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Female Ejaculation

Kassie Spade was done with men, she was sure of it. After all, it was 1995. Why did she need a man anyway? Kassie was an educated, professional woman-she had girl power. Driving east on I70 from Phoenix back to her native West Virginia, she never had imagined that her relationship would have imploded so quickly. At 24, Kassie hadn’t had much relationship experience, but she really thought that Francisco Doneli was the one. Francisco was born in the US, but his parents were both Italian. With long black hair, olive skin, and high cheek bones, Kassie couldn’t help but be infatuated from the moment they met.

Francisco had decided that he needed a change of pace and thought that Phoenix was as good a place as any to start over. The warm weather and low humidity appealed to him, and he asked Kassie if she wanted to come along. At first Kassie was excited, thinking they would be able to build the life they had always dreamed about with an endless summer, or so she thought.

Once in Phoenix, things quickly started going askew. Francisco was like a child who needed constant tending. He was moody, awful with money, and on most days, Kassie felt more like his mother than his lover. Kassie did her best trying to fix him, wanting to save this man. However, in the end, it just wasn’t worth it, and Kassie packed up her car, cried, and left.

On her way home, she felt like she just needed to clear her head, take a deep breath, and begin again- this time without the distraction of a relationship. In a few days, she would be home a little worse for wear but in one piece.

Two days later, she finally pulled up in front of her mom’s house, got out of the car, stretched, and went inside. It was 2:00 AM and she was exhausted. Kassie’s mom heard her come into the house and woke up to greet Kassie.

“Long drive, Chick?” Kassie’s mom asked using her childhood nickname, then sitting down at the table.

“It was brutal. I just want to crawl into bed and crash,” Kassie said, as she dragged herself into her childhood bedroom and flopped onto the bed.

Kassie woke the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs frying in the kitchen. Kassie rubbed her bleary eyes and looked at her alarm clock. It was 10:31 AM and she was famished. Kassie walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Good morning!” Her mom greeted her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek while still tending to the bacon and eggs.

“Good morning,” Kassie echoed back, her voice still gravelly from just waking up. “That smells amazing. Thanks for making breakfast. I really appreciate it,” Kassie said, emotion seeping into her voice. This simple act of kindness, someone giving to her instead of always taking, was what she needed at this time in her life.

“It’s ok, Chick,” Kassie’s mom said, as she smiled and plated up the food, giving her a kiss on the forehead and then leaving her to eat in peace.

A few hours later, the phone in the kitchen rang. It was Chrissy, Kassie’s party friend, when you wanted to have fun Chrissy was your girl.

“How are you holding up?” was the first question out of Chrissy’s mouth.

“I’m ok. I really just wish things would have worked out differently. I really thought that Francisco was the one. Right now, I just want to curl up and be left alone,” Kassie said, her voice sounding hollow.

“Oh no, I am not going to let you wallow in self-pity. We are going out tonight to get your mind off Francisco. I know just the thing to make you feel like your old self. I’ll pick you up at 9:00 so be ready,” Chrissy said, glee in her voice.

Great, Kassie thought. I wonder what Chrissy has in mind? Kassie just wanted a low-key night of watching TV and drinking some cheap wine on the couch, and now she was going to be dragged off with Chrissy to God knows where.

Around 7:30, Kassie pulled herself off the couch. She needed to start getting moving if she was going to be ready by 9:00. As soon as Kassie got into the shower and turned on the hot water, she started feeling better. The warm water flowing over her head and full breasts made her feel relaxed. Kassie grabbed the soap and began washing herself. As Kassie’s hand slid over her pussy, she allowed it to linger, slowly rubbing small circles over her clit. Kassie’s mind went numb as she slid a finger into herself. The pain of her failed relationship slipped away as she began rubbing her mound, letting the warm water run over her. The soap had made her fingers slippery as she pressed deeper, harder, and faster over her swollen lips. Kassie’s right hand worked her pussy while her left hand grabbed her breast and pinched a nipple. Kassie continued spreading her lips, rubbing for a few more minutes until her orgasm arrived, rushing over her body. She smiled to herself, thinking this night was already turning out better than she had planned.

