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Day 2

My husband and I are starting our second day at this perfect little resort. We have a bungalow just steps from the beach, a private pool, and a fully stocked bar!!. If you read about our first day, you’ll know we just hung around the pool yesterday drinking rum, skinny dipping, soaking in the sun, and of course, having as much sex as we could. Yesterday will be hard to beat.

We went to sleep early last night, completely spent from the booze, sun, and sex. The bed is just amazing. It’s a solid hardwood canopy bed, with 4 large posts supporting a heavy fabric top, giving the bungalow a tropical feel The bed is enormous, and feels larger than even a king. Soft, cool sheets fit tightly on top of the softest pillow-top mattress I’ve ever been on. And there are all kinds and sizes of pillows scattered about. It looks and feels like it would be a great place for sex, but Jim and I just fell asleep as soon as we hit the mattress.

I went to sleep at about 8pm, so the sun’s first rays wake me up. The warm fresh, salty ocean breeze wisps gently through our bedroom. Jim is snoring peacefully, nearly in time with the steady beating of the ocean’s surf. The memories of yesterday swell over me, and as I look over to Jim, I feel so lucky to be here, and to be here with him. He’s such a good husband, such a good man, and so good to my pussy.

He’s lying on his side, facing away from me, with just a thin, light sheet barely covering him. I managed to get a t-shirt on before lying down, but Jim’s fully naked. He must feel my stirring, because he coughs lightly, and rolls to his back. He’s not awake yet, but I can tell his body is trying to wake up. Even with the workouts I gave his dick yesterday, Jim’s still flying full morning-wood. His erection is strong, solid, and lifts the sheet proudly off his body. The sheet is so thin that I can clearly see his rim and head, and can even make out some of the bulging veins that run up the side of his shaft. Just the sight of it sends a ripple of pleasure shooting up my back. As long as I’m quiet, I’ll probably have several minutes before he wakes up to get myself ready to take him in. I so badly want to fuck him.

I reach to my night stand, and slowly open its top drawer. I pull out my little green vibrator, which is about the size of a medium sized pickle. I carefully take off my t-shirt and lay flat on my back. I spread my legs, and I feel my lips open in anticipation. I run my hand over my shaved mound, spreading my liquid and making it slippery and sensitive. I lay the vibrator gently on my exposed opening, and rub it up and down my slit. I’m so lubricated that the vibrator makes little slurping sounds as it passes over my opening, and I can feel drops forming on my inner lips. I stare intently at Jim’s erection, and I gasp softly as an achy need envelopes my groin. I insert the vibe a couple inches into me, which only makes me want him more. I rock it back and forth, letting it move fully into me. It feels so good, but is no substitute to Jim’s penis. I pull it out, and wrap it tightly in my t-shirt. My eyes move from Jim’s dick to his eyes, and I slowly turn the vibe on to its slowest, and most quiet, position. I don’t want to wake him until I’m fully aroused and ready to fuck.

As the vibe comes to life, Jim stirs a little, but thankfully he does not wake up. I take the vibe from the t-shirt, and move it back into my opening, and slide it slowly toward my clit. With one hand I rub my breasts and gently pinch my nipples, and with the other I rhythmically stoke my clit with the tip of the vibe. I kick the sheets off my legs, and spread them wider to accept every bit of pleasure the vibe can muster at this speed. I close my eyes and let the sensations flow from my vagina through my whole body, and let the pleasure of the moment envelope me. Within only a couple minutes, my body has gone from its aching want of Jim to full arousal. My pussy tightens as it tries to draw the vibrator in, but I hold it steady on my clit. I feel a few pulsations in my pussy, and my need to orgasm builds. “Need some help with that?” Jim stutters, derailing my orgasmic train.

Jim’s voice brings me back to reality, and I remember that I wanted to make this morning about his pleasure. I yank the vibe out of my pussy and eryaman escort bayan throw it to floor, not even bothering to turn it off. In a single sudden movement, I take my far leg, throw it over Jim, and roll my body on top of his. I land with one knee on each side of his chest, and my face is only a couple feet from his. I grab his wrists with my hands, and push his arms widely to the side and above his head. “You’re getting fucked this morning!” I said emphatically, as I moved my knees and hips until I could feel his head pressing anxiously against my pussy. I was so wet and open that his dick readily slid into me as I slowly sat back. It seemed to take forever to get him fully inside me, as I inched my body towards his. He gave out a long, low sigh that lasted the full first down-stroke. He completely filled me, and the sensation of fullness satisfied my ache, and at the same time fueled my need. I started rocking him slowly at first, relishing the way his cock felt as I made it slide in and out. But soon these gentle love making motions were replaced by my animal thrusts as my passion turned to lust. He looked shocked as I rhythmically lifted my hips off him and then drove them hard against his body. With each stroke I gained confidence and pounded into him harder and faster. He was moaning as I slammed him into me, each thrust violently shaking the huge bed, and sending the canopy into orgasmic frenzy. The bed strained under my passion, groaning out its own loud creaks of pleasure as it absorbed my fury. I moved my hands to his chest, pressing hard into him and pinching his nipples hard. His hands stayed uselessly at his side as I took him; he had completely submitted himself to my pleasuring.

