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Double Penetration

It was dusk. Soft sunlight dappled the path through the trees, playing across Robin’s face as she and James stepped around the gate blocking the entrance to the park.

“You sure it’s okay, that we are here tonight?”

“Yes, Robin,” James chucked, “there are few advantages to my web site. One being I’m allowed to get some press shots for my articles when the place is empty.” As James’s head came up to catch her smile, he couldn’t help but hesitate. The way the sunlight played across her skin, her lips…. Shaking his head to dispense the foreign thoughts, he checked his camera, and took a shot of the Welcome sign.

James and Robin walked slowly down the rough mulch trail. The silence of the woods was broken only by their footfalls, flurry of birds and the occasional foraging squirrel. Tomorrow this place would be filled with people, celebrating one of the biggest renaissance festivals, but tonight it was just the two of them. As they passed along booths and a large field where knights would be jousting in mock combat, James continued to take his shots as he explained what she could expect when they came back tomorrow. Eventually, they came to a recreation of a medieval square, complete with a stockade.

“I need to get a picture of this!” Surprised at how his voice came out, he took a chance. “How about we put you in the stockade?”

“Umm… no thanks.”

“C’mon. I need it for the website. It will only be for a second.” James flashed his best playful smile over the camera lens.

“Okay,” Giving him back her best skeptical grin.

Robin slowly positioned herself in the stockade. This had her bent over, with her hands and head placed in the wooden apparatus. She could almost feel the color rising in her cheeks, not because the position was a bit uncomfortable, but it was as if she were exposed, vulnerable. It a reminded her of another position she had not been in for a while. Tilting her eyes, she looked up at James, as he slowly brought down the top portion of the stockade. Recalling suddenly that he was tall, dark haired and good looking, Robin wondered how that had somehow slipped her mind, or was it always buried just under the surface. He was the kind of guy she usually liked, but they were just friends. In her current position and with him standing directly in front of her, her range of vision had narrowed considerable. Just as she was wondering if that was a twitch in the front of his jeans, Robin heard a click. Her eyes shot up and body tensed as the realization that at the stockade was now fastened down and locked.

“Hey!” Testing the bar, ” I can’t get this open.”

James couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. “Don’t worry. I will let you out… as soon as I get the picture.” Pausing for dramatic effect, he asked coyly, “Don’t you trust me?”

“Uh, sure,” she said with a little tremor in voice. Whether it was from a lack of trust of some other feeling she was not certain of, she could feel thin line of moisture on her the back of her neck. Licking her lips, she mentally tried blocking the emerging thoughts that had her chest tightening.

James carefully stepped back to take the picture and zoomed in. Looking closely at her now, he caught his breath for a moment. Sometimes you knew people for so long and thought of them in only certain terms and then suddenly you’re in a different place or time and everything changes. Robin was quite beautiful, he suddenly realized… and vulnerable, completely at his mercy.

“Hey, you going to take the picture?” Trying to raise her head enough to see him, Robin adjusted her stance and arching her back.

“Uhh….Yeah.” Busted! Man what are you thinking? She could never…. James let the thought trail off.

After snapping a couple of pictures, he began walking back to the stockade, and around, to get a different angle. He should have immediately let her out, but he could not help himself from taking a little advantage.

“Soo… I was wondering. Are you ticklish?” Setting the camera aside, he was now directly behind her.

“Hey! No don’t even think about it.” But the attempt was feeble and James knew it.

“Too late.”

James positioned himself to side and slightly behind and started tickling bahis şirketleri her under her arms. As she began to squirm around, he stepped behind and increased the pace with both hands.

“James, stop, you’re going to make me pee my pants.”

James knew he should let up, but once he had touched her he found himself not wanting to stop. While she writhed to shake his hands off, she was making fortuitous contact with his front and very responding side. Realizing what was happening, James quickly shifted back, however it caused his hands to come into contract with her breasts. He froze. A shiver went through her and she stopped moving. James felt her tits hanging down and realized he had crossed a line. His hands were gently cupping the undersides of her breasts. Thinking he should apologize, but the feel of her body drove him mad and unable to act for a moment.

The moment of silence was broken by a whisper, “If you stop tickling me… you can do anything else you want.”

Swallowing louder then he had anticipated, James stood up, for he was hunched over her, and shook his head to ensure that he had heard her correctly “Anything?” Leaning forward just enough to make his point.

“Anything” She breathed and rubbed her ass against him, feeling his dick stirring in his pants.

He looked down and slowly ran his thumbs up her spine, causing her to arch against his touch. Instead of a seeing his friend, he saw a woman that he had to have. Splaying his palms across her shoulders, little by little he brought them around to her front and again cupped each breast, flicking a thumb over each growing nub, eliciting a sigh from her parted lips.

