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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.


As I listened to Mari’s inane, self-centered and pretentious blathering, I found myself thinking how it didn’t surprise me at all that she and her friends were all still single at 40. She wasn’t hard on the eyes, being of Finnish decent with the blue eyes and blonde hair to show for it, and her body was in pretty good shape but she was just so friggin’ annoying. It never failed that every Friday afternoon she would stop by my desk and talk for at least thirty minutes without actually saying anything worth listening to. What finally caught my attention one Friday was when she was talking about how she and all of her friends had been at some trendy new club and had all failed to hook up.

“At least you still had each other,” I pointed out, offhandedly.

“I don’t swing that way,” she replied with a haughty look on her face.

“Yet,” I countered with a smirk on my face, “give it time.”

“Trust me,” she said, “I’ve already given it plenty of time. Not going to happen.”

“Really?” I asked, intrigued and bent on pushing the envelope, “How long has it been exactly?”

“A very long time,” she replied, with emphasis on the second word.

I had a very brief internal debate about steering the conversation toward her methods of release, but decided that might just leave me overly aroused as well. Instead, I took a risky step that might work in both of our favors.

“What if I offered to go down on you right here in the office if you could find someplace private enough to do it?” I asked.

“I know exactly where we could go,” she replied without any hesitation, which was absolutely not what I was expecting.

I noted how empty our entire floor was, which wasn’t surprising for a Friday afternoon, as she led me to an unused office. There was a lock on the inside of the door and, if she hadn’t just confessed to not having gotten laid in a long time, I’d have wondered if she’d used it for illicit purposes before. With the door locked behind us, we faced each other but, since I had zero desire to bursa escort kiss her, I dropped to my knees. I raised the hem of her skirt, exposing a pair of black, lacy boy-shorts, then asked her to hold her skirt up while I started to slide her panties down. Her well-groomed bush was dark blonde and I was thinking that I was actually going to enjoy this when I had another idea. As I slid her panties the rest of the way down, I brought my face very close to her pussy, so that she could feel my hot breath and anticipate some contact. I pulled my face back and looked up at her as I helped her step out of her panties.

“If I make you cum, I can fuck you, right?” I asked, already noting a faraway look in her blue eyes.

“Yes, absolutely,” she replied, “but please just eat me soon. I’m so fucking horny.”

Smiling as I cast her panties aside, I had her sit on the edge of the desk and spread her legs, then ran my tongue up her slit as she fought to keep the moan that slipped out at a reasonable level. Her pussy was overflowing with nectar, which I determinedly attempted to completely lap up, much to her delight. She went from gripping the edge of the desk to gripping my head at about the same time that I slipped a finger up into her slick pussy and started to lick her clit. She humped her blonde pussy toward my face as I finger-fucked her while licking and sucking her clit. Her pussy was hot and wet, so my cock was throbbing at the prospect of slipping into her. I figured that, the sooner she came, the sooner I’d be fucking her, so I focused my efforts on that objective.

It didn’t take long before her breathing rate increased and little whimpers were escaping. If it really had been as long as she’d implied, it didn’t surprise me that she was so quickly on the verge of cumming. Still, I wanted to make it memorable so that, if fucking her did end up being worthwhile, it could become a regular option. She had a tight grip on my head and was really rocking her hips the closer she got to cumming. I could feel her pussy getting even juicier and more engorged right before she let out a gasp and her entire body started to shake. I continued to eat her as she was cumming, stopping only when she finally let out a long and ragged sigh and let go of my head. Her orgasm appeared to have been both long and intense.

I started to unbuckle my belt as I stood and had my cock out before she opened her eyes again. With my pants and briefs at mid-thigh, I slipped my throbbing tool easily into her dripping pussy. She opened her eyes and started to lie back on the desk, bringing her legs up and holding them behind her knees. I slid my cock slowly in and out bursa merkez escort of her hot, wet pussy, enjoying the feel of it along the full length of my stiff shaft. As I leaned forward, she let her legs rest on my shoulders, then started to unbutton her blouse. I was supporting myself with my hands resting on the desk on either side of her and watched as her bra was revealed. Her tits were about average size but I was still anxious to get a peek at them.

