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It took me quite a while to discover that my girlfriend, Rita, had a dirty old man fetish but I was so glad when I did. It takes a lot of closeness before people confess such things. And it took even more time before she was able to fully explain it to me and how in her formative years she had heard exciting non-consent stories of filthy old perverts taking much younger girls and forcing them reluctantly to orgasm. Once I understood this, I was able to get what she found exciting in it and also I started to see my grandfather in a different way.

The whole family knew of my granddad Bert as a filthy old man. I’d heard stories of him feeling my mother’s tits when she first started dating my dad, and even a story of him putting a hand down my auntie’s panties when she was a teenager. But I couldn’t fully accept it to be true. He always seemed such a nice man to me. I was very fond of him and we always shared a laugh together. But he did have a tendency to get young women to sit on his lap and one day I saw first-hand what a pervert he could be. My girlfriend at the time was sat on the arm of his chair, at his insistence. He put his arm right around her and rested it on her tit. She was calm about it at the time but told me she didn’t want to visit again. He’d had such a great sex life with my grandma, by all accounts, but after she had passed away, maybe he was starting to get desperate again.

Knowing all this, and now knowing that my present girlfriend had this interest, I started to fantasise about the possibilities. I loved both my grandpa and my girl, in different ways. Might it be possible to give them both something of what they wanted? And would I enjoy that too? I felt a bit jealous when I thought of her being touched – or more – by another man. But I also felt very horny at the thought. And if I loved them both, why should I deny them sexual excitement? If I were I to get excitement too, it would be an all-round win.

I’d not seen Bert in a while and not introduced him to Rita, partly for fear he would sexually harass her. Now that I knew it might not be a bad thing, I suggest we visit him. I dropped some hints to Rita that he was a dirty old man and she seemed a little interested but also made light of it, as if she didn’t think I was being serious. But the afternoon we had arranged to call, I ataşehir escort bayan also suggested that she might want to wear a short skirt and no bra. Rita had wonderful small tits and never really needed a bra, except to stop her nipples showing too prominently. But I told her my filthy old Grandpa would appreciate it, and to my pleasant surprise, she gave in.

After some nice introductions, he did what he would often do with company and got out some booze. Rita took wine. With him, I had a whiskey, and after an hour or so of conversation we were all friends and feeling a bit merry. “Ah, Rita”, he said, “Come and sit on your Grandpa’s knee.” She looked at me a little nervously, seeking reassurance. I nodded, and off she set from beside me on the sofa over to his armchair. Down she sat, on his lap, and I could tell from the surprise on her face that she had felt something unexpected. We talked about the events of that afternoon many times afterwards so I know that when her ass planted in his lap, she immediately felt a big hard cock under her.

His trademark move came next. His arm went round her waist but further and higher up than in needed to, resting on her breast. With no bra, and just a thin layer of silky material from her blouse, I knew he would be getting an amazing feel of her gorgeous tit. I saw the nipple respond. Rita looked at me, again a bit panicky. I was worried that she might jump up and slap his face. But things were proceeding just as I wanted them to, and deep down I hoped she wanted this too, even though she seemed reluctant. I had to smile and let her know all was okay. I was enjoying it and I wanted her to as well. I stood up to offer everyone another drink, so they didn’t have to move. When I stood, Rita could see I had a big erection in the front of my trousers. Bert’s eyesight was not so great these days, so I wasn’t worried about him. But when Rita saw it she grinned at me and realised I was fine with him groping her. She should just enjoy it.

I handed them both their drinks and Rita downed hers pretty quickly. Perhaps she was abandoning herself to the situation. I sipped mine and was feeling a bit drunk but still enjoying the show. But I enjoyed it even more when Bert’s other hand strayed down on to Rita’s beautiful leg and made its way up inside her short escort kadıköy skirt. Her eyes widened as she looked at me. She reached down and pushed his hand away. But that didn’t deter him. A few moments later the hand was back and this time he managed to get it even higher, exposing her white silky panties, which stood out beautifully against her smooth, tanned legs. She pushed his hand away a second time and struggled a little but he tightened his grip on her waist and grabbed her tit more strongly.

