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Written at a happier time in my life, years ago…

It occurred to me today that there are basically two kinds of memories. Mechanical memories and triggered memories. I experienced one such triggered memory today. Mechanical memories and ones we learn due to simple repetition. Like remembering your phone number, your address, the way home from work, your bank account number etc. etc. Triggered memories are ones that come to us by being exposed to some outside element. Like a scent, a taste, a texture against the skin, a rarely seen sight or landmark. Triggered memories are almost always very strong. They are very vivid and taken with great detail and emphasis. They can be quite overwhelming, actually. At times they can be downright overwhelming. Some memories are possessed with such rich detail and strong emotion that they elicit a genuine emotional or physical response. They can carry us to the most beautiful of places or times. I experienced one such memory at work today. I have a particular appreciation for perfumes. Perfume straight out of the bottle smells nice, but perfume on warm skin takes on an entirely different texture, a cleaner smell, a much more sensual element. It seems to somehow more of everything you enjoy about it. It makes you want to feel the warmth of the skin, inhale the fragrance and tangle your fingers gingerly in their hair. Personally, it makes me want to explore….

Pulling The Memory Trigger

I was standing in front of the dish machine at work today when it hit me. I was running a rack of plates into the machine when one of the girls walked behind me and stopped at the ice machine. She’s a very sweet girl, feminine and pretty in many ways. I always take a moment to linger in her perfume whenever she’s close by. Today I was struck with the most vivid memory as I stood there inhaling her perfume. It was like the world in front of my eyes was stuck in a freeze frame and a new set of film was put in the mental reel. So strong was the sensation in fact, I think I damn near kissed the girl. I was suddenly lost in a memory about a girl I used to know, a tall slender gal I will always remember affectionately as Blue Eyes.

The dog days of another Alabama summer were crawling to an end. Every day on my way home I enjoyed a beautiful golden red sunset. Every morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee while I watched a bronze and white sunrise that left me very serene. After a long day at work, seeing the harvest moon over an Alabama sky always made me breathe easier, it seems. I met ol’ Blue Eyes in the summer of 2000. Just as the weather reminds us that old man winter is close by. It’s not cold enough to be winter yet, but the days can still get hot enough to make you break a sweat. And baby did I ever break a sweat before it ever got cold.

Every man has his own ideas about what he likes most about women. What features catch his eye, what things about a woman arouse him and interest him the most. To me a beautiful woman can take on many forms and degrees, but in the end I, too have my own likes and dislikes. To me, Blue Eyes was what I immediately identified as “my kind of woman “. She was tall and slender. Long firm legs, a supple flat stomach with the slightest hint of a paunch. What a like to call a sexy belly. Her hair was brown, shoulder length. It always felt soft to the touch, always smelled comfortable and welcoming. Her breasts were small. Very well pronounced, very well shaped. They had a graceful slope to them I found quite fascinating. Her hands were slender, the nails neat and trim. I was eternally fascinated by her hands. They always felt cool somehow. Her eyes were a cool steely blue color. The exact blend of blue is hard to describe in a way. Go to your refrigerator, open the door and reach in and touch an ice tray. Now close your eyes and think blue. That’s the shade of blue her eyes are to me. For those of you who get it, well you get it.

On our first date I was immediately intrigued by the way her mouth moved when she spoke. Her lips were naturally red. Not lipstick red, but just a touch brighter red than what you normally see. She was blessed with a brilliant beaming smile. Her eyes seemed to light up and her body danced as she laughed. And as I sat there undressing her with my eyes I wanted to kiss her very much. I have always been taught that respect for woman is necessary and very important. Over the years it has become as much a matter of self-respect as it is respect for a woman. I know better than that and I was raised better, I think to myself. So I am the kind of guy who never asks for or expects a kiss goodnight on the first date. That night after I brought her home from our first date, standing on her stoop smelling the fresh cut grass, I gave her a hug goodnight. As we parted our eyes met. She closed her eyes and sighed. I cradled the back of her head in my right hand, caressed her cheek against mine. I lingered in the soft warmth of her skin for a moment, and I kissed her. We shared the most electrifying bahis siteleri kiss, her mouth impossibly hot and inviting. Words to describe such a simple thing are often elusive.

