me and I meet your eyes only with difficulty. Despite the relative dimness of the club you pupils have contracted down almost to pinpoints. Slowly you step back, releasing me until you hold only my hand. Your thumb rubs gently along my pulse, causing it to jump again. Feeling my reaction you smile, utterly sure of me and yourself. Walking slowly backwards, you lead me off the floor. I expect you to lead us back to our dark, safe booth but you don’t. Turning without releasing my hand you pull me towards the door.

For a moment I panic. I know what you want, or at least I think I do, and I want it too. But nothing until this moment has been too far. We’re still perfect to each other. Nothing that has passed has been irrevocable. If we take this walk, alone and end up together, everything will change. I want you, and I want to believe that you want me. I do believe you want me. But until we’ve gone those last few steps, we haven’t gone too far.

Sensing my reluctance, you pull me into the shadows beside the club. Pressing me against the wall you look down at me and smile. This time it is a gentle smile. You can feel my doubts swarming in the air between us. I open my mouth to say something, without knowing what I can say, but you still my lips with a gentle finger. Calming slightly I center myself and gaze up at you. Still smiling you lean down to kiss me and this time you do plunder my mouth. Every bit of your concentration is on our connection and I suddenly feel as if I’m burning from the inside out. Everything before this, every trembling moment has been nothing to the conflagration of the senses that I feel. Things deep inside me tighten and pool in to molten heat and suddenly your holding my entire weight against you chest. And I know you want me, I can feel you against my stomach, full and tight against the front of your jeans. I reach down and brush gently across you. You shudder and draw back.

“If you do that we won’t make it home,” you say with laughter vibrating under your words.

I look up at you smiling, and at last I believe. “So lets go home then.”

I can hardly remember anything else until we reach the door of the apartment building, where we both fumble breathlessly for our keys. Laughing you manage to pull yours out first but fumble it from your trembling fingers and you try to put it in the lock. While you feel around on the ground looking up at me with laughing eyes I pull my key out and open the door. With the light from the lobby shining out you find your key and stand up.

“Your place or mine?”

The impetus once again on me I almost freeze. Then I make the safe choice. “Yours.” If someone leaves at the end it will be me. I won’t have to watch you walk away.

You smile down at me and I melt a little more at the understanding in your eyes. Still smiling you reach down and take my hand and lead me to the elevator. As soon as the door closes behind us you pull into your arms and take my mouth again. Its still sweet but now there’s nothing slow about it. The fire in the pit of my stomach which had begun to bank a little flared to life hotter than ever. Within seconds I am breathlessly hanging in your arms barely able to stand.

The bell of the elevator reaching your floor is all out of proportion loud and clanging in my head. And he soft shushing of the opening elevator doors and inrush of air from the hall feels like a gale wind. Each and every sensation and impression is exaggerated and exhilarating. I can bursa merkez escort almost taste my jumping pulse at the back of my throat. I close my eyes and hold my breath, leaning back for a moment.

Pulling away from me, you reach down and take my hand. Walking backwards with your eyes always on my face you lead me off the elevator and down the hall. Your apartment is at the end. Despite my desire and the weight of my decision I begin to tremble the closer we come to your door. Finally reaching it, you lean back and pull me once more into your arms. As we meld closer together I can feel the evidence of your arousal, unabated even with the distance traveled from where we started. But still you are gentle. Putting you hand under my jaw, you raise my head up so I meet your eyes.

“Are you sure?”

Trembling harder I nod my head. I can’t seem to speak.

You shake yours and repeat, “Are you sure? I need to hear you say it before we go any further.”

Pulling back slightly, I swallow an try to wet my suddenly dry lips. Your gaze tracks down my face and lingers on my lips. Finally managing to moisten my mouth enough I whisper only one word.


Your smile was incandescent. Reaching into your pocket you fumble out the key and try to get it in the lock without looking. Your eyes still on my mouth you miss the lock completely and the key skips out of your hand and clatters to the floor. The expression of chagrin on your face loosens the knot in my chest enough that I can laugh. I kneel down and reach for the key, ending up on my knees before you with my one hand resting on your hip and the other reaching across the floor between your legs.

My hand groping across the floor after the key I find myself face to zipper with you. I can see the evidence of your desire straining against its confines. Smiling I lean forward just far enough to brush my lips across you. Your knees buckle slightly and your back thumps against the door. Smiling up at you I lean in and brush my lips across you again. You strain tighter against the confines of your zipper and start to breath more deeply, almost panting. I want you. You want me. Perfection.

My groping hand finally touches the key. Smiling I stand up and reach beside you to put the key in the lock. Even though you’re still leaning, weak kneed against the door I turn the knob and give it a slight push. Your weight opens the door and forces you to take a stumbling step backwards. I stare up at you smiling. Even caught off guard and stumbling you are graceful. Laughing you pull me through the doorway, then push me back against it closing it with my weight. Then you lean down and take my mouth with yours. There’s no hesitation this time, no giving me a choice. You take my mouth, I feel like you are consuming me.

