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Here’s my first story. I hope you can stomach the exposition to get to what I hope is good writing about sex.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I’m hoping this will be a multi part story.



We all have a web of influence people. The group of people who we come into contact with on a daily basis. This web for the last twenty years has been expanding. Whether this expansion is material has been hard to gauge. But the result has been an expansion of influence. The expansion of who we can reach.

The biggest expansion has been brought on by social media. Our circles exists within circles of people we’ve never met. Could never hope to meet. There’s a sense that maybe we would never want to meet them.

But there is a benefit. Finding people looking for sex has never been so easy.

A swipe left or right can decide your destiny.

It’s changed the game for me. I’ve only ever considered myself moderately attractive but using the internet has changed how I interact with women. With their sex. With the concept of how easy it is to attain.

It wasn’t the first time I had used Tinder. But this time I had help from a friend. John has been one of my oldest friends. I’d known him since high school and in all that time he had become a rather successful musician. A part of that was image management. The guy has long curly red hair and dresses like he never left the 70’s. It’s a style that fit him. He helped me dress myself up. Clothing that fit my body.

We went shopping at a Forever 21, mostly for charms. From there we visited Zara, H&M on my own. He despised it. Claimed that it was the least fashionable of all the outlets that existed. Urban Outfitters was another one of his favorites. It was expensive but the price was well worth it with how it paid off. The first trip cost me around $500.

It helped that his girlfriend did photography. Shane helped me put my profile together. She took pictures from various angles. Action shots. The fact was that getting responses required effort. More effort than most men were willing to put forward. All this effort gave me an advantage. Not a big one but enough.

I started swiping and the girls came knocking. The ratio was still ten to one. For every ten responses I would get one message back. And from those it was another ten to one. For every conversation there was only one that would respond back enough times to end up in a date.

The entire time there was an itch in my stomach. The feeling that I was close to something great. I imagine it’s what all great men feel inside themselves.

Only difference is that those men were creating something. I was just on the edge of consumption. So close to the sweet feeling of a body against eryaman bayan escort mine that my cock was pulsing in my pants.

My first victory was with a girl named Claire. She’s a cute, tall, pale girl. Her first picture was of her in a modest brown dress with white polka dot spots. Her second was of her in a black top with a pencil skirt that just barely reached past her ass. She was wearing long black socks. She had a friendly smile and her body was just perfect.

To my surprise, as cute as she was, she messaged me first.

A simple, “Hi :-)”

I was shocked to get a message as long as that. Our chatter went back and forth. The flirtation would continue on for the next week. Small insinuations from her. I couldn’t quite read them. Could never be sure I was supposed to. A smiley placed in the right location. A word elongated just right. If I had lost my chance I couldn’t see that yet.

A week on we would go to the beach. Her makeup was all done up. She was wearing the brown dress with white polka dots. From that very first moment she took my breath away.

Claire wandered over to me and greeted me with a big hug. The fabric of her dress pressed against me and I could feel her tits rubbing up against me. She had wrapped her arms completely around me and her face was in my neck.

“Good to finally meet you.” I said to her. She nodded.

“You too.”

We began to walk through the beach town. It had been there since the 1800’s. It changed over the years, but the roads had never become much larger. The center of the town was made of cobblestone and filled with a plethora of street lights. Walking through it felt like walking through Main Street in Disneyland. The ambiance was perfectly romantic.

We walked to and from the various art galleries that littered the town. She would comment on the art. Little quips about the quality of the art. Whether or not we really understood what it wanted to achieve. The majority of the time we absolutely did not stand a chance. The abstract lines and canvas left too much to the imagination.

She walked around me and moved her hands on my neck. I pulled up behind her with my arms around her waist. She turned to look back at me and kissed me on the cheek. It filled the itch in my stomach. Even if for just a moment.

After the art galleries I took her to the local gelato shop. While waiting in line she told me her favorite flavor was coffee. I stuck out my tongue in disgust. She touched my arm.

“I think coming was a mistake.” She said. “I’m not sure I’m compatible with somebody who doesn’t like coffee flavored ice cream.”

I laughed, “I’m not sure I can be with a girl who likes coffee flavored ice cream. What are we gonna do?”

Claire looked escort sincan back at me as she ordered her coffee. A look of shame crossed her face as she ordered. Followed by a subtle smile. The guy taking her order couldn’t take his eyes off her. Just like I couldn’t. At the register the girl told her how cute she looked in her dress. She was saying almost everything I was thinking. Except I wanted to see her without the dress.

