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Note: This story takes place over several chapters. Some are faster to the action than others. If speed is your thing, this story isn’t really for you. Otherwise, enjoy.


“Okay, okay. No more! I can’t take anymore.”

“Michelle, it’s just pasta. And it’s not like I’m force feeding you.”

“It’s exactly like that. You fuck like a champ. You introduce me to this miracle worker with tits, and then you try to make me fatter with all this pasta-shaped heroin. It IS heroin, isn’t it?”

“No baby. It’s just pasta. And you are hardly fat. What’s that about?”

“Well, I’m softer than Anna. She’s been working out so much harder than me. And if there’s going to be heroin Bolognese, then I’m really not going to be responsible for the size of my ass.”

“Let me be responsible for your ass.”

“Or me,” said my smiling mother. Though, I’d also like to be responsible for those perky boobs. And maybe all the other parts while we’re at it.”

“Perky? You think they’re perky,” Michelle asked brightly.

“Well, you are awfully young, hon. They perk then. My boobage is a bit more… er… substantial… and pendulous,” she said with a shoulder shrug.

“Anna, you’re fishing. You know that your tits and my complete lack of subtlety are the reason that we’re fucking. And a bit the reason I love you. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I would have just lusted after your body if you’d turned out to be unpleasant, but since you’re all dreamy the tits get to be one of the reasons I love you.”

“How very enlightened of you.”

“I was just telling your son.”

“Who was forcefeeding you drug noodles apparently,” she chuckled.

Michelle sat up straight to point out, “See, even you admit it.”

I nodded slowly and said, “Look, gourmand girl, if you’re spending the night I’ll pour you more wine and you can explain all this to Anna while I do the dishes. Or, if you’re going home then it’s just water and finding your clothes around here somewhere.”

“Spoiling all the fun.”

“That’s me. Though, if you thought ahead and packed a bag then it wouldn’t be an issue.”

“No. Poor planning. Ironic really.”


“Well, the whole program management thing at work. I’d get a stern talking too for this poor a level of planning. Also for not wearing pants.”

“Apparently not if you worked for Joann at my place.”

“Oh,” she blushed a little. “So that, uh, came up?”

Anna looked from me to Michelle, “Something interesting coming up at work?”

I said, “well, turns out that little Mikey broke my boss lady’s heart a few years ago. A thing that would have been handy to know at some point.”

Michelle very calmly explained, “Yes, and now you do. It is, in fact, a point. I mean, did you want to know about who I’d fucked in college on our first date? No, I don’t imagine. I mean, we’ve talked in generalities, but the specifics are still a little fuzzy. So, that part where I tell you about having sex with my college roommate would have come. Just not until… well, I guess now.”

“It’s really okay. Of course, you didn’t need to. And honestly, I wasn’t that surprised once she told me. A little turned on, of course. But not surprised.”

“You hot for Jo?”

“No. I mean, that’s not what I meant. I mean that now that I know you as well as I do. And that I’ve shared you with another woman… my mom no less… it would have surprised me to find out that you hadn’t slept with your college roommate at some point. I just hadn’t thought about it until she told me.”

“Well, it wasn’t really just fucking. We were kind of serious about each other for a while there. But then I left town for a job. She stayed for a job here. There was some disagreement about who should be where for whom. It got a little heated.” Michelle unconsciously twirled her hair around her forefinger and took a breath.

“But we made up. I mean, I think Jo and I were good for each other, but neither of us was ready to, I guess, settle down. And we were young. And I wanted to fuck a few more people and she was a bit more- Monogamous I guess. Or at least she wanted me to be monogamous, which read as the same thing then. It was time, anyway. She didn’t talk to me for a few months after, but in the end she started dating someone else and then there was space for us to be friends again. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a tiger in the sack. And sweet as you’d hope for. But she was no Babylonian Hero, or anything.”

“Well, who is, really? Oh, that’s right, I-“

“Yeah, yeah, we all know about your mighty sword. I’m just saying that it was college. We had a thing. We broke up. Now we’re good. I think. And I’m glad that you guys get along, because that meant that she was cool introducing the two of us.”

I picked up the dishes and started to load the washer. “True. Introducing us was a very good thing.”

“But you’re right, words I’m not going to say very often, and I need to get home. If I don’t I’ll have to go to work tomorrow wearing what I stand up in.”

“Or you could borrow something of mine,” I offered.

“I pendik escort dig chicks, Gil, but I don’t know that the office is ready to see me show up in full butch mode. Though, now that I think about it, that might be kinda hot.”

