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The following story is based on some facts. However my fantasy has added much to make it (hopefully) more interesting to the reader. I have to remark that it will be a mere coincidence only if anybody thinks it is he or she being the one mentioned.

I will take the opportunity to express my great thanks to BGMIFUN for his editor views and for making my bad English more correct and smoother.


My name is Sarah, happily married to my lovely man, Thomas, but there have been some trouble in earlier days. The reason was entirely my own fault. I don’t understand how Thomas tolerated it. I thank my lucky stars he did.

We got to know each other when we were young, Thomas 19 years old and I two years younger. I had just graduated. Since I had came out well from high school there was no difficulty to get a well paid job.

My girl friends enviously told me that it was due to my appearance that I got the job. That’s not true. My body was (and still is) quite ordinary. Being 5’3″ tall and with small tits (B) I didn’t think men would be interested. Also my somewhat reserved and shy personality contributed to it. Yes, Thomas obviously liked me but he was the exception that proved the rule. We had promised each other that one day when being “rich” we should be married.

The job I got was at a construction company doing business in the paper industry. At the beginning I served different civil engineers. After about a year, I mainly worked for one of the engineers. He was said to be important to the company as he had many inventive ideas.

Of course I was flattered by the task to serve an important person. I told Thomas about him. Oscar was his name. Thomas and I had a very great sexual life together during those nights when we were able to be for ourselves. I didn’t think he would be jealous when I talked about Oscar. So I gave Thomas an unreserved description of Oscar. I said he was about ten years older. A very nice man having good manners. A well trained body of about 6 feet. He was sought after by the company women. As far as I knew he had been married once. Now he lived as single.

The situation at the office was peculiar in that the owner thought that men and women had to be separated. They should have the least possible contact with each other. Therefore the engineers, all men, worked in the main building. The secretariat was to be found in a small annex building. However, sometimes in urgent cases, the secretary was allowed to walk over to the engineer for discussion of the actual matter.

Mostly I had no reason to visit Oscar at his office room. It was located up under the very roof of the main house. Once the loft had been a lumber-room of the house when used as a diplomat villa. Now it mainly was used as a store for drawings and models of machines produced by the company. There were a great deal of narrow winding passages, corners and high and low beams.

Furthest away from the elevator a spacious office room was arranged. It had a large window with a view of a green park outside on the other side of the street. The furniture was the common one of an office. A large desk in the middle of the floor, a swivel chair, a visit chair at the opposite side of the desk and some bookshelves and filing-cabinets stuffed with books, drawings and other documents. In this room Oscar was the king.

For many months I met Oscar only occasionally. He was often abroad and when in the office he was very busy. I was also busy with all his reports, letters, instructions and proposals of new machines solving different problems. One day, it must have been almost two years after my employment, he asked me to go over to his office. I thought he had some important work to discuss. I entered his attic room. He was sitting in the swivel chair behind the desk as usual. “Please sit down,” he nodded to the other chair in front of him at the other side of the desk.

Instead of talking job he began to ask me about my private life. If I had a boyfriend and where I lived. What I liked to read and if I had some hobbies. He put the questions in a friendly way. Such as a father with concern for his child.

I told him that my boyfriend Thomas and I planned to get married next summer. We had bought a small house just at the outskirts of the city. As I was very interested in reading I let him know of what books I had read during the last months. It was modern poems as well as classic novels.

He listened very attentively. I didn’t understand why he was so interested in me. But I registered that he was concerned when I talked about Thomas and my future marriage. He got a wrinkle in his forehead. He looked at me with his friendly eyes and wished me all luck for the future.

He stood up and went to the window. I admired his masculine body, his well trimmed hair accentuating his powerful back of his head. His upper part of his body with its wide shoulder part gave me the feeling of strength.

After a while he turned to me and without bursa escort a word he walked around his desk. He stood right behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. “No!” I shouted. I stood up and rushed out of the room. Back in the secretariat my whole body shivered. My female colleagues giggled at me where I sat in front of my computer incapable to do anything.

