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My name is Amy. I just started taking classes at a local community college. I wasn’t doing so well. I had a few bad test grades already and I felt like I was struggling. I came home one day after class and I ran into my bedroom. I started crying and I must have been loud. My Dad opening the door to check on me.

“What’s wrong Amy?” He asked.

I began to tell my Dad what a failure I was. I couldn’t do anything right. My Dad took me in his arms and held me. I should say that my family is on the heavy side. My Mom, Dad and me have large bodies. My Dad and I are red headed and we look similar to each other. I held onto to my Dad tightly. When I finally pulled back we were face to face.

I still don’t know how it happened but we began kissing each other. I needed to feel my Dad’s lips against mine. Dad pulled his hands from my back. He brought them to my chest. My Dad began to massage my tits. I was wearing a bra but I could feel my nipples getting hard.

“I need you Daddy,” I told him.

Dad reached down and pulled up on my shirt. I did the rest. I unsnapped my bra and my tits came free. I am a 36D cup. My breasts were resting on my chest. Dad leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth. I let out this sigh as my Dad sucked one nipple and then the next. I was getting so turned on. A few minutes of that and my Dad stopped and stood up.

He got his pants and underwear off. I was staring at his fat cock.

“Go ahead Amy, take it in your mouth,” he told me.

I reached out and took hold of my Dad’s dick. Not bursa escort only was he thick, he was probably eight inches in length. I brought his cock to my lips and I inhaled him. I was only able to take a few inches at first. Dad placed a hand on the back of my head. He started to force me down on his large rod. I gagged at first but I soon got more of Dad’s dick down my throat. I have to say I wanted my Dad so badly.

A few minutes of sucking Dad’s prick and he pulled out of my mouth. He stood me up and he undressed me the rest of the way. He took his shirt off and we were both totally naked. Dad got me onto my back. He spread my legs and he went down on me. Thankfully, my Mom wasn’t home. I started screaming. My Dad slid his tongue up and down my gash. I placed my hands on his head to urge him on.

I think I had a couple of orgasms from just my Dad using his mouth on me. The best was yet to come. Dad finally got to his knees. He took his cock in hand and he rubbed it across my slit. I thought I would go insane from him pleasuring me this way. Dad’s mushroom found my opening and he entered me. I had only been with two guys before this. They weren’t like my Dad. I felt my pussy being completely stretched.

Dad would circle his dick around inside me as he stroked my pussy.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I screamed out loud.

I strapped my legs around my Dad’s back. I was feeling his big balls hitting my ass cheeks. I knew he was completely inside me. Our pubic mounds were touching.

“I wanted to do this for a long time,” he bursa escort bayan told me.

I probably just realized that very thing. I needed a lover like my Daddy. Dad took me and used me there on my bed. He eventually pulled out and we flipped around. Dad was on his back now. I climbed on top of him. I got positioned and I lowered myself down. I couldn’t believe how good his cock felt inside me. Dad reached up and started to massage my tits with his large hands.

The palms of his hands were rubbing all over my nipples. He was also raising his hips up as I lowered myself onto his shaft.

“Don’t stop Daddy,” I pleaded with him.

My Dad began to fuck me faster if that was possible. We were getting into this rhythm. After some long minutes Daddy said he was getting close to cumming.

“Cum in me Daddy! Don’t pull out.”

Dad looked up at my face. He looked like he was questioning what to do. There wasn’t any time for a debate. Dad grunted a few times and he hosed me with his love juices. I clamped down on his cock hard in order to get every drop of his seed out. We were both shaking from our orgasms. I collapsed onto Dad’s chest as he gave me the last of his cum.

“Please Dad, I want us to be lovers from now on,” I said to him.

Dad just nodded his head to me. I finally pulled away. I lowered my face and I cleaned Dad’s cock off with my mouth. I got to taste our love cream for the first time. We got ourselves together before my mother got home. Mom just chattered all night until she went to bed. Dad escort bursa said we would need to come up with a plan for us to be lovers. I did manage to tell him I was taking birth control. That was a big relief to him.

We ended up fucking when my Mom was out of the house. We even chanced it a few times late at night when my Mom was sound asleep. We would go downstairs. Down in the washroom Daddy would boost me up onto the washer lid. He pushed his hardness into me and I took his long cock. I had some of my biggest orgasms that way. Just doing it when my mother was asleep was a big turn-on to me.

Weekends were the best time. Mom would go shopping with her friends. Dad and I had most of the day for lovemaking. My Dad was like a wild bull in bed. He would pound my pussy with his long dick. I was surprised how much cum he would give me. He was able to get hard multiple times when we had sex on the weekend. I have to say I was a cum whore for my Dad’s seed.

I loved when he finished me off and his sticky load would run out of my pussy. I would scoop it up with my fingers and taste it in my mouth. I have to say my outlook on school improved. I was doing better in class ever since my Dad became my lover. Dad tells me that he and Mom really don’t have sex these days. He told me he only wants me for his lover.

I do know that our sex gets intense sometimes. Dad will bring me close to a climax. When he does, he says he wants to breed me with his cum. I asked him if he really means he wanted to impregnate me. Dad says it has been on his mind for some time. I have fantasies where my belly is swollen from my Dad giving me his cum load. He takes me when I am fertile and he coats my eggs with his white cum.

Maybe one day soon we will make my fantasy come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32