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It was a wet and rainy day. Just laying in bed together and talking. You laying on your back one arm behind your head and the other arm wrapped around me. I’m laying on my side snuggle up next to you with my head resting on your shoulder. We are only wearing smiles.

As you talk my hand gently starts tracing patterns on your chest. I’m feeling relaxed and lazy after a night spent with you. Your warmth seeps into me and I sigh deeply. You squeeze me and laugh and ask if I feel all right after last night.

I lift my head up and smile at you. “I was just thinking about last night” I tell you. Boldly my hand moves down your body and I see that you were thinking about last night too. I slowly run my nails down the shaft of your cock and cup your balls.

I hear you moan and I smile. I sit up and look at your hard cock now in my hand and lick my lips. I lean down to you and kiss you softly on the lips and then lightly run the tip of my tongue over your lips. I whisper to you…”Mmmm baby I want to taste you now.”

No games played. I slide down to wear I can get what escort ankara I want so much, your hard cock. I lick my lips and lean down and open my mouth…and take your cock deep in my mouth…moaning as I do.

I don’t like being this way and I mumble as I move your legs open and climb between them. I smile and tell you “much better.” Then as I look at you I slowly take your cock in my mouth. I lock my lips around your hard throbbing cock and slowly using my teeth I suck back up to the head of your cock. I hear you moan louder.

MMMMmmmmm I moan as I start to suck your cock up and down moving slowly. Still looking at you as I suck your beautiful cock. I slowly let your cock pop out of my mouth and lick the tip of your head. Then I slowly lick down your shaft…moaning as I go. I then lick your balls and suck on them. Your hips raise up just a little off the bed. You moan” mmmmm baby.”

I lick back up your shaft and begin to suck just the head of your cock…sucking hard and moaning as I do. My pussy is dripping wet…as I suck you I reach down and begin to touch my etlik evi olan escortlar pussy…lightly rubbing my clit. I take your whole length deep inside my mouth and suck up and down harder and faster while I rub my clit faster.

Then I stop…I climb up you and position myself so that my dripping pussy is right at your cock. I’m so hot baby …I slowly lower my hips taking your hard cock inside my tight wet pussy. Moaning as I feel you stretching me as you fill me up with your cock. I stop when I feel you deep inside me and look into your eyes.

I place my hands on your chest as you reach up and squeeze my breasts. I moan and then I begin to ride you hard and fast…bouncing on you. You lift your hips to meet mine and drive your cock deep inside me. You put your hands on my hips and start lifting me up and down on you. “Ohhhhhh babyyyyyy yessssssss” I moan loudly.

“Cum now for me baby” you say. I’m panting and bouncing on you as my body begins to tremble. My back arches and I take you deep and you feel my pussy walls tighten on your demetevler genç escortlar cock. “I’m cummmmminnnngggggg” I scream as my pussy spasms and clenches your cock as I quiver in pleasure. You hold me down on your hard cock. Moaning as you feel my hot cum around your cock and it begins to drip out of me covering you.

As I begin to come to my senses I get off you and take your hard cock in my mouth and begin to suck you ravenously. Tasting my cum on your cock. My head is bobbing up and down as I suck you hard and fast. Your hips are raising up and driving your cock deep into my mouth.

I watch your face as I feel you cock begin to throb and grow bigger in my mouth. I keep sucking you hard and fast…wanting your cum. Your hands reach for my head and hold me down as you shove your cock deep in my throat. You moan “baby here it is.” I feel the first squirt of hot cum and moan. Your body tenses and shakes as more cum fills my mouth.

I hold very still to make sure I don’t miss a drop. Then I slowly swallow and bring my head up your cock sucking and licking as I go. Your cock slowly pops out of my mouth and I look back at you and smile. I then lean down again and begin to make sure you are clean by licking you .

Then I slowly move up your body and kiss you. You wrap your arms around me and we snuggle as our heart beats return to normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32