Feeling a little more relaxed, Kassie stepped out of the shower, toweled off, and wrapped her hair in a towel. Kassie slipped bahis siteleri on her sexiest black underwear and then pulled on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Chrissy said that they were going to go someplace that made her “feel like her old self.” What could that possibly mean? She didn’t have time to really think about that right now, reminding herself to finish getting ready.

At 9:16, the doorbell rang, and Chrissy was wearing a short skirt and a tube top. It was late September and the night air was still warm, as an Indian summer was keeping the cool autumn nights at bay.

“Are you ready to forget about that loser?” These were the first words out of Chrissy’s mouth.

“I suppose I am,” Kassie laughed, as she started to perk up a bit. This was going to be a fun night, and she was glad she decided to get out of the house to get her mind off her ex. “Where are we going by the way?”

“You’ll see! Somewhere that will make you feel like your old self,” Chrissy said, with a mischievous grin on her face.

Twenty minutes later, Chrissy and Kassie were pulling up to a party at a local frat house. Kassie’s mouth literally gaped open and she felt her stomach lurch.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!” Kassie said as she glared at Chrissy.

“No, I am not kidding! Nothing like some shots, cheap beer, and hot college guys to take your mind off of your problems. Besides, nothing gets you over the last one like getting under the next one!” Chrissy said, laughing at her own joke as she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car.

They were back at Stephany College where Kassie and Chrissy graduated two years earlier. Kassie now knew what Chrissy meant when she said she would feel like her old self. Kassie loved Stephany College, named after William Stephany who had donated the land and original buildings in 1882. Stephany College was a well-regarded liberal arts university, and some of Kassie’s fondest memories were from her time there.

As Chrissy and Kassie walked up to the fraternity house, they saw several college men out front playing hacky sack and two more manning the keg. The night was young, but they could already see a throng of people inside the house as Nirvana blared on the stereo.

Kassie couldn’t help but feel out of place. She had been to this very frat house many times for various parties, but this time it was different. The location was the same, but she felt like a foreigner, a stranger in a strange land. Even though she graduated only two years ago, she saw very few familiar faces.

Just then, Chrissy grabbed Kassie by the hand and pulled her over to the two college guys working the keg. They grabbed a red Solo cup and stuck it in front of the tap.

“I’ve never seen you two around before,” one of the guys pumping the beer tap said.

“Oh, we’re in grad school. We used to party at this house all the time. Hope you boys don’t mind,” Chrissy said flirtatiously.

“Not at all,” the guy pouring beer said, as he filled up their cups.

Kassie gave Chrissy a sideways glance. Graduate school? Neither of them were in graduate school- they both got their undergraduate degrees just two years ago! With drinks in hand, the two girls casually wandered into the house. People were mingling, some were dancing, and the mood was relaxed and fun. Kassie was at first apprehensive, but then she found that not knowing everyone actually put her at ease. She didn’t feel the need to constantly worry about who she talked to or how she looked. Kassie knew that the people she met tonight would be strangers again tomorrow.

Chrissy and Kassie got a few less-than-friendly stares from the girls when they walked into the house, but the complimentary smiles and second glances from the young men at the party more than made up for it.

Just then a guy approached Chrissy. His name was Sean. He was about 5’11,” with sandy hair, an average build, and a nice smile. He said he was pre-law student. Chrissy and Sean seemed to hit it off immediately, as they began chatting about their favorite bands and various concerts they attended over the summer.

Great, Kassie thought, as she took a long drink of her beer. I’ve already lost my wing woman for the night. That was fast. Kassie walked over to a group of people who seemed to be having a good time playing a drinking game involving quarters and a shot glass.

Kassie looked over and spotted a tall guy wearing a Beatles T-shirt. He had with long brown skater hair and was talking to a few people while sipping beer out of his red cup. This mystery man looked over and caught Kassie glancing at him. Shit, Kassie thought as she averted her gaze, glancing back at the group playing quarters. Just then Kassie felt a tap on her shoulder, and it was him, the mystery man in the Beatles T-shirt.

“Fascinating game, huh,” he said sarcastically. “I’m Rodney, but everyone calls me Rod. Nice to meet you,” he said, as he smiled and offered his hand.

“Nice to canlı bahis siteleri meet you, Rod. I’m Kassie.” At that moment Kassie’s heart started pounding like flies trapped in a mason jar. She had no idea where this sudden rush came from. However, Rod was just the type of guy to whom she was most attracted. His body was long and athletic. He had the build of a basketball player: arms muscular but not overly bulky, a long thin torso, and a muscular chest. Rod smelled of sandalwood and soap, a clean, subtle smell that was intoxicating.

