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I breathed out in pure astonishment. I lied her down on the pillows, where still minor remnant tremors were shaking her body, and she was revelling in the sensations and emotions. She was a picture of absolute bliss: eyelids shut and her soft thin lips tight against one another as though attempting to focus on every limb in her body, goosebumps all over her skin. She was sprawled across the bed, one palm cupping and grazing her breast and its engorged nipple and the other over her clit, lazily playing with it as if the soothe herself back into reality. She was a goddess like she’d walked out of my dreams.

I sat the end of the bed, caressing her legs. She slowly opened her eyes and dreamily, her eyes rested on my face. Shifting herself up to sit against the headboard, she lifted her hand to her face to cup it and with extraordinary coyness, she said, “That was so beautiful, Richard. I-” She hesitated. “No one has ever-” She blushed.

“Oh, no one has ever me too.”

She blushed some more.

I stretched out my arm to intertwine my fingers with hers. I spoke slowly. “Do you even have any idea how beautiful – and special – you are?”

She whimpered, visibly struggling to take that sort of compliment. “Not really,” she responded in a quiet voice. “No one has ever- he never-” Her voice broke and a single tear broke off her eyelash and rolled down her cheek.

My heart responded and had me tighten my fingers across her own. “You’re so special, Jill. How-“

“Stop it!” she begged, her lower lip quivering. Desperately, she tried to bite her lip, but the tears of joy came flooding it; delight clashed with long-caged up dreams of pleasure and love and the dam broke. In convulsions, she stretched her arms towards me. I embraced her, pulling her shuddering figure towards me. Caressing her hair, feeling her against me but, just now, completely unaware of the nakedness of the both of us, I felt a change in me occuring, like I was a different person from just an hour ago. I couldn’t place my finger on it quite yet. Sobbing, happy, she was kissing my shoulder. “Don’t EVER let anyone tell you you’re anything but beautiful.”

Slowly, she was calming and relaxing in my arms, all the time close enough to me, pressed tight against my body that I was able to sense the pounding of her heart against my chest. Eventually, pulled back just enough to look at me. She looked even more enchanting now. I wiped some of the tears from under her eyes.

“Come on darling.” I encouraged her to slip off the bed and stand in front of me. I held her by her hands. “See yourself for what you are: your eyes, your nose, your lips, your arms, your breasts, your pussy.” As I named these, I was slowly running a trail down her body past them. “You are special, and beautiful and sexy.” I paused. “I’ve never met anyone even remotely like you.” Another pause. “EVER.” I was watching that radiant confidence crawl back into her face. “And whoever treated you badly and made you feel like you’re not enough or some other such nonsense – they are utter morons.”

She bent over me now, kissing me again. I led her hand to my cock now, teasing her nipples with my other hand. “Some more loving?”

She nodded vigorously. “Oh yes, please.”

Under her hand, the cock was growing and hardening predictably fast as the emotions were naturally morphing into arousal in a matter of seconds. I slid back onto the bed to lie on my back, my cock pointing up. I beckoned her playfully with my fingers. With no further ado, on her knees, she approached.

I watched her make her way towards me, her slim figure with her tight breasts with distended nipples and most of all, wet pussy, aching to be filled. She straddled my knees first, looking at me with a kind of aroused longing trepidation. Arousal was winning fast and she was already past the innocent girl phase, overcome eryaman genç escort bayanlar with expectation. She moved over forward, getting ready to ride. She lowered her hips.

Our eyes locked and the cock touched her, beginning to demand entry. She moaned in anticipation. She needed no help with this, reaching around the back to grab the pussy-yearning cock, poising it into optimal position.

I entered.

Her first deep satisfied moan was drowned by my shriek. “Oh FUCK!” The moist heat, like lava, was crashing around me. It was like slipping into a sheath of sun-hot leather. I growled and she grinned at me. Wrapping my hands around her back, I followed the instinct and began thrusting, stretching her. The friction was such that it is impossible to describe. Her insides was pulsating against me ferociously, made just for this cock-and-pussy duel.

And she knew what to do and how to do it. Swaying her tits right next to my face, she supported herself on her flat palms, her fingers stretched and digging into the sheets like a gecko’s. Her long hair cascaded down to the side of my head and she gasped, her mouth gaping. I kept thrusting, already fast and hard, with lengthy smooth swipes, getting almost fully out and then banging back in.

