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A reader recently gave me a very nice compliment on Raven and that reader wished for more. While the original story was written as a one-time piece, I saw no reason I couldn’t add on a brand-new chapter. Here it is — Raven’s back and my readers have got her! ~~ BrettJ


It was almost the middle of November and Cody Raynes was in a glorious mood. He was doing well in school and he was now the BMOC, if anyone used that term anymore. He had a steady thing going with Gigi Nelson and after they had been dating for a month, he found out that he might have met someone worth keeping around for a while. Not only was Gigi a petite and perfect blonde beauty, but she was kinky! Just last week, they had been at her place watching a movie. “I want to have sex, right here, right now,” Gigi said as she nibbled on his ear. “I want us to have our first fuck, I’ve been hot for you ever since we started going out.” She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed him slowly. “I’ve had a crush on you since the 9th Grade and I wish you could have been my first.”

Cody’s first couldn’t have been a better one — it was a woman he had been in love with all of his life. The ebony-haired superstar actress of his dreams, in fact, the dreams on many young men. That beautiful lady had taken him as her lover and turned him inside out. What made it all the more special is that Raven, as she was known in Hollywood, was his older sister, Helena. He had discovered that a little while back and hardly a week went by without them exchanging letters. All of them were in longhand, adding a touch of intimacy and a touch of caution. E-Mails could be read by third parties, a letter was a different matter. He and Helena, Raven’s real name, would exchange deep thoughts and emotions and talk of whatever was on their minds. She also sent her baby brother some very hot pictures and she was not wearing clothes in all of them.

“So, are we going to have sex, do you want to?” Gigi said, snapping Cody’s mind back to the present day. “I’ll understand if you don’t want to, we’ve only been going out a little while and …”

“Gigi, I said yes, like, 5 minutes ago,” he laughed. “Damn baby, how could any man not want to have sex with you? You are the hottest girl in school and I can’t believe you’re really my girlfriend.” Cody was the envy of all of his friends for dating Gigi and even a few of the girls in his group would have liked to tried the little blonde on for size. “Are you sure that we should risk it?” He asked.

“My parents are out with friends and they won’t drink and drive,” Gigi grinned as she stood up from the couch and straightened her skirt. “At least, that’s their cover story. I think that they’re swingers and that they’re going to fuck with a few other couples,” Gigi said, noticing the odd look on her boyfriend’s face. “That’s okay, I think that whatever two people — or more — do in bed is their own business. Come on Cody, I want to have some fun with you tonight.”

He went into her bedroom and she rummaged around in her dresser drawer. She handed him four silk scarves. “I want you to tie me to the bed and to tease me and drive me wild before you fuck me,” Gigi breathed and her eyes were almost glazed over with excitement. “Make me your fuck toy Cody, that’s what I want, to be your private little slut. God, hurry, let’s go, I want you, I need your cock!”

Cody thought if the guys at school could see him now, they would all crown him “coolest guy ever”. Who among them would ever have believed that hot and sexy Gigi Nelson would be begging to be fucked? Cody had learned a lot from Helena. “Have you got any hot black lingerie?” He asked Gigi.

“Yes, yes, of course I do,” Gigi said.

“Don’t you think that if you’re going to be my slut, you should be wearing something naughty and slutty?” Cody commanded her. Now the smile on Gigi’s face matched the sparkle in her eyes.

“Yes, yes, of course, how stupid of me,” she answered. She rummaged around in her drawers to find something and scampered off to change. Cody thought that was a bit silly, he was going to see her naked in a few minutes anyway, but girls did like to make an entrance. Helena and Summer had both taught him that.

“Ta-da!” Gigi said when she emerged from the bathroom. The tight-fitting black body stocking left nothing to the imagination and there was a small opening at the pussy. She could keep it on while being fucked. The petite blonde was also wearing a killer pair of 4-inch black stilettos. She had transformed herself from a pretty girl to a sexpot!

“Okay, before we fuck, I gotta say this — WOW!” Cody told her, remembering that Helena had told him a girl could never get too many compliments.

“Thank you, baby,” Gigi smiled and did a little pirouette before jumping on the bed. “A girl has to look her best for her man. Come on lover, tie me down and then fuck the shit out of me. I’ve wanted to be your whore for a long time now!”

Cody recovered quickly and tied her to the four posts bursa escort on her lavish bed. “Tight baby, I wanna be helpless,” Gigi breathed. Cody did the best job that he could, although he stopped short of hurting her. She struggled and smiled up at him. “I’m all yours lover, do whatever you want.”