Almost desperate for the touch of you skin I start tugging at the hem of your shirt and you pull back laughing. Looking down at me you grin and pull your shirt off. You’re not perfect, but neither am I. It doesn’t matter, when we touch I feel perfect. The heat of your skin under my hands makes me burn even hotter. You start to unbutton my shirt, all the while kissing me as if you are trying to meld our mouths together. Wanting more than anything to feel my chest against yours I impatiently brush your hands away and yank on my shirt, popping the last few buttons off. You look down and my plain black cotton bra and laugh. I blush for a moment, then smile. Its not exactly the type of lingerie you where planning on seduction, but then again I wasn’t planning anything.

Reaching behind me I unclasp myself and free my breasts. You reach out and gently cup them running your rough thumbs over my suddenly throbbing nipples. Gasping I reach up and pull your face down to mine for another consuming kiss, all the while you keep stroking me and winding me tighter. Each brush of your wonderfully calloused thumbs pulls at things deep inside of me as if there’s an electric line running from my breasts to my pussy. I can feel myself growing wetter than I’ve ever been before. And suddenly I’ve had all I can take.

Gasping and unable to take anymore I release your mouth and push you back. It doesn’t matter where it is your bed is too far away. The rug in front of your couch looks plenty soft enough for me. Pushing you back another couple of steps I kneel down and reach for you zipper. Pulling it carefully out from your body I tug it down with one hand and reach inside for another. You are more than ready for me springing into my hand and oozing bursa sınırsız escort a drop of pre-cum into my palm. Smiling smooth my hand over your cock and stroke it up and down, feeling you tighten even further beneath my hands. I look up at you smiling but you look down at me with an expression close to pain. You reach down and pull me up to you and seal you lips to mine again, then you push me back a step and unbutton my jeans and yank them and my underwear down in one almost violent movement. You reach down cup my mound and that’s all it takes to bring me to a shuddering halt on the edge of climax. Now its our turn to smile as you step back and kick off your shoes and unbutton your jeans. I reach out and push them and your boxers down and step out of them pulling me into our arms. Then you kneel and take me down with you.

You lean back and pull me onto your lap so that I’m straddling your knees. I can feel you brushing against me and I shiver uncontrollably. Leaning into your embrace I reach down between us and push you against me. You gasp and push my hand aside, dipping two fingers into my soaking wet slit. You stroke my pussy lips for a moment and then brush lightly over my clit. The pleasure is so intense I stiffen and hover on the edge of orgasm. Leaning in I capture your lips this time and plunder your mouth. Trying to capture, taste, and caress every nuance of your passion. You kiss me back and our tongues duel while you caress every part of me you can reach and I return the favor. Each sliding caress of tongues and hands leaves a stinging trail of pleasure on my skin. I can only hope you feel the same. The press of your chest against mine causes two lines of tensions to span between my nipples and my pussy. Gasping I come to a small climax and freeze.

You reach behind me and grab my ass grinding me against you. Enough is enough. I reach down and grasp your cock and press the head against my entrance. I’m so wet that you slide in with almost no resistance. You lean back and I lean forward sinking further onto you feeling you slide home into the deepest part of me. Perfection. The heat and size of your are perfect. Rising up slightly I come back down and start to ride you. Each movement sliding your within me sparks of such intense pleasure that it’s at once a struggle to keep moving instead of sinking down and collapsing into your embrace or start moving so fast I race to the finish line. But I control my self and keep to the same slow, rocking pace. Perfection should be savored.

I ride you slowly, with as much control as I can muster up. Each time I reach the apex of my ride you brush gently over my clit. Each time you strain my control to the limits. Each time I sink entirely onto you I can feel you throbbing and pulsing inside of me. The heat of you and the feel of you more right than anything I’ve ever felt before. You fill me completely. Its all that I can do to keep moving at the same deliberate pace and its almost killing me. From the look on your face its killing you too.

Every movement winds the spring in my stomach tighter. I clench my pussy around you and you grunt. I can feel each curve and vein of you rubbing against the most intimate part of me. Suddenly you wrap your arms around me pulling me down for another kiss and roll us over so that I’m on the bottom and you are seated deep inside of me. You raise up above me and smile down. Placing your hands on either side of my face you raise up even further and slide yourself until only the tip of your cock is inside me.

With a movement at once gentle and surprisingly powerful you thrust your entire length into me. Then you pull almost completely out and thrust in again. Each smooth, powerful movement slides your cock over every pleasure point, my entire body begins to tingle and burn even hotter. It seems as if the drops of sweat beginning to fall off of you should sizzle when they hit my flesh. I wrap my legs round you and pull you even deeper into my embrace. Each thrust brushes the tip of you against the deepest part of me. Its unbelievably perfect. You continue to drive into me, each movement causing the tension in my body to wind tighter and almost unbearably tighter. The look on your face is utter concentration bordering on pain. I can tell it won’t be much longer until you come. Its enough, with one last gasping breath the tension inside of me pulls to the breaking point and I shatter into a million pieces. At almost the same moment you thrust into me as deep as you can go and collapse your weight onto me shuddering in your own climax.

After a few moments of heavy breathing you roll to the side taking me with you, still connected. With shaking fingers you brush the hair away from my face and lean down to kiss me gently, almost chastely on the lips. Then you whisper one word into my ear.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32