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This story immediately follows Pleasuring Virginia Part 6.

It was great pleasuring Virginia. We enjoyed many erotic adventures together and grew to be close friends. She would often ask me to come over to pleasure her breasts and pussy. It never got old. Virginia’s stamina was impressive for any woman, especially for a 75-year-old grandmother. She never displayed any interest about my pleasure. She knew I often masturbated thinking about her. She was clear that our focus was only on her pleasure.

I would periodically meet with her and Troy. I was the cuckold who prepared Virginia by suckling her breasts and eating her pussy after he fucked her. I cleaned out his cum and brought her to a final orgasm. Troy was eventually replaced by Caleb. It was good. No, it was great. I always looked forward to our time together.

One day, Virginia introduced me to a new and very different type of erotic adventure. Virginia surprised me by asking me to linger after Caleb left. We cuddled and talked for a while. Virginia then moved slightly away for me. She placed her hand on her head and her elbow on the bed to form a triangle. She was nude and let the covers fall below her massive breasts. She knew exactly how to captivate me with her highly suckable breasts.

Virginia talked about her daughter Rosie. Rosie was in her early forties and, according to Virginia, has always been a problem child. She was headstrong and ran with a rough crowd. She used poor judgement and Virginia had to frequently bail her out of difficult situations. Another bad event recently happened, involving still another bad boyfriend. This one was the most serious, and Virginia said she needed to try a different course of action.

Rosie worked part-time in a restaurant. I did not know Rosie very well. We only chatted a few times. Rosie was plain but somehow alluring. She was about five foot five with short brown hair. I thought she was sexy. She had attractive eyes and a way about her which seemed to shout out that she liked to fuck. She was not skinny, not fat. Her breasts were smaller than Virginia’s but still aroused me.

She told me that Rosie was a slut, but in the opposite way that she was. Virginia said she knew she was a slut, but that she was always in control of the situation. She used men now solely for her pleasure. Rosie, in her words, needed ‘to be rode hard and put away wet’. I was startled when Virginia described in detail exactly what she was asking me to do. She was characteristically blunt and direct.

I was becoming more and more concerned that my wife was getting suspicious of my erotic adventures with Virginia. I tried hard to cover the marks left by the spankings and whippings I endured. The whipping from Alice created marks that lasted casino siteleri a long time. Once I noticed my wife’s reflection in the bathroom mirror while I was drying off after a shower. She did not say anything, and I’ve noticed her being away more often. Our own sex life was almost nonexistent. I raised my concern to Virginia at this time, since I wondered whether I might be overdoing it. She told me that I should not be concerned. I asked why she was so definite about it. Virginia said that we will only discuss it when the time was right. Hmmmmmmm.

Virginia described exactly how the first time with Rosie would be orchestrated and my role. I am also aroused by her confidence and intelligence. She knew exactly how to manipulate me. She put it in terms that this was just another way for me to be pleasuring her. She was concerned about her daughter and I would be helping her. She also reached under the covers. She grabbed my cock for the first time and told me that he would find warm and cozy places to get very happy. I, of course, agreed to do everything exactly as Virginia desired.

I knocked on their door at the specified time. I was available since my wife was once again away on a business trip. Rosie was alone and wore soft blue jeans with a skimpy top that highlighted her lovely breasts. She had a mischevious grin and a glass of wine for me. We chatted for a brief time with Rosie obviously flirting. She certainly aroused my interest and caused an erection which she definitely noticed.

I had strategically sat on the sofa and now patted the cushion next to me. Rosie immediately rose and sashayed over. She sat down and I immediately grabbed the back of her head to force a long french kiss. It was so intimate and so passionate. I reached over to roughly grab her breasts. She moaned. The harder I squeezed with both hands, the louder she moaned.

I stopped the kiss and ordered her to stand up in front of me. I told her that I wanted her in every way that a man can take a woman. I wanted to devour her with all my senses. I will start with sight. Then go to touch. Then go to taste. Only after all this, will I take her every hole with my cock. She absolutely shook and panted as I watched her eyes display how aroused she was. I then ordered her to strip.

I leaned back in the sofa cushion as I watched her sway to some hidden music. She slowly opened the buttons of her blouse and swung it off. She tantilizingly undid the bra strap and gradually let her breasts fall free. She licked her index finger and swirled it around the inside of her jeans to eventually undo the button. She very seductively lowered her jeans to the floor to reveal tiny pink panties. I curled my finger for her to come closer. She obediently güvenilir casino did it. I grabbed the panty fabric and pulled it towards me. I slide my index finger around her pussy slit and told her that her wet pussy shows that she is a sexy slut. I could tell she was already ready for anything I wanted. I yanked the panty to the ground and she was completely nude.