We saw each other a few more times over the course of a few weeks. I discovered she liked leather. This pleased me to no end. I love the solid warm texture of leather against my skin. There is a comfort to leather that no other fabric can duplicate. We decided to visit one of the leather shops in the mall. I was very anxious to make this little trip. Her legs were quite arousing to me, and the thought of them wrapped in a pair of black leather jeans… well my what candy for the eyes that had to be. We had been intimate a time or two already, and I knew what her legs looked like from heel to thigh. Very much to my liking, and some very strong fuel for my imagination. We went to the leather shop, and I think it almost a form of mutual masturbation for us. Something that intrigued me about her, she had a very strong yet subdued sexuality about her. She would hold up a garment for me to look at, look at me, look back at the garment, look back at me and open her mouth a bit, exhale slowly and quietly and just smile a wry grin. A ‘fuck me’ smile if I ever saw one.

She tried on several things while I watched happily. I tried to hide a mounting erection and be as fashionable discreet as possible. She decided on two pair of leather pants and a leather bustier top. On our way out she spotted a pair of black leather harness boots. After a quick trip back to the sales counter those went into a box, too. By this time we were both exchanging those glances. You know, those glances. As we left she stepped close to me and palmed my crotch, fixed me with a feral stare and winked. I’m sure I had an idiot grin on my face. I’m sure of it.

Next door to the leather shop is a small bath and body the shop. You know the kind of place. They sell homemade soaps, body wash, lotions etc. For me passing by one of these places is like standing in front of an old time bakery. The smell gives you a host of warm fuzzy sensations. We went in to look around. A lot of fragrances compliment leather, and it looked like tonight was going to a sensory explosion indeed. She picked up a small chubby bottle of lotion, smiled and handed it to me. It smelled like butter cookies. Warm and sweet. The fragrance was so convincing I wanted to dab some on the end of my finger and taste it. There was no oily feeling or smell to it at all. So a few minutes later we were leaving the bath and body shop with an eight-dollar bottle of butter cookie lotion in our possession and we were on our way home.

We stopped and ate dinner on our way home. Being a chef, food has always been a source of great intrigue and an ever-present indulgence for me. I love a well-cooked meal and a pleasant atmosphere. Dinner also proves to be a very nice platform for very good foreplay. We ate at a nice Italian place that had cool stucco walls with a tasteful amount of ivy on the walls with a Romanesque column here and there. As we ate we exchanged hungry stares and played footsie under the tables. Not too much was said. Very little at all actually. An hour or so later we were walking into her apartment and grappled in a long deep kiss. One thing I always observed about Blue Eyes was that the girl had good taste. Her apartment was Spartan yet tastefully appointed, the touchstone of a woman who pays great attention to detail. I remember how cool the hardwood floors felt beneath my bare feet. The apartment was decorated with a subtle feminine blend of candles, wrought iron, lace and plain old country charm.

She had long white curtains of gauze like material. In each of her windows was a row of colored glass. When the sun shone through them they cast a soft pastel color against the white fabric of the curtains. It was always cool and quiet in her apartment. I can remember very clearly standing at her door each time I would come to visit. I could hear her heels clicking on the wood floor when she came to the door. With every footstep my anticipation grew. She was so sexy in so many ways.

We dropped our bags on the floor and fell onto the couch together. We shared a few deep kisses and then she got up to change into something more comfortable. I sat on her couch with my eyes closed, singing to myself as I waited for her to return.

“time to take her home”

“her dizzy head is conscience laden”

“time to take a ride”

“it leaves today no conversation”

She kissed me as I sat there singing with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes to find her wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a t-shirt. One thing I learned about my own sexuality from Blue Eyes is that women can be so sexy when they are comfy. Blue Eyes was the epitome of that. Just smoldering as she stood there, perfectly at ease.

“So would you like to watch a movie?” She asked.

“That would be fine by me darlin’ ” I told her.

She cast me a sly glance and went to the canlı bahis siteleri TV hutch. She fished through the tapes for a few moments and put a movie in the player. She returned and sat next to me on the couch, then to my satisfaction she nestled close to me. I could smell her skin and feel the soft warmth of her hair. Something about her touch spoke her need to me. I put my arm around her shoulder and shared in her warmth as the movie started.