Bringing his palms to her hips and down, he ran his fingers down, then up her thigh, gently parting and lifted her brown filmy skirt. Crouching onto his knees, James ran his nails over her ass, covered in black panties. Running a hesitant tongue over the material covering her slit, he followed it with a couple of love bites before pulling her underwear down her legs. He could feel and smell her eagerness growing between them. Carefully she stepped out of them, not believing what was happening but clearly feeling the slick anticipation between her legs and wondering what would happen next.

James feed the itch in his hands as he ran them over her ass, squeezing them gently and then spreading them, as he nudged her legs apart further. Needing to and complying, he ran his tongue from down to her slit, ever so slowly, gently separating her lips until he found her center. He couldn’t help but smiling against her flesh, as he heard and felt Robin catch her breath. Leisurely he swished, around her clit and up, to start the journey again. Each time he put a little more pressure and plunged a little deeper. On the third trip, Robin’s breath was coming in gasps and pants as the first wave of pleasure hit. The fifth time her knees began to buckle as she barely recognized her own voice and she demanded him to shove his dick in.

Standing, James undid his pants and let them fall to his ankles. Leaning in, he rubbed his dick lazily between her thighs and over her pussy, rubbing against her lips and cunt but not entering.

“You bastard!” James froze and Robin yelled in frustration, “I don’t want to be teased. I want to be fucked!”

In one swift motion, he complied and buried himself to the hilt while she let out an animal cry.


The tight grip of self control James had been maintaining literally shredded, as her screams echoed the landscape. Driven by his loss of control he found himself plunging into her depths again and again. Holding nothing back, he lost himself within her depths and in a way he had not before. Matching breath to staccato breath, he timed it perfectly and came deeply as he felt her tighten around him. Holding onto her long after their orgasms subsided.

Eventually, he came back to himself in a moment of shock, James ran around as best he could with his pants around his ankles to raise the bar. “Oh, god, this must be uncomfortable as hell.”

Standing rubbing her wrists, while he pulled up his jeans, Robin countered, “It had its advantages… and you are going to find out all about them tomorrow bahis firmaları night.”

Grabbing her wrists to check for damage before soothing them with his touch, he looked up and was greeting with her smirk.

“You know what they say… what’s good for the goose. . .” Raising an eye brow at her, she continued, “And this goose has some ideas for the gander.”

Laughing, Robin stooped to pick up her panties and strode off toward the gate. Dumbfounded, James stood for a moment, mouth suddenly dry, before grabbing his camera and running off to catch her.

The next day was filled with wonders, as James showed Robin around the festival in its glory. It didn’t take long for the tension of what happened the day before vanished. With only the occasional sideways glance, they feasted on turkey legs and washed them down with ale, while listening to rounds of colorful song sung by “drunken” pirates and strolling minstrels. Apparently, they weren’t going to rehash the events as they watched the spirited knight joust for the favor of the queen and savored the sweet treats while wandering through the market and its shops. While Robin remained playful, James’ feet began to drag as thoughts of what could have been started to weigh him down.

He hadn’t even noticed that it was closing time and they were at the far end of the woods, until he looked up to find them virtually alone with the sun beginning to set.

“I guess we should be making out way out.” He said with just a little too much sadness in his voice, “Looks like its closing time.”

“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not getting out that easy.”

“Wha…..?” His head snapped up meet that grin he saw the night before, and slowly returned it with one of his own. He needed to take a loud swallow but his throat was too dry.

“Well, you do still have that press pass don’t you? And I did promise the gander his due.”

“Oh, boy.”

“You can say that again.” With that she turned to walk toward the square. Looking over her shoulder she yelled, “Coming?”

“Not yet.” He muttered to himself, before he took off after her.

It took less time then he thought, but longer then he hoped for the park to finish clearing out. Speaking with the fair manager, James wanted to ensure their evening wouldn’t be interrupted with, say the police for trespassing.

Taking pictures to give his hands something to do while he waited, James couldn’t help but snap of few of Robin, in her costume they decided to rent for the day. She had a kind of wench thing going with her bodice that pushed her breasts up and out along with a skirt that was hiked up on one side, showing a nice section of leg. He felt foolish at first in his baggie shirt, vest and breeches, but he had to admit that they pants weren’t that uncomfortable and the fold down flap has interesting connotations. Looking about to take a few shots around the market, he hadn’t noticed they were now completely alone and she was standing patiently by the stockade. Lowering his camera to his bag, James was being beckoned forward by the crook in her finger. Taking larger strides, he made it to the implement of…… torture…seduction… within seconds.