I grabbed her hand and let her into her bedroom. It was sexy with her being nude and me being completely clothed. I had her stand in the middle of the room with her hands clasped together over her head. I told her to close her eyes. I slowly circled her while commenting about how sexy she looked and how much I wanted every part of her. Once, I caught her peeking out through a half opened eye. I immediately slapped her ass hard and told her that the next time she disobeyed that she would get twice as many.

I stood behind Rosie and reached my hands around her to fondle her breasts. I grabbed both breasts at the same time. I would caress the nipple on one breast while pinching the other nipple hard. She responded with moans and groans but never complained. I would squeeze her entire breast harder and harder and then softer. I moved in front of her to caress the inside of her thighs. I would gently push my hands through her hair and then roughly grab her hair. I heard her response and then felt it when I touched her pussy. Her pussy was sopping wet. I easily put two fingers into her pussy and then rubbed the juice across her clit. She was panting with delight. I then ordered her to turn around. I told her to bend over and use her hands to spread her ass cheeks. Damn, that was sexy. I could tell that her asshole has been used before. She wiggled and shook. I asked her if she would be my anal slut. She immediately shouted YES SIR!

Rosie was then told to lie on her back on her bed with her arms and legs extended to the four corners. I bent over her to only have our lips touch. We both enjoyed a long passionate kiss. Our tongues kept probing each other. I reluctantly broke the kiss to move down to her breasts. I immediately took her entire breast in my mouth and sucked it hard. My tongue roughly licked her nipple. I alternated breasts and devoured her breasts. I just let it all flow and it just seemed so natural to take charge of Rosie.

I could not wait any longer to taste her pussy. I finally removed all my clothes and stroked my hard cock when we locked eyes. Rosie was incredibly aroused. I told her to spread her legs and grab her knees with her hands to completely expose her pussy for my enjoyment. I laid down between her legs. I stuck out my tongue and began gently licking her moist slit. Her moans kept increasing as I gradually went deeper canlı casino and harder. I used the same technique that worked so well on her mother, but I was more aggressive. When I knew it was time, I roughly grabbed her clit between my lips and sucked her clit until she had an enormous orgasm. I knew then that she was completely mine and that it finally was time for my pleasure.

I told Rosie to lie on her back at the side of the bed. I positioned her such that her pussy was hanging over the edge. Once again, she was told to grab her knees and display her wet pussy. I stood next to her and told her that nothing will touch except my cock and her pussy. I placed my cock at her opening and roughly shoved it in as far as it would go. What an incredible feeling! I had not fucked my wife in quite some time. I enjoy all kinds of sex, but really is there anything better than cock in pussy?

Many times I would come sooner than I wanted to, but this was not one of those times. We both enjoyed a long time of only feeling my cock in her pussy. Our bodies just flowed together in a natural rhythm. I felt Rosie have another orgasm. I reluctantly pulled out since I wanted to finish with something very special.

I stood over Rosie with my hard, wet cock. I took a half step back and pointed to my erection. She knew exactly what to do. She slid down to the floor on her knees. She placed her hands on my thighs and opened her mouth. She started seductively licking my cock with her warm tongue. It felt like heaven when she took my cock in her mouth. She immediately deep throated me. It was without a doubt the best cocksucking of my life. Still, I did not want to cum, so once again I reluctantly pulled out. Rosie was panting and moaning when she looked up at me. That was damn sexy. It was even sexier when I told her to lie on the bed on her stomach.

Rosie knew what was next without being told. She reached behind her to once again spread her ass cheeks for me. Her moist asshole glistened from all her orgasms. I placed a pillow under her ass to lift it up to the perfect spot for a hard ass fucking. I positioned myself with my hard cock ready to enter her ass. I told her that she will now be my ass slut. She still YES SIR, please fuck my ass. So I did!

It was a great feeling. It was tight going in. I paused only once for her to accept my girth when I first entered her asshole. I grabbed her ass to spread her cheeks further apart, and then plowed my entire cock as deep into her ass as it would go. It was heaven, so tight and forbidden. I was lost in the moment. Nothing else mattered except fucking her ass exactly as I wanted. I lost track of time and only occasionally heard her continuous squeals of delight. I held nothing back and then felt that wonderful release of my cum filling her ass. Rosie was also cuming, and it was a moment I will never forget.

I felt my cock throb and looked at it still buried in Rosie’s ass. Only then did I heard a sound and look over to see Virginia and my wife watching us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32