But she did not plan to be idle. Already, with amazing alacrity, she put her ass in rapid movement, hoisting her vagina down on me, meeting my thrusts, meaning that I was getting as deep into her as one possibly could. Now she looked at me, gasping, her pupils wide and intense. Every thrust felt like heaven and the ferocity of her throbbing around me and the raging molten heat around me were drugging and addictive. I was completely horizontal now, running my hands up and down her long skin-perfect back Rhythmically crashing her pussy down onto me, viciously sliding around me, she held up my neck and pressed her nose against mine; an emotional and erotic fest. She was still just whimpering out silent tiny sounds of pleasure, but her face betrayed almost complete bliss already. But as my thrusts into her were inevitably getting more demanding and rougher and the balls-slapping against her more audible, so were her whimpers, now beginning to go into higher-pitched tones; she was beginning to find the pleasures less and less bearable, of course meaning she wanted more of them.

Loud panting began now through pursed lips and I gained control. In seconds, her ass’s movements stopped and the throbbing, wanton cock rammed into her tight, defenceless pussy with methodical tenacity. Wish I could see that action! but I did sense her cum was trickling down its sides all the while I crammed it inside her. I squeezed her ass cheeks and felt their vibrations at every thrust of mine, like small ripples on their surface. “Oh yes, yes, yes, ye-” she moaned loudly and repeatedly now, sometimes hedonistic grimaces on her face painting hot, voluptuous picture.

She felt like more control again and rose up, supporting herself on my thighs, her hard tight tits tempting me from a distance. Determined to coax as much pleasure as she could from that cock, she put her ass again in rapid, fast up-and-down movements, the cock now shallow inside her driving me utterly insane. She rested her palms on my chest, and kept her ass shifting around me, effectively using my cock to fuck herself with it.

But such sensations quickly overwhelmed her and groaning now, sometimes sounds getting stuck in her throat, she lost to the thrusts and rested diagonally on the sheets now tot my right, and the initiative was mine again, her submitting to the vicious demands of my dick. I wrapped my hands around her back, ramming in, stretching her deeper and wider, surges of hot electricity never stopping flowing to me. She dug her fingernails into the sheets, now moaning loudly. and shaking in gorgeous delightful ankara escort bayan submission. She was getting noisier unable to contain the pleasure and her moans shifted smoothly into long continuous wail, like musical vibrations.

It was that positive feedback again. The more I thrust, the wetter she was and tighter she felt and the wilder, more unrestrained her responses. The more she moaned and wailed, the harder I was getting and the rougher she got it. A hot vicious cycle, all the hotter thanks to her tits pressed and dragging across my chest, steamy and sweaty.

I recognised when she was pushed over the edge. Her sobs paused for just a second and her voice screeched, like a creaking wooden door. She rose up above me to a rider’s position, letting out a long, deep gasp as though something just got freed and released inside her. Panting, I looked up at her and saw her eyes hazing up, getting misty, unseeing. The second wave was coming. He pussy tightened around my hard-on, and I shrieked at the sheer amount of pleasure this alone delivered, ramming harder, instinctively, in response, tearing her apart. Her panting and gasps now turned less woman-like and more girly indicating she was being completely overwhelmed. I rose slightly up, her looking down towards me, attempting to smile but failing instead producing an expression of simply pure lust and submission. The solid rock-hard cock jammed into her without mercy and my tight balls slapping against her skin punctuated each thrust. Her hot young ass was vibrating again with each wild thrust of mine, but this time, there weren’t ripples but tidal waves. I found her tits and squeezed, getting a squeak in return.

Then her convulsions came, first heralded by erratic gasps as though she lacked air and desperately tried to catch it into her mouth. Screwed ruthlessly now by the cock in fiery frenzy, she began to scream. “Oh fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” each word more high-pitched, more out of control and more guttural. A powerful wave now coursed through her young supple body, and with shuddering hands, she grabbed her tits defencelessly trying to contain herself before the writhing, wriggling and thrashing began. I caught her into an embrace, my gorgeous beautiful Jill growling and wheezing savagely as I held her tight through it.

But something, gradually, was changing in her. Although for a time, she was shaking feebly in my arms, clinging to me and riding her orgasm out, she didn’t just collapse this time; she was learning to ride the wave, like a surfer, and she was a quick study.

Her voice still husky and jagged, she soon was asking for “More!” She pushed me down to lie horizontally again and presently, completely at her own initiative, she was straddling my face, lowering her freshly-fucked, swollen pussy with both of our juices dripping out of it – onto my lips.