Fearing it could go wrong at this stage, I stood up and said everything was fine, smiling at Rita and hoping she would relax. She held my gaze as Bert’s free hand came round again and slid its way slowly up her thigh. When it reached her panties, my cock was rock hard and visible to Rita. Bert felt her pussy through her panties and started rubbing over her clit. I loved it and gave her a broad grin. To convince her I was happy with the situation, I unzipped, took out my cock and started gently stroking it to the same rhythm that Bert was wanking her clit.

She was being forced down on to his old, hard cock. He had one tit in his hand and with his other hand he was touching her pussy. I thought this was what she wanted if she could just surrender herself. Bert moved her panties aside exposing her wet hairy pussy. His finger reached in for the clit and rubbed. “No”, Rita said, and after a few more second of vigorous wanking, “Stop it, I’m coming”. Sure enough, I saw her body convulse as ripples of orgasmic pleasure shot through her body. Bert carried on rubbing throughout, which seemed to make it go on and on forever, a far longer orgasm than I’d ever given her.

When her pleasure finally subsided, Bert wasn’t done. He needed relief himself and he wasn’t going to ask politely. He struggled to unzip his pants, remaining in his seated position, and then his huge, old, hard cock emerged into sight. I knew it was a big one as we once had to change together in more innocent days. But this was the first time I had seen it fully erect, in all its glory, and it was magnificent. After a bit of a fight, he managed to drop both Rita’s panties and skirt to the floor and then sat her down right on his cock. As she was forced down on his gigantic member, I saw her gasp, a look of shock on her face. It was maltepe escort far bigger than mine.

Bert lifted her body up and down on his lap, fucking her hard. My view was amazing, her hairy pussy bouncing on his cock, getting it all the way in to the balls. I had to take a closer look and kneeled down in front of them. I wanted a taste of that pussy, which his wanking of her had made so wet. My tongue probed in at the clit, pleasuring her more. But with the fucking movement, my tongue also came into contact with his cock, by now coated in her lovely juices. The contact was accidental at first, but as they fucked more, I got bolder, licking sometimes the pussy and then sometimes the length that cock penetrating it. Grunts came from Bert and moans from Rita. I was so pleased they were having a good time and my cock was throbbing too. The smells, tastes and wet sounds were delicious.

Giving up all pretence of innocence, I decided to lick his balls as they fucked, knowing myself how nice it feels to have them stimulated this way. It did the trick. I saw them tense right up as I teased them with the tip of my tongue. His grunts became louder and quicker. The shaft of his cock started to spasm. He pulled her off and the huge cock sprayed out its first spurt of hot, creamy white cum all over her hairy pussy. The sight of that magnificent tool made me so horny, I lost all inhibition. Without any further thought of the consequences, I brought my head down over grandpa’s cock and buried the end of it in my mouth. I felt more of his hot spurts hitting my throat, the first time I’d ever done anything to another man. I heard Rita say “Wow!” and so aroused was I by the whole experience, my own cock started to jerk as I experienced a hands-free orgasm of my own.

In ecstasy, I licked and sucked my granddad’s cock, gently wanking it and squeezing every last drop of his old-man sperm out so I could roll it round my mouth and then swallow it. And when he was spent, I reached over further to Rita’s messed up hairy pussy and licked all the cum up that I could get from there. My own cum had messed up my trousers and the carpet but it could all be cleaned up later. There was no point worrying when you’ve had such a perverted, taboo experience as this.

The afternoon was not quite done. Rita dismounted from Bert’s lap, joined me in licking his cock clean and then licked my own cock clean. But we departed before too long, knowing that although my Bert was in his twilight years, for now on there was plenty of fun we could have together again, whenever our various fetishes needed satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32