Eating our gelato we walked up to an overhang. A bench overlooked the horizon in the distance as the sun began to set. The wind gently blew her hair. Looking at her I could feel myself falling in love.

Below us there were families still playing on the beach. We made up stories about how happy the families were. We segued into how we wanted that. The happiness that family could bring.

When the light from from the sun distantly kissed Earth’s horizon. Claire looked at me with her soft eyes. I placed my hands on her lap. She turned slowly towards me. Our eyes were locked. She had a weak smile. A smile that told me so many things. But so little. Without having noticed our foreheads were nearly touching. Her hair was up against my forehead. She was biting her lower lip.

Before I knew it the words had come from my throat.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked.

She nodded. Our lips met for a second. The longest second of the entire day. Then came the next one. She pulled away ever so slightly. We looked at each other. It might have been my imagination but her eyes were glimmering. Her sweet smile covered her entire face.

And our mouths were back together. Our slow kissing built into something more passionate. My hand began to ride up her sides. Landing on the back of her head. Pulling her into me our tongues started their dance.

It was dark all around us. The sun had set and the general chatter of the world had become quieter. We walked hand in hand.

When we got back to the parking lot. She leaned back against my car. We stood in silence for a bit. Just looking at each other. Waiting. For something.

In the realm of dating, for men, there’s always an uncertainty. That we might make the wrong move at the wrong time. A part of that is just the fear of rejection. The fear of not being seeing the way we believe we ought to be seen. The other part is the uncertainty of crossing a boundary. The boundary that would push you past a place of comfort into the area of creep.

But opportunity doesn’t wait.

I put my hand up against her face. She looked up at me. Holding eye contact. Leaning slightly down towards her we kissed again. Her waist pushed up against me. Our mouths moving faster and faster together.

She looked around. We were the only car elvankent escort bayan in the parking lot.

“I want you to fuck me.” The words made me become utterly still.This was all I wanted.

I pulled her harshly against me. Unlocking the doors to my car we got into the backseat. She straddled my lap and continued kissing me. Cupping my face with her hands. Our bodies grinding against each other. It was the slow building of tension.

Until she pulled her dress over her head. She was wearing white cotton panties and a matching white bra. She pulled herself closer to me and rubbed herself against me.

“Do you like me?” Claire asked.

I grunt. Hoping she understood that meant yes. I like you very much so.

She got off my lap and turned her back to me. Her ass was facing me now.

“Do you still like me?” She asked again.

“Oh god yes.”

I put my hands around her waist and pulled her into me. She rubbed her ass against my face. But I wanted more. I slowly pulled down her white cotton panties. She let out a soft moan in response. Stepping out of them she leaned back into me. I started licking her pussy. She pushed further into my face. Her hips gently moving back and forth.

Claire turned back around and straddled me again.

“Are you going to fuck me?”

Removing my pants left her pussy to rest against my hard cock. She started grinding against it. The sensation sent ripples of pleasure through me. We kissed. Started moaning into each other’s mouth.

When she had enough fun teasing. She lifted herself off and inserted me into her. She let it slowly slide inside of her. We kissed as she started rocking her hips in small circles.

Claire removed her bra and put her tits into my mouth. As she continued rocking back and forth. Our moans became louder. Our bodies impacting in just the right ways. As her body filled with pleasure, she managed to do the same to mine.

Our bucking and kisses continued on until we both climaxed. Claire’s hips bucked consistently. As the waves of orgasm rolled through her she laid her head on my shoulder. Moaning loudly. Pushing herself further down onto my cock. As my cum shot out into her. Filling up her tight pussy.

We were both out of breath but in a state of bliss. We laid there for several minutes. Basking in the feeling of post orgasm.

As she got dressed, she pattered my face with little kisses.

“I really enjoyed our night together.” She said to me.

“Me too.”

We sent another few texts back and forth. But there’s always that anxiety. The worry that somewhere along the way a line was crossed. Claire could still want another date. But why was there a part of me that doubted it? It might not have been doubt. Maybe it was something else. With a swipe of a finger… I could be on to the next girl, and then the next. Is there anything wrong with that? To be unafraid of what comes next? To be able to move on before dinner has even gotten cold? I don’t think there is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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