The very same night Thomas and I paid a visit to our new house. Still there were only a few pieces of furniture. A table and four seats in the kitchen. A twin bed in the bedroom. We prepared a simple dinner and sat in front of each other at the table.

I described the situation with Oscar in his room up there in the attic of the main house. I told Thomas how embarrassed I had been. The air had suddenly felt so charged.

Thomas said that he quite well understood my reactions. But as Thomas said, nothing real awkward had happened. However he was happy that I had left the room and shown to Oscar that I didn’t accept improper advances.

I told Thomas how much I loved him. “Nobody is so important to me as you, Thomas. You are just the man I really want. Of course Oscar is very masculine,” I said. “But that has nothing to do with any love.”

Thomas was still unsure of my feelings. “Even if you don’t love him, you obviously found him sexually attractive.” He asked me if I hadn’t played with the thoughts of going to bed with Oscar?

My answer failed. I saw how it hurt him and how sad he was the rest of the night.

However, we continued to prepare our new home. There was a lot to do for having the house in order. It got late and we decided to sleep in our new bed. Thomas made his best to get me hot. I sucked his cock and tried to concentrate my mind onto the actual situation. But my thoughts were back to Oscar. I believed it was Oscar laying in the bed! Oh how ashamed I was when thinking of what Thomas had said.

The next day I got a quite difficult case which had to be discussed with Oscar. It was awkward to get in touch with him. I tried to delay the meeting. But after lunch I had no choice. I took courage and went over to Oscar. He looked formally at me when I entered his room. I placed the documents in front of him. We discussed the matter for an hour or so.

When I was to leave he apologized for his behavior yesterday. He said that he did not intend to frighten me. He told me that the reason for his bad action was that he was reminded of his younger days when he met his ex-wife. It was long ago. “She was a lovely young lady like you. We had some very lucky years together before she got in touch with a famous man. He robbed my wife! True, she wanted babies but I never was successful to give her any.” Then he described her tenderly.

I asked if he had any picture of her. From one of the drawers he took out a wedding photo. I looked at it and found a woman with a beautiful outlook. Quite different from my own!

He missed her desperately, he said. He had tried to forget her by working abroad for some years.

We talked about his life as a single man. He admitted that he felt very alone. He worked a lot. When he was at home he consumed great number of books. He spent hours in the city main library. Besides that, he took long walks in the nature around the city.

I had been listening to him without thinking of the time. Suddenly I looked at my watch. “Oh dear me, I had to go!”

He said that he hoped I had forgiven him for his impudent manner yesterday.

“Of course I do!”

When leaving the office I went directly home to Thomas and my new house. I was eager to explain to Thomas what Oscar had told me. But Thomas never appeared that night. I did not see him until the end of the week. How sad I was. I fully realized that he was deeply hurt by my failing answer last night. At the same time I felt rather angry at him keeping away from me.

During the rest of the week Oscar was away for affairs abroad. Thomas was unreachable. I tried to call him. His cell phone only answered with a recorded message: “The owner cannot take the call for the moment but you can leave a message after the tone.” I left a message: “I love you tenderly and really miss you! Please call me immediately! Loving kisses from me!”

But Thomas never called back.

It was a horrible week. I had no one to talk to. I spent all my spare time in our new house waiting for Thomas. I sobbed and cried myself to sleep every night. Late Saturday afternoon he appeared.

I dashed to meet him! I hugged him! My tears flow down my cheeks. “Thomas, how happy I’m having you back here.”

He laughed at me and said “I will be drenched if you don’t stop crying.”

He never told me where he had been. But he admitted that it had affected him very hard that I admired Oscar in such a way as I had explained. He had thought of breaking off the relation with me. It had been hard days with many dark thoughts. Finally it had stood clear to him that he loved me too escort bursa much to be able to leave me.

He looked seriously at me. Kissed my lips. Hold me tight and said: “I can’t live without you!”

That night I was treated in bed as never before. He started very carefully caressing me. Unbuttoned my blouse. Kissed my shoulders and then let the blouse drop to the floor. Cuddled my nude tits. Sucked the nipples hard and continued down my body. Released me from my skirt. Kneeled in front of me and put his face in touch with the crotch of my already soaked hipsters. He bit my pussy lips hard through the hipsters.