“So, what are you studying?” Rod asked innocently. Kassie couldn’t help but think to herself, “At this very moment, I am studying you.”

“English, I’m an English major, or was an English major. I graduated two years ago. My friend wanted to come to this party. But I am thinking of grad school maybe next semester. Eventually I want to be a high school teacher.” Kassie felt like she was rambling now. She could not stop staring at Rod’s torso and his round shoulders. She started to imagine what was under that Abby Road shirt.

“That’s excellent. I just started here this fall. My friend’s older brother is in this frat house and I’m thinking of joining next year,” Rod proclaimed, feeling a little intimidated since he wasn’t talking to a college girl, but instead a woman.

“Wait. How old are you?” Kassie asked, realizing that Rod said that he had just started college a few weeks ago.

“I’m 18, but I’ll be 19 in just a few months,” Rod said, just a bit too eagerly.

Kassie couldn’t help but be a bit bemused. Just my luck, she thought. This hot guy who is actually into me was in high school just a few months ago. I’m six years older than he is! I really don’t feel like teaching him the ropes of how to be a good lover, Kassie thought. “Look, you seem really nice, Rod, but I’m a bit too old for you. I need to find my friend. It was nice chatting with you though,” Kassie explained, hoping to let him down easy.

“I understand, but at least let me help you find your friend,” Rod told her, with disappointment seeping into his words.

“Sure, that would be nice! Her name is Chrissy. She is wearing a black skirt and tube top,” Kassie told him as they began to search.

On the first floor of the fraternity house, throngs of people were standing around drinking, talking, and playing various games. After looking around for a few minutes, they couldn’t find Chrissy and decided to head upstairs.

The second floor housed the bedrooms of the fraternity brothers. Kassie and Rod went into several rooms looking for Chrissy. In the first room, they discovered several people sitting in a circle passing a joint, but no Chrissy. In the second room they visited, there was a black light and reggae music playing, and half a dozen people were staring at the various posters hanging on the walls. They were definitely on something! Kassie was thankful not to find Chrissy here either.

The third room Kassie and Rod entered was dark. Kassie turned on the light to find that no one was there. As Kassie turned to flip off the light, she ran directly into Rod’s chest.

“Sorry about that. Um, I guess she’s not here either, so the search continues!” Kassie proclaimed in a sing song voice. She looked up at Rod, his hazel eyes staring back at her. Rod then leaned down and kissed her. The kiss was so soft, so wispy, that it almost didn’t register as a kiss in Kassie’s mind. Kassie reached up and grabbed the back of Rod’s neck and pulled him in hard for the kiss. The second kiss was deeper, more passionate. Kassie felt herself begin to tingle, her pussy already starting to swell, as she looked at this man standing before her. Was he a man? He’s only eighteen after all, Kassie thought to herself.

But Kassie no longer cared. She was the one who took the initiative to close and lock the bedroom door. Rod then scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. As he peeled off his shirt, Kassie lecherously stared at his body. It was just as Kassie had imagined. His torso was long and lean. He had a firm hard chest and a ripped stomach, the hair running down his naval leading her on like a fuse. Rod reached for Kassie’s shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing the black bra holding her plump breasts.

Rod crawled on top of her and began kissing her neck. Kassie thought to herself that he seemed to know what he’s doing-and what he was doing was good. Just then, Rod took one hand, reached behind Kassie’s back, and unclasped her bra. Kassie’s breasts popped free and before she could say anything, Rod had her right nipple in his mouth, eagerly sucking. Kassie arched her back, pushing her nipple deeper into Rod’s mouth. She could feel his stiff prick grinding against her swelling mound. The two began dry humping, pressing themselves harder and harder into each other, wanting the pieces of fabric between them to disintegrate so that they could fold their bodies into each other.

Rod slid his tongue canlı bahis down Kassie’s stomach and stopped once he reached the button of her jeans. Rod undid the button and pulled down her pants. Kassie wriggled out of the tight jeans, working her hips back and forth as Rod hooked his thumbs on the outside of the waistband and pushed them down to Kassie’s ankles. Kassie pulled her foot free and then pushed the remaining part of the jeans down with her free foot. Rod rose up on his knees and Kassie took the opportunity to unbutton his pants. Once unbuttoned, Rod stood up and in one swift motion, took off his pants and underwear. As Kassie caught first glance at Rod’s cock, she hungrily eyed his shaft. This is going to be a lot of fun if he knows how to use that thing, Kassie thought.

