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Walter was on his way back from a long, rough day at work. It was 2:00AM, just starting to drizzle, and he knew a long storm was coming. He was tired, exhausted even, and all he wanted to do was go home.

A ping sounded on his phone. He pulled it out o his pocket and rubbed his forehead as he checked the screen. A new text from an old flame, well, not old really, it was Claudia. And of course, it was Claudia’s 21st birthday tonight.

Claudia and Walter met at “Sign of the Whale”, she joined the sinking ship of a tavern when Walter was on his way out. Walter trained her behind the bar, showed her how to pour their cocktails, and watched her carefully as she arched her back and tilted her generous D-cup tits towards regulars every night. She brought in a lot of tips, and Walter loved watching her reach for the top shelf liquors, at only 5’9″ she could never grab the bottles. She would reach and jump and wiggle her round ass for the whole bar to see, but Walter would just stand by with his arms crossed and let her struggle. She often wore jeans shorts that let half her ass peak out, and she styled her long black hair in a different girly cute way every night, The pink bows and pigtails often contrasted with her rageful black tattoos of skulls and poetry. Only when she turned to him, and pouted her sweet, voluptuous pink lips at him, would he get her the bottle. Then her eyes would light up and glow with green and gold speckles, a danger lying beneath their beauty.

Walter had left after three months of flirting and gazing into her doe eyes, and they hadn’t spoken since.

So now, looking at his screen, Walter was confused. The message read “Come to Johnny Appleseed’s, I have a surprise for you!”

Walter was tired, angry, but he sure as shit wanted to see how this played out. So he sent her a quick text, and hopped in his car. “Be there in 20 minutes”.

Walter was looking forward to this. What was his surprise going to be? He could have sworn she was in a relationship, but with Claudia, you never knew for sure.

He arrived a Johnny Appleseed’s 15 minutes later, and realized it was closed. He’d never been to this spot before, but the door was locked and the light was out.

He was pissed. On top of all this, It was about to rain! He held bahis siteleri his coat tighter as the droplets got bigger and started to soak into his clothes.

Walter waited for what seemed like forever, and finally said “fuck it” and started to walk towards his car.


Walter turned around. Running towards him in red stilletos was Claudia, wearing a short white dress that was, like walter and the city around them, getting completely soaked. she was laughing, and waving him down.

“Walter! Walter, wait! I called, I’m so sorry!”

“Claudia, what the fuck are you doing? it’s 2:00AM and it’s pouring outside!”

“I know, I’m sorry. I was out with my friends, I was celebrating my birthday!”

“Yeah, happy birthday Claudia. Why aren’t you with them now?”

“I just… well actually, I wanted to spend the end with you.”

“Walter on the sidewalk in the pouring rain?”

“no… in there. come on wally, let’s get a drink!” Claudia Stepped toward him and pulled some keys from her purse.

“In there.”

Walter was confused. Turned on, but confused. Here was Claudia, This petite, gorgeous rebel, with her pierced nipples oh so cold from the rain and fully visible through her soaked white dress, propositioning him to break into a closed restaurant and… get a drink?

Claudia put the key in the the door and opened it, running in and heading straight for the bar. Walter hanged back in the doorway, and watched her dress run up her dripping wet legs to reveal her bar ass as she bent over the bar to pour a drink.

“Come on in! I’m gonna need you to help me get out of this wet dress too!”

“Oh really? How did you get those keys anyway?”

“Don’t worry about it!”

“I think I should.”

“I think you think too much. maybe, instead, think about this.”

Claudia turned around and unzipped her dress slowly, showing him the sexy tramp stamp of red ink reading “TIGHTER THAN HERS”

“When did you get that Claudia?”

“What this old thing? I got it for my step-daddy after I started fucking him when I came home from college. It’s a fuck-you to my mom. you wanna take a closer look wally? maybe come over here and help me take these off.

Walter obliged, he walked over and canlı bahis siteleri slowly pulled the wet fabric off her tight young legs. The smell of her sweet pussy and the fresh rain pulled him in, and walter kissed each of her legs delicately.