I shouted of pain but most of happiness.

He got hold of me and carried me to our bed. Laying on my back my hipsters was removed in an abrupt way. I had never seen Thomas so excited.

His clothes disappeared. His cock pointed upwards in all its length in a hungry way. I could see pre-cum glistening just on the tip thereof. He bent down over me and began once more to kiss me from my mouth and downwards. He made me shout of pleasure when rubbing my clit in the most passionate way.

I moaned and was close to an orgasm. All my body was engaged in a twisting and bending movement. It was in a shape of a bow just to shot away an arrow. “Oh dear me,” I cried out! “I’m, I’m …. Ooooh!”

He stopped his action to give me time to recover my breath. Then he started to eat my pussy. He sucked my wet pussy. Forced his tongue inside my vagina. Again I wasn’t far from an orgasm. And when his thick cock was immersed in the herb garden I screamed high. He grunted and breathed hard. We cum simultaneously. He forced his cock deep inside me and delivered portions of sperm. I felt the rays against my cervix.

It was late Sunday morning when we woke up. Laying face to face we cuddled a little. I was so happy to have Thomas’ body tight to my own.

Later that day we talked about the terrible week. He said that he understood that he never could rule my thoughts. “You have some feelings for Oscar and I have to accept it. But promise: Tell me always the truth whatever will happen.”

Following weeks were wonderful. The nights together were heavenly. I found myself more active in bed than ever. For the first time I allowed him to try my ass hole. It hurt a lot! But he acted cautiously. And after some nights it added also to my pleasure. But the situation I liked most was when Thomas licked my pussy and gave my clit nice massage.

My daily work at the office was easy to handle. Thinking back to the night before and to the night ahead with Thomas made me flying on clouds. My female colleagues said that they never had seen me so relaxed.

Oscar was back from his business journey. He had obtained many new orders giving me much work to do. I often was over to him in his attic room for discussions on how to put together different letters and contracts.

We often joked but never touched each other. Occasionally we discussed the last read book. I found his knowledge and opinion most interesting.

As a rule I visited the city main library once a week. I knew that Oscar often spent late evenings there, but I had never seen him. Tonight was the first time. Without recognizing it we happened to stand beside each other looking at the same new book. I glanced at the person beside me. When I saw whom it was I whispered: “Are you looking for this book too?” Surprised Oscar turned to me. “Yes, it is a very popular new-comer.”

“Can’t we go to the library restaurant and discuss it?” he asked. As it was quite early I said “OK”.

We sat down side by side in front of a table. Having ordered a cup of tea and sandwiches we took a look at the book in front of us. Our talk was dealing with the author and his other books and his sexual fantasies often being a matter in his stories.

Suddenly I felt Oscar’s hand on my thigh. “Please, No!” But his hand moved upwards under my skirt. Reached the area of my naked skin between the stocking end and my thong. Oh god, I liked it! At the same time I knew it wasn’t right. His fingers began striking the pussy lips through the thin thong fabric. I got wet and I knew that he was aware.

“You must not do it! I’m in love with Thomas! And please don’t destroy my wedding day.” I told him that I had promised to report if he was touching me in an inappropriate manner.

Oscar immediately withdrew his hand. He asked me to understand how much he really loved me. He wanted to see Thomas to be able to explain his feelings.

“If you really love me as you say, please show it to me by keeping your hands away! I like you very much and want you to be my friend.” Then I left him and went home.

I told Thomas of what had happened. He found it sad that Oscar was forward in such a way. In the long run he thought it would be difficult for me to resist his advances.

I was sorry to hear his words. “Don’t you trust me?”

He answered that he was well aware that I did what I escort bursa could, but he was afraid that my feelings would make it hard in a hot situation.

Thomas definitely doesn’t want to meet Oscar. “He is too smart and I’m too green to defend you and myself.”

