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I travel for work. I’m usually away for a couple of weeks at a time then I come home to you again for a week. But the quarantine lockdown happened so suddenly I got stuck on the worksite in the next state for six weeks because of travel restrictions. I’ve missed you so much baby. We’ve been calling every day, sending me cute nudes, phone sex… but there’s nothing like feeling your breath on my skin or hearing you moan when you cum, baby.

Today the travel restrictions have been relaxed, and we’ve worked out we can both travel as far as a nearby city. So you book a hotel room and send me a series of filthy text messages on your way there. I can not wait to see you, baby. I can’t wait to feel every inch of you again. I can’t wait to make you cum, for me.

I arrive at the hotel and pick up my room key from the front desk.

You’re in the room waiting, showering, shaving, grooming your gorgeous body, ready for me to do unspeakable things to you.

I walk in and drop my bag… I can hear the shower running and in the three steps it’s taken me to get to the bathroom door I’ve taken off all my clothes… I’m fully naked and so, fucking horny for you. I’ve been thinking about this moment for fucking weeks.

I open the door and the steam rolls out with the smell of your shampoo. I can see you. Naked in the shower. Running your fingers down through your hair. The water kızılay escort is running down over your shoulders, down your back, your ass and down over your legs. You look so fucking hot. You turn to look at me… now I can see your fucking beautiful tits, with the water running down over your nipples, over your stomach and your pussy. Oh my god.

I walk into the shower recess and you wrap yourself arms around me kissing me hard on the lips. I’m cupping you’re head in my hands and kissing you so wildly. Oh my god your lips, your fucking tongue. My tongue is in your mouth, tasting you, feeling you again, kissing you, and my hands are fingers are running down your neck, over your gorgeous soft tits and around your waist, pulling you hard into me so my hard cock can feel your skin. Oh god you feel so good. Your skin is so soft. Your kiss is so fucking hot. Baby I’ve missed you so fucking much.

Our hands are all over each other. Your running your fingers down my shoulders, over my chest, oh god when you touch me it feels so fucking good.

My hands are sliding all, over, you… squeezing your tits, running over your stomach and around your back… squeezing your ass and kissing you so hard I push you back onto the wall. I’m so hard for you right now. Fuck I need you so bad. Are you wet right now, for me?

My hand moves down your stomach to your pussy, oh god I’ve etlik escort thought about your pussy so much during lockdown. I can feel how lubricated your lips are from your cum, you moan so fucking loudly the moment my fingertips start rubbing your clit. You want it so bad. You’re so hot for it. You tell me how fast you’re going to cum you want it so bad.

I wanna hear you cum baby. I want to hear you scream. I’m going to make you cum for me, right fucking now.

I start rubbing your clit harder, kissing you, squeezing your tit and pushing you against the wall. The hot water is running down over us and I waste no time sliding two fingers straight into you, just how you like it baby. You moan wildling, pushing your back against the wall to grind your hot pussy onto my fingers. God you feel so good. I’m finger fucking you against the wall of the shower. Still kissing you hard on the mouth… but you’re moaning so fucking hard.

What’s that baby? You don’t want to cum too fast? You want this cock? You can have this cock all.. fucking… weekend… but right now.. right now you’re going to give me that pussy. Give it to me. Cum for me.

God you feel so fucking good inside. I’m massaging your pussy with my hand, finger fucking you while you squirm against the wall. You’re going to cum and I want to fucking hear it and feel you with my fingers.

I demetevler escort keep stroking your pussy faster, squeezing your tit while you’re losing your breath. Your clit is throbbing and I can feel your pussy starting to shake. My cock is so fucking hard right now, for you.

Oh my god you’re going to cum… oh my fucking god… you’re about to cum on my hand… faster baby? Harder? Oh my god you’re fucking screaming into my shoulder while your pussy is going fucking wild on my hand. Keep cumming baby, that’s it… oh my fucking god. Oh… my… fucking… god…

You collapse into me on the shower wall, sliding down to your knees to take my cock in your mouth.

Oh my god. I’m standing under the shower with my hands in your hair, and your wrapping your fucking gorgeous lips around the end of my pulsating cock. Fuck. Oh fuck baby. Yeah. I’ve missed you so much.

You start stroking me, playing with my balls, sucking my throbbing head and sucking and swirling your fucking tongue just how I fucking love it… fuck baby… I’m going to blow so hard, right in your fucking mouth. You want that? You’ve fucking missed sucking my cock haven’t you baby?

Fuck yeah, lick it, suck on it. Stroke me. Fuck yeah baby, oh god I’m about to cum so fucking hard. Oh god I can feel it. Oh god your eyes looking up at me, fuck… FUCK!! I’m gonna cum…

Oh god I’m cumming in your mouth… I can feel tour tongue, I can feel it when you ..



oh my god baby yes, your mouth, your lips around my cock.. fuck! Fucking take it for me, take all of my fucking cum.. oh my god baby. Yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32