Gigi and Cody had been swimming a few times, so she knew what he looked like in very little clothing. She was not prepared for his large cock, which was going to be all hers. She licked her lips and it was a good thing they were moist and wet, because Cody slipped his cock into her mouth right then. “Suck it, slut,” he commanded. “Give me a good blowjob and be sure you don’t bite it, got me whore?”

Cody saw the happy expression on her face as she sucked. He said a silent prayer to his sister for giving him the confidence to approach girls like Gigi and the skills with which to please them. In her last letter, Raven / Helena had hinted that she might finally be ready to visit her home. In his mind, Cody was already having his ultimate fantasy — watching Raven and his girlfriend have sex. The blonde and the brunette, doing the nasty in front of him. His cock surged a bit, so he let the image fade. He didn’t want to cum in Gigi’s mouth, not this time anyway.

“Oh my God, baby, what a fucking wonderful cock!” Gigi exclaimed as she let it slide from her mouth. “I can’t wait to have that big fucker inside my cunt!” Cody thrilled to hear Gigi acting and talking like such a bitch in heat. She presented the image of being sweet and nice, which she was — but only in public. It seemed as if his little blonde was a total whore in bed.

“Sorry baby, but you’re going to have to wait,” he teased her, playing her own game. “I want some pussy right now, your snatch looks very tasty. I’m going to eat your cunt right now and make you scream!”

Gigi’s eyes went wide and he didn’t know if it was fear or delight or a little of both. There were hundreds of guys in school who give a month’s pay to be where he was. His mouth went deep into Gigi’s snug little shaved pussy and he began to lick her. It was a good thing her parents weren’t home, he thought her screams were loud enough to shatter glass. Cody knew that he was good at what he was doing, he’d gotten plenty of experience. “Oh God, oh fucking God, fuck, fuck, fucking make me CUM!” Gigi screamed. Deciding not to be too intense in the game, Cody made sure to do just that.

“Baby, oh damn baby, that was intense,” Gigi panted. She had struggled a bit to loosen the bonds, but they had held. “Are you going to fuck me now, put that big old pecker inside of me?” She grinned.

“Yeah, I think you’ve earned it, slut,” Cody told Gigi. His first fuck with his gorgeous girlfriend was almost as exciting as his first fuck with Helena had been. He truly and deeply cared about Gigi, even more now that he knew how wild she could get. He saw the happy look on her face as his cock slid into her pussy and he began to fuck her. He started slow, but as he saw what she could take, he fucked the holy hell out of her. That seemed to thrill her to no end. She thrashed about as best she could, but it was Cody who was running the show. He made her cum and then he pulled out. She grinned and nodded, so he gave her his cock to suck until she made him cum.

Cody untied her and she hugged him from behind. “I’m not always submissive,” she said to him. “I just like to try new things. Sometimes I want to be whipped or spanked, sometimes I like a bit of control, I have a maid’s outfit and a nurse, sometimes I want to be Daddy’s girl or a naughty, bi-sexual slut …”

The last two made Cody sit up and pay attention. “Daddy’s girl? You have incest fantasies? They don’t creep you out?”

Gigi shook her head. “Have you ever seen my Daddy?” She giggled. Cody nodded, Larry Nelson was 6’4″ of solid Air Force macho man. “Sometimes I think about Daddy fucking me, it makes me — wet,” she admitted.

“And girls?”

“Oh yeah, if you could find the right girl for us to party with, I think I’d be down with that,” Gigi grinned. “I’ve thought about it, I just wouldn’t have the nerve to try it on my own. I think some of my girlfriends are bi, but I wouldn’t want to hit on one of them and ruin a friendship,” the petite blonde told him as she ran her manicured nails down his back. “Can we fuck some more, I’m still really horny.”

“In a few minutes,” he said to Gigi. “Let’s go make some coffee, I have some things I want to talk to you about. I think you might be the first person I can open up to,” Cody said excitedly as they left the bedroom.

Gigi decided that she needed something a bit stronger than coffee after Cody gave her the full story. She was allowed to drink as long as she wasn’t sneaky about it, so she poured a few shots into her coffee and downed it.

“You’re not mad?” Cody asked when he saw her reaction. “Or freaked out?”

“No to the former and yeah, a tiny bit at the latter,” Gigi said when she finished a drink that bursa escort bayan was more alcohol than coffee. “I mean, my God, you fucked your own sister!”

“Who, as everyone knows, I had been crushing on for years,” Cody added.