“You’ll like this movie. It’s one of my favorites.” She told me.

The movie opened and we were soon absorbed by it. Nine And A Half Weeks has indeed since become one of my favorite movies. As the sultry nature of the movie progressed, I began to rub my feet against hers. She responded by emitting a light sigh. The submissive grace of her breathing made me very eager to kiss her. I turned to her and we shared a long kiss.

Her lips met mine with a feeble shyness, and as we kissed I could feel her defenses diminishing. I traced a path up her leg with my toe, and she giggled in response. From this moment forth the movie seemed to last a million years, intriguing as it was. While Joe Cocker sang ‘You can leave your hat on’, I half-heartedly watched Kim Basinger’s enticing strip scene as I slowly moved the fingers of my right hand down her shoulder to the smooth freckled skin of her chest. One delicate inch at a time my hand traced down to the swell of her breasts.

The anticipation of seeing her bare breasts was becoming barely tolerable. I couldn’t wait to feel one of her pert nipples under my tongue. My left hand found the flat of her stomach. I tickled her navel and teased the small ring there as we exchanged a long kiss. As we parted from her kiss, she pulled my mouth back against hers and began to suck my tongue. I palmed one firm breast and squeezed. I could feel her nipples come to life under the thin fabric of her shirt.

As the movie drew to a close and static overtook the television screen, I was anxiously pulling her t-shirt off of her. With her shirt removed, her beautiful firm breasts were given to me to enjoy. I slid off of the couch and came to rest between her legs on the floor. Her hands grappled mine as I kissed and licked her belly button. I lapped at the skin of her stomach, leaving a sticky trail. I licked up to her chest, lapped at the underside of each perfectly curved breast. I palmed her right breast, squeezing the nipple between my fingers as I sucked greedily at the slope of her left. Her breath was a slow heavy rush with each touch of my tongue. Sitting on my knees at her feet, I was gifted with a view of just how beautiful this woman was to me. Her eyes were aglow with a crystalline quality in the low light of the room. Our hands parted. I placed my left palm on her crotch and let it lie there as I drank in the delicious skin of her breasts. I teased her nipple with my tongue, resting it gently against my lips and sucking at it sweetly. I bit the nipple gently, relishing in her response. She inhaled suddenly, held it, and exhaled slowly as she ran her hand through her hair. Her mouth was half open, exposing perfect even white teeth. Her lips had a natural pout to them.

Every time I saw her like this I wanted to spray that irresistible mouth with cum. The anticipation was growing insanely between us. I removed my palm from her crotch and grabbed both sides of her shorts. She lifted her ass for me, and I painstakingly peeled her shorts away from her. I lingered in the moment, memorizing each inch of skin revealed as I pulled them away. She was wearing sheer black cotton panties. The cut was very narrow, barely covering her sex. Her pubic hair was a dim bulge under her panties. I reached around her waist and pulled her up to her feet.

She stood over me, not quite knowing what to expect. I bit the seam of her panties and placed both hands on her hips. With a slow solid motion I gingerly tugged at her panties with my teeth, pulled them down from the sides. I could smell her sex as I peeled her panties away. I rubbed my cheek against her soft pubic hair. It had the same warm soft quality as the hair on her head. I relished the sight of her long legs, kissed them as I pulled her panties down past her knees. She lifted one foot, then the other. Her panties landed unceremoniously in a corner of her living room.

Kneeling there before her, my face was just inches from her sex. Old Blue Eyes was blessed in many ways. One of her many blessings was undeniable to me from here. She had a beautiful pussy. The skin just below her pubic hair was a shade lighter than the rest of her skin. Below there the pale pink skin divided into a preciously formed crease. In the center of the crease was a tiny rise of flesh and the small pink mound of her clitoris. The smell of her sex made me feel oddly drunk. It almost seemed to scream to me. I touched her clitoris with the tip of my right index finger, and slid sown her labia to her sticky candy spot. I teased her labia for a moment, and then canlı bahis slid my finger inside her.