“Are you sure,” He asked, suddenly nervous, “everyone is gone?” he quickly added. Licking his lips in anticipation, James shuffled his feet.

Getting the double meaning, Robin nodded and patted the stockade lightly. “Come here.” She said, barely above a whisper.

Taking the last two strides to reach her, James positioned himself properly as she secured him to the spot. Instantly, a strange sense of calm moved down his body until it reached his groin, which was not calm, but stirring.

“So, they used to use these things to punish and humiliate people.” Robin said, as she trailed a hand down his arm, along his back to rest on his tightening but cheeks. “Are you a bad boy?” She asked playfully, as she gave his a little swat. “Do you feel humiliated?” She smacked the other cheek. James could only answer with a groan that started from somewhere down deep.

Coming around to stand behind him, Robin placed her hands upon his hips and pulled their bodies together, grinding her hips into his ass. Leaning forward, she splayed her palms kaçak bahis siteleri and ran them across his hips then forward, down his thighs and up his inner thighs, but avoiding his groin. She then moved them back to his ass and down the back of his thighs, around and back up, again avoiding him, even as he tried to move into her path. On her third path, she stopped at his hips and slowly moved them forward across his stomach. Letting out another moan, James spread his legs forward hoping to lower her touch to where he needed it, only to be met with a tightening of her grasp as she pressed her front into his back.

“Uh uh, my bad boy… you must be punished.” Speaking through her own hitching voice, Robin promptly found and undid the two buttons holding his flap, thus releasing him as the pants fell to his ankles. He quickly kicked them aside.

“Robin….” He sucked in air as his flesh met with a cooling breeze, but it was not near enough to deter him.

Straightening, the kneeling, she ran her hands up the back of his thighs, until the rested on his cheeks. Spreading them slightly, she stretched out her tongue to just touch and flick his sacs, causing his to tighten his cheeks involuntarily. Once he relaxed, she did it again with a long lick then slight sucking to take part of the flesh within her mouth. His untouched shaft began to bounce on its own, aching to be stroked. Tilting her head slightly, Robin licked one cheek before taking a slow but firm bite, repeating to the other side. As she licked a line up his spine, Robin nudged James legs apart to get a better reach, while her hands ran up to lie against his nipples. Feeling the pebbles grow, she rolled them between her fingers and thumbs, before pinching them until he groaned and gasped for breath.

Making her way back down his body, she again centered her attention surrounding his butt. Running a hand between his legs, Robin’s fingers sat touching his scrotum, while her thumb hovered over that tender spot of nerves. While slowly wiggling her fingers, her thumb made small circles around his anus, each time a little deeper, stopping and pulling back when she felt him tense.

“You okay?” She asked tentatively, not sure if she should continue.

“Yesss…” He groaned.

“You want me to… continue?”

“Yesss… pleassse…” Enough said.

Robin quickly stooping to rummage through her bag had James wondering what to expect next. The impression of her thumb almost drove him over the edge. He didn’t know he could feel that turned on. This new sensation had him spreading his legs wider, as she again rubbed between his legs.

“I was thinking… what I could do… to you … in this position. It’s okay to stop me, if you are uncomfortable.” She said as she slowly rubbed something new between his legs and over his anus.

“Okay… please… don’t stop.” Was that him begging?

Ever so carefully, Robin slowly began inserting the cylindrical item where once her thumb was. Putting it in slightly, and then withdrawing, a little bit further, then almost out. Positioning one leg on either side of extended thigh, Robin moved to match her strokes against his thigh to those of her hand. This left one hand free, one that itched as she ran it back and forth across his chest and lower.

On an upstroke, with the objected embedded deep, Robin stopped, resting her hand over it to prevent its expulsion. Pressed tightly cunt against his thigh, she used that last hand. Careful not to touch, just yet, she made her way to the base of his shaft, grabbing his balls and squeezing slightly. Sighing the sudden loss of pressure, as his knees faltered before catching himself, Robin waited to continue. Once he steadying himself, Robin moved her hand to encircle his dick. With slow sure strokes, she moved along him, before moving both hands in tandem. Starting slow, and then building in speed, she was violating him in two different ways and he never felt more alive. On the last stroke, a boisterous bellow ripped from his lungs as the hardest orgasm he ever felt rocked his body.

Losing the last of his control over his legs he slumped forward, letting the wood hold his weigh. Fumbling with the latch, Robin released his, only to have him drop to his knee. One shaking hand came up to rest upon her waist, before he pulled her to him. They soon both tumbled to the ground in a heap.

“They devil, you say…,” was the last word he said before he took her mouth in his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32