“Yeah, but still, your fucking sister,” Gigi said. “Man, my boyfriend is a lot wilder than I ever would have imagined.”

“You mean — you still want to be my girlfriend?” Cody asked, still scarcely believing it.

“Uh, hello, do you not remember all of the stuff we did and talked about back there?” Gigi said, rapping him lightly on the head. “Hell yeah baby, now I know we can talk about anything. Raven’s one gorgeous girl, you were both adults and you are one lucky fucker in having her be your first!” Gigi exclaimed.

“Helena,” he said to Gigi.


“I don’t call her Raven anymore, when we write back and forth to each other, I call her Helena,” Cody explained to Gigi. “I’m one of the few people that know that’s her real name, well, now you.”

“Wow, this is so very fucking cool,” Gigi said as she sat down on Cody’s lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.. She gave him a very deep and loving kiss. “Just when I think you can’t get any cooler baby, you go and prove me wrong.”

“She’s coming here,” Cody said as his girlfriend nestled on his lap.


“Please stop saying that,” Cody sighed. “Helena is coming here, to visit. She hasn’t seen our mom in a long, long time. I’m not sure if she will this time either, but she said she wants to come and visit me.”

“Lucky bugger,” Gigi giggled. “Are you two going to fuck again?”

“Well, you and I are an item now and …”

Gigi just looked at him. “Baby, you can fuck whoever you want and DAY-um, if you pass up a chance to fuck Raven, you’re nuts,” she told him and sighed. “Hell, I’d do her!”

Cody hadn’t even thought of it until Gigi said it. “Okay, sure. You want to be lucky, too?”

“I’m not following you,” Gigi said as she nestled against his chest.

“I’ll lay it out for you. My sister is coming to town. She wants to see her little brother. I think she’d be more than happy to meet my new girlfriend, I’ve told her about you. My sister has been with girls. Are you connecting the dots?” He asked.

Gigi gasped. “Holy fuck. Are you saying that I …?”

“Could have sex with Raven, my sister Helena?” Cody grinned. “Yeah baby, I sure as fuck am. Not only can you have sex with her but I am going to fuck both of you,” he said to a nearly-crazed Gigi.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh-my-GOD!” Gigi said, completely losing her cool. “I’m going to have sex with Raven!”

Cody shook his head. “No, you’re going to have sex with Helena. When I’m with my sister, she wants to be Helena, you dig? She likes to chill.”

“Got it,” Gigi grinned. “Is it okay if I keep thinking I’m having sex with Raven?”

“Sure babe, knock yourself out,” Cody laughed. “That is kind-of the way I got through the first time, although I didn’t keep thinking that for too long. My sister has a way of getting to you, plus she’s a really cool chick. Hey, where are you going?” He asked Gigi, who had now jumped off his lap.

“Back to bed,” Gigi said. “I’m so excited and so horny, I want us to fuck so hard it will make the last one look like a soft-core porn shoot. Holy fuck, I’m really going to have sex with a movie star!”

Helena Layton gave her brother a big hug and allowed herself a few tears. Coming home had been very emotional for her and seeing Cody had been equally so. There was still a large part of her that was thrilled she had family again. Another part of her was the wild, sexy woman who had thrilled at teaching her younger brother all about sex. Both of those women were present in the room.

Helena hugged her brother so hard that she almost squeezed the life out of him. “It’s good to see you, sis,” Cody smiled, although he wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to that. “How long are you going to stay?”

“A week, maybe a bit longer, my plans are flexible,” she told him.

“Are you going to see mom?”

Helena bit her lip. “That’s why I stayed flexible, I haven’t made up my mind. Don’t pressure me darling, I don’t know if I can deal with that yet. You didn’t tell her I’m coming, right? How is she.”

Cody smiled. “No and fine. But you — this is a different look,” he commented.

Raven’s style was absent. Helena was in a knee-length, cream-colored dress and a pretty blouse, her signature black was nowhere in sight. Her hair was even pulled back in a ponytail instead of hanging down. She wore little makeup and while still beautiful, she didn’t look her usual glamorous. Only her stunning eyes still looked like Raven’s.

“Instead of trying to hide, I came in plain sight,” Helena told him as they sat down. “Everyone expects Raven, they don’t expect Helena Layton. I’ve gone out a few times this way and hardly anyone ever notices. Even on the flight, I didn’t get recognized.”

“I’d escort bursa recognize you anywhere,” Cody smiled. “I could see your eyes across a room and know it was you.”

“Yes, but you’ve seen all of me,” she teased and jabbed him in the ribs. “So, I hear I have competition now? A cute blonde, right?”

