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She had brought it up to me before, jokingly or so I thought. Laura was one of those people who had a very odd sense of humor. You could never really tell if they were being serious or not. We were watching a movie the first time; I really can’t even remember what, though I remember the conversation well enough. It was near the end and I remember my sister Sarah coming in after her dance. She was only fourteen at the time and it was her first real date. She was nervous going out, and being an older brother, I teased her a little about it. Of course, if I found out he took advantage, I would be sure to pay her date a long visit.

She came in about a half hour late, but she seemed fine. Of course mom was unconscious already. She was usually down for the count by then. Sarah walked in with a bit of a smile, and I thought nothing of it, assuming she just had a good time. Laura, on the other hand saw something else.

“Sarah had a little fun tonight, huh?” As a male in my mid teens, I had no real problem ignoring the people around me while caught up in an action movie.

“Yeah, fun…” I didn’t even turn away from the T.V., just nodded my head and agreed as I had learned to do in the last pendik escort couple years Laura and I had been seeing each other.

“Didn’t you hear me? I think Sarah had some fun tonight…” And this time, to make sure I understood her, she slid her right hand down my chest to rest on my currently slumbering penis, of course, a squeeze and a rub and I was already at half mast.

Needless to say, I was a little shocked that Laura was groping me on the couch while my little sister was in the next room, but it wasn’t the last shock of the night. “what are you talking about? She didn’t do anything.”

“Trust me; a woman knows a first time, when she sees it…”

At that point, Sarah came back into the room, said hello and sat down to catch the last few minutes of the movie. I couldn’t believe it, but with my sister less than a few feet away, I could feel Laura begin to slide down and massage my cock again!! I was lost; I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t bring attention to it with her there, and I didn’t want to look down for the same reason. I just hoped Sarah was watching the movie and not noticing the bulge in my pants being manipulated by my apparently too horny girlfriend.

After maltepe escort a few minutes, Sarah excused herself and went to her room. I didn’t know whether it was boredom or watching her own brother getting an almost hand job on the living room couch.

After she left Laura turned to me and with a completely straight face told me she thought my sister was sexy!! Of course, here it was again, Laura’s odd sense of humor. “I almost asked her to give me a hand with this” as she squeezed my cock tightly. A bolt of pleasure ran through me as she continued to rub my cock. I was actually beginning to feel pain as it strained against my tightening jeans. Finally she reached down with her other hand and unzipped me, my cock jumping to attention, hard as granite.

“I wonder if she did this tonight, don’t you?” Before I could say a word, she bent and slipped her wet lips over the head of my cock. She has a way of taking it in just a bit and letting her saliva slowly drip down the shaft. It takes a minute or so, but my dick gets soaked before she starts to suck. I think she does it just to make me wait for her. When she finally takes my cock fully into her mouth, the first thing I think about is my kartal escort sister, cock in hand, sucking her date off in a dark corner somewhere. I can see her lips close around his dick while he begins to shake, coming, probably for the first time. Before I know it, I’m doing the same thing, firing off like a little boy with his first porn mag. I fire a salty load right down Laura’s throat, which she takes like a pro. It’s not like when we first started when she would turn away and let me cum on the floor. After her first taste, I can honestly say she was hooked. It took a lot of practice, but of course we made the effort and now she could probably swallow with the best of them.

After a massive blow, I reclined back, wiped out. Laura lifted her head, smiled, with a huge gob of slick cum still on her lips and said “You were thinking about her, weren’t you?” Again, before I could choke out a word, she leaned in and crushed her lips to mine, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my cum all over her, soaked into her mouth and tongue. I licked her lips and shared in the gift I gave her. After that, we lost ourselves to the passion and of course, you know what happened next. The pants and panties came off and we pleasured ourselves for the rest of the movie. Screw the ending.

So that’s how it all started, with a couple quips about my hot sister and a cum filled mouth. But hey, how else would something like this begin…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32