While I continued to thrust in and out of her luscious pussy, she pulled her blouse open and, after gently tugging on her hard nipples, unfastened the front clasp of her bra. The cups fell away to reveal large pink areolas and hard nipples, which she started to caress and pull. Unfortunately, because her skirt was still under her ass, the harder I fucked her, the more she moved away from me across the top of the desk. I pulled her back a few times before I got frustrated enough to pull out completely and ask her to turn over. I pushed her skirt up to her waist, exposing her round ass, as she laid her upper body on the surface of the desk. I eased my cock back into her slippery pussy, my hips pressing against her ass as I relished it before starting to slide in and out once again.

I grasped her hips under her skirt and pulled her ass back against each of my incoming thrusts while she slipped a hand down between her legs, presumably to stroke her clit. Once I had a good rhythm going, I moved my hands up to cup her tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms. I could feel my orgasm beginning to slowly build and was enjoying the feeling of her hot pussy as I slid in and out of it. We hadn’t discussed birth control of any kind, so I was planning on just pulling out and squirting my load between her ass cheeks when the time came. As I continued to fuck her, I could hear her breathing rate picking up again and she seemed to be suppressing a few moans. Her pussy was beginning to feel even hotter and wetter again, so I surmised that she was on the verge of cumming a second time. I wasn’t fucking her very hard, just enjoying the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy, but as she got closer, I ended up slipping my hands from her tits back to her hips. It wasn’t long after I’d gone back to holding her hips, pulling her ass back against my incoming hips, that a gasp did escape her and I felt her trembling through another orgasm.

I continued to fuck her as she came and, once she’d apparently finished, she slipped her hand out from between her legs and started to push her ass back against each of my thrusts.

“Let me know when you get close,” she gasped, “I want bursa sınırsız escort to swallow your load.”

Blowing a load down her throat certainly beat finishing off with my fist, even if it was all over her asshole. With that as an ultimate goal, I fucked her for a bit longer, but wanted to enjoy her oral skills, assuming she had some, for a bit before I came, too. When I was ready to feel her lips wrapped around my tool, I pulled my cock from her slick pussy and backed up so that she could straighten up. We changed places, with me leaning against the desk and her kneeling on the floor in front of me with her tits still hanging out. She took my slick cock in her fist, pumping it as she ran her tongue over my balls, while I ran my fingers through her blonde hair.

When she wrapped her lips around my tool and slid her mouth down over it, I was the one who had to suppress a moan. She held the base and continued to pump as her lips slid up and down and she caressed my balls with her other hand. Not only was she quite good at cocksucking, but she was quite enthusiastic, as well. Maybe it was because she hadn’t had the opportunity in a while or maybe she just truly enjoyed having a stiff cock in her mouth but, either way, I was not complaining. I never thought that I would enjoy spending time with Mari while her mouth was going, but this was something I could get used to.

I could feel my orgasm building but she was doing an outstanding job of drawing out the pleasure that I was experiencing. She’d look up at me occasionally with her deep blue eyes, but mostly she just seemed lost in her own world as she focused on sucking my cock. I tried to just relax and forget that we were actually still at work while enjoying the feeling of her lips sliding up and down my tool and her hand pumping the base. Since she had already cum twice, I didn’t have any reservations about enjoying this for as long as I could manage. As my orgasm came closer and closer, I resolved to experience her cocksucking whenever I could from this point forward, even if it meant listening to her inane blathering.

I don’t think there was any more blood reaching as far as my brain by the time I she got me to the verge of cumming and, when I finally exploded into her mouth, I felt a level of pleasure that I rarely had before. It took everything in me to not moan loudly but I still let a loud gasp escape as I pumped my load down her throat. She continued to suck my cock, even once I was spent, until it started to lose its rigidity. She finally let it go and looked up at me with a smile.

After that Friday afternoon, whenever Mari stopped by my desk, it wasn’t to ramble; it was always because she was horny. She got very good at finding places for us to fuck uninterrupted, including more than one long lunch at her apartment. I would still avoid getting involved in a conversation with her if I could, but fucking her and enjoying her cocksucking were both okay with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32