The days and weeks ran away. When forced to discuss the work with Oscar we did it quite professionally. Of course, we also joked and laughed at all sorts of things just as good friends. I thought that Oscar had found it for good not to embarrass me anymore.

One day I felt very childish and thought to do some sort of a practical joke by hiding myself in the dark behind a pillar outside Oscar’s room. He had asked me to come over for an urgent matter. On my way from the elevator I climbed a high beam behind his door.

He had heard me leaving the elevator. As I never appeared he looked out in the dark attic and asked where I was.

I replied with a whispering voice that he had to search!

He found me. My wide skirt had betrayed my hiding place. “Aha, there you are! Come down! We have a job to do,” he ordered me.

“Oh, it is too high for me to jump down! And it is cramped and narrow up here. Please help me,” I asked.

He looked at me and said that I had chosen the place myself. “So it’s up to you to solve the problem.” Then he left, shut the door and went into his room.

There I stood. Unable to climb down I shouted for help! Only Oscar could hear me.

After a short while he came back. “If I help you I want some payment,” he said.

“What do you want?”

He laughed. “Your briefs! And I have to bring them off by myself!”

“You are crazy! But I have no choice! Do it!”

He came close to me. Brought his hands slowly up along my thighs. I couldn’t resist the shiver of my body. He gently stroke my buttocks. Took hold of the briefs waist and brought them slowly down. I stepped out from them. He folded them carefully and put them in his pocket.

Then he repeated his action. Brought his hands slowly up inside the skirt along my thighs. Sure my face was red glowing of horror and desire in combination.

I had imagined that he would keep hold of my waist outside the cloths. But no! He raised me with his arms around my waistline and carried me inside his room. He brought me down on his desk. It was cleared from all papers. There I lay on my back.

He started to unbutton my skirt. I objected loudly, but he only said: “Such it is playing with the fire!”

The skirt was removed and my blouse went the same way. As I never used a bra I was fully naked on his desk. He bent forward and kissed me tenderly. My body wanted but my brain said No!

He cupped my tiny tits and got further by kissing and licking my belly. His left hand was placed on my pussy at the same time as his right hand made its way with his trousers and boxers. I raised my head and saw his rather long and thick cock pointing to me.

His face was now close to my pussy. His tongue circled my clit and a finger tried to find my vagina. Then there it was inside and reached the G point. My brain had been drowned by my sexual desire. I moaned loudly.

He spread my legs wide apart and moved me so that my pussy was in line with the desk edge. His cock wasn’t late to find its way up between my wet pussy lips. I loved it when he brought it up and down. His hands were now cuddling my tits.

I grasped when his thick cock was forced inside my vagina. First only a short way, but for each stroke deeper and deeper. I shouted when his cock with its whole length was brought inside me. Oh it hit my cervix! It felt like my uterus was pushed far up in my midriff.

From Oscar’s more intense breathing I understood that he was close to cum. I too was near orgasm. He grunted and got a strange desperate look in his eyes. My vagina squeezed his cock due to my orgasm and with a roar he delivered several shots of sperm deep inside me. Our bodies relaxed and we were back in the reality again!

“Trying to do some work was out of question,” he said, “we take it tomorrow.”

Having dressed I left his room.

I was very worried about what had happened. Thomas was right: I couldn’t resist when the threshold of consciousness was passed. I hurried to get home before Thomas arrived. I stripped off my clothes except my briefs were already lost! Showered and washed carefully. Just as Thomas put his keys in the front door I put my dressing gown onto my nude body.

He found me sitting at the kitchen table. All my body shook! I looked ashamed at him failing to say anything. I think he understood the situation at once.

“No! He got you?”

I burst into a flood of tears.

Snuffling I told him in detail what had happened. How dumb I was to start the hide-and-seek play. How stupid I was to climb the beam unable to get down myself. “Oh! How can I ever be your wife? You have to punish me!”

Thomas stood in front of me. His face was unhappy to say the least. He silently looked at me. Finally he said: “How to punish you? Cutting your clit off? No, my sincere love to you will be the most effective punishment! Every time I show you my love you will be reminded of your escapade and feel deeply ashamed. You silly woman!”

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