The feast begun. The meal was tasty from the first bite. She was slowly, almost imperceptibly, circling her hips around pushing it passionately onto my lips. I darted my tongue inside her instantly collecting and tasting her nectar. And then there was the view that I can only describe as “fucking amazing” – her slender body stretching upwards with her tits pushed forward, her engorged nipples crowning them. I stretched my hands towards them – there was no force stopping me. I squeezed; she moaned and covered my hands with hers before returning her gaze to look at me licking her, my mouth and tongue stuck to her folds. She rested her arm on the headboard, moaning in whispers. She was unbelievably smooth, almost like a slippery pane of glass. Her folds extended downwards straight into my lips and I sucked on them passionately, time and again tugging them into my lips, her wet flesh stretched taut.

Continuing her moans, she leaned back a little, her figure seeming to sprawl in front of etimesgut escort me now, and supported herself on my hips. I slowed down my tongue, delighting in the taste of her sex. For now, her sounds of pleasure and the sounds of kissing and sucking were the only ones in the room.

Smiling broadly now, she slipped off me. I knew what she was doing. Soon, she was above me, doing 69 now, running her tongue against my cock. Her tight, positively dripping ass, was just above my face. I stretched those inviting folds practically without thinking and pulled them in between my lips to suck harder. The duel began.

Purring whenever her mouth wasn’t clogged up by the dick, she was feasting over it, the movements of her smooth silky fingers meeting her mouth’s hoisting down along its length. Slow, sensual sucking. But my tongue was working on her too and she was getting distracted by the sensations – she rose slightly up, panting delicately through half-open mouth, absent-mindedly stroking the cock. I was crazy about that pussy, though, and now demanded tongue-entry into that hot wet tunnel, pushing in.

She managed to went back to sucking, muffling her own groans. Her tits and her hard-erect nipples were grazing against my skin, sending instant fire-waves to my groin and whatever was left from my brain – getting it curl my tongue and push harder in. Now with my face stuck in her vulva, all trickling wet with her juices, I was akin to a sex-craving leech, not letting go, opening her wider, my two hands pulling her crack wide open. She was still giving me a handjob, but erratic now: gasping loudly, she was losing.

Feasted on by the insatiable me, she gave up on the cock and succumbed to the sensations. First, she rose up, her upper body twisting like a snake. Her thighs were visibly shaking now. Then she lied down on her side. She was ready for another one.

Granting her a few seconds of mercy, I detached my mouth from her dripping pussy. “To the front,” I half mumbled to her, licking her cum off my lip, a peculiar, wonderful, savoury and sexy taste. She only needed one tiny prod too understand. On shaky knees, gasping, with a sudden burst of energy, she got up onto all fours and moved towards my feet until, facing away, her tight, saucy ass was just above my cock. She looked back at me over her shoulders. The smile was still sweet, but there was much more desire in the look now. She was ablaze.

“You are fucking hot.” My statement was simple and direct. I stretched my arm towards her ass, taking her pussy juices and spreading it around her ass cheeks, making her glisten. Both of her holes were for me to see, both gaping. I brushed my fingers across her heavy engorged pussy folds as though inspecting goods at a shop.

The dick wanted in. Bad. I grabbed it and wrapped my left hand at the balls, keeping it vertical, pushing the top against her pussy. She moaned in practical pain of anticipation and the bed creaked lazily as she began moving her hips as if on my command against it.

Then it went in, and by fucking Jove! it was deep! Even with the initial small moves of her ass, the pressure on what felt all the tissues in the tool was immense. “Oh FUCK!” I held her by her feet and she was already landing her pussy, jiggling her hot ass, around me. Supporting herself on stretched arms on the sheets, with up-and-down movements of her ass, she was using my dick to fuck herself, moaning and groaning. I got too see that cock vanish in the gaping darkness of her young cunt and watch that vibrating, twitching smooth young ass.

The young woman knew what to do. She alternated between taking it harder in and slow sensuous circling movements around me, soon sending me horizontal down onto the sheets to just enjoy the sensations.

I couldn’t stay down there for long – she was not planning to give me any rest. I rose back up seconds later to grab that young sexy ass. I swept my gaze from her ass up her back to catch her eye, now pulling and pushing her hips. When she returned the gaze, there was fire in her eyes. What she said next allowed things to spiral out of control quickly.

“Fuck your bitch!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32