His moans of submission rose to a plea for release, and I knew he was just about ready to exert his dominance over my pussy. Hearing him begging for release pushed me over the top. My first spasm hit like an earthquake, rocking me forward and lifting me to the tip of his dick. The force of my contraction nearly pushed him out of me, and I had to drive myself down onto him to keep him in me. As I forced my pulsating pussy around him, I felt a torrent of cum ignite within me, and he screamed in ecstasy. Wave after wave of spasms and spurts battled to please until finally uniting in a symphony of mutual satisfaction. I stopped my thrusts, and we both lay still. His chest and stomach looked like an ice-ladened river, with mounds of swirling white floating in a calm, smooth liquid. I lay flat against him and let the slippery pleasure of his cum stimulate my skin.

We got up a few minutes later, and took quick showers, separately, as I think we were both afraid that we might try to have sex again if we took them together. Me especially. I love to dominate Jim, but I don’t get a chance to do it very often. I was proud of how I had pounded him, but my pussy was really tender and needed a break.

It was probably 10 by the time we finally got out of the bungalow, and we decided to see what the main part of the resort had to offer. We went to the resort office, and grabbed an “events” schedule. The resort offered the full array of beach-resort-like activities: fishing, parasailing, boating, wave-runners, beach sports, etc. After a few minutes of discussion, we decide that it would be fun to rent one of the motor boats and do a little exploring. The boats were pretty cool looking. Not really race boats, but low, fast, and really sleek. After check-in, and taking a quick safety course on how not to kill ourselves, we set out toward the open ocean.

We rented the boat for 4 hours, and took the first 2 racing up and down the coast, jumping waves and making a water-nuisance out of ourselves. I guess we never liked fishermen that much anyway!! We worked our way down the coast a bit, down to where the main cruise-ship port was. A big cruise ship was in port, so there was lots of activity on the boat and on the shore. Now, we were not supposed to be drinking and boating, but we had already finished our stash of rum. Maybe it was because of the rum, but the tenderness in my pussy was gone, and Jim started looking pretty good again!!.

Something great about being married to Jim, all I have to do is think about sex, and somehow he knows. Within a couple seconds etimesgut escort of my thinking about sex, Jim turns off the motor. “Here’s where you get fucked,” he says matter-of-factly. He goes about routinely securing the boat, and setting up cushions to do his deed, not even paying any attention to me. Seeing him methodically arrange the boat so he could have his way with me was so exciting. I just stood there watching him test out the flex in the boat’s seat, and adjust its back so it looked like a bench. I didn’t know what he had in store for me, but with the determined pace of his motions, I sense he had already fucked me in his mind, and was now just setting up the stage to act it out. Without being asked, I just went ahead and took my clothes off. No sense in fighting the inevitable.

Jim finally stops moving, rips off his clothes, and stands looking approvingly at his handy work. He looks around to the cruise ships, and sees scores of people standing at the rails of the various levels. They are not focused on us, but we are close enough that they’ll soon figure out what’s happening to me. Same for the fishermen on the shore. They are certain to catch a glimpse of Jim’s pole spearing me!! With that, he finally turns to me. “I didn’t really appreciate your taking me to the brink with your doggie style yesterday, and then pushing me out of you. You owe me.” Jim was really intense already, and his determination to pound me was such a thrill.

He grabbed my hands and pushed me to the “captain’s chair” although I knew I was not in charge right now. He stood me behind the bench, bent me over, and placed both my hands on the steering wheel. “Your hands stay gripped to this wheel until I’m done,” he commanded. I tightly grabbed the wheel, and I felt his hands grab my waist. He effortlessly lifted me, and moved me forward so I was kneeling on the bench. He pushed my head forward, until my forehead was resting against the steering wheel, and I felt him move close-in behind me. He put one hand and arm around my stomach, and lifted me. The other hand spread my knees, exposing me to him, the cruise ship, and the fishermen.

Several agonizing seconds passed while I leaned against the steering wheel, and could hear him moving behind me. I was so hot and slippery, and wanted him in me. I knew this was going to be a rough session, but I wanted to get it stated. “Oh yeah!” he said lustfully, and in a single thrust he buried himself into me. I gasped deeply, surprised at the speed and intensity of his insertion. He didn’t pause, but immediately followed with another thrust, and then another thrust. He was fully driving into me, burying his dick and letting his balls slap against me. He grabbed my hips and pulled them into him to drive me further into him. The sensation of being taken consumed me, and I concentrated on the incredible sensation of his rod burying deep into my pussy. Despite the warning, I take one of my hands off the wheel, and reach between my legs so that I can rub his balls at the end of each thrust. He must really like the feeling, because he slows and shortens his motion so I can hold on to his sac, and gently squeeze them. Soon, he returns to his full violent thrusts, and I put my hand back on the wheel. As my excitement grew, I began driving my hips back to meet his. His hands dropped from my hips as my thrusts become longer, and soon I feel his movements stop. I continued driving my pussy repeatedly into his dick, and realized that once again I was fucking him.

