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She smirks, biting his lip playfully as his hands creep beneath her skirt. He lifts the tight shirt she’d worn on purpose just to tease him, and they break apart from kissing long enough to lift it over her head. A bra is quickly pushed up; he can’t be bothered to fumble with the clasp. Instead, his mouth finds one nipple, his fingers find another, and her hands tug with a little frustration at his zipper. She’s able to ease his jeans off his hips, but he gasps when she catches the waistband of his underwear on his cock. She apologizes, kissing and sucking at his neck in between sorries, and he doesn’t bother to tell her that it hadn’t hurt.

He stops long enough to take off her bra entirely, and it’s flung to some far corner of the room. Gripping her hips, he turns her around on his lap, sitting her so that his cock and her (frustratingly still-clothed) ass were touching. When he moves his hips forward, she gets the hint and uses her arms to brace herself and push back. He groans, a hand moving up to tangle in her hair.

“Fuck,” he hisses, and repeats it when she stands up. She gives his erection a searing glance and a half-smile, but when she starts to move her body, she watches his face. Moving slowly, hypnotically, she turns around and slides her jeans off her legs, bending over oh-so-unintentionally as she does so. He leans forward to touch her ass, but she gives a warning glare over her shoulder.

“Nuh uh,” she says, half-grinning. “Not yet.” The underwear, she slips off without ceremony, dropping them to the floor and stepping out of them. With a renewed sense of urgency she turns back around, watching as he takes kızılay escort off his own shirt. She plants kisses from his collarbone down his chest, her tits conveniently rubbing against his erection. He bucks his hips once or twice, until she swats him teasingly on the stomach. “Stop that,” she says, giggling a little. “Just wait.” She glances up to see the puppy-dog eyes she knew he was giving, and she just rolls hers in response.

A few kisses later she’s to his cock, but she doesn’t do anything. Instead, she looks up and waits for permission with her eyebrows raised. His own eyes are half-shut, but they open when she’s gone about five seconds without touching him. “What’re you waiting for?” he says, sounding irritated and breathy and horny all at the same time. This time she goes for it. Her mouth forms an O shape, far too small for his cock, but she has a technique. It’s like he’s fucking her for real, except not quite. She eases him into her mouth, stopping with just the head of his cock in her lips. He groans like she’s hurting him, but the sound changes to quick gasps when she starts to flick her tongue at the sensitive spot on the underside. Her hand moves lazily up and down the shaft of his cock, enough to torture but not enough to get him off, and she sucks and licks at his head until she hears him gasping ‘please’ above her.

When he begs, she gives in, and sucks at his cock as she takes it deeper in her mouth, swirling her tongue and making patterns as she goes. One hand stays on his erection, moving up and down in rhythm as she bobs her head. Her other hand moves down to cup his balls, caressing and squeezing etlik escort so lightly—but she knows she’s doing something right when his hips jerk forward. Soon they have a rhythm—he thrusts forward as she moves her mouth further down his cock, and he leans back as she pulls back up. His breath is ragged and she’s holding hers half the time as she sucks and licks and kisses at his cock, head moving fast, his hands tugging at her hair so rhythmically she’s not sure he even realizes he’s doing it.

When his erection seems hotter and larger in her mouth, she knows he’s close, so close to coming, and so she stops what she’s doing, ignoring his protests. He’ll like this better in the end anyhow, she thinks, and sucks and licks her own fingers for a second before sliding two of them, and then three, into her pussy. She leans back on his lap, letting him enjoy the view if he likes as she finger-fucks herself for a few seconds, stretching her pussy and making sure it’s wet enough to take him without a problem.

“You wanna fuck me?” she asked breathlessly, her voice rising and falling as she shoves fingers into her own cunt. He’s beyond speaking. He just groans and strokes himself slightly, trying to stay hard and keep from coming at the same time. The sight of that, and the thought that he’s remembering how her mouth felt on his dick, makes her smile and turns her on more. It’s more than she can deal with without help, so she straddles his legs and wraps an arm around his neck, using the other hand to grip his cock as she lowers herself onto it.

It’s not much pleasure for her at this point, because she hasn’t built demetevler escort up a rhythm, but he tosses his head back. He’s miserable because of the pace she’s using, going up-and-down in-and-on on his dick so slowly, but it feels so good to have his cock in hot, tight, wetness that he has to think of football to keep from coming. After a second she’s got the movement right, though, and she’s riding him, angled so that his cock hits her G-spot, making her gasp obscenities, and there’s pressure on her clit with each thrust, and his hips are thrusting to meet her.

And then there’s a few confused moments of movement and he reaches up to play with her tits, tweaking her nipples and pulling her down so he can suck and bite on them, still fucking her and being fucked ruthlessly. Somehow, unusually, she’s coming first—the tightness around his cock gets tighter, and she’s still moving up and down. He’d swear it’s like fucking a virgin all over again when he times it just right, plunging in just as her muscles are tensing. Riding the orgasm out like that makes her legs shake and she moans, and before thirty seconds has gone by, she’s rubbing her own clit and fucking him again, until she has a second orgasm that’s quicker but more intense than the first. This one, she simply spasms around his cock, and it’s enough to drive him over the edge and back. His lips are on her nipples but he moves to her shoulder and bit down, a little bit hard, but they both moan and he finally comes in her pussy.

He leans back, reclining on the couch and pulling her to lay on top of him, still inside her. She pants a little and wipes the sweat from her upper lip, kissing him once, intensely as she always did right after sex. He plays with her hair absently, and she lays her head on his chest. They know that very soon they’ll have to separate and clean up. He can only hope for a little shower sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32