Anna asked, “Might? I think I need to see you in full Dietrich chic now.”

“But not tonight, babe, or we’ll be back at square one of this argument.”

“Yes, I get that. It’s just hard to picture spending the night all alone in my own bed when I’ve just started wearing out my two favorite people.” Anna stroked my hair as she, frankly, leered at Michelle.

“Okay, kids,” I announced. “Both of you. Out of the house or I’m going to be too weak to expel you. Then you’ll blame me for my lack of control. And while I’m willing to accept that I’m likely going to be in the wrong on most arguments, this is one that will be difficult for me not to say ‘I told you so’ at some point. So, put on your clothes – god forgive me- and get out of my house, before I make you move in permanently.”

Anna raised and eyebrow as she locked arms with Michelle. “Mikey, I think he just asked us to move in.”

Michelle replied, “Or to break up with us.”

I answered, “You two are incorrigible. And it’s only because I love you that I’m going to kick you out and then invite you back in shortly thereafter.”

“Mike, how is he the mature one?”

“Beats me. But I do know that I need to go before someone loses control and makes me stay. I’m not conceited, or anything. I just know he has no willpower.”

“See? Here I am. Tower of Will, young lady,” I proudly proclaimed.

“True. But I’m only trying to seduce your Bolognese at the moment.”

“Arrabiata actually.”

“Well, Arrabite Me. Don’t make me prove a point. Or I’ll have to get up in the morning before dawn to get home and change. And I am no one’s love when I wake up.”

“I could test that.”

“That would test our relationship. And I like you too much to do that this soon. Four AM wakeup calls are seriously only possible once I have dirt on you and you can’t just leave me.”

“Not going anywhere, baby.”

“That’s cause it’s your house.”

“Oh. Yeah. That too. Now go home. And take your girlfriend with you. Though probably not totally with you or you’ll still miss work.”

Anna kissed me on the cheek. “Such a mature boy. Okay, Michelle. I’m being good. Grab your bra, your keys, and whatever else you need. You’re giving me a ride back to your place. Then I’m being good and going to mine. If I don’t at least read over the material for tomorrow my students are going to know something is up. And if I don’t get a shower they’re going to know it involved dick. Smelly smelly dick.”

“Hey, I resent that.”

“But don’t dispute it. I mean, by morning I’m going to be less divine than normal. So, let’s move it children.”

“Yes, ma’am,” We both responded.

Joann asked, “So, big plans for the weekend?”

Michelle, Anna, and I had settled into a semblance of normal. Not really normal, certainly. Not by most any standard that we had previously accepted. Still, it was working for us. We’d been… Dating? I don’t know what to call it. The three of us had been in this new state for a little over a week now. We’d gotten past the freak-outs but not completely into the routine yet.

I had the largest home, and, of course, the pool. Also, I cook. So, we tended to end up at my place. My bed was large enough to accommodate us, and if it got crowded there were spare rooms, though no spare beds. I had a yoga mat and good intentions, but my couch might have been a nice backup if needed. Fortunately, we were still pretty comfortable snuggling (amongst other things) in my king-sized. Why does a single guy need a giant bed? Well, why wouldn’t he? It was my biggest indulgence when I started renting the house. I figured that it would be worth it. If I’m being honest, I’d been crashing on my couch in my previous apartment and that was getting old. It’s comfy and all, but not a good look when you’re bringing home guests.

So, at this stage we had spent the week bouncing around to our places, and spent the entire weekend at mine. I had a plan for this weekend that involved shopping and stocking the house for a more comfortable living situation, but I was pretty sure that Joann didn’t need to know the details.

“Well, mostly the usual. You know me, not very exciting,” I said.

“Gil, you’ve been here for what? Three months? You’ve been dating Michelle pretty steadily for two of those months. She’s not sticking around this long if you’re just a dull homebody.”

“Well, yeah, we’ll see each other. I’m sure we’ll go out or something. It’s just not a specific well-planned agenda. She’s the program manager, remember? I just do the comms.”

“Yeah, I think somehow that’s not a totally accurate portrayal of your relationship, but you just keeping being all mysterious. Last time I talked to Michelle she was damned near buzzing. If I hang out with her and get a drink in her, she’ll tell all. The last week maltepe escort her texts have been… erratic. I’d swear she was dating someone new if I didn’t know that you guys were still together.”

I involuntarily coughed. Joann looked at me strangely.

“She’s not dating someone new is she?”