“So, I have to fuck you for the second time today,” I mockingly asked, as he stood taking my thrusts.

My comment worked, as I felt him drive into me with an unexpected intensity. My whole body felt limp from the thrust, and I screamed a muffled cry. Not from pain, but from surprise. He took a couple more hard thrusts, and I felt him exit me. He grabbed my hands from the steering wheel, and lifted me from the bench. He rotated me, and pushed my upper body to the low side railing of the boat. He used his feet to push my legs wide apart, and I felt him enter me again. In this position, I was standing with my hands on the railing and bent at the waist. I was upright enough to see the people on the closest cruise ship, and I could tell that escort elvankent several were looking at us. My butt was wet with my liquid and his pre-cum, so his hips slapped loudly on my butt with every thrust. I loved the feeling of being pounded; I loved the feeling of being taken; and I loved the feeling of being watched. I soon felt the need rise in my pussy, and Jim was groaning in anticipation. His motions suddenly slowed, and he shouted a loud “I’m cumming!” It may have been for theatrical effect, but he came over and over into my pussy. Just as he gave out the final “ohh” as his last drops drained into me, I felt my pussy vibrate, and then sharply contract. The fierceness of the contraction force him out of me, along with all his jizz. Even though I was in the midst of a mind-numbing orgasm, I could hear his glob of cum fall from me and land in an unceremonious “blump.” He held my hips as I went through contraction after contraction, until my knees collapsed and I dropped. He gently turned me around, and gave me a big hug and a gentle kiss. I could hear muffled applause from the cruise ship. The fishermen were silent.

Jim put the boat back in order, started the engine, and drove slowly back to the resort. As we rode back, we each put our clothes on. We sat in the captain’s chair, hugged tightly, and together we steered back into the shore. I want this moment to last forever.

I’m sure there is a time when you’ve had too much sex. Too many orgasms. We might be there. My pussy is now really sore, and his orgasms just don’t have the volume they normally do. But, this is our once-a-year vacation, and he is really hot. So, we’ll see.

As we dock, I say, “OK. We’ve established that we can still pound each other.

But I can’t take another fucking tonight. And my mouth still hurts from the hundred times you tried to ram your dick into my throat yesterday.”

“Wimp,” is all he said. But I knew his dick was sore , too.

We went back and showered, put on cool club clothes, and went to the resort’s dinner club. Sorry, but no sex during dinner, coffee, or with the after dinner drinks But, the afterglow of the sex was definitely in play. We snuggled, hugged, lightly kissed, and really forgot about the rest of the world for awhile.

After dinner (way too much rum) we went walking on the beach, skipped stones into the ocean, and just sat and admired the moon. It was such a close evening We walked back to our bungalow, and both laid down on the big bed. I was feeling so close to Jim, but also feeling a little sexy, but my pussy was really tired, and my mouth was sore.

Jim is just so hot, even drunk and totally drained. Seeing him lie in the same spot where I fucked him so hard puts me in the mood to get one last dose of his cum tonight. I get up and go to my dresser, and retrieve a bottle of Astroglide lubricant. I kneel down next to him, and unsnap his pants, and lower his zipper. He lifts his butt, and I pull his pants and boxes to below his knees and he kicks them off. I unbutton his shirt, and open it so his bare chest is exposed. I put both my hands on this chest, and gently rub his nipples. “Just a quick handjob to help you sleep,” I say softly. “I just love to see cum spurt out of your dick.” As soon as he is mostly erect, a pick up the Astroglide, snap it open, and put a huge glob in my hand. I rub my hands together, spreading the silky liquid completely over all my fingers and palms. I firmly grab his dick with both hands, and slide them up and down his shaft. As I jack him, I rotate each hand in opposite directions, almost like I was wringing out a towel. After about a dozen strokes, I move one hand back to his nipples, and start steady, firm stokes with my other hand. With the firmness of my stroke, I can feel his balls lifting and his penis filling after just a few strokes. I feel his body tense, and his head tilts back, and his hips rise to meet my hand. He gives off a short, low grunt, and I feel his dick spasm. A large blob of white cum shoots out of his tip, and flies to rest on my arm. While looking deep into his eyes, I lean down, open my mouth, and put just the tip of my tongue into his cum. I pull away, and a thin string of jizz stretches between my tongue and arm. He gives out a load moan as the thread snaps to my lips. The next spurt lands on my hand, and the final spasms just roll down his shaft into my palms. I pick up his boxers and wipe him and my hands. By the time he’s clean, I can hear him snoring. I give his dick a quick kiss goodnight, and I pull the sheet over him. Time for sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32