Walter noticed Claudia was enjoying it, but she wanted something more. So he Slapped her ass, hard.

“Ah! Daddy, oh my god, spank me again!”

Walter stood up and grabbed the now naked claudia by the throat and pushed her against the back wall.

“What? the fuck you want me to do Claudia?”

“Spank me daddy, punish me please! I’ve been a bad girl.”

Walter slid his wet hands over her cold wet nipples, and squeezed them rough while he kissed her passionately. He pulled back, spat on her lips and moved his hand to her pussy, where he started rubbing in circles and moving faster and faster up and down.

Claudia couldn’t help herself, she was going to cum.

“FUCK! daddy, please, fucking please, fuck me in the ass tonight. I’ve been stretching it just for you daddy.”

Walter was so hard.

“Turn around baby, let me see that ass”

Claudia did as she was told, and walter spread her big ass cheeks apart to reveal a shiny golden buttplug. He pulled it gently, making her moan and gasp, then finally he pulled it out completely. He looked it over. completely clean.

“Wow, you’ve had this in your ass all night claudia?”

“hehe yes daddy. All night I’ve been stretching my little whore ass for you and your big, thick cock. I want you to bend me over and fuck my brains out.”

“Oh that’s what you want? you want to be a little slut for daddy?”

“PLease, please fuck me so so hard.

Walter kissed her, hard, passionately, looked into her eyes and locked in her trust. then, he slapped her faced playfully and pushed both her shoulders down, and she quickly unbuttoned his pants. She sucked his cock, putting the whole thing in her mouth, taking it all the way down. Claudia was a pro, she used her throat like a fleshlight and let walter fuck her face until her mascara went dripping down her face to her cheeks and her chin.

“You okay down there honey?”

walter said as she coughed out some spit and looked up with red eyes.

“I’m so fucking wet, keep canlı bahis fucking my face daddy! give me more!”

Walter sped up, and she took it gladly. her wet black hair wiped away some of the mascara tears as she hungrily swallowed more of walter’s cock. finally, he couldn’t take it anymore, so he pulled her up by the throat and kissed her.

“Claudia, turn around and put your head under the beer tap, I’m gonna fuck you doggy with cider running over your whole head!”

“Oh my god do it, that’s gonna be so hot!”

Walter spun Claudia around and slapped her ass, she yelped in pleasure and smiled with delight as he put her head under the hard cider tap. He eased his large cock into her tight young slutty ass, and once he was fully inside her, he turned on the tap.

“OH MY GOD! its so cold, but if feels so good!”

“my cock or the cider?”

“who cares, both, just fuck me like a whore!”

Walter put his cock deeper and deeper inside claudia’s tight asshole, and went faster with every thrust. Claudia seemed happy to lap up hard cider and precum, but a few times she bucked backwards and covered walter with hard cider too. He would have been mad if her asshole didn’t feel so fucking good.

“Get up, I’m going to fuck you on the bar.”

Walter climbed onto the bar, where claudia joined him, and rode his hard cock.

“You that cock you tight little slut?”

“Oh fuck daddy yes, please play with my big tits while you fuck my tight little pussy!”

Walter squeezed Claudia’s tits. He couldn’t believe her pussy was about as tight as her ass, and she had a tattoo above it that had a cobra in a striking position. What a little rebel slut.

Finally, walter couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fuck, claudia, I’m cumming!”

Claudia hopped off his cock and knelt down on a barstool, almost defying gravity, as Walter stood up on the bar. She jerked off his cock and looked him right in the eyes with her pierced tongue sticking out and her makeup all over her face.

“Give it to me daddy, cum all over my slutty little tits and my tattoos and my whore lips. Show me how much cum you got, give it to me!”

Walter came so fucking hard. She lapped up ever drop, even licking it up from the bar and off the floor. walter turned her around and put his cock in her one last time, just to be careful. She giggled with delight, and chewed her fingernails.

“Well, shit, now we have to find some new clothes!”

“You’re right baby, let’s get on that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32