“Joann, you are my friend and also my boss and I like to tell you all the dirt. But, as is, you know what there is to know, I think.”

“Boy. I was hoping to hire you in to the team, but if you can’t lie any better than that man, I’m not sure you’ll ever be able to cover my substantial ass if I run into trouble with the higher ups,” she laughed.

“Hey, I could. I mean, it’s not. I mean, hire me in? I mean-“

“Hush. Yeah, I’m trying to move the budget around a little to see if we can get a position open for a fulltime comms person for this team. I know the contract we had you in on goes for another three months, but it seemed a good precaution. Particularly, if you want to stay. You’d have a lower bill rate, of course, but you’d also not have to pay your own taxes or hustle your next gig.”

“That would be fantastic, Joann. I definitely would be interested. I was beginning to picture looking for the next gig and it was not my favorite daydream.”

“Yeah, I get it. I came into this place on an internship during college, so I admit to sometimes being intrigued by the contractor life, but then I imagine the instability and it snaps me right out of it.”

“No kidding. And, er… well, yeah, I’m not totally comfortable talking about relationship stuff candidly. I mean, I’ve only been with Michelle a couple of months. And I was a little thrown to realize that you two had an… intimate… history.”

“We were fucking, Gil. Okay, it was dating too, but it was a lot of fucking. And I did sort of throw you with that. Sorry. Still, seeing you blush was a treat.”

“Blush? Nah, not me. I’m totally the most sophisticated person in this arrangement.”

“Arrangement? That’s an interesting term for your life.”

“What? Dating your former lover and finding out about that while I am on a short-term employment contract? Arranging my reaction would be the least of my worries,” I explained.

“Yeah, okay, I’ll give you that. But don’t worry about it. I knew you would be in for an interesting time with Michelle, and I would never want to hurt her so I think you two are a good fit.”

“Thanks, we are. At least, I think so. And, the blushes aren’t all on my side. I’ve made her blush a time or two,” I noted with a little pride.

“That’s hard to imagine. She’s made of stern stuff, that silly harlot,” she chuckled.

“Well, that she is, but I revealed a few things after she’d had a glass or three of wine. It took her off balance. So there was blushing. Or maybe it was a reaction to the wine.”

“Likely. Unless you have a particularly colorful past.”

“Which I should not relate to my potential permanent employer at work before she’s extended an offer.”

“You’re no fun.”

“I’m tons of fun. In fact,” I figured I’d take a bit of a risk on this one. Joann and Michelle were friends and I was curious to hear stories of their college years so I offered, “why don’t you come by tonight?”

“Tonight? Don’t you have plans?”

“Well, I’m going shopping for a few things after work, but everyone is out of here by 4:30 today, right?”

“Yeah, bunch a layabouts.”

“Yeah, so I’ll run by the store after work and then I’ll be home by, what? Six? Stop by. Have a glass of wine. Catch up with your girl. Heck, hang out in the pool if you like. I’m still getting used to the idea of renting a house, much less with a pool. I love to share.”

“Pool? Me?”

“You know how to swim, right?”

“Well, yeah, but I don’t usually bring a bathing suit to work. I’d have to drop by the house. Besides, me in a swimsuit might send you off to other employment opportunities.”

“Pardon me boss, but that would be what we call in the trade ‘horse shit’,” I laughed. “The pool is there. Use it or not. But, you’re a beautiful woman – even if you’re my boss. And I’m always up for having more beautiful women hanging out in my pool.”

“More? So, you’re collecting women for the pool. Michelle, of course. And I’m sure she looks hot in a suit.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I said.

“She hasn’t used the pool,” Joann was confused.

“Oh, no. She’s definitely used the pool. I’ve just never seen her in a bathing suit.”

She did, in fact, blush a little.

“Ah, I see. Of course. Well, I suppose that makes sense.”

“Yeah, Michelle is a little cavalier with dress codes.”

“That she is. Toga party Sophomore year was a treat.”

“See, these are the sorts of stories that my wine and I would like to hear from you. Stop by tonight?”

“Okay. Sure. Six?”

“Six.” I gathered up my laptop and stood to go. “Suit optional.”

“Er. You mean, swimming optional,” she asked uncertainly?

“Whatever, Joann. Whatever. You’ve got my address. See you at six. Michelle will be delighted kartal escort to see you.”