She met my touch with a loud cry of pleasure. Her eager noises enticed me. I pursed my lips around her clitoris and began to suck. My tongue would slide up and down her sex at random, as if I were kissing her mouth. My free hand gripped the firm skin of her ass. She spread her legs wider and pressed down against me. I pulled her closer as she stood splay legged above me. With each moan from her lips I sucked and kissed at her clitoris more furiously. I began to finger fuck her, timing each penetration with sucking her clitoris.

She grasped the back of my head with both hands and began to grind her crotch against my face brutally. I was hypnotized by her sex, her hot pussy grinding against my face filming it with musky sex. Her groans grew, interspersed with random yelps and girlish screams. With each thrust of her hips she fucked my face harder. Slowly she was bending at the knees, the lack of breath taking the better of her.

I stood and pushed her back onto the couch. She fell with her legs spread, and her hands found the back of my head once more as I buried my tongue back into her delirious pink slit. I felt her grow tense, and then her muscles seem to turn to stone under her skin. Her feet kicked and pushed at the floor, and she pushed my face into her crotch so forcefully I thought I was about to be smothered in the nicest way imaginable. Her movement stopped with a sudden shudder. She yelled a long, feral cry that echoed off of the walls in the dim room and slowly the cry grew into a long deep exhalation. She started trembling under my touch and finally lie perfectly still. A warm flood of sticky fuck trickled onto my mouth and chin as her orgasm rolled over her and slowly ebbed away.

My knees were aching by now. Her hardwood floor was unforgiving to them. I slowly stood, wincing as my knees protested and popped. I leaned in close to hug her, and she surprised me by nailing me with a deep tongue kiss. She sucked and licked at my chin, kissing my cheeks and smearing her sex between us. Her hand was on my crotch. My cock was throbbing painfully. The feel of her touch there was welcome relief.

She unbuckled my belt and opened the buttons of my faded button fly blues. Moments later my pants and underwear were around my feet as she inhaled my cock like a woman possessed. She drove down on my cock and sucked with great pressure as she pulled my cock from her mouth. With each rapid slide down the length of my cock she grunted and moaned in pleasure. Each time she would pull my cock out she would suck with even greater force. One of her hands cupped my balls and squeezed gently as she consumed me.

The buildup was soon more than I could withstand. I pulled away from her and kicked my pants and underwear away. She stood and turned her back to me, bending over and presenting her perfect pink sex flower to me. I reveled in the view for a brief moment. Her pussy was a slick pink crease, aching to be touched again. I ground the head of my cock against her pussy, and with a thrust of my hips pushed forward, slightly upward, and slid inside her. She met my cock with an immediate feminine wail. She gripped the back of the couch and spread her legs a bit wider. I grasped both cheeks of her slender heart-shaped ass and began ramming her pussy ruthlessly. Our height benefited both of us, as I was standing almost perfectly upright. I could see my cock parting her swollen pussy; a sticky sheen of sex clinging to my cock as I withdrew. Her head was down, pushed hard against the cushions. Each time my cock slid inside her she would wail and cry in pleasure.

I felt a warm stinging heat in the head of my cock as I fucked her. The sensation grew, building to a sensory hum that I felt through every inch of my skin. It was like a small warhead had detonated in the head of my cock, and the radiation was filtering its way through the rest of my body. With each thrust the sensation grew stronger. There was a low dull ache deep in my balls. Each push inside her became an exercise in agony as my orgasm mounted and grew. Finally the sensation became whole, my knees locked and my legs began to shiver uncontrollably. She pushed hard back against me, her pussy devouring my cock entirely as I came in an explosive rush of breath. It felt as if I were draining every drop of my blood through my cock. The force of the ejaculation was nearly enough to bring me to the floor. A thin rivulet of cum crept around the shaft of my cock and dripped down on to the hardwood.

As I stood there stunned, trying to catch my breath, my vision blurred before my eyes. She was speaking lost words to me, my senses overran and my heart racing. With an immense effort, I tensed my legs and slowly withdrew my cock from her. Pulling out of her warm slippery sex was like dragging fish hooks through my skin. I stepped forward and fell onto my side into the soft comfort of her couch. She stood, turned around and sat next to me. Her hand lay on my chest. I could see her fingers dance on my skin as my heart pounded. I rested my head on her shoulder. We both lie there breathing heavily, slowly recovering our strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32