The only thing between them now was a simple pair of black panties. Rod began kissing down Kassie’s stomach making his way towards her thighs. When Rod got to Kassie’s panties, he gently began to slide her panties down. Kassie lifted her hips so that the undergarment came free easily. Rod could see how wet Kassie was by now, and he slowly slid his tongue into her. Then he placed his mouth over her pussy lips and began sucking. Kassie let out a soft moan. Again she lifted her hips, pushing herself into Rod’s mouth. Chrissy was right! This is exactly what she needed. She wasn’t thinking of old What’s-His-Name anymore.

Kassie reached down to grab Rod’s hair and could see his head between her thighs. She pressed hard into him again as he was sucking her pussy. Her orgasm was powerful and caught her off guard. Kassie grabbed two handfuls of Rod’s hair and squeezed her legs around his head as she came. A few moments later, Kassie relaxed, but she was still breathing heavily. Rod started making his way towards her face, and when he reached her, they began to kiss. Kassie could taste herself on Rod’s lips, and this fueled her desire for him even more.

Kassie spread her legs wide, wanting Rod to take her. His stiff cock pressed just outside her lips, and with one or two soft thrusts, he was inside of her. They were fucking missionary position. He was on top of her and Kassie was in heaven. Kassie wanted as much skin-on-skin contact as she could get with this person, all of the seizing and squeezing they could manage in the short time she knew they would have together.

Rod pressed deeper and harder into Kassie, picking up speed. This was only the third girl he had ever had sex with, and he didn’t want to cum too quickly. Rod tried thinking of something else, anything else, just to prevent himself from finishing too soon. Rod suggested that they switch positions. Kassie agreed and he asked her if she liked doggy style. Without saying a word, Kassie flipped around and in no time had her ass in the air. Rod positioned himself behind her and slid himself back into her soaking wet pussy. Kassie looked back at Rod pumping away, his strong hands grabbing her hips as he pounded away at her, his balls bouncing off her as his shaft thrust into her.

The sight of Rod fucking her and feeling him pound away at her was exhilarating. Kassie started having her second orgasm of the night. Kassie reached down and grabbed a fistful of the sheets in front of her as her head dropped down.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming again,” Kassie moaned, as her pussy grabbed Rod’s cock in a vice-like grip.

Rod could no longer think of other things. His attention was in the here and now. As Kassie’s pussy grabbed him, he could feel the pinch in his balls and knew he was going to cum. Just before he came, Rod pulled himself out of Kassie’s warm slippery snatch and exploded onto her lower back.

“Don’t move,” Rod directed, as he reached down, grabbed his underwear, and cleaned the semen off Kassie.

“Thanks,” was all that Kassie could think to say as she rolled over to her back, and then Rod looked down at her again, leaning in to give her the softest, most tender kiss. They both got dressed in silence.

“Will I ever see you again?” Rod asked and, in that moment, he seemed like a little boy looking at her incredulously.

“Probably not,” Kassie replied to his inquiry. She liked Rod and didn’t want to give him any false hope. Rod looked down at his shoes, feeling a fit forlorn.

Just then the doorknob started to jiggle. When the person behind the door realized it was locked, they started loudly banging on the door.

“Hey! Who’s in there? Let me in!” It was Chrissy pounding away. Kassie unlocked the door to see her friend looking frantic.

“Calm down, would ya?” Kassie said, when she saw Chrissy, her eyes all wild.

“What the hell have you been doing?” Chrissy asked, and then her eyes caught sight of Rod. “Or rather, who have you been doing?” Chrissy laughed at her own joke for the second time tonight.

“Come on, let’s get going. I’ll meet you downstairs in a few minutes,” Kassie said to Chrissy. Then she turned to Rod. “Thanks for a great time. You are a really sweet guy and you actually helped me feel much better more than you may ever know.”

Kassie stood up on her tippy toes and gave Rod a quick kiss on the lips. Bouncing downstairs, she suddenly was feeling like her old self.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32