On the way home, I stopped in at one of the big box stores. I grabbed a cart and started making the rounds. Extra toilet paper, of course. I mean, c’mon. My place used to have one guy staying there. Now there were three people. Two of those people were always asking where the extra toilet paper was. I don’t know, maybe they were writing a journal. But somehow we went through a ton. And, therefore, I needed to stock up. It’s not glamorous. It’s just the smart thing.

Then I made my way down the aisle to, weirdly enough, the wine aisle. Not a ton of great prices but the stuff we drink isn’t fancy. I thought about a box of wine – mostly as a joke- and then decided that I’d rather just buy something we can drink. Save the jokes for witty double entendres.

The Home section supplied extra sheets, a comforter, extra pillows, and a couple of extra sets of towels. Swinging back into the personal care area I bought a toothbrush stand and two four packs of brushes with a two-pack of toothpaste.

This is all very exciting, I know, but the truth is that I thought it was time to start making my house more welcoming to the regular guests. Sure, packing a bag was an option for the girls, but it just seemed reasonable to be a good host.

The girls? Huh. Somehow I’d kind of made them an item in my head. How strange. I mean, one of them is my mother. She’s older than us and always a part of my life. But when I thought of her now, I am afraid I looped her in with the unit. With Michelle. And with me. We were a unit. Somehow, suddenly. And boy, did it feel right.

Let’s see. Yes, shampoo. Conditioner. Bath gel. Got it. All the goodies from my recon in Michelle’s bathroom last time I was over. Good.

My phone buzzed and a text came through from Michelle, “Headed home?”

“Yep. Invited Joann to stop by for a drink at six. Okay?”

“Kewl! I miss my JoJo.”

“At the store. Be there in 15 or so.”

“CU. XO.”

I was locking up my car as Michelle pulled into my driveway.

I yelled back, “Hey, you can’t park that thing here!”

Michelle climbed out with purse slung over her shoulder, “Found the car. Just needs a little work. Shocks. Suspension. Some wiring.”

“You know we’re too young to be making that reference, right?” I kissed her briefly and headed towards the front door.

“Well, I had sadistic parents. I’m not sure what your excuse is. Anna is definitely not sadistic.”

“True, but she’s got questionable taste.”

“Is that a crack about me?”

“In film. We watched Ghostbusters ever Halloween. She liked it from when she was younger and felt like I needed an education. Every freakin’ October. But truthfully, I actually liked it so it works out.”

“Keys, boyfriend.”

“Front left pocket girlfriend. But the door is already unlocked. This is my final trip, not my first trip.”

“Savvy way to get me to put my hands in your crotch.”

“Wasn’t aware that I needed a tactic.”

“Usually you need a defensive stance to keep me away. But, all the same. Yep, there they are. I’ll get the door.”

Michelle opened the door and held it wide. “Here, hand me one of those bags. Jesus how much did you buy? What did you buy?”

“Just some home improvement. I’m having guests more regularly. Seemed appropriate.”

“Sure. Well, here’s your key.”


“What do you mean, ‘nope?'”

“Not mine. Yours. I had them made yesterday.”


“Yeah, one is yours. The other is Mom’s. Seemed time for you guys to have access. Look, I’m not asking you to commit to anything. It’s not a proposal. Don’t get all jumpy on me. It’s just that the three of us spend a lot of time over here. It should be easier to do that, I’m thinking. This way you and Anna can get in when you want. It should feel like home.”

“Uh, most folks just empty a drawer, Gil.”

“Yeah, I know. But we are quite obviously, not most folks, right?”


“And, I want it to feel comfortable for you guys to be here. Not like you’re camping. Like it’s a place you want to be.” I dropped my bags and pulled her in tight. “You do want to be here, right?”

Michelle kissed me firmly and fiercely, “Here, there, and everywhere, as long as you are with me, not-Gilbert. “

“Good. I mean, I kept the receipt on everything but the key, but…”


“Yeah, I just laid in supplies. Make the place a little more inhabitable for extra folks. New pillows, new sheets, bathroom supplies, the usual.”

“Well aren’t you weirdly thoughtful. Most people just buy flowers you know?”

“I do. I also imagine that it might be nice to not have to pack a bag every time you want to stay over, right? So, there’s room for clothes in the closet. A drawer in the bedroom. An extra toothbrush, and the like. I get tired of sending you home when I don’t want you to go anywhere. Is that so terrible?”

“That is terrible. So terrible I’m going to just chew you up and swallow you down,” she giggled.

“Well, maybe we should put some of this away and open a bottle of wine first. I don’t know how I’d explain to Joann that you’ve chewed off parts of me before she got here. Might be tough on my contract.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32