“She isn’t competition, how can any woman compete with you?” Cody said, both flattering his sister while being sincere. “I’ve slept with the ultimate brunette, I figured why not find a sexy blonde instead.”

“Don’t forget a cute redhead,” Helena smiled, speaking of Summer. “In fact, Summer is …”

Helena didn’t get to finish her sentence. She hadn’t noticed her brother on his phone, texting. He went to answer the door of the suite and let her in. Despite his warnings, Gigi was still in awe. She was standing in the same room as Raven!

“I figured you two should meet sooner, rather than later,” Cody smiled. He could see the look in Helena’s eyes, he knew it well by now. She liked what she saw in petite and perfect Gigi.

“Oh, you have good taste, handsome,” his sister smiled and walked over to a star struck Gigi. “Hello, I’m Helena, Cody’s older sister.”

“She knows.”

Helena spun around. “What do you mean `she knows’?”

“I mean, she knows. You and me, Raven — all of it. She’s my girlfriend and my sex toy and I can tell her anything and she’s cool with it,” Cody said to Helena. He patted Gigi’s rump and she giggled. “Isn’t that right, babe?”

“Yes,” Gigi said in her soft, almost breathy voice. “He’s my lover and my private stud, the best fuck I’d ever had. Thank you for teaching him all of that,” she said to Helena, confirming the girl did know all. “Cody gets the job done in the bedroom and he’s almost tireless,” she breathed.

“I didn’t teach him that,” Helena laughed and motioned for the two younger people to sit down. “He keeps in good shape so that helps.”

“Oh yeah, it sure does,” Gigi smiled, relaxing around one of her screen idols. “Wow, now that I see you two up close and together, I can see it. You have similar eyes, that’s neat.”

“I like her,” Helena said as she looked at the pretty young blonde. “She’s adorable.”

“You should see me without any clothes on,” Gigi giggled a trifle nervously. Helena laughed along with her.

“Do you want to?”

Normally unflappable, Helena spun around and looked at her brother. He had a stoic expression on his handsome face. “Like I told you, Gigi is my sex toy. I’m her private stud. We can say anything and do anything. You were my first girl and Gigi wants you to be her first girl, right babe?” Gigi nodded rapidly and her aqua eyes shone. Helena was astonished at the pair of young people.

“You’re sure about this?” Helena asked Gigi, who nodded again. She looked over at her brother. “Okay you, give us an hour — no, make it ninety minutes.”


“I want this yummy little cupcake all to myself for a while,” Helena told him. “I don’t think her first time with another girl should start with a threesome. I don’t want her overwhelmed, so go downstairs, order a drink or some lunch and come back later,” Helena said firmly.

Most men would have protested, but Cody trusted his sister above all else. He nodded and left the room. He could hear them laughing as he closed the door and for the next ninety minutes, his head was full of soft and sexy images. Images of his tall sister and his petite, tanned girlfriend kissing and licking and … it was torture and ninety minutes felt like ninety years. He decided to play it safe and gave them an extra ten. The elevator to Helena’s suite felt like it was taking forever to get there.

When he arrived, the girls were nowhere to be seen. “Where are you?” He called out.

“Where do you think we are?” He heard Gigi’s voice say with a giggle.

“Men! Sometimes they say dumb things,” he heard Helena laugh as well. He wouldn’t have doubted the girls had enjoyed a few glasses of something to “loosen them up”. He went into the bedroom, ready to have his mind blown.

The girls succeeded in doing that. Helena was stretched across the bed, wearing a white negligee and matching white stiletto heels. She looked every inch the goddess she was. It was Gigi who surprised him the most. She was wearing a black PVC bra with holes cut out, a tiny PVC thong and thigh-high boots with a stiletto heel that likely was adding 6 inches to her height. She looked outrageous!

“I told you, baby,” Gigi said as she walked towards him. She moved rather well on the high heels. “I like to try new things.”

“You made a good choice, baby brother,” Helena purred as she moved forward on the bed. “I like this little bitch, she can get really nasty. She isn’t afraid to bite and scratch and fuck, does she learn fast!” She praised Gigi.

Gigi stood there while her boyfriend stared at the two of them in total awe. Helena sighed and reached out and pulled him into bed. “Like I said — men! Sometimes Gigi, you have to take them by the hand, don’t always wait for them!” She instructed the girl. “Let’s strip him down and fuck his brains out. Do you want cock or mouth first?” She said, knowing how much hearing all of this would turn Cody on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32